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Assured Property Investment Rent fast Property Management The rental market in vibrant Hamilton is buoyant and in conjunction with Rent fast Ltd, we will manage the whole of your rental process for you, vetting and placing tenants, making sure all of the paperwork is done correctly, efficiently and strictly in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

We manage the rental process with our investors’ interests at heart. No tenants are allowed to occupy a property before their bond is lodged and they have paid rent in advance. Rent fast has a zero tolerance policy towards rent arrears. We don’t believe this is harsh – landlords only want two things, their rent paid on time and their property looked after. That’s what we believe in and that’s why we’ll look after the property for you and keep things simple with monthly rental payments and easy to understand income statements.

Property management documentation such as inspection reports and income statements are available online so you can check on your property anytime, day or night.

Property Management Property Management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate as used in its most broad terms. Management indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountability given for its useful life and condition. This is much akin to the role of management in any business.

Residential property managers in New Zealand currently come in two types. Those that are licensed and those that are unlicensed. The New Zealand Government reviewed whether all forms of property management need any legislation. Following completion of the review, the Associate Minister of Justice, Hon Nathan Guy, announced on 2 July 2009 that no new occupational regulation would be imposed on property managers.

Master Builders A Registered Master Builder must have a fully inspected and approved standard of workmanship with considerable building experience, professional qualifications and practical management experience, along with a proven ability to run a financially viable business. They must also keep up to date with new construction methods, consistently showing attention to quality and detail.

Perhaps the major benefit to you is the Master Build Guarantee on New Homes. This guarantee covers a period of 7 (or 10) years. If for any reason Assured Property is unable to complete the project, Master Build Services Ltd will find another Registered Master Builder to do so. If construction issues arise after completion and Assured Property is not able to resolve them, Master Builders Federation will step in to put things right. When the Master Builder Federation receives notification of a signed agreement with Assured Property, you will automatically get a 7 year Master Build Guarantee. You have the option to upgrade this to a 10 year Master Build Guarantee of a 10 year Master Build Premium Guarantee for an additional charge. The Master Build Guarantee means that they will also assist with any price variance, up to 5% of the original contract price. Also, the Master Build Guarantee covers

faulty workmanship and premature failure of materials for a period of 5 years, except where the manufacturer or supplier of materials indicates a shorter life expectancy.

Assured Property and the Good Neighbors Project The Good Neighbor Projects aim is to be a catalyst for change, to help provide a hand-up. They provide many excellent services from their Drop-In Centre but not everyone in need will always come in. Through their Loaves & Fishes and Full Fill projects they go to the community rather than waiting for people in need to come to them. Loaves and Fishes is about delivering lunches to school children whose teachers have identified them as coming to school frequently without food.

Fulfill is a community van that goes out to a different part of Hamilton each weeknight. It leaves at 5:30pm and returns around 7:30pm having visited from 3-5 streets. Depending on the time of the year, from 200 to over 400 people come out to the Fulfill van each week. The volunteer teams that go out in the Full Fill van never cancel on account of the weather.  High yields - with positive cash flows if possible  Consistent income streams with growth potential  Strong prospects of capital gain – location driven  When investing in property, it is crucial to invest in growth markets, those that are likely to experience increased demand for property, both for purchase and for rent.

Contact Assured Property Investments Carolyn Tait General Manager P. 07 846 6010 ext 204

Diana Ransley Project Administrator P. 07 846 6010 ext 200

Karl Dalton Project Manager P. 07 846 6010 M. 027 242 3477

Karen Elliot Accounts Assistant P. 07 846 6010

Yann Wernli Excavation & Drainage P. 07 929 4248 M. 021 201 8503

Erin Dasler Senior Property Manager P. 07 929 4248 M. 027 504 2878

James Hanright Property Manager P. 07 929 4248 M. 027 504 2878

John Kenel CEO P. 07 846 6010 ext 201 M. 027 244 5959

Liesel Pole Personal Assistant P. 07 846 6010 ext 207

For More information Call : 07 846 6010 Email :

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Property Management Services Hamilton The rental market in vibrant Hamilton is buoyant and in conjunction with Rent fast Ltd, we will manage...

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