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At Cleveland Restoration Group, LLC, we combine proven experience with progressive thinking. As the leading local home renovation and construction company, we offer customization, personalization, quality and innovation. Our experts have been in the home renovation and custom home industry for more than 70 years and can bring any project to life, no matter how intricate.

From a modest bathroom remodel to a comprehensive kitchen overhaul, the team at Cleveland Restoration Group will produce exceptional ideas and solutions. We work hard to make our customers dreams a reality. That ’s why we are involved every step of the way, from conception to completion. Whether we are working on a kitchen remodel or a roofing service, we keep the customer ’s budget and vision in focus. By blending contemporary trends with time-tested designs, the specialists at Cleveland Restoration Group help clients achieve enduring results.

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Is your kitchen old and worn, are the finishes woefully out of date, or is it simply not very functional for your current lifestyle? We can transform your outdated kitchen into a practical, functional and beautiful space. This can be as simple as making it more efficient with a work triangle that fits your cooking style and adding areas for family time or entertaining.

You can trust our professional staff to create a custom kitchen design that fits your lifestyle, suggest finishes that will result in the look you want, and complete the kitchen construction process in a timely manner with minimal inconvenience to you and your family. We pride ourselves on serving the local community and maintaining an excellent reputation.

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We offer name brand stock cabinets, semi-custom, and custom cabinets in numerous styles and finishes so that you get the look you want that fits within your budget. We can also recommend appliances that will complement your cabinets and deliver the features and finishes that will make your new kitchen both functional and beautiful.

The most requested upgrade in a kitchen renovation is granite counter tops because of their natural beauty and durability. The wide variety of available colors, patterns and edging options make the strong, non-porous material an ideal surface for high-use areas. Options for backsplashes abound. If you desire a sleek, modern look, we recommend stainless steel, glass tile or panels, granite or marble, glossy monochromatic ceramic tiles with geometric accents, or even mirrors. There are also numerous recycled or renewable materials to choose from, such as bamboo, recycled glass, cork and even sustainable grout if you want your kitchen remodel to reflect your eco-conscious lifestyle. Hand-painted Italian or Mexican tiles, punched tin, or

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high-relief ceramic tiles will provide a more traditional feel depending on your dĂŠcor. Other functional features we can design into your dream kitchen include built-in wine coolers and storage areas, appliance garages, island work space for the kids to eat breakfast and do homework, instant hot water at the sink or a pot filler faucet at the cooktop, double ovens. Other designs include walk-in pantries and corner cabinet storage, dedicated recycling bins, coffee bars, pot racks, home office space, built-in appliances and warming drawers.

An updated kitchen is one of the best ways to increase your satisfaction with your most valuable asset and boost the value of your home. Our kitchen remodeling, design and construction services are the perfect solution to your challenging kitchen problems. You can rely on our expertise and dependability to transform your kitchen from drab to fab in the shortest possible time. Whether you want a traditional, modern, rustic or contemporary look, we can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

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Does your home seem to be shrinking as your family grows larger? Maybe you'd like to add a playroom, an extra bedroom or even an entire apartment to bring in some extra income. If so, you might need to look no further than your unfinished basement. These lowest-level floors offer, on average, at least 800 square feet of living space. Unfortunately, aside from housing a furnace, hot water heater and home laundry, much of this area often goes to waste.

A basement remodel can be surprisingly economical. The basic structure is already there, as are the required utilities. Extra heating and cooling costs can be minimal, and in many homes, an outside entrance already exists.

However, athough it might be tempting to try it yourself, it's best to have your basement renovation performed by a good contractor. Not every job will go smoothly. Many such areas suffer from moisture problems and limited available natural light. In addition, HVAC ductwork and overhead pipes frequently impinge upon valuable headroom.

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In any well-done alteration, waterproofing will take precedence. Problems in this area reveal themselves by puddles on the floor or cracks in the foundation. An interior waterproofing company can determine the cause and correct the situation before construction begins.

Foiling Future Fungus Growth Anyone performing below-grade construction should do everything possible to prevent the future growth of mold and mildew. For this reason, many basement renovation specialists eschew the use of conventional wood framing, MDF and drywall in favor of such waterproof and fungus-resistant materials.

Dealing with Limited Light To compensate for the inherent lack of natural illumination in any below-grade space, many designers go beyond the obvious solution of recessed high hats in a dropped ceiling. Perimeter lighting, spotlights and wall washers fitted with daylight bulbs can do the job with flair.

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Hiding Exposed Architectural Features Basement Renovated House

Contractors engaged in basement alteration will commonly employ soffits to cover exposed beams and duct-work. However, if doing so would lower the ceiling excessively, it may be possible to replace existing ducts with a wider, flatter variety to eat up less of your headroom.

Covering such eyesores with paint is another, less-expensive option. While many people try to camouflage them in a shade that blends with the ceiling, others who want to bring some cheer to the basement finish them with bold, bright colors instead.

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Safety First For the well-being of its occupants, every basement alteration should include the installation of GFI receptacles as well as smoke and CO detectors. It's also essential to provide outside combustion for the furnace or boiler and an emergency window well for easy escape.

A knowledgeable contractor can take your basement to the next level in the safest and most economical way. Once your dream room has become a reality, you may wonder how you ever lived without it. Call us (440) 461-0050 and speak with a specialist who can assist you.

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At Cleveland Restoration Group, LLC, we combine proven experience with progressive thinking. As the leading local home renovation and constr...

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