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Spring May 2014

Welcome I have been encouraged by the feedback we have received following the re-launch of GP News in January. The Trust is committed to improving the way in which we engage with GP colleagues to help you to understand more about the work we do and challenges we face. In the spring edition of GP News you can read about how we are working with Age UK, Social Services and CNWL to provide early supported discharge to elderly patients admitted to Hillingdon Hospital. There are also updates from our cancer and diabetes services and news about how we are providing bed capacity for NWL Hospitals at our Mount Vernon site. This issue of GP News includes details of new consultants who have joined the Trust since we last updated you. If there are areas of the Trust’s work that you would like to see featured in GP News please contact Tom Wright, Assistant Director of Business Development, via

Abbas Khakoo

Joint Medical Director

Creating a dementia friendly environment The Trust has invested £845,000 to create a pioneering care environment on Beaconsfield East Ward designed to meet the needs, and enhance the experience, of patients with dementia. Here are some of the key features:

Rehabilitation focus The ward specialises in rehabilitation and also provides a social space for patients and their carers as well as a separate sensory room.

Artwork The artwork on the ward is therapeutic, helping to create a calming environment and enhance the overall patient experience.

Lighting The lighting used is bright, known to be important when designing for dementia. There is also the ability to dim lighting which can be helpful for patients suffering from delirium.

Sensory garden A garden designer, with experience in dementia settings, is creating an enclosed garden giving patients and visitors somewhere beautiful and stimulating to enjoy. Therapists will also use the garden to aid rehabilitation. New Beaconsfield East ward

What’s Inside: • Paediatric Diabetes • Cancer Care • HomeSafe • Mount Vernon

Getting it right for children and young people with diabetes April 2013 saw the introduction of the best practice tariff for paediatric diabetes aimed at driving up the quality of care nationwide The Trust has responded by: •

Offering every patient (up to 19 years) an appointment with our multi-disciplinary team on at least a quarterly basis with an HbA1c measurement taken at this appointment.

The piloting of clinics at three local schools has led to improved attendance rates.

Delivering a 24/7 telephone service where patients can receive urgent advice regarding diabetes management. This service is also available to GPs by contacting 07879 418645.

Offering patients an additional eight (minimum) contacts a year with the specialist team including school visits, home visits and e-mail contacts. The average number of contacts our patients received so far this year is 21, with one patient having had 68 contacts.

A buddying system has been set up for newly diagnosed patients. This enables their families to meet a family of a child who already has diabetes within the first few days of diagnosis.

Establishing a new transition pathway helping to prepare our patients for the move to adult services.

Offering a choice of three types of insulin pumps to our patients. We have over 25% of our patients on pumps and our numbers are rising.

We are keen to develop our service by working with local GPs and ask that any thoughts or ideas be sent to Dr Hannah Baynes, Consultant Paediatrician, via email at

HomeSafe initiative supporting early discharge December saw the launch of the HomeSafe initiative a partnership between the Trust, Age UK, CNWL and social services. This service provides early supported discharge for patients over 65 admitted to Hillingdon Hospital with complex needs. Patients are screened at Hillingdon for frailty syndromes and to identify the need for a comprehensive geriatric assessment. The specialist assessment team is led by a Consultant Geriatrician and patients are seen, assessed and treated by skilled occupational and physio therapists. The team are able to identify the level of support patients may need at home in order to recover without the need to stay in hospital. This could include short term rehabilitation, longer term care support or post discharge follow up from the Take Home & Settle Service provided by Age UK. The partnership approach used by HomeSafe provides more effective support to patients and promotes a seamless transition between acute and community based services. For further information on our HomeSafe initiative please contact Dr Louise McCusker via


Cancer care - improving the patient experience The Trust is dedicated to providing high quality, rapid cancer services to its patients. National patient survey 2013 The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey is commissioned annually by the Department of Health. Two hundred and fourty four patients from the Trust were sent a survey with 128 questionnaires returned. Our results benchmark well when compared to other NHS trusts in London and we recorded the highest score in England against two questions: ‘Staff gave a complete explanation of what would be done’ (about the operation). ‘Family definitely given all information needed to help care at home’.

Mayor of Hillingdon opening the new Macmillan Cancer Information Centre

New cancer information centre The Macmillan Cancer Information Centre at Hillingdon Hospital opened in December. It provides information and support to patients and their families about the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and advice on important areas such as financial support, talking to children and the role of carers. Staff in the information centre work closely with community and voluntary services to help ensure that patients can access all the available help. For further information on The Macmillan Cancer Information Centre please contact Helen Hardy, Nursing Services Manager, via

New consultants We are pleased to welcome six new consultants to the Trust so far this year. Many of these are Obstetricians reflecting the Trust’s commitment to increasing the number of hours consultant presence on Labour ward during evenings and weekends. Consultant



Con Papageorgiou


Dr Papageorgiou trained in North Central London at UCLH and RFH. His special interest is Obstetric Anaesthesia and he is the audit and research coordinator at THHFT.

Sarah-Jane Lam


Miss Lam trained in North West London. Her special interests are in maternal medicine, intra-partum care and high risk obstetrics.

Shruti Mohan

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Miss Mohan trained in North West London. Her special interests are in maternal medicine, intra-partum care and high risk obstetrics.

Binu Krishnan

Diabetes and Endocrinology

Dr Krishnan trained in South West London. Special interests in diabetes and endocrinology disorders in pregnancy.

Paula Galea


Miss Galea trained in North West London. She has taken the role of Labour Ward Lead.

Francis Ayim

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Mr Ayim trained in North West London. His interests are in emergency gynaecology, early pregnancy and hysteroscopy.

For full details of our consultant team including contacts and areas of special interest please visit the GP extranet website at

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Mount Vernon Hospital’s Treatment Centre

View from Mount Vernon Providing bed capacity for NW London Responding to a request from the North West London CSU the Trust has been providing elective activity to support North West London Hospitals NHS Trust.

supported by two senior house officers, a nursing team and occupational health and physiotherapy staff.

Since November the Trust has accepted the transfer of more than 400 patients, who have all been seen in outpatient clinics at the Mount Vernon Treatment Centre. Patients requiring an elective procedure, including general surgery, orthopaedics and gynaecological procedure have been treated. The feedback from patients using the service has been excellent and the Trust is offering to help with a second phase of patients up until September 2014. For more detailed information about this service please contact either Toni French, Surgical Access Manager on 01895 279190, email toni.french@thh.nhs. uk or Zoe McDowall, Senior Service Manager on 01895 279303, email

The new Endoscopy unit at Mount Vernon Hospital

Medical step down bed capacity The Trust has also been providing additional bed capacity to Northwick Park Hospital as part of the winter planning programme. Edmunds is a 29 bedded ward led by a care of the elderly medical consultant


A range of services offered by Mount Vernon Hospital

GP News Spring May 2014  

News for GPs from The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

GP News Spring May 2014  

News for GPs from The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust