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JUNIOR SCHOOL Beginning at age 18 months through to Grade 4. Academics, inquiry, exploration, as well as play are pillars of the Junior School. Set in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment, our Junior program offers a balanced and engaging curriculum.

The Junior School welcomes students to open-concept classrooms, interactive learning and the feel of a small country school, with the resources of a much larger college. At HSC, the Junior School embodies balance in everyday life. Activities are directed by both teachers and students, routines are co-created, and curriculum is guided by each student’s passions. We value our students’ needs and adapt our programming to meet those needs.

The Junior School incorporates strategies that have been researched and developed by some of the world’s top educational leaders, and it boasts a highly motivated and educated team of teachers and professional resources.




Developing our students into global citizens begins in the Junior School classroom. Through programming, school activities and the support of the whole College, students gain a concrete sense of community. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged through classroom volunteering and participation in the many activities the Junior School has to offer.


Our mission is to foster a passion for learning in early education, so that our students graduate into the Middle School with a thirst for knowledge. The curriculum is designed to ignite curiosity and engage student learning, with programming that is highly adaptive, interactive and engaging. Teachers and students have a balance of teacher-directed and student-led activities, all directed for age- and stage-appropriate development. This enables students to take healthy risks in a safe environment, challenge themselves, build confidence, and gain a solid foundation of knowledge. Continuity of programming is present throughout each subject area, which is supported through a number of Junior School programs. For example, each grade level learns about a different continent. Information is introduced through a balance of lessons, research and inquiry-based projects. As students progress through the Junior School, they gain a well-rounded sense of the global community. Through daily discoveries, meaningful character development and personalized programming, the Junior School curriculum allows for a seamless journey through early education in preparation for Middle School.


The Junior School is rich in resources with the feel of a small community: • Multiple outdoor spaces • PK2 & PK3 wing strategically located next to the shared gymnasium space for assemblies and daily activity • School nurse in proximity • Student Support Services (occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, Dyslexia Resource Centre, etc.) • Full-time learning services teacher • Well-educated and specialized education leaders and teachers • Individual attention and personal care for each student • Sense of community amongst students, faculty and parents

The Wonder Wall is a collection of students’ questions and curiosities about a wide range of topics. This interactive wall teaches students to value their interests and follow their passions. Genius Hour sees 20% of classroom time dedicated to exploring individual interests, using student-friendly websites such as PebbleGo and Wonderopolis. The Buddy Program teams up an older Junior School student with a younger student for cross-grade activities (such as STEAM). This program facilitates our sense of community, teaches leadership and responsibility, gives students the opportunity to act as peer mediators, and helps our younger students gain academic exposure. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) is an educational approach with an entrepreneurial feel that guides student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. STEAM activities can be integrated into all age groups and emphasize exploration and experiential learning to ignite innovation in our learners. REACH (Respect, Effort, Attitude, Control of Self, Honesty) is the Junior School’s basis for character education. It is used as a foundation for developing confident members of a community and emphasizes our caring and positive environment. As a prelude to this program, students are asked, “What fills your bucket?” and “How can you fill someone else’s bucket?”.

Technology is integrated into daily classroom life. Each classroom is equipped with SMART Board technology, and a FM mic system, which allows teachers mobility around the classroom ensuring they can be heard by every student. Students are engaged with integrated technology and are taught to make decisions based on technology in the classroom. FreshGrade is an online portfolio that parents can access at any time during the day to check in and see how their child’s day is going. It is updated with photos and anecdotal notes by the educational staff. HSC’s Launch Pad is an initiative of The David Tutty Joy and Innovation Fund that allows students to explore their creativity and use tools for engineering. As a hands-on learning environment, the Junior School uses the MakerSpace as a learning resource that enables students to have practical experience building and using their imagination.

Report card grades are not given out until term two. Instead, term one focuses on making connections and getting to know students’ individual needs, passions and curiosities. Once needs are established, Junior School educators determine the best means for helping each student progress and succeed. Aspects evaluated include passion, resilience, self-control (interpersonal and school work) and creativity/innovation. Assessments are based on how students demonstrate their understanding of a concept that has been introduced to them. Students show their understanding in different ways, which is why assessments are personalized. Report cards are based on skills taught, our values and indicators of long-term success. Opportunities for extended and remedial learning are available to all students and are geared to reach their full potential. Just as important as teacher assessments are student selfreflections, which are completed as part of the reporting process. This is a method that allows students to be engaged in their own progress at HSC. For our youngest students in PK2 and PK3, report cards are given out, however, the assessments are anecdotal and act more as a portfolio as they continue through the Junior School.

The HSC Learning Journey Begins Here Hillfield Strathallan COllege JUNIOR SCHOOL The Junior School would be happy to assist you with questions or book a private tour for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 905-389-1367.

Shailau Spivak Junior School Principal ext. 172 Heather Rodriguez Junior School Assistant ext. 168

We have been providing exceptional early education programs in our Junior School for decades. Our curriculum is designed to foster a love of learning, and to provide a great beginning for our youngest students as they embark on their educational journey.

Junior School Starting from 18 months old, the Junior School Pre-Kindergarten Program (PK2 & PK3) offers children the opportunity to learn in an environment that meets their specific age appropriate needs and prepares them for Junior and Senior Kindergarten (JK & SK), Grades 1-4 and beyond. The goal of the program is to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment, where each child is nurtured and cared for. Inquiry, play and exploration are pillars of the program. The Junior program offers a balance of student-led and teacher-directed curriculum that engages students’ individual passions. Daily discoveries offer meaningful character development as each child has the freedom to make choices, problem-solve, and explore unique inspirations. The continuity of the Junior program fosters curiosity and openness to learning; qualities that occur naturally at this age and stage in a child’s development. For more information about the Junior School, please visit: www.hsc.on.ca/JuniorSchool

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