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What does joy look like? It’s the high five a Grade 6 rugby player receives from his Grade 8 teammate after his first start. It’s the Grade 11 math class examining parabolic arches by shooting basketballs in the gym. It’s the smile on the face of a Montessori student who can see a seedling peeking through the earth where she once planted a seed. Joy is found at Hillfield Strathallan College. From the moment a student walks onto our 50-acre campus in Hamilton, Ontario, the journey begins. Our dedicated faculty deliver a curriculum that ignites curiosity, builds excitement about learning, and encourages students to explore their potential.


was the year our predecessor, Highfield School for Boys, was founded.


schools make up our College of students from 18-month-olds to teens in Grade 12.

Starting as early as 18 months in our Junior and Montessori Schools, students drive their desire to learn through inquiry and imagination. HSC Middle School students in Grades 5 through 8 discover who they are and what their interests are in a positive and supportive environment. In our Senior School, students in Grades 9 through 12 expand their horizons and take ownership of the educational pathways leading them into promising futures. The graduate who emerges from HSC is inspired with the skills needed to live, and lead, with purpose. Learn more at


HSC buses serve the Golden Horseshoe and surrounding areas.


donor dollars were gifted to upgrade our campus over the past decade. 3










Our Montessori program is personalized to meet the individual needs of each student and cultivate the Montessori values of respect, responsibility, moral development, empathy and peacefulness. Through experience with Montessori materials, students make purposeful, self-initiated learning choices that lead to independence, challenge and discovery.

In our Junior School, students foster their desire to learn through adaptive programming, inquiry and project-based learning. A balance of teacherdirected and student-led curriculum enables students to take healthy risks, challenge themselves, build confidence and gain a solid foundation of knowledge. Our mission is to foster a passion for learning. Our students graduate into the Middle School with a thirst for knowledge.

Our Middle School program focuses on helping students reach their full potential as they navigate from childhood to young adulthood. Dedicated teachers provide support and guidance to forge meaningful connections with each student. As students and teachers work together to uncover learning styles, a personalized approach is taken to maximize student success.

The secondary school years are a time of excitement —when young adults open their minds to the diverse and evolving possibilities of the global community and chart promising futures. From day one, we nurture, support and challenge students as they make important life decisions.

The Montessori curriculum and prepared class environment have been an integral part of our College for over 50 years.

A separate wing is dedicated to the development of our Pre-Kindergarten students.

Instrumental music begins in Grade 5.

More than 170 credit courses are available for our students to choose from.

We are accredited by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA).

Respect, effort, attitude, honesty and control of self are character traits built into the Reach for the Stars program.

Beginning in the Middle School, students attend class with a device of their choice.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in seven subject areas making HSC the largest AP provider in the area. 5

Reading inspired my class to build a library for mice. We wrote tiny books and picked the best cheese for the Mouse Cafe. Where will the next story take us?

i can’t wait.

academic excellence We offer enriched academic programming for children ages 18 months to teenagers in Grade 12. We are committed to shifting practices and methodologies from a teacher-directed, contentoriented environment to one that is strongly influenced by student inquiry, creativity and innovation. ENRICHED CURRICULUM We develop our curriculum according to the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education and then enrich it to meet our own elevated standards. We also offer opportunities such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses to further challenge our students. PROJECT-BASED LEARNING To inspire joyful and engaged students, we have enhanced our programs with


of graduates are Ontario Scholars.



of our students have been named AP Scholars since 2010.

a greater level of personalization that speaks to the passions and needs of each student. Students learn through inquiry and problem-solving—they are presented with scenarios to research, or, given the opportunity, to delve into their own interests. The learning goals are the same for each student, but the process of exploration is as unique as the learner. FACILITIES Our 50-acre campus is composed of four schools and state-of-the-art facilities that transform the way we deliver education. More than ever before, students have the opportunity to find their joy through access to additional drama, music, athletic, science and collaborative spaces that promote active learning and a broad educational experience.


AP exams were written by our students last year.


is the average leader-to-student ratio in our Senior School tutorial groups. 7

co-curricular community activities By exposing students to a variety of enriching experiences, we afford them a greater opportunity to realize their potential. Beginning at age six, students have access to broad co-curricular programming which is included in student tuition.

arts committees or our award-winning choral groups and bands. Under the tutelage of distinguished instructors, our students earn numerous regional, national and international accolades.


Leaders take initiative and actively engage in events and activities to build community and unite people in a common cause. Identified student leadership programs exist in each of our four schools. We encourage every student to initiate programs that augment the spirit of our College and provide opportunities for others to become involved in school life.

Through athletics, student-athletes develop the skills of leadership, sportsmanship and resilience. At the early education level, our athletic program provides a supportive introduction to teamwork and competition. In higher grades, we offer several varsity teams that are highly competitive in several sport leagues, including CISAA and OFSAA. ARTS Our students express artistic passion and develop creative abilities through a multitude of co-curricular offerings. Students can get involved with our major theatrical productions, visual



seats are in our theatre, the Virtue-Fitzgerald Centre for the Arts.


competitive teams represent our College every school year.


This summer I’m going to Africa with HSC’s Me to We Committee. We’re going to make a difference in someone’s life.

i can’t wait.

SERVICE Giving back to society betters the world for future generations. Every year, multiple student-led groups emerge to address local and global needs for service. Students embrace the responsibility to be lifelong contributing members of their communities.


Senior School students make up our group of College Prefects.


was the year we hosted our first annual Mini WE Day.


bringing hsc to you

nourishing minds & bodies

TRANSPORTATION Included in tuition is our main-route bus transportation program. Our bus drivers cover 30-plus routes each day within a one-hour radius of our College. Students enjoy morning pick-up and select from two afternoon drop-off times, departing at 3:40 or 5:00 p.m., to accommodate family schedules and co-curricular community activities. SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS We offer both merit-based and needs-based scholarships to exceptional students entering Grades 7 and 9. Successful applicants earn scholarship awards that are applied to tuition fees to help more students benefit from the learning environment at our College. FINANCIAL AID Our financial aid program assists parents and guardians who expect their annual income to grow as their children grow. The program affords families an opportunity to enrol their children immediately and work up to paying full tuition fees.


is awarded each year through our scholarship program. 10


years of safe driving have been accumulated by our experienced transportation staff.

We believe positive food culture is linked to academic performance and a student’s well-being. As a College, we promote high standards of student nutrition. A hot lunch is served daily in our dining hall, Lawson Hall, alongside of à la carte salad and sandwich options. Students Grade 8 and under are also included in our snack program. INGREDIENTS COUNT Meals are prepared from scratch using local Ontario ingredients. All of the food we produce is high in whole grains, naturally low in sodium, prepared using healthy cooking techniques and portioned appropriately. ALLERGY AND LIFESTYLE ALTERNATIVES We strive to ensure that every student eating in Lawson Hall has access to nutritious and safe food. As part of our allergy awareness program, common food allergens used in recipes are noted with every meal served. Junior and Montessori School students are also assisted by faculty members when making their meal choices at lunch time. We make every effort to meet any additional dietary requirements.


is the maximum distance that Ontario farm produce travels to get to our campus.


types of common food allergens are included in our Allergy Awareness program. 11

My next house challenge is coming up! I’m going to wear yellow from head to toe, cheer as loud as I can and help Pine/Yre win the House Shield!

i can’t wait.

social health & wellness We support our students in a holistic way. The team of healthcare professionals who make up our Health and Wellness Services includes an RN, RPN, Athletic Therapist and College Counsellor. REGISTERED NURSES Every student has access to full-time registered nurses and first aid support. The nursing team supports the safety, health and well-being of all students. Their services include prevention activities, coordinated care, allergy management plans, wellness initiatives and more. COUNSELLING SERVICES Our counsellor is available to see students and parents from across the College for support with emotional and social concerns. We offer individual counselling and information on coping skills, stress management and overcoming obstacles.


is when we will evaluate our strategic plan that outlines health and wellness as a priority. 12


full-time nurses and one Montessori School matron help our students stay healthy.

ATHLETIC THERAPY Student-athletes have access to firstclass facilities and one of the best athletic therapy clinics among independent schools in Canada. Our clinic makes use of ultrasound, laser therapy, Interferential Current Therapy, hydrotherapy tubs, TENS and muscle stimulation. HOUSE SYSTEM Our College is a big place. To build social bonds among our students, we connect them through common goals and a shared sense of identity in our House System. Every student across all four schools belongs to one of four brother/sister house combinations: Birch/Earn, Cedar/More, Maple/Tay or Pine/Yre. Throughout the school year, students compete together for house points in a variety of activities.


days a year in February, we celebrate our annual Wellness Week.


gymnasiums and three playgrounds promote activity on our campus. 13

As a parent, I’m thankful for the teachers in my child’s class. He is happy and supported as he explores who he will become.

our family At HSC, each child is known, challenged to do his or her best and supported in that pursuit. Our community is further supported by the contributions of several key groups. PARENTS’ GUILD The Parents’ Guild (PG) proudly supports our vibrant school community and provides opportunities to gather and enjoy time together. They plan and host events that build school spirit while raising funds that directly impact the educational experience at the College. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Our Alumni Association represents decades of education, industries and lifelong friendships forged by our graduates from Highfield School for Boys, Strathallan School, Hillfield School and Hillfield Strathallan College. Even when students leave our campus, they remain an integral part of our community.


graduates make up our alumni. 14


students make up our student body.

HSC GOVERNANCE Our Board of Governors and Trustees are composed of individuals committed to the successful stewardship of the College. Members are elected based on their demonstrated ability and desire to effect a positive direction for the College.

i can’t wait.

FACULTY & STAFF The majority of our faculty members are specialists in the subjects they teach. Many hold master’s degrees, doctoral degrees or additional qualifications in their area of teaching. Our teachers bring learning to life and are devoted to meeting each student’s needs. Our community also includes over 100 skilled kitchen, transportation and administrative staff. STUDENTS More than 1,150 students from 18 months to Grade 12 make up our vibrant student body.


people make up our staff and faculty.


is allocated to staff and faculty professional development annually. 15

international program everyone at hsc has been very welcoming. when i graduate i will have lifetime friends and a great education to prepare me for my future.

i can’t wait.

The story of the College’s exceptional learning environment is spreading all over the world. Our international students receive a world-class education, experience the Canadian way of life, and learn from dedicated faculty who are passionate about their areas of expertise. Our College is one of the best independent schools in Canada.

meet friends. Our students share their goals, learn from each other and build lifelong friendships. Students develop their understanding of each other’s talents and strengths, and learn to appreciate and celebrate their differences. HAMILTON, ONTARIO Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Hamilton offers the convenience of a large city with the natural beauty of the Niagara Escarpment. Hamilton is home to many theatres, museums, restaurants and festivals. Many professional sporting events also take place in the city, including football, soccer and hockey. Canada is consistently ranked as one of the safest and healthiest places in the world to live. We are only an hour away from both downtown Toronto and Niagara Falls—one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Hamilton is also close to Toronto’s Pearson Airport, Canada’s largest international airport.

PROGRAM SIZE Because this program has a small limited enrolment, enrolment is extremely competitive. Approximately 10 international students are invited to join the Senior School annually. OPPORTUNITIES A dedicated staff member supports international students in a program that gives our visiting students, as well as our domestic students, the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures, gain new perspectives and


host families care for our study permit students. 16


students are accepted annually into this program.


of our Senior School represents study permit students. 17

our graduates

Un ive rsi ty W es ter n

5 Brock University y9 ersit Univ 9 eton ity Carl ers niv ll U Gi Mc

Da lho us ie Un ive Uni rsi vers ity o ty f Gu 9 elph 11


Graduates of HSC are highly sought after, and traditionally our students receive more than $500,000 in post-secondary scholarship annually. We are proud that students at HSC follow their realized potential, along with their individual passions and interests as they move onto their post-secondary schools of choice. Here are the top schools and programs selected by our graduates over the past two years.

McMaster University 21

Ryerson University 12

Un iver sity 18

Lau rier Wi lfrid

Un ive rsi ty of To ro nt o2 0

0 ersity 2 ’s Univ Queen

sity iver n U

7 o1 rlo e t a of W

HSC ALUMNI Our Alumni represent a staggering breadth and depth of accomplishments. As a community, our students never really leave HSC, and that’s where today’s HSC students benefit. Our graduates come back as speakers, mentors and role models. Our Alumni share their gifts of time, talent and treasure 18

66 61 45 41 4

Arts/Liberal Arts/ Arts & Sciences/ Humanities/ Social Sciences Science/Health/ Mathematics

Business/ Commerce Engineering/ Architecture/ Technology

Fine Arts

ensuring to give back in the way that their predecessors had to them. We are thankful for the lasting relationships we retain with our Alumni, and are pleased to honour their ongoing contributions to HSC and the world through our Hall of Excellence, Award of Distinction and Athletics Hall of Fame each year.


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