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Students entering the Senior School will find a welcoming environment with many new challenges meant to engage and inspire them. A well-rounded academic program is enriched by the arts, athletics, leadership opportunities, community service, clubs and recreational activities, as well as a strong support system—all designed to prepare students for post-secondary success. GRADE 9 CREDIT REQUIREMENTS COMPULSORY CREDITS (6.5) • MPM1D Grade 9 Academic Math • SNC1D Grade 9 Science • ENG1D Grade 9 English • CHC2D Grade 10 Canadian History • FSF1D Grade 9 French • TIJ10 Grade 9 Exploring Technologies • GLC20 Grade 10 Careers (0.5 online credits)

ELECTIVE CREDITS (2) • PPL10 Grade 9 Healthy Active Living • ADA10 Grade 9 Drama • AVI10 Grade 9 Visual Art • AMU10 Grade 9 Instrumental Music • AMV10 Grade 9 Vocal Music • LWSBD Level II Spanish • LKIBD Level II Japanese • LKMAD Level I Mandarin

For students requiring extra support in math, MPM1D (Grade 9 Academic Math) can be taken in conjunction with Grade 9 Applied Math (MPM1P). Students receive two credits in this linked, or bridge, course. Such students take math every day in a smaller class size, which aims to boost their confidence in mathematics and set them up for success in subsequent grades. This approach assumes the students have the capacity to complete the academic credit but may require additional supports to do so. Permission is granted by the Principal. ACADEMIC SUPPORT FOR ELITE PERFORMERS HSC welcomes students who are engaged in a wide range of activities beyond the co-curricular commitments of the Senior School. Some students participate in regional, provincial, national and/or professional-level activities as individuals or members of highly competitive programs or teams. Such students are often challenged to keep up with the academic expectations of our program, especially when they are in season and their commitments beyond the school demand a significant investment of time to maintain their elite and/or professional status. As such, HSC supports these individuals, particularly in Grades 9 and 10, when students do not have a prep period set aside to do work. The College aims to support them in achieving excellence while ensuring they are in the strongest possible position to succeed at HSC. GRADE 9/10 FOCUS • • • • •

Middle School transition counselling Leadership development Identifying strengths and interests Addressing volunteer requirements Academic counselling for effective decision making and planning for post-secondary aspirations

STUDENT SUCCESS CENTRE The Student Success Centre (SSC), staffed by six faculty and staff members, oversees all of the academic and course counselling, university planning, learning support needs, and social/emotional assistance for students. Three teaching assistants, all of whom are qualified teachers, are also available to support our students and faculty. 3

ACADEMIC PROGRAM • The Senior School offers a post-secondary preparatory academic program comprising more than 100 different courses and providing a broad range of learning opportunities for its students. • The majority of Senior School faculty members hold specialist, masters, or doctoral degrees in their area of teaching. • Grade 9 students will complete 8.5 credits by the end of their Grade 9 year. • Enriched course offerings are available in both mathematics and French in Grade 9; however, there are entrance requirements for these enriched streams. • Grade 10 History (CHC2D) is taken in Grade 9 to provide access to a broader range of elective courses for students as they move into Grade 10. • The Grade 9 English (ENG1D) and Grade 10 History (CHC2D) courses are taught in a combined interdisciplinary fashion. This allows for greater development of the common skills in each course and provides students with an opportunity to make stronger connections between curricular content. • For students with identified learning differences, a Learning Strategies credit (GLE10) may be taken instead of the Grade 9 French credit (FSF1D). Such students may also take a GLE credit to assist them in an ongoing way to develop their learning skills throughout their time at HSC. • Students complete Careers (GLC20) and Civics (CHV20) in Grade 9 and 10, respectively in an online format giving the students a total of 17 credits at the conclusion of Grade 10. This pathway provides students with the option to have a work period built into their timetable in Grade 11, enabling them more time to manage the increased demands of the curriculum. • Graduation requirements state that all students must have at least one credit in Health and Physical Education and at least one credit in the arts. • The option to learn global languages begins in Grade 9 (Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin). • Beginning in Grade 10 and 11, students who meet the criteria have the option to select pre-AP course streams, which lead to Advanced Placement-level courses. • Advanced Placement courses are offered in a variety of subject areas (7) at HSC, making the College the largest provider of AP learning in the Hamilton-Wentworth and Halton areas. • HSC is part of the eLearning Consortium Canada (ELCC), through which students can enrol in a variety of online courses at no additional charge. • HSC’s curriculum offerings are augmented by the state-of-the-art learning management system called myHSC. This online portal enables teachers, students and parents to view course and class materials, school events, announcements and information related to co-curricular activities.

Advanced Placement at HSC



170+ 10+ AP courses offered per year

AP exams written per year

30+ National Scholars

AP Scholars


DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5 Slot A Slot E Slot B Slot F Slot C Travel Travel Travel Travel Travel Time Time Time Time Time FLEX 9:55–10:35 A.M. Flex Time Flex Time Flex Time Flex Time Flex Time 10:35–10:40 A.M. Travel Travel Travel Travel Travel Time Time Time Time Time P2 10:40–11:45 A.M. Slot B Slot F Slot A Slot E Slot D 11:45 A.M.–1:00 P.M. Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch P3 1:00–2:05 P.M. Slot C Slot G Slot D Slot H Slot A 2:05–2:10 P.M. Travel Travel Travel Travel Travel Time Time Time Time Time P4 2:10–3:20 P.M. Slot D Slot H Slot C Slot G Slot B 3:30–4:45 P.M. After-School Activities and Extra Academic Help Time

DAY 6 Slot G Travel Time Flex Time Travel Time Slot H Lunch Slot E Travel Time Slot F

DAY 7 Slot D Travel Time Flex Time Travel Time Slot C Lunch Slot B Travel Time Slot A

DAY 8 Slot H Travel Time Flex Time Travel Time Slot G Lunch Slot F Travel Time Slot E

The Senior School academic schedule operates on an eight-day cycle, with four classes occurring during each school day. This eight-day cycle can also be viewed from the perspective of an “odd” day schedule (days one, three, five, seven) and “even” day schedule (days two, four, six, eight). The schedule is designed so that students will have the same four classes, or periods, on every even day and their other four classes on odd days, although the classes themselves rotate, allowing them to be paired to encourage interdisciplinary work within and across subject areas. It also allows for experiential and even for co-operative learning opportunities. Likewise, because all classes eventually run in all time slots, all share the impact of early afternoon dismissals and field trips.


ARTS Art Club, Cooking Club, Fall Musical Production, Grade 9 Concert Band, Media Club, Photography Club, Quills Literary Magazine, Spring Crew and Set Design, Spring Theatrical Production, Student Newspaper, Vocal Ensemble, Wind and Jazz Ensemble

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP Adelaide Hoodless School Partnership, Because I am a Girl, Best Buddies, Colin Glassco Foundation, English Conversation Circle, International Student Advisory Board, Me to We

COMPETITIVE CLUBS Model United Nations, Reach for the Top, Vex Robotics



Alpine Skiing, Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey (Varsity Girls), Golf, Hockey, Rowing, Rugby, Snowboarding, Soccer, Softball (Varsity Boys), Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Wrestling

RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES Chess Club, Co-ed Recreational Games, Fitness Club, Gay/Straight Alliance, Indoor Rowing, Quiet Study, Science Club, Social Justice Club, Table Tennis, Tennis, Wellness Club

SCHOOL LEADERSHIP College Prefects, House Captains, Junior Teaching Assistants, Student Ambassadors, Student Council

Activities subject to change 6





90+% of graduates are Ontario Scholars

100% of graduates receive postsecondary offer of choice

Top Ontario universities of choice

Graduate scholarships awarded annually

Top Canadian universities of choice

Our graduates receive offers from top international schools



Acadia University (NS) Carleton University (ON) Concordia University (QC) Fanshawe College (ON) George Brown College (ON) Saint Mary’s University (NS) Simon Fraser University (BC) Trent University (ON) University of Alberta (AB) University of Guelph (ON) University of Ottawa (ON) University of Waterloo (ON) Western University (ON) York University (ON)

Columbia University (US) Duke University (US) Harvard University (US) Johns Hopkins University (US) Newcastle University (UK) Parsons School of Design (US) Princeton University (US) Royal College of Surgeons (IE) University of California (US) University of Edinburgh (UK) University of Leeds (UK) University of Pennsylvania (US) University of Sussex (UK) University of Wisconsin-Madison (US)




Small class sizes ensure that student-teacher contact time is optimized. Faculty members are available during flex time, after school and by appointment. Every Senior School student is a member of a tutorial group and meets each Tuesday with his or her tutorial leader. The school prides itself on its partnership and communication with parents, ensuring that ample two-way communication takes place to support the learning needs of students.

LEADERSHIP, SERVICE AND CHARACTER EDUCATION • Every Grade 9 student is encouraged to enrol in the Duke of Edinburgh Program, with the goal of completing their Bronze Standard. This globally recognized program focuses on skill development, leadership, service and outdoor experiential learning. • Grade 9 students are encouraged to get involved in leadership activities in the Senior School, including Student Council, the HSC Ambassador Program, Model UN (winter) and the various service groups that are offered. • Senior School students are directly involved in meaningful service initiatives. Groups such as the English Conversation Circle, Me to We, The Glassco Foundation, Best Buddies and Because I am a Girl all raise funds and awareness to support local and international service projects.


Average class size 10

Average student-toteacher tutorial ratio

110+ credit courses offered

Parent and student portal

90% of grads exceed volunteer requirement


SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM The Admissions Department provides a scholarship program for students entering Grade 9. Through a competitive process, successful students may earn scholarship awards that are applied to tuition fees. If you have questions about the scholarship program, please contact our Admissions Department by e-mailing or calling 905-389-1367. Please visit ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS Academic scholarships are based on academic achievement in the scholarship examinations, previous academic performance and a foundation of academic success. Applicants must have strong academic achievement, as demonstrated through report cards, and should be consistently achieving an overall average of 85% or better. The scholarships are valued from $1,000–$10,000 and are applied as a one-time award to tuition. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION LEADERSHIP AWARDS The successful recipients of Alumni Association Leadership Awards will be students who embody a commitment to academic excellence and a broad approach to education, including success in academics, the arts, athletics, community service and leadership opportunities. Each year these scholarships celebrate two students, one male and one female, entering Grade 9, in recognition of their leadership achievements and potential. The Alumni Association Leadership Awards are offered to eligible new students and current Grade 8 students who are entering Grade 9 next September. Applicants must have strong academic achievement, as demonstrated through report cards, and should be consistently achieving an overall average of at least 85%. Each scholarship is valued at $10,000 and is applied as a one-time award to the tuition. ALUMNI LEGACY HONORARIA This one-time $500 honorarium is given to any child or grandchild of an alumnus to celebrate the family’s legacy at the College. An alumnus is defined as any student who fulfilled a minimum of one year at HSC. 11


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GRADE 9 ENROLLMENT CALENDAR September to November: Complete application process. December: Choose to write an Entrance or Scholarship Exam. January to February: Re-enrollment offers are sent to current HSC students. Enrollment offers are sent to successful applicants. Course selection meetings begin. May: New students and their families attend HSC’s Welcome Dinner.

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