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6 1 0 2 2015

Message from the PRESIDENT

Dear Community, Thank you for continuing to support Hillel of Silicon Valley in our mission to nurture the next generation of Jewish leaders and community members. Our goal is to provide opportunities for our Jewish students to engage with their faith and communities, and to grow confidently into their environment. Through your support in the past year, we offered more programs and reached more students, enriching lives immeasurably. We look forward to your continued support to provide as much and more in the coming year. Thank you for continuing to support Hillel of Silicon Valley in our mission to nurture the next generation of Jewish leaders and community members. Our goal is to provide opportunities for our Jewish students to engage with their faith and grow confidently as part of the community. Through your support, we continue to offer more programs, reach more students, and enrich lives immeasurably. We look forward to doing yet more this coming year. Hillel grows as a center of positive energy and action as anti-Semitic activities among our campuses continue to threaten the safety of our students. It saddens me greatly that the day I wrote this, news broke of anti-Semitic symbols and language inside a San Jose State University residence hall. Not long after, a similar incident occurred on the Santa Clara University campus. Such activities threaten our students and distract them from classes. Such heinous acts also require responses from our staff, leaving them less time to plan beneficial programming. Your continued support is an invaluable asset. Your contributions allow us to dedicate time and personnel to keep BDSrelated activities and anti-Semitism from marginalizing our students’ right to be. And your contributions support Hillel’s mission to provide a welcoming, supportive home away from home, enriching their college experience and enabling them to connect with the Jewish community and Israel. Thank you, Marc S. Wiesner President, Hillel of Silicon Valley


Hillel of Silicon Valley •

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Marc Wiesner President Andrew Katcher Past President Steve Greenberg Vice President

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Rabbi Ilana Baird Ed Cahn David Cohen Marc Cohn

Dan Pitt Vice President

Debbie Davis

Lori Ghan Treasurer

Anita Margittai

Dana Margittai Secretary

Phil Kipnis Michal Strutin Scott Ullman Rebecca Wahba Carrie Zeidman

Hillel of Silicon Valley •

STAFF Sarita Bronstein Executive Director Shifra Elman Assistant Director Maya Jacobson Program & Engagement Assoc. Noa Shemer Israel Fellow Cindy DiPietro Office Mgr./Staff Acct.



Hillel of Silicon Valley •

Message from the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dear Member of our Hillel of Silicon Valley Community, This past academic year Hillel experienced both intensity and triumph. We gained strength in new, formidable ways, and our passion for Jewish life and Israel kept us focused and helped us to stay the course. The lessons learned were numerous and our groundwork will give us a head start in this coming year. The academic year started with great excitement over our three newly hired staff: Shifra Elman, Assistant Director; Noa Shemer, Israel Fellow; and Shelby Jirikils, Program and Engagement Associate. Bringing impressive expertise, each enriched our programming and helped expand it. The impact of their work is detailed in this report. Throughout the year, we offered students vibrant Jewish life brimming with celebrations, meaningful discussions, and social experiences that brought them together as a community. Our Hillel House continues to serve as a Jewish home away from home for our students, but we devoted special effort to increasing programming on our five campuses in order to reach students where they spend most of their time. We developed new relationships with student groups—Jewish and non-Jewish—as well as with faculty and administration. And we partnered with various departments to bring programming to campus. In the current campus environment, the role Hillel plays is more profound than ever. As the only recognized Jewish organization on our campuses, Hillel supports the Jewish community by educating our students so they can respond effectively to anti-Semitism. We also work with school administrators and faculty to ensure the safety and well-being of Jewish students. This year, Hillel of Silicon Valley’s unequivocal dedication to serve as a leader in pro-Israel advocacy and education was truly tested when San Jose State University’s Student Government voted to pass a resolution calling for an anti-Israel divestment measure. The resolution, which calls for SJSU to divest from specific companies that do business in Israel, was sponsored by students affiliated with Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). At Santa Clara University, Jewish students experienced aggressive taunts over a Jewish Student Union art event followed by belligerent Facebook posts. The intensity of the work in fighting divestment makes all of our other accomplishments even more significant. Despite the expertise and energy it takes to counter divestment and anti-Semitism, Hillel launched initiatives, built key relationships with influencers on campus, and strengthened existing connections. We also formed new partnerships with organizations that will support and enhance the work we do to inspire Jewish students to engage in Jewish life and Israel. Regardless of challenges we may face in the coming year, we look forward to celebrating Jewish life, learning, and our love for Israel on our campuses and at Hillel. On behalf of the students, the staff, and the board, thank you for your generous support and investment in our Hillel. None of the work we do is possible without you!

Sarita Bronstein Executive Director

Hillel of Silicon Valley •



s both the son of a Jewish mother and a founding member of the Santa Clara University Colony of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, an organization that boasts Jewish heritage, Hillel has provided me with an avenue through which to stay connected to my heritage while forging new connections throughout the Jewish community. Hillel of Silicon Valley has contributed greatly to my ability to perform my duties as the fraternity’s heritage chair. Working with and getting to know the people at Hillel has been extremely rewarding, both personally and with regards to the strength of our fraternity. For me, Hillel means family.


rom the moment I first set foot in Hillel House, to every encounter thereafter, I have always felt comfortable and welcome. Whether I’m there cooking and/or eating Shabbat dinner or for some other reason, the environment, and the people are always inviting. In my time at Santa Clara, Hillel has acted as surrogate for those people in my life at home. As far as the fraternity is concerned, Hillel has allowed brothers who knew nothing of ZBT’s Jewish heritage before to gain insight into what exactly that heritage means. Though a majority of the brothers are not Jewish, every brother attests to just how valuable learning about the heritage of the fraternity has been. Every brother raves about how much fun Shabbat is and how welcoming and friendly the people who attend are. All the brothers of ZBT greatly appreciate Hillel’s willingness to engage with us and the support provided to us during our journey as a young colony. Isaac, ZBT President at Santa Clara University


Hillel of Silicon Valley •

“Every brother raves about how much fun Shabbat is and how welcoming and friendly the people who attend are!�


“Hillel of Silicon Valley means everything to me. I feel like I’ve finally found the place where I belong.”



illel of Silicon Valley means everything to me. I feel like I’ve finally found the place where I belong. I had always wanted to be part of the Jewish community, but finding time had been difficult. When I started going to San Jose State, I wanted to meet the community and see if this was where I was meant to fit in. The first event I attended was a Shabbat dinner. At the time, I was nervous because I felt like the new kid and the odd one out. Yet, when I came to the Hillel House, everyone took me in without any questions.


riginally, I had meant to keep to myself and sit apart from the group. However, I met Kylie, who was so welcoming. She brought me to sit with her friends, and I realized that this is where I am meant to belong. I kept coming back to all the Shabbat dinners, where I got to meet even more students from all over the South Bay. My family’s kitchen was undergoing renovations in December, which did not give us space to fully celebrate Chanukah. I was so happy to get to go to all the Chanukah events at Hillel. Chanukah is one of my favorite holidays, and I loved celebrating it with all my new friends. This summer, I will be going on Birthright. This past summer I went on Birthright. I had wanted to go for years, but it hadn’t felt right. It felt right to go with Hillel SV. I now consider Hillel my second home and everyone in it my second family. Anya, SJSU

Hillel of Silicon Valley •



We Serve Five Campuses Working to engage the students on five separate campuses (De Anza College, Foothill College, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, and West Valley College) that are within a 20-mile radius has its challenges and rewards. The challenges range from scheduling events based on the different academic calendars to accessible locations. The rewards are getting to interact with so many different types of students and exploring a myriad of Jewish journeys with each one.


Hillel of Silicon Valley •

Meaningful Engagement

Leadership Development

Taking the time to get to know each student that we meet is the very best part of Hillel work! It is through these one-on-one conversations that students explore their inner lives. Our role as Hillel professionals is to help them see how Judaism can help them along this journey.

Hillel SV is a great place to hone one’s leadership skills. Through our Koret Intern Program, students become part of a cohort of their peers from all of our schools and get to experiment with community organizing. Through close mentoring with Hillel staff, interns help create robust programming throughout the academic year.

Hillel of Silicon Valley •



Jewish Learning Jews have a reason and a ritual for everything! Shivim panim la’Torah – “There are seventy faces to the Torah.” Hillel of Silicon Valley utilizes each interaction with students as a teaching moment, whether it is conversations in the kitchen, the time before we gather to light Shabbat candles, or more formally with deep-dive discussion about all manner of subjects. We see Judaism as a blueprint for living a meaningful life, it is the light that permeates each one of our moments, it isn’t something we attend as an event. We hope to instill that love and appreciation for the traditions and texts that have sustained the Jewish people for our entire existence.


Hillel of Silicon Valley •

Shabbat and Holidays

Tikkun Olam and Shared Values

Hillel of Silicon Valley creates the space for students to engage in Jewish ritual life in a variety of ways: from our community homecooked Shabbat dinners to 20-minute seders on campus lawns. We know that Judaism is not a “one size fits all” model, so we continue to work with students to think creatively about ways to keep it fresh for those who grew up practicing and for those who are exploring Judaism for the first time.

Engaging in tikkun olam projects is another way that we practice Jewish values within our community. Olam chesed yibaneh – “The world is built on loving-kindness” (Psalm 89:3). Whether it is collecting hygiene products for the local shelter or raising money for a kosher free restaurant that serves those in need with dignity, stretching our compassion muscle is integral to living our Jewish values.

Hillel of Silicon Valley •



Israeli Culture and Celebration If Hillel is our home away from home, Israel is our heart. We love celebrating each moment we can with our beloved homeland. From sampling Israeli cuisine and desserts to celebrating Yom Ha’atzamut…and so much more. Israel is the melting pot of the Jewish people and we at Hillel SV are committed to celebrating all aspects of its beauty and diversity.


Hillel of Silicon Valley •


Conferences and Speakers

With the current political climate around campus, whether the focus is anti-Israel or straightforward anti-Semitism, our students are thrust into a spotlight they are ill prepared to handle. Hillel provides support and information in the form of one-on-one conversations, speakers, group conversations, and conferences to provide the education and up-to-date information students need to feel confident in their understanding and ability to articulate intricacies of these conflicts.

One of Hillel SV’s missions is to make sure students connect with the wider Jewish community. We send them to conferences and bring speakers in hopes that it will engage them and motivate them to stay involved post graduation. From the AIPAC Policy Conference to the Mishelanu gathering, students have the opportunity to learn with their peers and hear from change-makers such as Kasim Hafeez and David Makofsky.

Hillel of Silicon Valley •



Taglit-Birthright What made our Birthright trip special was the fact that we were one of 27 Hillels selected to be part of the Seed the Dream’s Birthright Israel Collaborative Enhancement Program (BICEP). BICEP focuses on enriching pre-trip education, students’ experience in Israel, and post-trip engagement. StandWithUS, our BICEP partner, helped us to create meaningful programs to support the Birthright journey.

“ 16

When I meet a new group of people, I sometimes feel nervous; however, this time was different. I felt comfortable around this group of 46 people, many of whom were strangers, who have since become family. Each city I visited, each stone I walked on, I felt like I was forgetting something, something very valuable. As I continued my exploration, I realized that I was not forgetting anything, but rather leaving crumbs from my heart so I could always find my way home. - Spencer, SJSU

Hillel of Silicon Valley •

Hillel of Silicon Valley •



Spartans2Israel We took a group of 14 influential students (12 non-Jewish) from SJSU to Israel this past summer. Given the current culture on campus, we believe it is crucial not only for Jewish students to experience Israel, but it is equally important for non-Jewish students to see it for themselves.

“ 18

A life-changing experience that enlightened me about the Holy Land and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and gave me logical as well as emotional information that I can take home with me and use it for the rest of my life - Jason

Hillel of Silicon Valley •

Hillel of Silicon Valley •


960 SHABBAT MEALS Served to Hillel Students


STUDENTS TRAVELED on Trips to Israel


INITIATIVES Hosted By Hillel SV in the 2015 - 2016 Academic Year



STUDENTS PARTICIPATED In Leadership Conferences Hillel of Silicon Valley •

68 STUDENTS Participated In Passover Seders


MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION is enough to change someone’s perspective about Jewish life on campus

Hillel of Silicon Valley •


Thank You To Our Donors

$50,000 & Above Jewish Federation Silicon Valley H & J Ullman Philanthropic Fund Maccabee Task Force $25,000 - $49,999 Koret Foundation Myra Reinhard Family Foundation Alan & Pat Werba The MZ Philanthropic Fund $10,000 - $24,999 Dr. Jason & Mishy Balaban Dorothy (z”l) & Mel (z”l) Cotton Endowment Fund Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation Seed the Dream Foundation Jewish Agency for Israel Dennis & Daphne Teifeld Werba Rubin Wealth Management, LLC


$5,000 - $9,999 Adleson Hess & Kelly Attorneys at Law James & Teri Baron Dr. Edward & Marjorie Cahn Rick & Doris Davis Hillel Schusterman Int. Ctr. Ruth Krandel Loring Ward Steve Schleimer & Cyndi Sherman Jon & Marsha Witkin Bob & Carrie Zeidman $2,500 - $4,999 Leonard & Sylvia Metz Jack Moore & Bonnie Slavitt Moore Rick & Ann Tavan

Hillel of Silicon Valley •

Together we are changing lives and ensuring the Jewish Future

$1,000 - $2,499 Altman-Aronow Chairtable Found. (Krigel, Schiff & Sporer families) Israel on Campus Coalition Arissa Balaban Briana Balaban Dan Pitt & Claudia Bloom Ellis Chernoff Deborah Davis Steven & Susan Ellenberg Marvin & Joan Fox Lee & Susan Gavens Jeffrey & Lori Ghan Arye & Barbara Green Stephen & Arlene Greenberg Dan and Barbara Illowsky Dov & Madelyn Isaacs Israel Peace Initiative Dr. Irwin & Sharon Kasser Michael & Judy Kitt Elliot & Marcia Lepler Eric & Sheryl Lewis Ron & Sue Maltiel Congregation Beth Am Gavril & Anita Margittai Mishelanu The Irving J Frankel Trust Barry & Jackie Schmidt Posner Zack & Orli Rinat

Hillel of Silicon Valley •

Paul & Sheri Robbins Edward & Linda Rosen Richard & Eleanor Rusnak Sherri R. Sager JoAnn Shank Marc Wiesner $336 - $999 Toby Adelman Dick Berman McGrath | Power Public Relations Brett & Judy Borah David & Barbara Cohen Ronald Cohn Consulate General of Israel Drs. Harry & Joanne Cornbleet Howard & Renee Fine Paul & Kay Fireman Ruth & Michael Fletcher Alan & Beverly Friedman GE Foundation Lance & Wendy Glasser Google Matching Gifts Program Dr. Stephen & Helaine Green James Heeger Mike & Anne Hochberg Matt & Nurit Jacobs Neil & Dina Jacobson Jewish National Fund

Sarah Joelson Dr. Jeffrey & Renee Kanel Rina Katzen Darya Landa Tal Lavian Susan T. Levin Gadi & Marlene Maier William & Dr. Elizabeth Menkin Rabbis Philip & Shoshana Ohriner Martin & Laura Reininger Joseph & Marcia Riggio Scott Rodrick Ronald & Sheree Roth Bernard Rubin Joel & Andrea Rubnitz Allen & Cynthia Ruby Hersh & Arna Shefrin Hugh Silin Alan Fisher & Barbara Sommer Robert & Joyce Steinfeld Michael Sinensky & Michal Strutin Charles & Barbara Taubman Temple Emanu-El Leonard & Preeva Tramiel Scott Ullman Janet Wolf Dr. Jeffry & Anna Young Deborah Zimmer


$100 - $335 Jeff & Marcy Abramowitz Addison-Penzak JCC Adobe Systems Inc. Apple Gloria Melmon Ascher Herzel & Bonnie Ashkenazi Avi Schaefer Fund Maxie & Helen Baer Jacob & Ruth Barron Lloyd & Marlene Bass Robert & Miriam Bassian Izak & Rosa Bencuya Ilan & Tammi Benjamin Pat Bergman Rabbi Allan & Mindy Berkowitz Ralph & Leah Bernstein Bertrand Blanc Jeremy & Roberta Bloom Sarita Bronstein Susan Cahn David Arfin & Madeline Chaleff Park & Joan Chamberlain Steven Chamow Diane Claerbout Barry & Mary Cohen Dr. George & Elaine Cohen


Reba Cohen Marc Cohn Congregation Beth David Congregation Sinai Richard Davis Lloyd & Eleanor Dickman Lou Dombro Alfred & Lillian Dubinsky Maureen Ellenberg Andrew & Sandra Faber Kama Fletcher Robert & Ruth Fox Jeff & Kate Fox Larry Fox Barbara Frank Richard & Nanette Freedland Mitchell & Jill Friedman Bernice Gaon Moshe Gavrielov Leah Glazer Dr. Michael & Jane Gold Bob & Mary Goldberg Paul Goldenberg David Singer & Diane Goldman Eugene & Marilyn Handloff Gary & Xenia Hammer Ryan Hinds

Lee & Bonnie Hirsch Dr. Steve & Suzanne Jackson Jerry & Rita Jacobson Marni Kamzan Warren & Judy Kaplan Avery Kaufman-Borenstein Thomas & Susan Klein Mike & Deborah Klein Israel & Judith Krongold Steve & Annette Ladowitz Daniel & Shirley Lee Seth Leslie Dr. Gordon & Judy Levin Amy Levit Linda Lindenbaum Gerald & MJ Lopatin Macy’s / Bloomingdale’s Alfreda Mastman Jason Matlof Men of Reform Judaism Arthur & Claudia Muller Scott & Michelle Nathanson Martin Newman David & Janet Newman Robert Ovadia Ellice Papp Alex Potts

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Daniel Pressman Ellen Ratner Martin & Sheryl Rattner David & Harriet Reisner Lorne & Gina Rosenfield Stuart & Lynn Rovin Valerie Sarfaty Michael & Felicia Schaffer Morey & Barbara Schapira Martin & Corinne Sherman Tanya & Brett Shore Somekh Family Foundation StandWithUs Maureen Starr Russell Steinweg Arieh & Rama Strod Robert & Irene Swedroe Thomas & Judith Szepesi Jake & Wendy Tanz Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood Alan & Sandra Vogl Paul Overmyer & Alice Wald Nina Weil Andrew Weinberg & Lynn Offenhartz David & Karen Weinberg Linda Weinstein Judge Arthur & Gayle Weissbrodt

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Diane Wiesner Alex Gelber & Linda Wolf Sue Zeifman Up to $99 Arnold (z�l) & Cookie Addison Elie & Yael Alcheck Anonymous Bernard & Joanne Arfin Stephen Branz Ruth Brodie Mrs Jeanette Bronstein Dr. Seymour Bross Dr. Marshall & Marlene Burak Rabbi Ari & Joyce Cartun Todd Cereghino Harve Eliot Citrin Congregation Kol Emeth Congregation Shir Hadash Jacob & Karen Deloumi Dolby Match Program Alex & Loraine Drukarev Mark & Bette Emanuel Burt & Sandy Epstein Jerry Flanzer Larry & Lucy Fried Adele Gershater Edward & Ruth Gipstein

David Gitin Andrea Golsmith Margaret Goodman Jack & Marilyn Goodman Peter & Laura Haas Helen Ibsen Congregation Emeth Israeli-American Council (IAC) Fred & Beverly Jacobson Leonard & Jane Jacobson David & Jyl Jurman Elizabeth & Gail Kass Doris & Stanley Katz Mark Geliebter & Robin Keller Philip Kesten Michael & Patty Krigel Harold & Michelle Kushins Raymond & Barbara Levine Leandro Margulis MASA Israel Journey Aaron Master Joan Muhlfelder Neil & Lorna Myers Ron & Janice Naymark Norman & Mimi Pass Robin Penn Douglas & Willma Polgar Lydia Polidi


Howard & Margie Pomerantz Ronald & Sue Remba Natalie Schriger Marilyn Sefchovich Arkadiy Shapiro Sally Sheinberg Sima Shore Murray & Bernice Siegel Anna Silberstein Sandy Silver Roslyn Silverman Philip Smaller Richard Sogg Joseph & Ann Sorger Alfred & Ruth Sporer Herman & Penina Stern Daniel Vanish Lenny & Sandi Weinstein Nancy Weisenfeld Jeffrey & Carol Weiss Dan Weltsch

Kai & Elise Wessels Dorit & George Alon Bea Cottrell Fireclay Tile Harry & Glenda Glatstein Stephen & Barbara Goldstein Sherman & Vivian Golub Habitat for Humanity Daniel Hoffman Jeff Cable Photography Andrew & Michelle Katcher Phil & Diane Kipnis Bobby & Fran Lent Dalia Milgram Dragisa Milivojevic Paul & Orit Riskin David Tabibian, Royal Liquors Stan Royer Deborah Sack Rachel Lee Schwab

In-Kind: Dorit & George Alon Dr. Jason & Mishy Balaban James & Teri Baron Arye Green Andrew & Michelle Katcher

Donors are listed by cash donations received during the period of July 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016. Our sincere apologies if we inadvertently omitted any names from our acknowledgements. Please know this was in error and we send our heartfelt thanks.

Hillel SV is beneficiary of the Maccabee Task Force, Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley and the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, and Sonoma Counties, H & J Ullman Philanthropic Fund, Koret Foundation, Myra Reinhard Family Foundation, MZ Foundation, Jewish Agency for Israel, Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Seed the Dream Foundation, and Hillel International.

26 Hillel of Silicon Valley •

Thank You To Our Auction Donors & Supporters

Live Auction Mishy & Jason Balaban Ellis Chernoff James & Teri Baron Debbie Davis Bella D Photography Fred & Leslie Ebert Dana Cappiello Laura Hauer Fireclay Tile Andrew & Michelle Katcher Jeff Cable Photography Phil & Diane Kipnis Habitat for Humanity Judy & Gordon Levin Dick Henning Eric Medeiros Hillside Supper Club Ronald & Janice Naymark Carol Hofheimer Alan & Pat Werba Andrew & Michelle Katcher Deborah Zimmer Bobby and Fran Lent Jackie & Randy Levinson Jack Moore & Bonnie Slavitt-Moore Organic Cotton Candy Company Ellice Papp Dan & Claudia Pitt Royer Designs Skylake Ranch Family Orchard Treasures of Magellan by Michelle Katcher Hillel of Silicon Valley •

Silent Auction Jason & Mishy Balaban Susie Brenner Dr. Edward & Marjorie Cahn Fred & Leslie Ebert Marc Eisenberg Steve & Susan Ellenberg Ted Kahn Michael & Judy Kitt Steve Schleimer & Cyndi Sherman Alan & Pat Werba


Thank You To Our Shabbat Cooks

James & Teri Baron Kay Fireman Susan Gavens Women’s Philanthropy SV Federation Glenda Glatstein Barbara Goldstein Vivian Golub James & Teri Baron Neil Hopper Barbara & Dan Illowsky Madelyn Isaacs Madelyn Isaacs Book Club Nurit Jacobs Jane Jacobson Andrew & Michelle Katcher Doris Katz Judith Krongold


Darya Landa Judy Levin Sheryl Lewis Sue Maltiel Anita Margittai Dalia Milgram Bonnie Slavitt Moore & Jack Moore Dan Pitt Orit Riskin Deb Sack Judy Sack Natalie Schriger Rachel Schwab Mia Shani Sisterhood Temple Sinai Michal Strutin Students Temple Emanu-el Sisterhood

Carol Weiss Alan & Pat Werba Mark Wiesner Bob & Carrie Zeidman Matching Gift Corporations: Adobe Systems Inc. Apple Dolby Match Program GE Foundation Google Matching Gifts Program Macy’s / Bloomingdale’s

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$407,487 - Student Programs


$53,564 - House

$29,295 - Events & Fundraising

$20,290 - Communications, Marketing & Publicity


$11,376 - General & Administrative TOTAL: $522,011

Hillel of Silicon Valley is very pleased that this year, through the great generosity of our donors, we have exceeded our fundraising goals and increased our endowment. We enjoyed a year where we were fully staffed, which allowed our staff to continue providing support to our students while pursuing fundraising possibilities. With the increase in the BDS movement on our campuses our students needed, and will continue to need, the support of our staff more than ever. Thank you to our wonderful donors’ continued financial support, which enables our fabulous staff and student leaders to fulfill our Mission and provide fun and enriching programs for our student community.

Hillel of Silicon Valley Operating Income for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2016

$190,560 - Grants


$164,223 - Fundraising Events

1% 3%

$83,280 - Individual Donors $71,283 - Federation Allocation



$18,056 - Investment Income


$1,407 - Misc. Income TOTAL: $528,809

Hillel of Silicon Valley Operating Expenses for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2016 6%

$407,487 - Student Programs




$53,564 - House $29,295 - Events & Fundraising

Lori K. Ghan Treasurer, Hillel of Silicon Valley

Hillel of Silicon Valley •

$20,290 - Communications, Marketing & Publicity 78%

$11,376 - General & Administrative TOTAL: $522,011

29 $190,560 - Grants


VISION Hillel of Silicon Valley inspires every Jewish student to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning, and Israel.






If you have questions, feedback, or want to learn about how to get involved, we would appreciate hearing from you. To stay informed, please visit us at where you can like our Facebook page and subscribe to our weekly e-digest.

To get involved or donate Contact Us Today! 44 S 11th Street • San Jose, California 95112 (408) 286-6669 •

Hillel Annual Report 2016  
Hillel Annual Report 2016