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August 30, 2013

Desperate search for jobs >> Local breadwinners gather at roadsides hoping that passing motorists will offer them entry level positions KALISHA NAICKER


IGHWAY resident Vusi Dubazane says he does not blame government cutbacks for forcing him to wait on street corners appealing to motorist for employment. Instead, he boards a train at 4am to nearby towns (Shallcross, Mariannhill and Chatsworth) in search of ‘any job’ so he can earn a living. The father-of-one is a qualified electrician, but due to the tight economic situation of most companies, he realizes the obstacles recent graduates face when launching their careers. Dubazane, with the goal of putting a meal on the table for his family at the end oftheday,gathers his tools daily and makes his way to a nearby town via train in search of employment. The 35-year-old said he has sent hundreds of his CVs to companies after he completed his electrical course, but has received no positive feedback. “This is definitely taking a toll on my confidence about becoming a successful member of society,” he said. Continued on page 2

Pupils ‘spring’ into action St Mary’s pupils Chiara Taylor, Mia Sivewright and Holly Slater get into the swing of things with their deco­ rated hats for their Spring Fling event. See page four for more details.

August 30, 2013









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Job hunters appeal to community From page 1: His search for a job has been frustrating and, at this point, Dubazane said he will be happy with any job, even on contract, so he can support his family. Dubazane is not alone in his plight; Mi­ cheal Thabang from Embo community in Hillcrest is also in search of employment. Thabang said that he studied welding

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Albert Mosenye, Vusi Dubazane (middle), Micheal Thabang, Siyevuya Dlamini and Mtobeli Magwanyana are appealing for jobs PHOTO: KALISHA NAICKER

at technical college in Durban but after completing the course has “nothing but a piece of paper to show for it.” “I have this trade, but have no place to use it. I am forced to stand on the street looking for work. “If I go home without an income, my family will starve,” he said. “We spend all this money getting a further education, yet we cannot provide a decent meal for our families. Is it really worth the trouble getting an education nowadays?” he said. Ina recent survey conducted by Statis­

tics South Africa it was revealed that the number of South Africans out of work has risento4.723millionforthesecondquarter of 2013. This is the highest since the agency started the survey in 2008. And the num­ ber is expected to increase. Dubazane and Thabang are appealing to the community to assist them in find­ ing employment. “Any job will do; we are desperate,” said Thabang. If you are able to assist the job­seekers, contact Vusi Dubazane on 084 616 7761 or Micheal Thabang on 078 818 5759.

Animallover with a heart of gold

Koning­ kramer and Thandi Zungu with some of the ani­ mals they care for

>> Organisation appeals for funds to sustain projects KALISHA NAICKER


HEN Jenny Koningkramer saw the condition of the stray animals at the Embo township of Hillcrest she was deter-

However, as she began driving through the township, Koningkramer said dogs with mange and other diseases roamed the streets, while others were injured and starving. She said that she found cats on the roadsides with untreated illnesses, while chickens scratched the ground for any remnants of Shop 7/8 food. Linkhills Centre It was then that she bun083 772 340 dled as many 031-762 4934 dogs as she could into a car, drove to the Kloof and Highway SPCA and refused to leave until a veterinarian treated them. After the dogs had been treated, Koningkramer told the vets she would be dropping off sick dogs every week. Shehascontinued to do so and the Inanda Dog Project was born.

mined to assist them - one furry friend at a time. This modern-day animal hero was called to action when her domestic worker’s dog fell ill and she needed to rush him to the local animal clinic.


Monday-Thursday: 8am - 6pm Fridays: 8am - 7pm Saturdays: 8am - 3pm Sundays: 8am - 2pm


Seven years later, the project is now responsible for feeding over 300 dogs, cats and even chickens monthly while teaching people how to care for their pets. Dubbed as the Florence Nightingale of animals, Koningkramer’s day begins at 6.30am with her drive to the township where she is greeted by waggingtails.Sheworksafullday until 5.30pm on a voluntary basis. “I love helping these helpless animals; it is as if my calling has been answered when I see them full and happy,” she said. Koningkramer said as she drives through the township, every person waves at her and asks for animal feed, which she hands over. Most of the food is donated through appeals for assistance and via word of mouth to businesses in the area. The mother-of-three said getting retrenched as a sales manager a few years ago was actually a blessing in disguise. “I should have been offering my services to those who need it long

ago. However, it is a pity I only realised my calling later on in life,” she said. “Iwouldneverbeabletoeatdinner at night knowing these animals are starving.” Koningkramer said that her love for animals developed when she was a child as her mother bred German Shepherds. “I have always been an animal lover, and by the grace of God I will continue to help them in any way I can.” However, Koningkramer, said that in this ever-changing economy and with the prices of commodities increasing daily, her donations are starting to deplete. “I really need the assistance of the public to sustain my feeding programme. I need dog food, cat food and even chicken feed,” she said. “Financial support will also be welcome. There is always an animal out there that need some love and a good meal,” she said. To assist Koningkramer, call 084 592 9065.


In case there’s an



Crime Stop: 086 001 0111

EMERGENCY Hillcrest SAPS................................031 765 9116/9103 Kloof Police Station..............................031 764 2334 Fire.............................................................031 361 0000 Gillitts Metro.............................................031 767 1222 Rescuetech KZN.....................................086 167 2226 ANIMAL RESCUE Kloof & Highway SPCA......................031 764 1212/3 Monkey Helpline....082 411 5444 or 082 659 4711

COUNSELLING Life Line....033 394 4444 Open Door Crisis Centre... ...................... 031 709 2679 Jes Foord Foundation....... ...................... 031 765 4559 Careline Crisis Centre......... ........................031 765 1314 ................ or 082 787 6452

Weekend crime spikes KALISHA NAICKER

>> POLICE in the Upper Highway Area are urging the community to be vigilant at all times following recent reports of attempted house break-ins in the area. According to Hillcrest’s SAPS communication officer, lieutenant MF Mkhize, there have been ‘many’ attempted robberies reported within the last week in the Hillcrest, Kloof, Gillitts, and Waterfall areas. “The were two attempted robberies along Heaten Nicholls Road, one along Old Main Road, one at Sandra Place and one on Clemont Scott Road,” he said. Mkhize said that there is a need for vigilance at home, especially over weekends and during the holiday period. “The police have notice a trend that crime increasesduringtheweekendsandearlyhours of the morning. We urge residents to contact the police if they notice any suspicious activity,” he added. Martin Kriel, managing director of ADT Security, East Coast Region, said that residents also need to be cautious and not leave valua-

bles in plain sight. He said that opportunistic criminals will steal anything in a bid to make a quick buck. “Items like bicycles and toys are often targeted because they can be sold; the same goes for smaller goods such as garden tools, which could also be used to break into your home.” Kriel encouraged home owners to take the following measures to safeguard their belongings: “Cut back any bushes or trees that may offer easy access over walls or gates to your property, or provide places for criminals to hide,” he said. “Ensure outside lights are in good working order and provide a good view of pathways, the driveway and gardens. Inspect your perimeter wall or fence, and make sure that there are no weak spots criminals could use to gain entry.” In addition Kriel said, make sure to pick up garden tools or any other item that could be used to force open a door or window and store them away in a locked shed or garage. “Never leave small, valuable items on tables or desks close to open windows where they couldeasilybesnatchedfromoutside,”he said.

Scammers strike again IN 2011, Microsoft discovered that thousands of peo­ pleacross thecountryhadreceived fraudulent phone calls from scammers claiming to be from the compa­ ny. Initially, the concentration appeared to be in the UKbutthescamhasbeenspreadingaroundtheworld rapidly. Last week, many calls were reported in the Highway area. According to the Securelink Group of Companies, this is how the scam works: >>The scammer calls you and claims he or she represents a computer security company expert approved by Windows/Microsoft (or another legitimate tech company). The ‘security expert’ is plausible and polite, but officious. >>He or she says your computer has been infected with malware, and that they can help you solve the problem. What happens now depends on the particular strain of scam with which you have been targeted. >>Some will ask you to give them remote access to your computer, and then use the access to harness your personal data. Otherswillgetyoutodownloada‘specialprogramme’ (malware) that will do that task for you. >>A more straightforward scam is to simply ask for money in return for a lifetime of ’protection’ from the malware they say is on your machine. However,Securlinkssays,no legitimate IT security pro is ever going to call you in this way. The scammers got your number from the phone book, or any one of the thousands of marketing lists available. They know nothing about your home computing set up ­ it is a fishing trip to see if they can hook a victim.

What to do if you are called >>Put the phone down. >>Getridofthecalleranddon’t divulge any personal information, including credit card or bank details. >>Do not allow a stranger to guide you to a certain webpage, or instruct you to change a setting on your PC or download software. ­ supplied by Securelink


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AMBULANCE ER 24........084 124 Netcare 911............. ....................082 911 VEMA....................... ..... 083 630 0000 Ambulance & Emergency Medi­ cal Centre......10177

SECURE LINK SAFETY TIP: Use yellow globes for outside lights – they show up better in rainy or misty weather. ­ Tip supplied by Secure Link 031 765 3333

August 30, 2013





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August 30, 2013




FEVER Anthony Zambelli

Don’t be left in the dark about diabetes DRUGS which are used to treat pain, in­ flammation and fever are called anti­in­ flammatories. There are three main types of these drugs: Steroids like cortisone – reduce fevers (some types) and inflammation, but of­ fer poor pain control and many long­term side effects due to hormonal action af­ fecting almost every system in the body. Non­steroidal anti­inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – reduce fever, pain and inflammation. Your vet will use drugs like Rimadyl, Metacam, Previcox and Onsior. Dogsandcatsarefarmoresensitivetothe

side effects of certain NSAIDs used in hu­ mans, so NEVER EVER use your brufen or Stopayne tablet – you could kill your pet with even a fraction of the human dose. The modern veterinary NSAIDs like those mentioned are potent pain killers, with an excellent safety profile. If used long­term for conditions like chronic osteoarthritis, biannual blood and urine tests should be performed to check that these drugs are safe for your pet. If there is a pre­existing medical con­ dition which might affect metabolism and excretion of the drug, pre­treatment

testing is also indicated. For pre­surgical analgesia (pain relief), some of these drugs are superior to morphine! Atypical NSAIDs – like paracetamol (panado) do not reduce inflammation, but do relieve pain and inflammation. These can be used in dogs under very strictly controlled circumstances, but NEVER in cats. Pain relief and proactive pain preven­ tion (prophylaxis) is an essential compo­ nent of modern veterinary practice. The oldnotionofpost­operativepainasbeing “protective” is nonsense. Pain has been

shown, quite conclusively, to cause im­ mune suppression and increased infec­ tion rates and poor wound healing, while also having detrimental effects on other organs. In our clinic, even spays and neu­ ters go home with pain relief for several days after their operation. If you’ve ever had a root canal or hysterectomy, you’ll understand why. Pets experience pain in the same manner as people. Pain is un­ necessary. Dr Anthony Zambelli Inanda Veterinary Hospital & Specialist Referrals 15 Howick Drive, Waterfall 031 762 1816

Fusion, which will provide a welcome tea break for the attendants. An exclusive craft market with stores throughout the Spring Fling will also be on offer while fabulous stalls, namely, tombola, activity park, Candy Land, Leisure Lounge and ‘How Do I Look’, promise to exceed expectations. S.M.I.L.E (St Mary’s Interactive Learning Experience) is once again a percentage beneficiary of the Spring Fling. S.M.I.L.E is a national, com-

munity-based organisation that evolved as a result of an urgent need to develop the English language skills of Zulu speaking pupils and their teachers. Participant Chiara Taylor urged the community to attend the Spring Filng, and support her school. “Let’s make this Spring Fling a memorable one,” she said. For more information on the Spring Fling visit

Youngsters welcome spring in style FROM PAGE 1: KALISHA NAICKER

>> ST Mary’s Primary School pupils from Grade R to Grade seven - will be decorating a hat featuring Spring Fling and Quattro elements for their annual event. The girls have been given carte blanche to be as creative as possible and first round of judging starts this

week. The finalists will be chosen to display their hats at the St Mary’s Spring Fling on Saturday, 31 August. The winner will be announced on the day and will walk away with an electric scooter sponsored by Quattro. The main attractions of this year’s Spring Fling include The Quattro Spring and Kids Play Zones with a giant slide, rocket, inflatable disco, Zorb balls, climbing wall and much more.

The SPAR Food Emporium with beer garden, food tents and the pancake palace will also draw crowds. The Quattro Toyz for Boyz has lots to keep the dads and lads entertained. The SPAR Epic Cake Competition in association with the Keep Kloof Beautiful Association is the first event on the entertainment lineup. Therewillalsobeamadhatterstea garden in association with Settings Function and Décor Hire and Flower

Thou shalt not dump

Marge Mitchell with Welcome Ngcobo at the centre. PHOTO: KALISHA NAICKER

>> Recycling is the way to go



HE Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association is encouraging residents to take responsibility for their environments by ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’, at their drop off centre in Delamore Road, Hillcrest.

Speaking to the Hillcrest Fever, Marge Mitchell, who spearheaded the drop of centre (recycling centre), said it was established in August 2008. “The material collected amounts to around 30 tons a month and is helping DSW fulfill its obligations with regard to waste going to the

Our 4 Mobile units covers Durban and all surrounding areas.

landfill site.” Mitchell said that they only collect glass bottles, paper, cardboard, cans, and polystyrene. She urged residents not to discard wind-screens, plate glass, crockery, tyres, hose-pipes, paint cans or garden refuse. These must go to the

some who are spoiling it for everyone,” she said. “I am urging the community to use the centre responsibly.” To find out more about the centre, or the KHBA association, contact Marge Mitchell on 083 419 3807 or Jean Jooste on 082 895 0540.

KidZAid makes life better for little ones KALISHA NAICKER

We open all vehicles with the latest lock picking tools. We do vehicles, motorcycles and trucks.

Shobgweni Landfill Site. “Some individuals are using the Hillcrest Recycling Centre as a dumping ground for their unwanted rubbish. “While most of the people who visit the recycling centre are committed and responsible there are still

BASED in the heart of Kloof, KidZAid is an interdenominational trust committed to raising funds to assist AIDS orphans, vulnerable children and their caregivers. Treasurer of the organisation, Charles Simpson, said that the organisation believes that every child whose life has been touched by AIDS deserves to be brought up with a sense of self-worth. “This can only be achieved with proper feeding,shelter,education and nurture. “We are committed to channeling resources through reputable initiatives to assist as many of these children as possible to become worth-

while members of society,” he explained. Simpson said that the funds raised by the organisation are used by the caregivers so they are able to provide food and support directly to those affected by AIDS. To date the organisation has offered invaluable assistance to Community Outreach Centre (COC), St Mary's and 1000 Hills Community Helpers. “COC is a registered NGO, started in 1997 on the premises of St Mary's hospital at Mariannhill. “With increasing numbers of peoSMS the word “NEWS” to 32692 with your comment EMAIL ballitoletters@

ple dying from HIV/AIDS and related conditions, there are an increasing number of orphans and vulnerable Children (OVC) left behind and uncared for,” he said. Simpson said that the organisation is always in need of funds to sustain their projects. “Thereis always a need forsupport from the community. “Any help you can offer would be so appreciated.” As a registered Public Benefit Organisation, KidZAid issues 18A Tax receipts and donors in South Africa can claim tax rebates on these amounts. To support the organisation or find out more about what KidZAid does, contact Charles on 083 630 5394 or e-mail

SAA staff strike: Acsa asks travellers to confirm their arrangements FLIGHTS in and out of King Shaka Interna­ tional Airport may be affected from Mon­ day with SAA staff planning to down tools in a countrywide strike. The Airports Company of South Africa (Acsa) has urged all travellers to confirm their travel arrangements before arriving

at all major airports, including O.R. Tambo InternationalAirportandKingShakaInter­ national Airport. The basis for the strike action is the South African airline carrier’s refusal to concede to a one­off pay­out of 0,4% to 1 300 technical ground staff at several air­

ports in South Africa. The South African Transport and Allied Workers’ Union (Satawu) believes the one­off payment estimated to total be­ tween R3 million and R5 million, is due to their workers and SAA’s refusal to pay is a sign that the state­owned carrier is an “en­

emy of the poor”. SAA and the union have been locked in negotiationsfortwomonths.Inaseparate, but linked, issue they had already agreed in principal to a 6,5 per cent annual in­ crease. Acsa media liaison officer Unathi Bat­

Getting beggars off the streets KALISHA NAICKER


HE Phuma Okhoneni Garden Project is urging Hillcrest residents to hold on to their money the next time they pass by a street beggar. The registered non-profit organisation sent out this hard-hitting message at the Embo community of Hillcrest as they aim to get beggars off the street and into a sustainable income generating project. The project will offer beggars a chance to grow their own vegetables

and acquire skills to sustain the project. In addition, these men and women willbe offered anopportunity to pass the skills to their families and have the ability to start food gardens at their homes. According to Thabane Izimande, a member of the ward committee in the area that is spearheading the project, loose change is often used to buy alcohol or drugs by beggars. “The apparent need for food in our community goes far deeper. Some beggars are linked to drug use, while others are part of crime relat-

ed groups,” he explained. “For those who are genuinely hungry, we would like to provide them with a sustainable way of earning an honest income.” The selfless go-getter has also offered the land around his home for residents to use. “I have plenty of land that could be used for the project and I hope that this will decrease the number of beggars on our streets.” Inzimande pleaded with the community to not give money to the beggars and instead support the project. “For the Phuma Okhoneni Garden

August 30, 2013





yashe­Fillis urged travellers to contact their respective airlines to get a confirma­ tion of their travel arrangements.

>> NPO aims to end hunger and create an income generating project Thabane Izimande inside the small vegetable garden that he started in his back yard. PHOTO: KALISHA NAICKER

Project to be a success we do need the support of the local community.” “We require seeds, fencing, gardening equipment and a shed for an on-site office,” he said. “As the saying goes, if you give a man a fish he will eat for the day; if you teach a man how to fish he will eat for a lifetime. So let us create a project that will end hunger in our community.” Marge Mitchell of the Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Society was pleased with the initiative, and said in recent months there has been a steady proliferation of street beggars in Hill-

crest. Mitchell said that begging is illegal and those that offer small change to beggars are supporting an illegal activity. “This is an ideal project to decrease the amount of beggars on our street s and get them into a full-time income generating project. “The local produce will also be fresher and healthier. I urge residents to support this project as it will ultimately benefit the entire community of Hillcrest,” she added. To support the Phuma Okhoneni Garden Project, contact Thabane Izimande on 083 672 0348.

Te l : 03 1 763 4 43 3 • Ce ll : 0 8 2 89 9 2 8 8 1 E m a i l : c h a r le n e @ws c .co. za • w w n k h i lls ce n t za



August 30, 2013




Getting green in Kloof The spectacular Kranz­ kloof Nature Reserve

KLOOF Conservancy, an active, vibrant volun­ teer­run organisation that aims to promote en­ vironmental awareness and conserve Kloof’s outstanding natural heritage, will be getting back to nature with the Tree Day celebrations on Sunday 1 September. According to public relations officer of the conservancy, Desire Pelser, the conservancy protects and improves the quality of the environment. “We want a healthy, hazard­free, harmonious

and aesthetically pleasing environment in which both natural and man­made resources are conserved,” she said. Pelser said that this includes all historical and cultural links being maintained and that opportunities are found for recreation and so­ cial interaction in pleasant surroundings. The convenient and accessible use of the environment as an educational stimulus and resource is imperative, she said. Pelser said that Tree Day will enable resi­ dents of Kloof to get in touch with their green side and gain knowledge on how to preserve their environment.

Residents that attend will be treated to a tree identification course, run by Doctor David John­ son, local author, ornithologist and tree expert. The course will include a guided walk through the local Tunzini Indigenous Garden. For the little ones there will be a story­telling session with Peter Court. Children will also be treated to art classes, creative writing, tree potting and planting, and a guided (short) walk to see the African Crowned Eagle nest in the nature reserve. Events kick off at 9am and costs are R20 for children and R100 for adults. For more infor­ mation, contact 082 553 0589.

Dancing for charity

KZN Women in Business Chairperson, Emma Dunk, with Thora Mans­ field, Director of the Open Door Crisis Care Centre


FROM belly dancers to ballerinas, ballroom to hip hop, the amazing ‘Shall We Dance’ show hostedbytheKZNWomeninBusiness (KZNWIB) has it all. The show, in support of the Open Door Crisis Care Centre, will be held on Wednesday, 18 September at the Play House, Anton Lembede Road, Durban at 7.30pm. Chairperson of the organisation, Emma Dunk, said KZNWIB have selected The Open Door Crisis Centre as their charity for the fourth year as they believe it has made a significant difference in the lives of community members. She said that the Open Door Crisis Care Centre is a non-profit, interdenominational outreach organisation established in 1997 at the request of the local South African Police Services. “The Centre’s services reach from Durban and throughout the Highway District and as far as Port Shepstone and Richards Bay,” explained Dunk. “Our aim is to sustain a holistic, multifaceted, one-stop crisis

and trauma centre offering counselling, social services and support groups.” Dunk added that at Open Door, counselling is offered six days a week. It operates a 24 hour, 365 days a year crisis line service. “To date, Open Door has offeredtheseservicesto over40000 men, women and children. This figure multiplied by a family unit shows our work directly and indirectly has impacted on over 160 000 people,” said Dunk. She said that the mission of The Open Door Crisis Care Centre is to restore hope and healing to men, women and children who have suffered as a result of crisis and trauma, and the KZNWIB is 100 per cent in support of this. Thora Mansfield, director of Open Door, said that as an NGO , theorganisationis always in need of funds and appreciates all the support from the KZNWIB. Mansfield urged the community to attend the show. “This is not only a fun outing for the entire family,butallproceedsgotowards a good cause.” For more information or to book tickets for the show, email

Inanda Veterinary Hospital & Specialist Referrals 15 Howick Drive Waterfall

031 762 1816 After-Hours 076 437 1385 &

General Practitioner

Dr Judy Ratner

By appointment Mon - Sat Vaccinations, Routine Care, Microchipping, Surgery

Bear Hansen with his latest book


An artist with heart

>> Waterfall dad turns dreams into reality KALISHA NAICKER

well,” said Hansen. “As a family we always listened to the radio and I had my hard covered ATERFALL resident Bear exercise book and ballpoint pen and Hansen certainly is a man of drew while I listened to the radio. From that point I believe I became an many talents. At 58, he is a skilled artist in water- artist.” The inspirational father of four said colour, oils, acrylics, fine art, manga and graphic design. He is a sculptor, he soon started to draw birthday cards cartoonist, known for his witty puns for friends and family - and still does. It is with a passion for art that and the infamous Bear-o-ccino. In between these varied forms of Hansen followed his dreams and enself-expression, Hansen is also an av- rolled to study graphic design. Hansen’s faith is woven into nearly id cyclist and picture framer. Speaking to the Hillcrest Fever, every one of his works. Quiet and unasHansen said his love for art originated suming, his modest sincerity belies a quick wit and pure genius when it when he was in primary school. “When I was younger my dad used comes to graphic design. Hansen is also in demand as a deto bring home a pile of comics once a week. I loved the drawings in them and signer of corporate branding, logos used to copy them, especially the car- and letterheads, as well as illustratoons. I started making up my own as tions for various corporate and social correspondence and communiques. He has recently released his second book, a collection of cartoons centred on the ancient gentlemen’s game of cricket. We also cater for functions - Platters or Buffet. “I think what makes a WE CATER FOR ALL good artist is perseverance SUNDAY ROAST YOUR GUESTS HUNGRY TUMMY’S. and to not be scared of learnFrom Birthday dinners. Engagements. ing from your mistakes. Business meetings. Card evenings etc “Learn to observe what Come and have a sit down meal or order with LIVE music youdraw,andlearn from otha takeaway. We do pizza too. er artists. Draw from the Contact Chantel Janssens for more info and bookings heart, ignore negative com031 765 4353 | 076 198 1532 | ments,” he said. Plantation Estate, Hillcrest When Hansen is not in



‘artist mode’ he is very involved in social responsibility and community upliftment. “I always believe in helping those less fortunate and in my home group at HillsideChurchwewanttohaveprophetic input into business people who are struggling and need encouragement.” In addition to helping those in need, part of the proceeds of Hansen’s cartoon book goes towards helping orphaned and abandoned children. One of Hansen’s most memorable donations was to a Waterfall family that lost a son in an accident. “I knew the cyclist Burry Stander and was a fan of his, he was a pleasure to watch. When Burry died I felt God saying ‘draw the family a picture’ and present it tothem.Ireally felt extremely honoured to bless the family in this way,” he said. “By drawing a person one can feel and create more of a person's personality than you can through a photograph.” Hansen added, “If I had a motto it would be 'my aim is to bring joy and a smile to those hurting and heartbroken'.” His message to the youth is, “Remember God made you unique, there is only one of you, you have a purpose in life. “Follow your heart and your dreams, don't try to be like your friends or someone else; be the best you can be.”



August 30, 2013



EDITORIAL COMMENT Mkhize: KZN is destined for great heights ZWELI Mkhize is a sterling example of a leader. With his ears kept close to the ground, the former premier’s love for the province was evident in his departing statement released last week. Mkhize served as KZN’s premier from May 2009 to August 2013. He is one of the few leaders who has never been afraid to roll up his sleeves and literally get the job done. He is also a leader who says he was in his position to serve people - this should be the case with all leaders in government. He understood his position of power and tried to change lives in the province. In his last statement as premier he said, “Consequently the province was secured from over expenditure. It remains financially sound and good governance is our culture. “Major strides have been made in fighting HIV and AIDS. A programme of community accountability and intensive fight against corruption, fraud and building leadership integrity has been launched. “Importantly, a programme to fight poverty, and focus on rural development as well as care for the vulnerable groups and continuous contact with electorate has been hallmark of the leadership. Despite economic challenges our province has attracted a highproportionofthe inboundinvestments.Ourinfrastructure programme is on schedule. “Our province is destined for great heights.” Acting premier Senzo Mchunu was sworn in by KZN Judge President Chiman Patel last week and it is clear that he has big shoes to fill. While Mkhize leaves KZN for bigger and better things, his influence and leadership qualities may spread to his colleagues. “I leave KwaZulu-Natal with no regrets but I leave with extremely high confidenceinitsfutureandthecapacity of the current leadership” - Zweli Mkhize

LEFT AND RIGHT PETER DAVIS After all the promises over the years about what the government intends to do to help small business, there seems to be a positive move towards actually doing something, but I’ve learnt not to hold my breath on these matters, you could expire from asphyxiation! Anyhow, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies, haws announced that he and the Ministers of Finance and Economic Development are preparing an action plan for the immediate implementation of a number of measures to re-ignite economic growth in South Africa. Davies also announced that Cabinet had agreed to improve support to

Secret meeting held by eThekwini ANC to divert public funds THE Democratic Alliance in eThekwini has written to council speaker Logie Naidoo and mayor James Nxumalo and requested that they step in after ANC councillors held a secret Blocksum Allocation meeting this week where they unilaterally decided to divert public funds for the benefit of individuals. Blocksum Allocations are lump sums of money that are allocated to


Morally yours…sort of…maybe MORALS can be contested. So I was told by a beanie-wearing, papaya leaf smoking philosophy student as we shared a conversation at a “think tank” a while back. We were yakking about ways to restore order to society. The word “morals” was thrown into the mix by some smartass who evidently had experience tossing a single bone to a pack of rabid dogs. The papaya puffer squinted his little red eyes and dribbled on about man’s place in the world, inner growth, harmony, holistic values and everything else nauseatingly Oprahesque.

various wards; usually for capital expenditure projects. On Wednesday, ANC councillors excluded all opposition parties from this meeting where they unilaterally took decisions to useBlocksum Allocation to renovate an ANC councillor’s office, upgrade a privately owned hall and build steps in an informal settlement situated on private land. I was purposefully exclud-

Of course beanie boy was right. Morals can be contested. As can anything; which is why renewed talk of a moral regeneration/revival/uprising always seems to come back to the same stumbling-block: So whose morals and values are we going to follow anyway? The papaya puffer had opted for a smorgasbord, with morsels collected from Rastafarianism, communism, socialism, Buddhism and MTVism. Theoretically this meant he should be spending his life in a Lada hotbox, sharing his lava lamps, chanting about sharing his lava lamps and holding thumbs that he would be reincarnated as P Diddy. I think most of us over six would agree that the moral fibre of society is rather sucky;and most of us agree that a global moral revival is a super idea in theory, but we tend to fantasise about throwing sharp objects at one another when discussing who should be setting the tone. Is government equipped to set a moral tone? And should it be responsible for guiding our moral choices? Who will headupour“DepartmentofDamned Fine Morals” and will we be happy to leave cash lying around those offices? Will this involve a tender process? Oristhistheplaceofreligion?And if so, which religion? And when we have decided that, which denomination or faction of the chosen religion? Orisamoraltonetobesetinthefami-

ed from this meeting despite my ward (ward 10) being on the agenda. Had I been present at this gathering there is no way I would have allowed ANC councillors to redirect public funds for my ward in the manner that they did. Among these allocations are items which amount to irregular expenditure as it allocates council money for work on and in private

So whose morals and values are we going to follow anyway? ly? And even then are parents equipped? Are they even interested? Thing is, most people subscribe to some sort of religious belief that incorporates some sort of moral base, even if this means they have kept the value system but abandoned the religion. This is, however, not widely portrayed in the media. Mainstream religions appear to be a little too banal when considering what is worthy for public consumption. So can the media be trusted to set the tone? God forbid. I personally do not want to scrape moral morsels from a smorgasbord; I think it will confuse my little brain too much. And until governments have proventhatamoraluprisingissomething they take seriously, and place leaders at the helm that have proven moral track records, I simply cannot look to government for moral guidance. What we might agree on though, is that society is at a serious fork in the proverbial road. As our days and nights speed up with technological advancements, information superhighways, fast fixes and judgements

Re-igniting economic growth small businesses by, among other things, creating a one-stop shop and portal for Small Medium and Microsized Enterprises (SMMEs), making it easier, cheaper and faster for small businesses to start up, grow and create jobs. All over the world, small business often provides the backbone of employment. In Thailand, for example, mosthomeshavetheirlivingquarters on the first floor, leaving the ground floor open for small business that happily operates with little interference from any authority. In the small complex I stopped at, each little business (mechanics, tailors, spaza-type shops, electricians and so on) employed an average of two people other than the owner. Now that’s how to get

employment going. InCapeTownthecityhassetupthe Investment Facilitation Unit while mthe Western Cape has introduced the Red Tape Reduction Programme aimed at encouraging small business tosetupshop.Byallaccountsitiksoperating well and has been lauded by entrepreneurs. These are the people who are driven to work for themselves and make a success of their enterprises, some of which will no doubt grow into larger businesses with increased employment. Tied in with this, the National Development Plan is another excellent idea, but like many government plans,itseemstohavestalledthrough lack of interest or the competency of civil servants to drive it. One of its pro-

properties, also there is an allocation for anupgradetoANCcouncillorsoffice. Due to the underhanded secretive way this was handled I am not open to any compromise on any allocations. I am not in agreement with the allocations for Ward 10 and reject all of them outright. Ward 10 councillor Rick Crouch

banged out in soundbites and Tweets, our moral fibre – or at least the will to enhance it – is lagging behind. Our morals are being built from the moment we take our first breath; good and bad are learnt before our first steps are firm. In a world where we are pushed to be better, stronger, faster in almost everything, we can surely take some time to hone our values and agree on the basics – things that transcend all boundaries: Family is precious and should be cherished. Freedom to think, do and act independently of our neighbours and our governments is fundamental to progress. The right to disagree is paramount to intellectual growth. Self respect should be held in high regard, so too diligence and discernment, because it strengthens individuals and communities. And without strong individuals committed to family and community, we will have to put up with where we find ourselves today: a society besotted with the weight of the wallet; thinking that this is an indication of moral worth.

Well done SPCA

posals is to appoint an expert panel to draw up a comprehensive review of all the regulations that govern SMMEs. Absolutely nothing prevents the Minister from doing so immediately to ensure that small business redtape is radically reduced, leaving entrepreneurs to do what they do best: Growing a business. There is little doubt that after the best possible education, the priority should be growing the economy and creating jobs. If the government once again fails to live up to its promise of making things better for small business, it will be another unacceptable disappointment to South Africa’s poor and unemployed.

Having been an animal lover all my life, I was heartbroken when I saw a young german shepherd left for dead attheStockvilleInformalSettlements. With a heavy heart, I pick up the gentle soul, and transported him to the SPCA, and with out any hesitation and a whole lot of love the puppy was at­ tended to. He is now almost a year old and if was not for the excellent care he received, I cannot bear to think were his future lay. It is due to this I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Kloof and Highway SPCA for the ster­ ling work they are doing in our commu­ nity. The employee go far beyond the call of duty and do not hesitate when called upon to assist. Well done guys and keep up the good work! Animal lover Gillitts

Kalisha Naicker SALES MANAGER: Justin Watson justinw@express 082 762 0175 SALES EXECUTIVE: Mandy Bersma 082 293 9717 mandy.bergsma@ Louise Maxwell 083 399 3907 CLASSIFIEDS ADS: Lynne Mathiesen

Heartless scammers are annoying

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Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Courage

April to June 2013: 19950

Sometimes real beauty is around you while you search elsewhere


Springfield Value Centre 031 263 0257


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Full Genuine leather Choice of left or right chaise Leggett and Platt mechanism Coffee, Black, Stone and white. 155kg weight guarantee


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Let’s not forget -

DAGGA is a drug

As a parent, I am in constant fear that my child will come into contact with the wrong company and be persuaded to try drugs. It’s happened to parents I know personally and the first drug these children tried was dagga and thereafter they experimented with other drugs. One of my colleagues told me that her 17-year-old daughter was smoking the substance for over two years before she found out about it. She only investigated after her school results were getting worse. The teenager eventually confessed to her mother and is now on the road to recovery. This woman could also afford the best treatment and counselling available to help her daughter, but what about those who cannot?

on the road. There was a stage when there were at least two accidents weekly because of the condition of the road. On quite a few incidents I reached home almost one and half hours later due to being

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I have never thought about leaving this country - with crime levels increasing causing people to run for the hills. However, if dagga becomes legal in this beautiful land, I will seriously considerrelocating.Idonotwanttoseemy children and maybe one day grandchildrengrowingupinapot-headsociety. Rightnowthestoryseemsmorelike ajokethanaseriousnewsstory.Iknow I maybe jumping the gun and jumping to conclusions, but we have to think ahead and I will definitely be joining the campaign against legalising dagga. I advise other parents to do the same. Against Marjiuana

When will Fields Hills woes cease? FIELDS Hill is one of the worst places to drive in if you live in the upper highway area. With the missing lines, the massive trucksnowmakedrivinganevenmore difficult task as we compete for space


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I REFER to the article ‘Eskom scam uncov­ ered’ published in the Hillcrest Fever last week. It annoys me when I read articles such as these in the newspaper. How can peo­ ple be so cunning and heartless that they target the elderly in our community? Some of the residents in retirement villages are living on minimal income, and are struggling to support themselves, yet these con artist are trying to steal “food” from their mouths. I am pleased that the Hillcrest Fever took on the plight of the helpless victims, andhighlightedthescaminyouresteemed newspaper. Forthosethatareinterestedin genuine electricity saving tips, I suggest that they visit the Eskom website to get more infor­ mation. Janice Peters Kloof

WHILE Durban police are cracking downondrugdealersandhaverecently uncovered a lethal ‘super drug’ - not surewhatthatis -aGautengcoupleare fighting to legalise dagga in South Africa. I am no narcotics expert and call me ignorant, but dagga and smoking are associated with addiction, which means these cannot be good for you. The highlight of this story for me is this couple is now suing government because they claim they have a right to smoke dagga if they want to. Have they been living under a rock? Pot-heads continue to argue that dagga can be used for medicinal purposes, but most rehabilitation institutions will tell you that it is a gateway drug.

August 30, 2013

Ombudsman of Hillcrest Fever

stuck in traffic caused by these accidents. Now, that it’s finally sorted out, I hope we don’t have to wait for another year before we get lines. Frustrated driver

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Shelly Beach - South Coast Mall - 039 315 1572, PMB - Midlands Mall - Entrance 1 - 033 342 7755, Pinetown - 9 Schenk Road - 031 702 9036, Richards Bay - Lakeside Mall - 035 789 4340

August 30, 2013





Oxford Liquors opens in village >> Community anticipates opening of the Oxford Village


FTER months of anticipation, the upgrade of the old Heritage Market to Oxford Village is completedwith the opening of the Oxford Liquors this week. The second store, Oxford freshmar­ ket, will follow shortly with opening planned for early October. The new Oxford Village, which covers approximately 16 000 square metres of the 66 000 square metre property, is ex­ pected to be completed by mid­2014. Brett Latimer of Oxford freshmarket said the purpose of the new Oxford Village is to supply Hillcrest families with a shop­ ping destination that caters for all home needs. The anchor tenant of the new centre is an Oxford freshmarket store. Opening in October is a temporary, smaller version of thefinalstorewhichissituatedintheexist­ ing structure of the old Mr Price Sports and includes a butchery, fruit and vegetable market, a bakery and grocery hall. The final store will cover a massive 3 200 square metres and will include a world class meat production facility to support a large butchery, an extensive fruit and veg market, bakery, deli and grocery hall. The focus of the store is to provide shopper convenience with isles, till points

CEO Brett Latimer and managing di­ rector Paul Beltramo The anticipated Oxford Village

and overall layout designed to make the stores efficient as possible and to ensure

an exciting shopping experience that the Oxford freshmarket brand has become

known for. The centre will also be home to the first ever Oxford Liquors, situated on the lower level in the old Food Lovers Market space, opens on 30 August. “The new look of Oxford Village is to moveawayfromtheflea­markettypeaes­ thetic to a contemporary and linear look and feel,” said Gina Garrity of Sphere De­ sign and Architecture. “The centre is to be refreshed, all signage is to be rationalised and road works will be prepared with the intention of improving vehicle and pedes­ trian circulation. Grey and charcoal with crisp white accents are to be used on the

main building and the rest of the centre is to be cleaned and painted to tie in with the new front store,” said Garrity. The new centre, on final completion of phase 2, will include an extra 119 parking bays and is to be maximized to be closer to the larger tenants to provide maximum convenience for the shopper. Undercover parking areas are also to be increased to provide protection from bad weather. The first Oxford freshmarket store openedonTheBluffinMay2012,andwith­ in one year turned over a massive R400 million. The success of this new retail ven­ ture however is nothing new to Latimer who sold his successful Cambridge Foods stores to JSE­listed Massmart in 2010. Be­ fore that Latimer had owned and man­ aged 17 butcheries in Durban – each one working on the same winning formula of supplying the best quality goods for con­ siderably less than the competition and thereby guaranteeing foot traffic to the stores. Further Oxford freshmarket stores are due to open in Chatsworth, Amanzintoti and Pinetown within the next two years, For further information on Oxford freshmarket or where store will be locaterd go to



August 30, 2013



Where beauty is made The Retreat will soon be cele­ brating its ninth anniversary, and they are excited for the changes the new Oxford will bring. “Thank you to our clients who have continued to support us.” The Retreat offers a full range of exclusive skin and body treatments by highly skilled pro­ fessional staff to suit the needs of our discerning clients. Stock­ ists of Dermalogica, Guinot, En­ viron, Mamma Mio and GNLD

For the love of sewing Lucy Botes and Va­ nessa Wernig creating a beautiful quilt at Sew Many Things at the Oxford Village PHOTO: KALISHA NAICKER

UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP • We are the only quilting shop open all weekend • Great prices and service • Plenty of secure parking right outside our shop


Pop in and lets us show you! We’re open 7 days a week Saturdays ‘til 3pm • Sundays ’til 1 Authorised Dealer of sewing and embroidery machines and overlockers

Lower Level, Oxford Market (formerly Heritage Market) Old Main Road, Hillcrest Tel: 031 765 4715


Serena Bevis and Precious Mkhize

Your one stop


>> Everything you need at one destination

VISIT Assagay Feeds for all your pet requirements. With over 4000 products, they cater for any animal big or small. We pride ourselves in supplying quality brands of feed and accesso­ ries at affordable prices. Assagay Feeds are stockists of equine feeds, bedding and selected tack. They have a wide variety of dog and cat feeds, toys, chews and beds. For the poultry, fish and garden bird enthusiasts, you will also find everything you need under our roof. Their Cliffdale road branch is cel­

ebrating the re­opening of the road, so be sure to pop in for our full range of pet feeds and accessories. For your convenience, the store have also opened a satellite shop at Ox­ ford Village, Hillcrest (shop 2 and 3). Remember to enquire about our delivery service, to either your house or office as an added convenience. Contact Assegay Feeds on 031 768 1165 or 073 244 2287. Visit and be sure to follow them on Face­ book for great specials, tips and ad­ vice­ FeedsPetSupplies.

August 30, 2013




FEVER Local women’s fitness franchise relocates

A boutique especially for women The Bedroom is an award win­ ning boutique for women. En­ joy browsing our delectable linen, lingerie and accessories as well as high quality, hand crafted adult toys. The store is for women only, with couples being welcome on Fridays and Saturdays, and men welcome by appointment. Christi Massey­Hicks of The Bedroom

Steph­ anie Thorne and Steph­ anie Ritter

highway Tailors For all your sewing requirements

Lifetones Detox Capsules



Purchase any Solgar Product


and enter into a draw to win a Solgar Hamper to the value of R640

• ALTERATIONS on new and old.

• Evening dresses, curtains & zips • Dressmaking

*Dry Cleaning Depot available

Shop 42-42A, Heritage market, Hillcrest 34-htp-tailors

Curves Complete taught me how to cope withthesefeelingsandmakebetterchoices. Recently I had a day where everything went wrong. I was at a low — a real low. But during that particular day, eating junk food never entered into my thoughts. “I found that I did not have to eat to feel better. I just coped and got through my day! I’m so proud of myself.” Call Curves Hillcrest on 031 765 5539 to bookyournoobligationfreetourandfitness assessment. Join now and get 60 per cent off your joining fee.

And the whole programme has been sci­ entifically tested. Generate a shopping list from your cus­ tomisedmealplan,gatherrecipesyourfam­ ily will love, get ongoing guidance and moti­ vation through our videos, track your work­ outs, see your weekly weight and measurements and connect with other members in the Curves Community – it’s all here. Anne Scott, who lost more than 11 kilo­ grams in 90 days, said, “I have always been an emotional eater. When I feel bad, I eat.

Tel: 031 765 8518

Mon - Fri 9am to 6pm Sat 10am to 2pm Sun 10am to 1pm

Shop 214J,

Oxford Village

(Next to Sparkport Pharmacy)



on presentation of this advert in-store

031 765 5704

Relocated Within Oxford Village

Vanilla Sponge | Chocolate Sponge | Novelty Birthday Cakes | Cup Cakes | Assorted Cake Decorations | Savoury Platters | Novelty Biscuits | Assorted Fudge | Assorted gifts | Gift Vouchers

We are not moving! Visit us instore or contact us for more info Shops 47 -52 Oxford Village, Old Main Road Hillcrest 031 765 6494

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Chemicals, medication, alcohol, pesti­ cides, shampoo, moisturisers…... We consume and absorb more tox­ ins daily than our bodies are able to safely eliminate. This can result in chronic toxicity, obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems. Bad eating habits and little or no exer­ cise all add to the body’s inability to ef­

fectively detoxify. It seems highly unlikely that we can eliminate all toxins from our diet or en­ vironment, but we can improve the functionsofallthesystemsofthebody to better eliminate toxins. Drink plenty of water and use Life­ tones Detox Capsules to improve the function of the liver, kidneys, colon and lymphatic system while also eliminat­ ing worms and parasites. Once a year take one course of de­ tox capsules for only 10 days, feel fresh and clean with a spring in your step. Lifetones Detox Capsules available from Health Choice at Oxford Village. For more information contact 031 765 5704 and Health Choice at Pa­ vilion Shopping Centre 031 265 2808

Curves Hillcrest


The Body needs a yearly Spring Clean

CURVES Hillcrest recently relocated within the Oxford Village. While they may have changed locations, their mission to help women of the Upper Highway community improve their quality of life has not changed. “Curves is all about improvement ­ im­ proving women’s quality of life, self­esteem and even our services. The relocation is an exciting change,” said Carmen Haldane, owner of Curves of Hillcrest. In recognition of the relocation, Curves is offering clients 60 per cent off the joining fee. CurvesisproudtoofferCurvesComplete: The whole solution that makes burning fat as easy as 1,2,3. Curves Complete offers a healthy diet that protects muscles and revs up metabo­ lism with the right kind of exercise­ strength training+cardio+stretching. 1 EXERCISE TheCurves30­minuteCircuit,wheremil­ lions of women supercharge weight loss. 2 MEAL PLAN New, customised meal plans that show you how to cook at home or eat out. 3 COACHING Your Curves Certified Coach who reviews yoursuccessandplansformore,everyweek. This simple, three­step plan creates a number of amazing benefits: Burns more fat than diet alone Increases metabolism Protects muscle and bone density



Curves Hillcrest Now above Biz Link, Oxford Village

031 765 5539

EXERCISE + MEAL PLAN + COACHING = WEIGHTLOSS CENTRE Curves Complete (CC) and Curves Fitness (CF) members & existing CF members converting to © 2013 Curves International, Inc.




August 30, 2013



Music on one’s doorstep Scott’s Music was estab­ lished in 1963 by my late father Peter Scott, a well­ known businessman and musician. I joined the company in 1970 and then in 1971 opened the shop in Hill Street, Pinetown. The hub of the industry were electronic organs and pi­ anos and most homes in­ vested in either, as TV had not arrived in SA. In 1989 my wife Pam joined me in the business, as book­ keeper. In 1999 the shop relocatedtoKloof,andwe spent 13 happy years

there. We have seen a lot of changes to the industry over the years, and the market has also shifted in different directions. With the growth of the Upper Highway area a decision was taken to relocate our business to the Oxford Village. It is a family business, competitive in the indus­ try, however, still upholds old fashion service. Visit the store 112­114 Oxford Village. Phone us on 031 7658581 or 0824560013 or 0824403843. ­ Martin Scott


Meeting your dance-wear needs Dancing Needles has been in business for over 15 years and offers friendly, professional service. They supply a full range of dance­wear and accessories for all dance genres for all ages. All Pointe Shoe and Delco fittings are done by appointment only, to assure the perfect fit through personal attention by a trained fitter. The staff of Dancing Needles looks forward to welcoming you to their shop.

Dancing Needles Gaynor Minden - Pointe Shoes Sansha – Leotards / Pointe’s / Delco’s / Jazz Sneakers / Tap Shoes / Split-Sole Leather and Canvas Shoes Trading Hours : Monday - Friday:11 am - 4:30 pm Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm Sundaya and Public Holidays By appointment only

T T ’S O C S

A fisherman’s paradise

Open since April 2011, Bass Warehouse boasts a large range of Bass and Freshwater angling supplies at very affordable prices. We stock products from the biggest brands to satisfy the needs of both the recreational freshwater angler and specialist bass fisher­ man. We are very excited about the opening of the Oxford Liquor Store and we are sure that we will be able to grow our store alongside the Oxford Brand. We would like to take this opportunity to wish Oxford Freshmarket a very successful Oxford Liquor Store Opening.

Trendy creations only at Hairven



Keyboards, Pianos, Musical Instruments, Pa’s, Accessories Etc

Wishing Oxford Everything of the best

Leigh Hendrie 79 083 441 5679


We have moved to Shop 100

Oxford Village Hillcrest


082 456 0013



Paul Zeiss, Lucinda Taylor and Sylvie Dlamini at the Hairven Salon at the Oxford Village

re. Explo . Dream ver Disco

... get your fish on!

Specialising in Bass & Freshwater Angling Supplies


Huge Range

On presentation of this ad, you will receive an EXPRESS SKIN TREATMENT using the product of your choice, + LESS 10% on products purchased.

Great prices

Offer expires 6 September 2013

Professional advice Tel: 031 765 8743 I Fax: 086 295 3161 email: Shop 29/30, The Oxford Village, Old Main Road, Hillcrest Shop Online:

TEL: 031 765 8668 • FAX: 083 669 3704 CELL: 083 303 4599 (Jill) / 084 606 9269 (Sam) EMAIL: WEBSITE: SHOP 14Q, HERITAGE IN HILLCREST, 9 OLD MAIN ROAD, HILLCREST


AuPair USA AuPair Europe Kibbuts Israel Teach in Korea

Summer Camp USA Teach in China USA internships - study, work, live


t: 031 765 8826 I c: 083 785 1078 I f: 086 208 0620 I Shop 28 Oxford Village, Hillcrest

Save a life on

August 30, 2013






>> Sunflower Fund urges community to support fundraiser

Linen Factory

Crazy Sale

De Wet Willemse, Declan Taylor, Keisha Gysman, Asonge Makunga (seated front) Khanyisa Krobani, Ethan Taylor



UPPORT the Sunflower Fund National Bandana Day on 12 October and share a little happiness. Residents can make a difference by buying a Sunflower Bandana from Pick n Pay, for only R25. Stephanie Berry, the public relations officer for the fund, said, The Sunflower Fund aims to educate and recruit a viable source of well informed, potential bone marrow stem cell donors who are ethnically diverse, in an effort to save the lives of those needing a transplant when suffering from leukaemia and other lifethreatening blood disorders. It also strives to maintain the associated donor records of the South African Bone Marrow Registry to worldwide standards, she explained. “Over the past nine years the Sunflower Fund has raised millions of rand initially to upgrade the tissue-typing facilities at the Laboratory for Tissue Immunology at UCT and more recently, to cover the cost of the initial tissue typing of bone marrow

donors for the purposes of growing the registry.” Berry said that all funds raised through Bandana Day will allow The Sunflower Fund to share a little happiness by being able to recruit and test many more bone marrow stem cell donors for inclusion on the South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR). The Sunflower Fund’s work has seen the Registry grow from a mere 800 donors in 1999 to more than 65 500 registered donors today. “This is an achievement, however it’s only the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ We need to continue our quest and build the SABMR into a database which has at least 400 000 people registered,” said Berry. “Likeaperennialsunflower,thesebandanas are back in full force every October, blooming bright to remind us all that there are people less fortunate than ourselves who continuously fight against this disease.” For more information on National Bandana Day or how to become a bone marrow stem cell donor, call the toll free line on 0800 12 10 82 or visit


Fever The next Property Feature is on 27th September re p x e @ y d n a email Mandy: m 717 Cell: 082 293 9



August 30, 2013



What’s On 1 SEPTEMBER The Kloof conservancy will be hosting a Tree Identification Course on Sunday 1 September from 9.45am to 4pm at the In­

Welcome to Iona The wines of Iona come from a dramatically unique site in the Cape Winelands. Andrew Gunn and family acquired this beautiful, but run­down apple farm in 1997. It was renamed "IONA" after the remote, spiritual island off the west coast of Scotland. Their Gunns can trace the ancestry to the Vikings that landed in Scotland in the 900s, hence the Viking longboat em­ blem on their labels. In a country where cool sites are precious, these vineyards are like gold ­ the grapes ripening up to two months later than other Cape vineyards and in perfect balance. Iona is South Africa's coolest vineyard site. Since the first release in 2001, the wines of Iona have quickly made a name as being among the finest in the world.

terpretative Centre at Kranzkloof Nature Reserve, Kloof Falls Road. Tickets are R100 per person. For more information email info@kloofconservan­ 1 SEPTEMBER The Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Associa­ tion’s Monthly Rail Reserve Walk will take place on Sunday 1 September at 9am. Par­ ticipants are urged to meet at the Station MastersArmsonInandaRoad,Hillcrest.For moreinformation,contactJeanJooste082 895 0540. The Kloof conservancy will be hosting

a Family Fun Day on Sunday 1 September from 11am to 2.30pm at the Interpretative Centre at Kranzkloof Nature Reserve, Kloof Falls Road. Entrance is R20 per person. For more information email in­ 9 SEPTEMBER The Keep Hillcrest Beautiful will be holding their monthly meeting on Monday 9 September commencing at 10am at the Board Room of the Sizakala offices next to the Hillcrest Library on Delamore Road. For more information, contact Jean on, 082 895 0540.


AWARDS >> Pupils’ talents recognised

IONA CHARDONNAY 2011 The grapes were destemmed and then whole bunch pressed. The juice was then settled the juice for 24 hours, after which it was racked to barrel. About 90 per cent of the Chardonnay is barrel fer­ mented and 10 per cent fermented in stainlesssteel.100%Frenchoakbarrels are used about 25 percent are new oak. The wine shows concentrated marzipan and citrus notes, with underlying oat­ meal and lemon notes. Taut acidity brushed with buttery oak. The wine is seamless, with a flavoursome and long finish. Supporting parents Harold Lawson­Smith, Bruce Ulett (also a member of the school’s Governing Body) and Debbie Wood

IONA ONE MAN BAND 2008 This wine is a blend ­ Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Mourvedre and Viognier. The blend will also contain small components of Petit Verdot and Mourvèdre and even Viognier in some years,allgrownonBrocha,addinguptosomething that does not draw comparison to Old World, or even other South African wines.The 2008 wine is dominated by Shiraz, giving us warm, ripe spicy fruit with wonderful depth and concentration. Cool Cabernet and Merlot then lift and freshen the wine. In each vintage, the blend will be different, to show the best expression of the red wines pro­ duced in any given year, rather than relying on a formula for the blend.The wine shows cool climate freshness and a surprising intensity, with spice and gentle game notes. It is layered with fragrant sweet,ripecherryandblackberryflavours,withun­ derlying almond and white pepper tones. The pal­ ate is seamless, sleek and polished, with firm, ripe tannins. Drinking well now, but is suitable for cel­ laring for at least 10 years.

KALISHA NAICKER HUNDREDSofparentsandwellwishes attended the Waterfall College glittering awards function where outstanding pupils were awarded for their success, last Thursday.

Waterfall College Grade eight pupil Wendy Mbili with Angie Mbili and Marietjie Pieters Waterfall College Grade 10 pupils Rebecca Har­ vey, Lané Roux, Michaela Christophers and Joshua Wood.

Waterfall College Eng­ lish teacher Bev Sur­ mon with past Head Girl Lauren Flockhart and maths teacher Keith Decker.

Wonke FEVER 19 umuntu unaso isipho August 30, 2013

>> Izithombe ezixoxa indaba



U­Ayami Lloyd ekhangisa ngemidwe­ bo yakhe




MUNTU othanda izinto ezinhle ezinenhlansi yobuchwepheshe, akakwazi ukungathatheki yimidwebo ka-Ayami Lloyd, otholakala ezindaweni eziningi zaseThekwini namaphethelo ekhangisa ngezithombe zakhe ezixoxa indaba. Ngihehwe yizithombe zalensizwa kulama sonto adlule ngaphandle kwenye yenxanxathela yezitolo eHillary ngizungenza ngokomsebenzi wami wobuntatheli. Okusempeleni bese ngike ngayibona le nsizwa ezindaweni eziningi njengakoHillcrest, eBothas Hill, eKloof entshonalanga yeTheku kodwa ngingabi naso isikhathi esanele sokubuka imidwebo yayo. Angikholwanga kalula uma uLloyd engitshela ukuthi ukudweba akakufundelanga kepha yisiphiwo. Yilapho ngiphinde ngabona khona ukuthi akekho umuntu ongenaso isiphiwo esingamphilisa.

Ngithandaza sengathi yonke intsha ingazihlola, izibheke ukuthi yiziphi izipho enazo ngoba angikholwa wukuthi kukhona umuntu ongaphiwanga lutho. Uthe uzalwe wakhulela emndenini ohluphekayo kwelaseZimbabwe maphakathine-Afrika,kodwawagcina eseze eNingizimu Afrika ezozama impilo. Ugqozi lokudweba uthi uluthole emva kwephupho ngoMandulo (September) 2011, akholwa wukuthi lwadalwa wukubona indlela ababexakeke ngayo kubo. Uthe waphupha engumdwebi wezithombe ezitolika imizwa yakhe. “Ngangingazi ukuthi ngiyakwazi ukudweba, ngaphambi kwaleli phupho. Ngazibona ngidweba izithombe ezinemibala emihle, enhlobonhlobo egqamile. “Abantu abaningi abakholwa uma ngibaxoxela loludaba, bavele bacabange ukuthi ngixoxa inganekwane,kodwaleliphupholalikhuluma nami ngqo,” kusho yena. Uthe akabange esachitha


Hlukanani nokusinukubeza Ngaphambi kokuba ngiqale lolu daba ngicela ukubu­ za ukuthi ngabe uyini umkhosi womhlanga? Ngithanda ukukwazisa mfundi ukuthi sesifikile le­ so sikhathi sonyaka lapho izintombi nto zilibhekisa esigodlweni saseNyokeni, KwaNongoma enyakatho ye KwaZulu­Natal, lapho kudabuka khona okhokho bethu. Kuyangithokozisa ukuthi kusekhona aman­ tombazane nabesimame abasaziqhenya ngobun­ tombi babo. Ngike ngithande nje ukubuka lomcimbi nezinto ezenziwa khona ngoba ziyasifundisa kakhulu ngosiko lwethu nokuthi kwakwenziwa njani kudala nge­ sikhathi sokhokho bethu. Okuhle wukuthi inyanga yabe simame izovaleliswa yiwo lomcimbi ozoqala ngomhla ka­30 kuNcwaba (August) kuya kumhla ka­2 kuMandulo (September). Umkhosi womhlanga ugujwa minyaka yonke lap­ ho kufika khona bonke abemithombo yezindaba bez­ oqopha lo mcimbi. Angihlosile ukubhala ngokuthi uyini umkhosi womhlanga. Ngizama ukukhuza ibhadi nehlazo elin­ yantisa igazi engilibona lenzeka kulo msebenzi obal­ uleke kangaka weSilo samaBandla. Umkhosi womhlanga awenzelwanga izikhohlakali ziyobheka ukuthi yiziphi izintombi ezi­ zozishela ngoba zibona imizimba yazo. Lezi


dla.” Nanxa kunjalo, uthi unina akazange alilahle ithemba ngekusasa labo nezingane zakubo, kepha wakwazi ukubanakekela baze bakhula. Uthi umethulela isigqoko unina ngeqhaza alibambile ezimpilweni zabo. Uthi ufike kuleli engazi muntu kodwa wapaquza waze yawuthola umsebenzi. Noma esewutholile umsebenzi, impilo ibe nzima, izinto zaqala ukukhanya esedweba. Kodwa phezu kwalokho uthi usaludinga uxhaso emphakathini. “Ngibonga uMnuz Tony onesitolo esidayisa izitshalo nezithelo owangivumela ukuba ngisebenzise indawo yakhe ukuze ngikwazi ukudweba

sikhathi, wathenga konke okudingekayo uma kudwetshwa. “Angifunanga ukuchitha isikhathi esiningi ngoba leli phupho lalingibusa ngaphakathi. Ngavele ngayothenga izinto zokudweba. “Kwenzeka lokhu nje ngisebenza kwenye inkampani kwaNdengezi eyayi dayisa izithombe ezinhle ezichonywa odongeni. Lezithombe zazi dwetshwa amanye amadoda aye sebenzakhona.Minakengangisebenza ukuzipakisha bese ngiyazi dayisa, ngingazi ukuthi nami nginalo ikhono lokudweba. Ngangingazitsheli futhi ukuthi nami ngelinye ilanga ngiyoke ngizimele ngidayise imidwebo eqoshwe yimi,” esho ngomdlandla. “Ekhaya besingenayo imali, kodwa umama wayezama ngayo yonke indlela ukuthi silale sidlile. Ngezinye izinsuku kwakuba nzima ngisho nokuthola uku-

zikhohlakali zibuka izingane zabantu zize ziconse amathe, zidlale ngazo zithi ziyazithanda zizozithatha ekubeni zingenawo ngisho u ‘2 bhobho’ (20 cents) eziwuhlinzekele ukuyokhululeka zithi: “E! Baba, sizo­ cela isihlobo!”. Ngicelaukucacisaukuthiangibukeliphansiabesil­ isa aba ngakawahlanganisi kahle amasenti. Ngiphatheka kabuhlungu ngoba ngisanda kuzwa udaba olubuhlungu lwentombazane yaseShowe en­ yakatho nesifundazwe eyaqala ukuhambela umkho­ si womhlanga. isencane. Akekho owayengazi ngakubo ukuthi iy­ intombinto,futhiisimukelisweizitifiketiezintathuza­ khona eMhlangeni. Kuthe kusuka yayishelwa ngumlisa thizeni wa­ khona ngakubo, yenqaba ukumqoma. Ayibelesele lomlisa athi ucela ukuyibeka kubo ngemoto ngoba wayengumshayeliwamatekisi.Ivume­kenayongoba lomlisa wayengu makhelwane wayo. Kwenzeka lokhu nje kanti isikhohlakali sinez­ inhloso zaso. Sahamba nayo sayoyivalela endlini in­ tombazane sayi dlwengula siphindelela. Intombazane yakwazi ukupulukutshela yabaleka yayotshela ugogo wayo eyayi hlala naye. Emva kwesikhathi intombazane yathola ukuthi lomlisa wayisulela ngesifo sesandulela ngculazi. Okubi wukuthi umsolwa akaboshwanga, wayezi canasela nje endaweni. Leziya zintombi azizigcinele ukuthi kufike nje izikhohlakali zizenzele umathanda ngemizimba yazo. Lesi khohlakali asizange silicabangele ikusasa len­ tombazane. Abantu abafana nalomlisa baphoxa iga­ ma lama doda aqotho. Sengikhuluma ngazo zonke izikhohlakali ezidlwengula omama ogogo, izingane namantombazane!Iyangidinalendaba,ngifunauku­ thi mawuzazi ukuthi lendaba ikuncinza ikhwapha ucabange ukuthi lento ekuncinzayo inganjani uma yenziwa kuwena! Hlukanani nokunukubeza isimame, asibekelwan­ ga la emhlabeni ukuzo dlala izigelekeqe. Kulabo asebedlule esimweni esifana nalesi, ng­ inxusa ukuthi bathole usizo ngokukhuluma nosonh­ lalakahle, amaphoyisa noma odokotela ukuze bat­ hole izeluleko. Emva kwalokho uvuke uzithathe ntombazaneuqhubekenempilo.Sishayeleku031533 7624nomaku0793804097,ungathumelaumyalezo nge email ku

nokudayisa imidwebo yami,” kusho yena. Ngendlela anesiphiwo ngayo, imidwebo yakhe uyidayisa kuzo zonke izindawo eziseThekwini namaphethelo. Uthi usebone izindawo eziningi ezinhle ngokwendalo njengeValley of Thousand Hills ngaseBothas Hill, nezinye ezisemahlanzeni akoHillcrest entshonalanga yeTheku. Uthe:“Ngifikengikhangisengemidwebo, abantu bathatheke wubuhle bayo, bese beyithenga. Iyona ndlelake leyo abangixhasa ngayo,” kuchaza yena. Uma kukhona abafuna ukudwetshelwa izithombe noma ukumxhasa, bangamthinta kumakhalekhukhwini othi: 078 691 2148.

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August 30, 2013



Ugwetshwe iminyaka engama­20 kwelokweba imoto NOSIPHO MKHIZE

>> Uzobhadla ejele uSiyabonga Frederick Mzimela (28) owatholwa enecala lokuntshonstha imoto ku Second Ave­ nue Ashley, ePinetown entshonalanga




WESIMAME wasePinetown entshonalanga yeTheku, uNks Cindy Pivacic oneminyaka yobudala engama-55, ophila nesifo sesandulela-ngculazi (HIV), ululeke bonke abesimame njengoba kuyinyanga yabo eyaziwa nge ‘Womens Month’, wathi: “Ukuphila nalesi sifo akushoukuthiusutholeisigwebosentambo kepha kusho ukuthi uyakwazi ukuphila naso iminyaka eminingi uma nje uzozinakekela.”Ukusho lokhu echazela intatheli yeFEVER emasontweni ambalwa edlule ngenhlanganoaseyisungulilenecwadi yakhe entsha ezokwethulwa ngenyanga ezayo, kuMandulo (September).Uthe leli gciwane walithola eminyakeni eyi-9 eyedlule. Uthe: “Ngahlangana noswahla lwensizwa ngo-2004 eyayibukeka ithembekile, isebenza enkampanini eyenza konke okuphathelene namapayipi amanzi. “Lo mlisa wangishela ngamqoma, sagcina sesihlala ndawonye. Wayengakaze angitshele lutho ngesimo sempilo yakhe,” kusho yena.Uqhube wathi: “Wayehlezi ebonana nodokotelangenxayenkingaayenayoyokuhlushwa izinhlungu esiswini. Ngelinye ilanga wathi asihambe siyohlola igazi, ngingazitsheli ukuthi ngiyoke ngizwe amazwi afana nalawo eqhamuka kuyena. Sahamba sayo lihlola, imiphumelaya yathi sinesifo sesandulela ngculazi.” Ukuthola imiphumela ayengayi lindele, kwamenza washintsha indlela impilo ayiphila ngayo. “Okuqala nje,” eqhuba, “uthando lwethu alubange lusaba luhle emuva kwale miphumela ngoba ngangine siqiniseko sokuthi nguye ongisulele ngalesifo ngoba ngenkathi singakahlangani, ngangingenaso. Kepha kunokuba ngizibulale noma ngimkhombe ngomunwe, ngahlala phansi ngavumela inhliziyo yami ukuba yamukele lesi simo ukuze ngikwazi ukuqhubeka nempilo.”“Ngase ngicabanga izindlela ekumele ngizishintshe ukuze ngikwazi ukuphila njengabo bonke abantu,” kuqhuba yena.Eminyakeni eyedlule useke waba nezifo ezifana ne-

TB, i-Meningitis, i-Pnuemonia, amaShingles nolunye uhlobo lomdlavuza.Uthe zonke lezi zifo wazithola esenaso lesi sifo kodwa wakwaziukuzinqobangenxayokuthi ingqondo yakhe yayingacabangi ngokufa kepha yayicabanga ngokuphila.Uthekubalulekileukubaumuntu wesifazane asazi isimo sempilo salowo athandana naye. Uthe ukube wayazi ukuthi isithandwa sakhe sine sandulela-ngculazi,ngabeakasulelekanga. “Ngakwazi ukuthungatha abanye besimame abathathu abathandana naye emva kokuba ethandane nami, baqinisekisa ukuba nabo banaso lesisifo futhi basithole emvakokubabethandanenalonawesilisa,” kusho uNks Pivacic.Emva kokubona indlela abantu abatheleleka ngayo yilesisifo nangendlela abanye asebalahlekelwa ngayo yithemba lenqubekela phambili nempilo, wabe esesungula inkampani ephila ngoxhaso, ebizwa nge ‘Aid My Journey’ okuyinkampani ebhekelela konke okuphathelene nalesisifo. “I-Aid My journey, ngiyisungule ngo-2011 lapho sisiza khona abantu abanalesisifo, sibanikeza izeluleko nethemba lokuthi uma unesifo sesandulela-ngculazi, akusho ukuthi sekuyigwebo sentambo kodwa kuchaza ukuthi uzokwazi ukuphila njengabo bonke abantu uma nje uzinakekela,”kusho yena. Uthe:: “Siphinde senze ama-project aphathelene nalesi sifo, siqeqeshe abantu kwezama-computer, sibaqeqeshe ukuba ngo thisha bama ‘support group’ bese siba nemikhankaso yokuvakashela abantu sibaluleka ngalesi sifo.”Useshicilele incwadi enesihloko esithi “The Deadly Seducer”, ezokwethulwa a eBallito ngomhla ka-19 kuMandulo (September) 2013. Uthe: “Lencwadi ikhuluma ngempilo yamingiphilanesandulelangculazi, nangendlela engakwazi ngayo ukwamukela lesi simo nokuthi ngaqala kanjani ukusiza abanye.” Unxuse izinkamapani,umphakathi nabo bonke abantu abanothando lokuxhasa iAid My Journey, ukuba bashayele inombolo ethi:073 73 96 044 noma ekheli le email elithi:

yakwaZulu­Natal. Lesi sigwebo sikhish­ we enkantolo yase Pinetown ngesonto eledlule. Leli cala lenzeka zingu 19 kuZiban­ dlela (December) ngo­2011, lapho um­ solwaavimbezelaowesilisaowayeham­ ba nge moto lwehlobo lwe Ford Fiesta

ngenkathi engena esangweni lakubo. Okhulumela amaphoyisa ase Pinetown uLieutenant BJ Manqele uthe: “Um­ solwa wayehamba nomunye ngenkathi bekhipha izibhamu bekhomba umnika­ zi we moto. Ubaba kalowo owayet­ hathelwe imoto wabajaha ngeyakhe

baze bafika eThornwood lapho bashay­ isana khona nomshayeli wetekisi, ow­ ababamba wabayisa emaphoyiseni emva kwesigameko.” Uthe:“Sibonga uConsatble Lerato Ndlela obephenya leli cala.”

Usephile nesandulela­ ngculazi iminyaka eyi­9


UNks Cindy Pivacic ophila njengoshelelni nesifo sesandulela ngculazi

Elase­Oman lidinga ukudla kwaseNingizimu Afrika VUSI MTHALANE


UMnuz Ike Nxedlana


OSOMABHIZINISI nabalimi baseNingizimu Afrika, basethubeni elihle lokuhlomula esivumelwaneni esisayindwe yizwe lase-Oman, elingelinye lamazwe acebe kakhulu ngowoyela kwelase-Middle East, nosomabhizinisi wakuleli sokuthumela ukudla kuleliya lizwe. Lezi zindaba zidalulelwe osomabhizinisi abangamalungu enhlangano yabahwebi iNational African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry(Nafcoc)KwaZulu-Natal,emhlanganweni wayo omkhulu osanda kuba se-Olive Conventional Centre (OCC). UMnuz. Ike Nxedlana ongusomabhizinisi osanda kushiya esikhundleniesiphezulueRichardsBayIndustrial Development Zone (IDZ) enyakatho nelaKwaZulu-Natal, uthe izwe lase-Oman lifuna ukuthunyelelwa ukudla okuvela eNingizimu Afrika ngoba lisendaweni ewugwadule, yizelicebengowoyelanezinyeizimbi-

wa. UMnuzNxedlanaowaziwakakhulu emkhakheni wezamabhange uthe: “Lesi sivumelwano sokusebenzisana sasayinwango-2009ngisasebenzaeIDZ, sisayinwa ne-Sohar ne-Salalah, okuyizindawo zase-Oman ezihweba ngokuvulelekile (free trading zones).” Uthe lesi sivumelwano sokusebenzisana phakathi kwelase-Oman nelaseNingizimu Afrika, sivulela osomabhizinisi nabalimi bakuleli ithuba lokuthumela ukudla nemikhiqizo kulezi zindawo. Uqhube wathi: “Izwe lase Oman lidinga abantu abazokhiqiza ukudla kuleli bakuthumele ezindaweni zakhona ezibizwa ngokuthi ama-Agri Zones ase-Sohar nase-Salalah.” Ngakho-ke ngenxa yobukhulu balomsebenzi, uMnuz Nxedlana uthi kudingeka abalimi nosomabhizinisi aba yizikhondlakhondla naba nesipiliyoni somsebenzi omkhulu njengalona. “Izwe




“langiqoka ukuthi yize noma ngingasekho ngaphansi kwe-IDZ, ngiqhubeke nokusebenzisana nalo.” Uthe lamqoka ngokusemthethweni ukuthi kube nguyena olimelayo ezindabeni zohwebo eNingizimu Afrika. Umsebenzi wakhe wukuqinisa amaxhama nezihlaka zokuhwebelana phakathi kwalamazwe womabili. Labo abafuna usizo noxhaso lokwenza lomsebenzi kufanele baxhumane noMnyango wezoHwebo neziMboni (DTI). “Sithi gabigabi bahwebi, nanka amathuba avulekile!” kuphetha uNxedlana. Ugcizelele ukuthi abafuna ukwazi kabanzi ngala mathuba, kufanele bathintane nabaholi beNafcoc KwaZulu-Natal eholwa nguNkk Pinky Mkhize. Uthe akufanele abantu bashayele yena ucingo. Uthe: “Okwami nje ukucobelela umphakathi ngamathuba akhona kwezohwebo.”


August 30, 2013





A reunion going back decades >> Celebrating 60 years of St Mary’s DSG Old Girls


VER 100 St Mary’s DSG Old Girls’ journeyed back to their alma mater over the weekend to celebrate the schools’ annual Old Girls’ Day and special reunions with their classmates. Women from the matric years of 2003, 1993, 1983, 1973, 1963 and even 1943 celebrating 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 70 years out of school enjoyed a fabulous KwaZuluNatal winter day together, reminiscing and reconnecting. Despite many of them not having seen each other for a decade or more it was as if the hands of time had turned back for a day. The day began with a moving chapel service presided

over by school chaplin, Gill Padoa. There were emotional tributes for Old Girls who had passed away and the beautiful school choir performance and school hymn created memories for everyone there. A presentation followed by Robyn Sandy on the St Mary’s Foundation Trust which aims to build a sustainable fund that will ultimately support a variety of bursaries to deserving girls who would not otherwise be able to attend the school. Old Girls then enjoyed a fabulous High Tea complete with champagne and decadent cakes generously donated by Chateau Gateaux in Hillcrest. Old Girls’ Guild Chairla-

dy Derry Jurgensen, thanked the Old Girls’ committee and said, “A day like this doesn’t happen without a team of dedicated women who continue toservetheirschool,”shesaid. St Mary’s DSG and the Old Girls’ Guild were honoured to have hosted this group of amazing women from across South Africa and abroad, who tooktimeoutoftheirbusylives to revisit their school years and their school friends and who are such an important part of the fabric of this longstanding, world class Durban school. A special mention was made to Ann Hotchkiss (1943, pictured) who celebrated a wonderful milestone of 70 years out of school.

Pupils honour their special ladies Hillcrest Primary School’s grade 3 pupils celebrated Woman’s Day by treating their “helpers” with a special tea. These amazing ladies were entertained by the children, with singing, dancing and poetry. The guests of honour were then served tea and cake and given a small gift to show appreciation for all they do.

Back Row : Debs Paterson and Nicks Holdsworth (1993), Caren Law (1983), Caro Walker (1973), Front Row : Di de Beer (1963), Sarah Walker (2003) and Ann Hotchkiss (1943)

Drumming their way to stardom Waterfall college held a spectacular awards evening last Thursday. Seen in the pictures are the drum majorettes awardees, back row left to right: Ayan­ da Ngcobo (colours), Ciara van Niekerk (honours), Andiswe Radebe (colours), Madison Peacock (colours). In the front row from left to right are Amy Amstutz (junior colours), Kelsey Peacock (junior colours), Princess Mdungu (colours) and Andile Madlala (honours).

Zukiswa Mrali and Bandile Makhale

Emelia Ngcobo and Peter Brits.

Hillcrest’s dynamic debate star Hillcrest High’s grade 9 pupil Elma Akobwasrecentlyplacedsecondin the Durban Coastal Debating League’s junior division. Akob has been an active member of the debating team since joining the school. Her teacher Maddy Burger said that Akob showed her potential as a top debater when she won the part of 'Best Speaker' in two of her debates earlier this year, beating the nationals’ best speaker from one of the competing schools. Hillcrest High places great emphasis on debating as a means of assisting pupils to increase their confidence for public speaking. The Durban Coastal Debating League comprises 23 schools with 29 debating groups, as three of the schools have two debating teams each. Burger said she was extremely proud of Akob and had no doubt that she would continue to excel in debating in the years to come.

Elma Akob












CARE AT HOME Waterfall - Full time nursing care for the aged, sick & chronic patients in the comfort of their own home. Affordable fees. Run by staff nurse. 031 763 1295 (h) / 072 774 0534




LUNGILE PLUMBING SERVICES Maintenance and new installations with 1 yr guarantee. Contact Restevo @ 076 150 8346







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BURGLAR Bars and Gates made to order. Eric 074 112 7447.

REIKI TREATMENT I come to you. For appointment Call 074 889 1803


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August 30, 2013





Lynne : 031 533 7601 email: Nonto: 031 533 7675 email:





IMS ELECTRICAL Private Pre-Paid Meters

073 846 3027



R999 Fully installed

+ R1500

worth of electricity •Tamper Proof will lock on tamper • SABS Approved • One year guarantee • Card Systems for Outbuilding, Granny Flats, Chalets etc

POWER WINDOWS Vehicle Electric Windows Winder or Mechanism Repairs

Ph: 078 887 6595 031 031 031 031

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Reception Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 16:00 Saturday: 08:00 to 12 noon

Kennel 61

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Kennel 71

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If you wish to sponsor this advert, please contact Lynne Mathiesen. Tel: 031 533 7601 Fax: 031 533 7972 Email:

Across 1 Constructor (7) 5 Having legal force (5) 8Aversetochange(3,2,4,4) 9 The pick (5) 10Motivate (7) 11 Suppress harshly (6) 12 Useless (2,4) 15 In reality (2,5) 17 Baffling question (5) 19 Whetting the appetite (5­8) 20 Marsh grasses (5) 21 Sweet course (7) Down 1 Fundamental (5) 2 Out of favour (2,3,8) 3 Very energetic (7) 4 Airstrip (6) 5Go to see (5) 6 Be continually unhappy (4,1,4,4) 7 Go down (7) 11 Speech disorder (7)




13 Rule tyrannically (7) 14 Leave helpless (6) 16 Remains of fire (5)

18 Politically conservative (5)



Sudoku Solution 116

WINNER 117: Mariska Dickson Closing Date: September 30, 2013

Submit your entry into the Hillcrest Fever box situated inside the Keg & Trout. The first correct entry drawn will win a R150 voucher. Only one entry per person per week. No registered letters or faxed entries. Prize will alternate weekly between Crossword and Sudoku.

Crossword Solution 116

Across 1 Reconsider, 6 Call, 10 Lim­ it, 11 Framework, 12 Con­ stant, 13 Alarm, 15 Episode, 17 Crimson, 19 Confess, 21 Crevice, 22 Proud, 24 Fanci­ ful, 27 Incentive, 28 Shape, 29 Earn, 30 Settlement. Down 1 Rule, 2 Commotion, 3 Notes, 4 Inflame, 5 Elastic, 7 Aroma, 8 Like­minded, 9 Sedative, 14 Perceptive, 16 Overdone, 18 Stipulate, 20 Suffice, 21 Convert, 23 Oc­ cur, 25 Issue, 26 Best.

KEG & TROUT 031 765 2070 Shop 16 Heritage Market, Old Main Rd

Join The Fever community by interacting with our team via SMS, phone, fax, email and Facebook: SMS the word “NEWS” to 32692 with your comment

PHONE 031 533 7600 and speak to our Editor

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August 30, 2013





Riders make their mark >> Pupils kick off Mountain Bike show case KALISHA NAICKER


Thomas More College rider Keegan Brand.

Kearsney College pupil Carlo Marzoppi.

Girls’ soccer tourney a success

Aiming for the Black Belt

THE Kloof High School Girls’ Soccer Team played at the Kingsway Soccer Tournament on Saturday 17 August. As the defending champions, the pressurewasontheKloofHigh School team, but they managed to beat Durban Girls’ High School in the finals (3-1) and were crowned the champions of the 2013 tournament. Sne Shozi, a member of the Kloof High School team, was named player of the tournament.

Jordan Flockhart (left) received the award for most improved karate student and his Green Belt for kara­ te at the Waterfall college awards evening held last Thursday. In addition, Siobhan Cahill (right) received the Shuji Tasaki Hashi True Spirit Award for karate, and her Pur­ ple Belt grading for karate.

(back L­R) Yonela Ford, Nompumelelo Mkhize, Brittany Uys, Nandi Meyi­ wa, Nozinhlanhla Sikhakhane, Cebolenkosi Nsindane, Thembi Mkhize, Robyn Venter, Akhona Sikhakhane. (front L­R): Mandy Nhlizi­ wayo (vice captain), Snenhlanhla Shozi (Player of the Tournament) and Dominique Farias (cap­ tain).

DBN 25415 E&OE

EARLY 200 school pupils had the opportunity to test their mountain bike skills on sections of the upcoming UCI Worlds MTB Champs courses when the sixth leg of the Spur KZN MTB Series, presented by Mongoose took to the world class Cascades forest tracks last Saturday. With the participating children ranging in ages from five to 18, the impact from the development of the Cascades Bike Park and the numerous international events that have taken place was evident in the passionate excitement of the children involved and overwhelming growth in talent in the KwaZulu-Natal region. With two courses separated for the younger and older riders, the focus was on creating a challenging course suitable to the age group racing, whilst also givingtheridersanopportunitytotryout some of the more technical sections on the World Champs courses. The level of talent in the region was evident with even the younger competitors facing up to the difficult, international level sections with ease. Race director Ewan Cochrane said, “The school league is run on the same lap-racing format as Olympic mountain bike competitions with a strong emphasis on making the races accessible to all in terms of route difficulty and race distance. “The 3km route for Saturday’s Spur School MTB league race runs partly

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through sections of all the courses for the masters and elite races, and is very spectator friendly with some fair climbs and challenging single tracks,” he added. In the younger age groups, the focus of the event was a fun introduction to the sport of mountain biking, but this did not limit the children from producing some intense racing action out front, even amongst some of the youngest competitors. Withsomeofthetopyoungstersinthe country participating, fierce racing was the order of the day, especially amongst the older riders, providing a taste of the racing to come when the World Champs kicks off later this week. Motivation was high amongst the high school riders who were battling it out for some of the coveted slots given to the top riders to compete in the Spur National Series Finals to be held on 21 September,forthethirdyearrunningatBekker School in Magaliesberg, where schools will compete in three categories namely best girls, best boys and best mixed team. School teams that finish their regional competitions within the top three positions in each category will automatically qualify for the Spur High School National Finals. TheUCIMTBandTrialsWorldChampionships takes place at Cascades MTB Park in Pietermaritzburg from end of August to 1 September. Tickets for the UCI MTB and Trials World Championships can be purchased via




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August 30, 2013

hillcrest FEVER SPORT

Golfers Gys Muller, Costa Savides, Gary Watkins and Brett Bartlett.


Fun and smiles at Golf Day >> Golfers aim for hole­in­one FEVER REPORTER


HE St Mary’s DSG Quattro Finance Golf Day was a great success with enthusiastic golfers enjoying fabulous weather, an immaculate course and loads of fun, all in the name of raising funds for St Mary’s DSG and the JesFoordFoundationattheKloofCountryClub recently. Prize winners included Piet Dixon, who took longest drive on the 17th and Johan van Eck,

who took nearest to the pin on the 18th. The top scoring team was Allan Spies, Mark Futcher, Brian Harris and Ryan Mcgaruie. Organiser of the event Joanne LuptonSmith said that on behalf of St Mary’s she would like to thank the title sponsor, Quattro Finance, as well as all other sponsors, players and parents who generously contributed towards the day. “Withoutsuchvaluedsupportthedaywould not have been such a remarkable success,” she added.

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Hillcrest fever 30 08 2013  

Hillcrest fever 30 08 2013

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