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T op ttask ask Top tteam eam tto o h unt k illers hunt killers >> ‘They didn’t kill them, they tortured them. They beat the hell out of them’

The property in Shongweni where the alleged murder took place. PHOTO: IAN CARBUTT

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November 15, 2013

Oxford Village



ESIDENTS from Hillcrest, Inchanga and Kloof held an urgent meeting on Thursday night (7 November) to discuss safety concerns after the murder of an elderly couple in Shongweni Valley. John (72) and Hester Noble (68) were murdered during a home invasion on Wednesday night. The police said John had been strangled with a piece of wire and his wife with the piping from her oxygen tank. A neighbour made the grisly discovery after being alerted by the couple’s gardener and domestic worker. It is understood that provincial commissioner Lieutenant-General Mmamonnye Ngobeni has assembled a task team to track down the killers. Hillcrest Community Policing Forum acting chairperson Monica Bruun said authorities were pushing to make headway with the arrests of suspects as fast as they could. “Our community is deeply disturbed about the brutal murder of the couple,” Kloof CPF chairperson Corné Broodryk said. “I think this is an isolated incident, but I have heard that the provincial police commissioner pulled together roleplayers last night [Thursday] to discuss it, so it is being taken very seriously.” Continued on page 4

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COUNSELLING Life Line....033 394 4444 Open Door Crisis Centre... ...................... 031 709 2679 Jes Foord Foundation....... ...................... 031 765 4559 Careline Crisis Centre......... ........................031 765 1314 ................ or 082 787 6452

Fatal dog attacks continue

>> Pet owners urged to keep animals secured Dogs photographed prowling at the reserve recently. Owners face prosecution if dogs are left to roam the area.



ATAL dog attacks on duiker and other wildlife at the Springside Nature Reserve are still on the increase, and the Hillcrest conservancy is warning pet owners that stray dogs will be shot on sight and owners prosecuted. A few weeks ago the Hillcrest Fever reported on the number of duiker drastically dropping due to attacks by dogs. According to George Victor, chairman of the Hillcrest Conservancy, many dogs are sneaking into the reserve. He said the conservancy has sent numerous warnings to residents and pet owners, but all pleas have fallen on deaf ears. “The by-laws for conservancies include that no dogs are allowed in the reserve - not even dogs on leads. These dogs frighten away wildlife such as bushbuck, duiker, mongoose and owls in the gardens and bushlands,” he said. “Because the area is a sensitive, highly biodiverse area with all the development, we are trying desperately to maintain the balance of nature. But these dogs are upsetting this horribly,” said Victor. The council has now warned that if dogs are found roaming in the reserve, they will be shot. “As aconservancy,we are trying desperately for that not to happen Shaun Lyle, chairman of the Hillcrest Park Neighbourhood Watch (HPNW) said the only

way the attacks will stop is if residents living thereservestart workingtogether.“Weallneed to take responsibility for our neighborhood.”




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November 15, 2013





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November 15, 2013



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The consequences of feeding bones – the oesophagus SOME people still insist on feeding their dogs bones. Bones have poor nutritional value and cause everything from dental to rectal trauma. But in between is the hapless oesophagus. Only yesterday I had to try retrieve a bone from a patient’s oesophagus, using an endoscope (initially). The trauma this bone caused was so severe, we decided to euthanase the pa-


Task team hunts killers He said having the elderly move in with their children is not the solution, because circumstances do not always allow it. “In our area we tell the elderly to make sure they are connected [to a security company or neighbourhood watch], but also to their neighbours. “In fact, we encourage families to take responsibility for their elderly neighbours. “Not only for the crime aspect, but also because of the health risks, like when an elderly person falls in the home.” Local resident Andrew Walford, who owns Shongweni Pottery Gallery, said people were shocked at the brutality of the crime. He said at Thursday’s meeting that the local homeowners said they feared for their safety. “We are wondering if the killers are known in the community, and if they were let in because of that,” he said. “The community is fearful.” Walford (70) said the incident had reminded him of his brother’s murder a few years ago. “The first time the suspects broke in and shot his wife … she was left paralysed. “The second time they shot my brother dead. My brother had a cattle farm in Peacevale.” He said they had to trace the suspect through a cellphone number and eventually the community caught him. “But the case was thrown out because we didn’t follow due procedure. Only after a top lawyer friend of mine helped did we manage to re-open the case and mete out justice to the suspect,” said Walford. The Nobles’ neighbour, who did not want to be named, had first turned to former reservist and neighbour Dave Leslie when they did not answer her calls. “Their gardener and house-

keeper were pressing the bell and calling out to them, but there was no answer.” Leslie, the owner of wedding venue Stonehaven Castle and a police reservist for 20 years, described the murder as one of the worst he had ever seen. Leslie said he had forced his way through the closed gate and the Nobles’ staff followed. “I checked in the garage and saw John’s body. I stopped the staff and I said ‘get back, don’t even look’.” He then called the police and the couple’s security company before he entered the house. “That house was trashed beyond belief.” He said he started searching for Hester because they could not find her. “We found her in her bedroom — she had been buried under a heap of clothing and strangled with her oxygen pipes. Hester had been suffering from emphysema for months.” “She was killed with her own life support and then they emptied all the cupboards on top of her,”saidLeslie,addingbothHester and her husband were badly beaten up. “They didn’t kill them, they tortured them. They beat the hell outofthem.Theywerenothreat.” The neighbours said they heard the couple’s two dogs barking on Wednesday night at around 9 pm. However, they did not think much of it because the neighbourhood dogs were always barking at stray cattle in the area. The couple lived alone — their daughter lives in Cape Town and their son is apparently overseas. Another neighbour Lollet Smith described the couple as generousandkind-hearted. Anyone with information can contact the Hillcrest SAPS on 031 765 9116 or email private investigator

tient. A2007 article in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency &CriticalCare describes 60 cases of some of the consequences of foreign bodies in the oesophagus, oesophageal stricture (narrowing); perforation; necrosis; diverticulum formation; aspiration pneumonia; pneumothorax (collapsed lungs); severe tracheal compression. Interestingly, dogs with mild

>> ‘Financial data retrieved … amounted to about R2 million’

Constable Erik Carstens and Constable Ralph Ogle with confiscated items.



EMBERS of the Durban Flying Squad, together with a team of bank investigators, arrested a 24-year-old man for fraud in Klaarwater on Saturday 9 November. According to provincial police spokesperson, Captain Thulani Zwane, members had been following information of a card cloning syndicate which has been operating in and around the Upper Highway area. “A breakthrough was made when the members acted on a tip-off and

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searched a house in Klaarwater and found 28 bank cards from various banks in the country,” said Zwane. He said that when the cards were verified by the bank investigators it was established that all of them were counterfeit. Police also found a card encoder device in the house. The card encoding device is allegedly used by the syndicate to transfer information from an authentic bank card to a counterfeit one. The counterfeit cards are then used by the suspects to withdraw funds from the unsuspecting victims’ account.

Zwane said that a laptop that was allegedly used to download information from a skimming device before it is encoded into a new card was also confiscated. Police found paper pieces which had details of bank card numbers and amounts allegedly withdrawn from each card. “The financial data retrieved from the confiscated laptop together with the amounts on the paper pieces amount to approximately R2 million,” said Zwane. The suspect was charged with fraud and will appear at the Durban Commercial Crime Unit Court soon.

Residents urged to attend CPF

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ed that 70% of patients with mediumsevere oesophagitis required placement of a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube – a feeding tube directly into the stomach. When clients tell me “but he loves his bones” I tell them that people love cigarettes, that doesn’t mean they are healthy or safe! Be safe and not stupid. Just. Don’t. Feed. Bones.

Cloning bust

Enchanted Earth


oesophagitis were more likely to present to the hospital for gagging. Dogs with more severe oesophagitis tended to be smaller. Recovery times (after removal) were as long as 37 days! As oesophageal necrosis is related to the duration of pressure, early retrieval is critically important; surveying the oesophagus by endoscopy is the technique of choice. The authors also report-

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HILLCREST and Kloof residents are urged to attend their local Community Police Forum (CPF) meetings. The CPF is the forum where issues can be raised directly with the local SAPS leadership, who are present. The Hillcrest CPF meets on the last Wednesday of every month at 6pm, Hillcrest Library hall.The next meeting will be on 27November. The Kloof CPF meets on the second Monday of every month at 6pm at the Kloof Junior Primary School, the next meeting will be on 9 December. Hillcrest CPF acting chairperson Monica Bruun said, “Crime levels are still high and we, as a community, need to work together as well as with the SAPS (South African Police Service) to ensure that crime reduces further in our community,” she explained. Bruun said that this is, in a nutshell, what CPFs do. “We are a partnership between the SAPS and residents of an area to rid their area of crime,” she said. Corne Broodryk, the Kloof CPF deputy

HILLCREST CPF MEETS 27 NOVEMBER. KLOOF CPF MEETS 9 DECEMBER chairperson, added that police cannot be patrolling everywhere at once, and the more eyes and ears that are in the community the better the chance of reducing crime. He urged the community to attend meetings and be informed about what it going on. Rick Crouch, councillor of Ward 10 added that the CPF is a vital part of any community. “People must report every crime no matter how trivial, this is how the SAPS decision makers allocate manpower and vehicles to a SAPS station, if the reported crime rate is low they allocate less,” he explained. For more information on CPF meetings, contact councillor Crouch on 031 764 1178.



November 15, 2013



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Spent love-nectar on Council’s floor DESIREE ERASMUS


o: The Publisher (Erotic-romance section) Please allow me, through this communiqué, the opportunity to be blunt…as blunt as a chilled spatula on a smooth, toned bottom in a well-lit Hillcrest kitchen. The on-going global financial crisis has taken its toll on my savings, acquired through the organs-forcash exchange and a brief stint in the Republic of Cape Town as a freedom fighter. Today, I am relegated to the position of impoverished KZN columnist living in a crappy Durban suburb

called Berea, with my only saleable possession being a Marlborostained lung unworthy of the mutimarket. However, given my optimistic outlook, I believe that my untimely financial demise could very well be your literary windfall. I want to write for you. My slightly above-average powers of observation tell me that the romance genre has been breathed new life – in sharp, shallow little spasms - with titles like 50 Shades of Grey and others falling within the erotic literature genre. Given the sheer calibre of your publications - which teem with razor-sharp wit, intellectual fortitude and plot complexities - I believe that my uniquely South African perspective will result in a sales surge in your erotic-romance market. I enclose herewith my manuscript and a synopsis of my work. As per your guidelines, please note that the novel adheres to the strict criteria established by the Barbara Cartland Light-Bondage Foundation™.

Synopsis: Spent love-nectar on Council’s floor This soul-eviscerating tale straddles the hot, sticky suburbs of Hillcrest and the rounded, tender hills of Nkandla. It is here that lust, deception and heartbreak play out in the lives of KZN’s politicians. Blain Hung is a strapping young Hillcrest-based DA councillor with nutmeg hair, cayenne pepper eyes, cinnamon skin and parsley breath. Angel Breasted is his pouty-lipped assistant. Breasted had her chance at political fame thwartedafter a disastrous love affair with senior parliamentarian, Chisel Chin. ANC stalwart Chin, native to Nkandla, left Breasted a broken but beautiful shell-of-a-woman-child after realising she could not amply satisfy his foot fetish. The eight day relationship between Breasted and Chin took place six months before Breasted, once an ardent ANC supporter, signed-up with Hung and the DA. The Breasted Chin romance blossomed over a vetkoek and wooden-

paddle combo at Kings Park Stadium, but ended in slow rolling tears of anguish in the deli section of Woolworths. It was here that the couple parted amidst accusations of fetish incompatibility while trying to choose between organic butter lettuce and humus for that evening’s foot fest. But now, with elections fast approaching, the trio find themselves thrown together in a political love triangle - nay, erotic storm - as Chin is sent to investigate allegations that Hung has his hands in the office cookie jar, so to speak. Breasted is understandably torn, and at the perky-bottomed age of 25 is faced with her first moral dilemma that does not involve a rash. With whom will she side? Will it be the senior parliamentarian with salt ’n pepper hair and a foot fetish who broke her fragile, waif-like heart, or the hard-bodied councillor that she carries a phallicky torch for? The book traverses the entire South African political spectrum, summed up in 30 hot, sweaty law-

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Another senseless killing THE killing of Shongweni Valley couple John and Hester Noble, as reported in our page one story, has left the community outraged, and once again the provincial commissioner has taken action. Residents from Shongweni and surrounding areas met

with role-players to discuss the tragic incident last Thursday. Members of community policing forums, police and the public discussed ways to protect the community’s elderly, as the incident has left many concerned. However, many feel the jus-

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tice system has failed , which means crime will remain a concern. Social media is abuzz with comments from around the province following the attack. Residents are saying that the government of the day is spending more time worrying about T-shirts (referring the art T-shirts created by a Westville school pupil) rather than this heinous


crime. Many are using this opportunity to start campaigning after all it is election season. While almost no political party has officially released any statements yet, commenters are banking on visits from high ranking officials in the next few day. Locals feel that this will happen because of the upcoming elections, but know it will not improve their safety. Tell us what you think. email:


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suits, 200 allegations of cookie-jar shenanigans, 203 sex positions and nine sex-tapes. The climax takes place at a highbrow political function on uMhlanga beach, where various councillors from both parties gather to throw cake at each other. All comes to a head when Chin declares his love for Breasted publicly and asks for her razor-nailed hand in marriage. However, unbeknownst to Breasted and Chin, Hung has uncovered evidence that puts the cookie jar shenanigans squarely at the often-bound-feet of Chin. Readers soon learn that it was in fact Chin who orchestrated the fraud and corruption set-up so that he could award a tender for a ridingcrop factory to his brother in-law. Who is the fragile hearted and rubber thighed Angel to trust? Who indeed! Eagerly awaiting your response, dear publisher, and so hoping it will be on pink paper! Des xoxoxo

Letters to the Editor must be received by Thursday evening, 3pm, in order to be included in the Tuesday edition of the paper. Letters should be addressed to The Editor and emailed to or faxed to 031 533 7972. Letters must be a maximum of 400 words long and must relate to the topic at hand. While pseudonyms are allowed, writers must still include their full names and contact details (which will not be printed) or letters will not be published. The Editor reserves the right to not run letters or to alter letters so that they are legible.

Selfish act destroys 50-year-old Hillcrest indigenous trees IT was with utter horror, disbelief and outrage that I drove past the Hillcrest Caltex and saw the five 50-year-old Erythrina, Celtis and Ekebergia indigenous trees cut down. These trees were on council owned land. Some questions: Was permission sought from the Outer West council? Were neighbouring businesses consulted, or the Hillcrest community? These trees are an irreplaceable community asset, which have been destroyed through the greed of a businessman. I have had many equally incensed Hillcrest citizens contact me to express their extreme unhappiness and like all of them, I will no longer support this businessman’s newly-acquired garage or any of his other business interests in the area. The taxi passengers who of-

ten stand under the trees for shade that I spoke with shortly after this dastardly environmental deed, all felt his actions were racist - not wanting them to make use of the shady trees. They also expressed outrage and would no longer support his businesses and intend to put pressure on the local taxis to do the same. A quick check with the local police station also indicated this area is not a high crime spot so his apparent argument that he had the trees removed to improve security is simply not valid. Sadly the damage is done and the centre of Hillcrest now looks like an empty wasteland. As a local resident I call on the relevant local authorities to press charges against this individual. Steve Camp

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November 15, 2013

Is bad debt the order of the day? ACCORDING to news reports, African Bank has decided to cancel debts to the value of 2.2 billion. These loans were granted to low income earners who cannot service their debts because they are now unemployed. How can loans be approved



N Friday night, my car was stolen outside a recommended booze-buying spot, where my friends and I were picking up supplies for a fun-filled night. Upon leaving the store, we were laden with enough wine to render a vineyard barren and sufficient braai meat to make a vegetarian cry. Having spent enough money to pay the lobola of three royal brides, we proceeded to stagger back to the car,whichwasnotwherewehadleft it. Who, I puzzled, would want to steal my car. Not being a Toyota, it would not provide a taxi owner with the parts required to continue running amok. Being an unashamed “chick’s car”, no self-respecting male will be

to people when their employment status is not secure? Just over two billion is the amount that the Minister of Finance is expecting to save with the new cost cutting measures that comes into effect in the new year. How can low income earners


be given loans when their earning potential mitigates against them? Anybody that cannot balance their budget with the amount they earn will inevitably end up in debt if given the opportunity to source money via loans. That was the very reason

why the Consumer Protection Act was promulgated. If government-owned banks do not improve their background checks on their clients, bad debts will continue to be the order of the day. Mr Vijay Surujpal

The unbearable paranoia of being South African seen dead driving it, let alone stealing it. Inaddition,beingbashedup,having a plumbing pipe where its aerial should be, the vehicle is worth less than the combined cost of our shopping spree and a tank of fuel. I began to get excited, thinking about the possibility of buying a bicycleratherthananewcar,andthus no longer contributing to the Nkandla fund by buying endless petrol. Panic, however, set in when I pondered the distance and number of hills that lie between my home and the Fever offices, and remembered that my fitness levels are greater only than Jacob Zuma’s. The experience got me thinking, and I have developed an entire busi-

nessplanforanentrepreneurblessed with technological savvy greater than mine. At the press of a button, a car parked by a driver with a faulty memory should light up like the Christmas lights in the festive aisle at Game. Upon hearing the voice of a panickedowneremittingexpletivesand uttering the words “car stolen”, the exhaust of any equipped vehicle should belch loudly and emit a fireworks display to rival the front lawn of a drugged-up pyromaniac on Guy Fawkes night. The night took a turn for the better when, upon dialling 10111, the operator answered in under three minutes. When asked to describe the

Kungani kufanele kufe abantu? SENGITHI ake ngiphinde ngibuye kwingosi yakho Mhleli, ngokusika kwelijikayo.Kuyamangaza kithina abendlu empisholoukwaziukuthiawukhoomunye umnotho esingawakha ngaphandle kokuba netekisi. Lemboni ngempela siyazi izenzile izinjinga eseyizimpunyela njengamanje. Kodwa hhayi ukuthi kuchitheke igazi ngaloluhlobo ,yini ngempela kangaka? Lokhu ngikushiswa ukuthi ngapha ngakithi Empophomeni Township kubhidlangile ukubangwa kwemizila yezokuthutha umphakathi. Abanye uyababonaimpelaukuthibayayithandalempilo ukuba kulokhu kujahwana ngezibhamu, kodwa mina ngithi asikho isixazululo sesibhamu. Abazi kahle kulendawo abantu babhubha lapha eNatali emaphakathi kodwa impilo yokulwa basayithanda namanje. Kube kubi kwadela ngomhlaka 7 KuLwezi 2013 sivuka amakhumbi awekho kodwa singazi kwenzekeni na? Noma ngabe kuyabangwa ,thina singazi asaziswe ukuthi izimonto angeke zibe khona.Ngoba lokhu kugcina kuphatha kabi amakhosikazi ethu,abantwana bethu nomphakathi wonkana.Thina bathandi

bokuthula asithandi ukuthi sibone kuliwa ngoba lokho kwenza ukuthi kube nokunganzinzikomnothofuthiuyehlangokunjalo. Thina sihlaba ikhwela lokuthi ngelinye ilanga kekuphikithwe izibhamu ezigcwele kulemboni engathi mawuyibheka sekungeyophuma silwe nje. Uma kujutshwa amaphoyisa akube angazokuchema namuntu asebenzele umthetho njengoba unjalo. Siwumphakathi asikweseki ukulwa sifuna izimpendulo kusoseshini nakulaba abalanda obhululu babo bezolayisha eMpophomeni Township nase Thawini beya eHowick nabo sidinga ukwazi kungani? Kubaholi sidinga ukuba baphoqe ukwenzeka komhlangano ngezindaba zezimizila kanye nezinkinga zemboni yamatekisi endaweni yethu ngoba manje asiphephile ngempela. Kubaba uNgqongqoshe wethu wezokuthutha ubaba uMr.Willies Mchunu kanye no Ngqongqoshe kazwelonke ubaba uMr.Nathi Mthethwa ake aqine amabhawodi omthetho ngoba sekubukeka kungathi wonke umuntu ufuna ukuziphathela umthetho ngezandla. Bonginkosi Ndlovu, Howick

Abantu abayeke ukugxeka Nami ngithi ake ngiphawule ngalesiHloko engisifunde kwiFever yangelidlule esihloko sikhuluma ngamaDlozi noNkulunkulu. Igama lami ngu Lucky Cele ngihlala khonalaeBoboi,ngizalelwekwaDweshula endaweni yaseKhakhamela, angikubingelele nawe ntombi kaKhabazela, Akengiphawulekenami,iDlozilikhona futhi liyasebenza no Mdali futhi ngokunjalo,inkinga yethu thina bantu abamnyama sithanda izinto zabantu,isibonelo( umuntu mekewazi isilungu usezibona ephucuzekile azibone esemuva kakhulu meqhubeka nempilo akhuliswe ngayo) Mina nje ngikhule kuhlatshwa ekhaya namanje kusahlatshwa futhi ngeke ngiyeke, laba abathi amadlozi kusuke kuyi Di-

moni abalethe ubufakazi obubambekayo ukuze nathi siyeke, kunabafundisi abahamba ngobumnyama beyofuna usizo ezinyangeni ngoba bengafuni ukuhlazeka loko ke kuQinisekisa ukuthi baningi abantuabamnyamaabayaemasontweningoba befuna ukuxosha ikati eziko ayi ngoba bekholwa, iqiniso lithi akekho umuntu okholwayo kulomhlaba, abantu abayeke ukugxeka benze lokho okubasebenzelayo nabakholelwa kukho. Mina ngikwenza kokubili, kuyangisebenzela, eyaMadimoni noNkulunkulu ongasebenzi angikwazi mina lokho, sengiphetha nje ngicela ukubuza ukuthi kungani Amakholwa ehlukile kuno Jesu? Obongayo LV ele eBoboi

colour of my car, I detailed the patches of BMW blue, Audi silver and Ferrari red, souvenirs of my expensive taste in fender-benders. The operator audibly doubled over with mirth and had to put me on hold while calling her supervisor. At that moment, the car guard, overcome with glee at the prospect of a hefty tip and muttering something incomprehensible about stupid white chicks under his breath, took my arm and led me directly to my car - exactly where I had left it one level lower than where our futile search had been taking place. Being South African often means being neurotic, paranoid and downright stupid. Let’s hope we leave these characteristics at home when heading to the polls in 2014.





Thank you for being considerate MUCH has been covered in the media about fireworks on an ongoing basis, be it for Diwali, Guy Fawkes or New Year. Our elderly dog, like so many other animals, is terrified of loud bangs (storms and fireworks included). It is truly awful to witness such animal distress from fireworks; a totally unnatural, climatic phenomenon unnecessary for whatever reason. This year in Hillcrest Park (Ridge & Hilltop Street) area, there were no fireworks of any description over the early November period. Our thanks therefore to all the residents in the area who heeded the call to refrain from setting off fireworks. May the same apply to New Year’s Eve as, for the last 2 year-ends, it was truly horrific. There were large firework “bombs” emanating from one home only in Northern Road (Hillcrest Park) over a long period of time with the residual debris scattered into neighbouring properties. May they too read this and take heed also of the fact that it is actually illegal to set off fireworks in undesignated locations and refrain from so doing this year-end. We live in hope! Mitch

AmaDlozi noNkulunkulu Ngibingelele kwelakho elingalobi manga, angiqale ngokubonga ntombi kaNgunezi ngokulobile nesekuqala ukuba yimpicabadala kulesisikhathi esiphila kuso ukuthi uyintombi yomZulu kusheshe kwangicacela ngendlela ozethule ngayo nokuveze ngokusobala ukuthi uzazikahle ukuthi ungubani. Uyihlabe esikhonkosini ntokazi yakwa Khanyamasi esiswini kunokuphambanisa izinto kithi ndlwensundu kwinkolelo yethu yakobantu nokukhonza UNkulunkulu, mina ngokwami ukuhlabela Amadlozi yinto enhle nekumele siyigcine futhi engaphikisani nokukhonza noma ukwesaba uJehova. Ngiyinsizwa yomZulu ekhuliswe umndeni omesabayo uNkulunkulukodwaobuwenzanamasiko konke kuhamba kahle, yingakho namingiwahloniphaAmadlozifuthingiwahlabela ngiphinde ngikholelwe kuNKulunkulu ngoba kuyangisebenzela. Ngenkathi ngiseneminyaka eyi-9 ngagula ngaze ngayolala esibhedlela eMurchison,ngemuva nje kancane kwezimvula zika 1987 kwathiwa ngine sifo sofuba kodwa umangixilongwa singatholakali ngihlale khona izinyanga ezintathu nesigamu nekwathi sengisiwa koxilongwa ngomshini abawubiza ngokuthi yi X RAY phecelezi,kwenzeka isimanga kuvele mangingeniswa kuwo kucime ugesi isibhedlela sonke kuthi ngingasuswa ubuyiswe ugesi besengiphindiselwa emshinini uphinde ucime kwazekwafikaumlunguowayekhuluma isiZulu phaqa wathi kubahlengikazi “godusani lengane ifike kubo bayenzele okumele bayenzele kona,” ngakhululwa esibhedlela kwaba ukufika kwami ekhaya ngahlatshelwa imbuzi ngaphila ngaba umqemane namuhla ngineminyaka engama-35 angikaze ngiguliswe isifo sofuba. Abantu mabangalahlekisi abanye ngoba besebenzisa imithetho yamasonto abo Ayi imithetho kaNkulunkulu. Ngiyabonga ntombi kaGwabe! Mina ngingu Zimisele Nkomo uNyathi, uNgubeni,uMcineka,uCaphuzela nyawoncane zingabankulu zifuz’ ekhabonina.



November 15, 2013





ZIPHUMI kalula izinyembezi kuNyikinyibhoxo. Kusuke kunzima ngempela uma ebonakala ezesula izinyembezi ngethawula lakhe elincane, ongasabon-

UNkk Anna Dlamini eselungele ukuqala usuku lwakhe eBarbz Café and Deli ISITHOMBE: SITHUNYELWE

Latholakala kanzima ilungelo loku ‘VOTA’ akali kahle umbala walo. Uma ngimbuza ukuthi ungihlolela mhlola muni ezongithela ngezinyembezi kwami kungafile muntu, uthule isikhashana ehlezi ebhentshini elingaphandle kwegalaji, wase ethi: “Angikhali. Ngeqiwa ukucasuka nokudumala ngendaba yoku ‘vota’. Ngisheshe ngasiqonda kahle isizathu sokucasuka nokudumala okumlethela izinyembezi. Kunabantu abadala abahlale befaka umoya wokungavoti ngoba bengagculiswa yindlela uhulumeni oshaya ngolonwabu ngayo ekuhlangabezaneni nezidingo zomphakathi. Kulula nje ukuthi umuntu athi: “I-African National Congress (ANC) ngeke iphinde ilithole elami ivoti ngoba ayingenzeli lutho.” Ake sikuzibe kancane ukuthi yiANC ehola uhulumeni obusayo, sikhulume ngo ‘HULUMENI’ oholwa ngabantu abamnyama.

Bambalwa abantu abadala abangazi ukuthi latholakala kanzima kangakanani ilungelo lokuvota lapha eNingizimu Afrika. Akekho ongazi ukuthi kwaphuma imiphefumulo eminingi kangakanani, kulwelwa leli lungelo lokuvota. Kukhona abavalelwa emajele iminyaka eminingi, bancama impilo yabo ngoba belwela ilungelo lokuvota. Ngeshwa elikhulu, leli dimoni lokungafuni ukuvota selidlulela nasezinganeni. Ngiphonsela inselelo noma ngubani ophikayo ukuthi ziningi izinguquko ezilethwe uHulumeni oholwa yi-ANC. Lokhu akuchazi ukuthi iANC ayinawo amaphutha.. Kodwa angikholwa ukuthi lokho sekungadala ukuthi umuntu athi ngeke avote. Kwasayona le ntsha ethi ngeke ivote, iningi layo lifunda ezikoleni ezazingafuni ngisho ukubezwa nangephunga abantu abamnyama, ingasaphathwa eyokubabona begudlana

nabelungu emagcekeni esikole. Kukhonaabaqhoqhobeleizikhundla okwakungaphushwa nakancane ukuthi kuyoke kube ngezabantu abamnyama. Ngike ngizwe sekulula nje ukuthi umuntu aphumele obala agxeke uhulumeni ngokukhululeka, bese ngizibuza ukuthi kwakwenzekani ngenkathi kusabusa ondlebezikhany’ilanga, lapho wawuqale uqalaze ngaphambi kokuyokoza ngohulumeni wamaBhunu. Angikholwa wukuthi kukhona umuntu ophile saka, ofuna ukuthi izwe libuyele ezandleni zabacindezeli. Loku kungavinjwa ukuthi wonke umuntu avote. Noma ngabe umuntu akavoteli i-ANC, kubalulekile avotele iqembu lakhe ngoba ukulahleka kwevoti elilodwa nje, kungadala enkulu inhlekelele. Ivoti yilona elilungisa izinto. Abaningi bazokhumbula ukuthi iNingizimu Afrika yaphunyukwa

yiqatha emlonyeni lokusingatha imidlalo yebhola yeNdebe yoMhlaba yango-2006 ngoba uCharles Dempsey waseNew Zealand engavotanga. Cabanga-ke ukuthi ivoti elilodwa nje, lenza inhlekelele engakanani. Khohlwa wukuthi uCharles Dempsey kwakungesiyena owaseNingizimu Afrika. Sikhuluma ngevoti. Uyothini unembeza wakho sewubona abamnyama sebephindele Gibhithe ngoba wena ungavotanga? Uma ungazi ukuthi ilungelo lokuvotalalwelwakanzimakangakanani, buza kwabadala. Ake sikhohlwe ukuthi kuphethe uHulumeni oholwa yi-ANC, sikhulume ngohulumeni jikelele, oholwa ngabamnyama. Asivoteni madoda. Kukude lapho siphuma khona. Mhlambe uNyikinyibhoxo ukhaliswa wukubona izithukuthuku zakhe elwela inkululeko ziphelela obala ngenxa yakho ungafuni ukuvota.

Usenebhizinisi owaqala ngokukilina emahhotela NOSIPHO MKHIZE



Kwaphela iminyaka emibili uNkulunkulu wasibusisa ngamawele, uAphiwe no-Aphelele.” Ngeshwa ihhotela ayesebe nza kulo lavalwa waphelelwa umsebenzi, kodwa wabanenhlanhla wokuqashwa nguNkk Barbara Zietsman, ongumphathiwe-BarbzCaféandDeli eNottingham Road ngaseMooi River maphakathi nesifundazwe. Wazinqumela ukuwonga umholo ukuze aziqalele elakhe ibhizinisi. “Kwakuyiphupho lami ukuba nebhizinisi, ngakho ngabona kukuhle ukuqala ibhizinisi lokuhlela imishado kusukela kwingubo kamakoti, ekuphekeni, ekubhakeni ikhekhe lomshado nase kuhlobiseni indawo ekushadelwa kuyo,” usho kanje. Wabe esesungula ibhizinisi lakhe ngo-2010, waliqamba ngokuthi iKuhlekwethu Catering. Uthe waqala ngokuthenga indwangu engamamithaangama-50,walandelisangem immese, izimfoloko, izipuni nazo zonke izitsha ezidingeka emshadweni. Esehlanganise konke okudingeka ebhizinisini lakhe, waxoxela uNkk Zietsman, owawuthokozela umqondo wakhe omuhle waze wanikela ngendawo yokugcina izimpahla zakhe ziphephile esitolo sakhe. UNkk Zietsman, uthe: “Ngajabula engitshela ngebhizinisi lakhe, ngachazwa yindlela azikhuthaza ngayo, okukhombisa ukuthi wayezimisele kanti vele ukhuthele futhi uhlakaniphile. Nganikela ngendawo esitolo sami yokuthi abeke zonke izimpahla zakhe. Ngiyamsiza ngemoto yokuthutha izimpahla uma enomcimbi ngimsize nangokukhangisa ibhizinisi lakhe.” Aura Men’s Oly Sandals Angels UNkk Dlamini uthe: “Ngiyabonga ngendlela angisize ngayo umphathi wami. Sengihlela imishado njalo ngezimpelasonto okukhomba ukuthi ibhizinisi liyadlondlobala, futhi ngifisa abantwana bami baqhubeke nalo uma sebekhulile.” Abadinga usizo New Pierre lweKuhlekwethu CaGrasshoppers Cardin Phelan tering, bangashayela Hillcrest Stockists of: Tsonga, Angels, Step-on-Airs, Klink, Natural Steps, Bronx, New Balance, Hi-Tec, School Shoes, inombolo ethi: 033 Grasshoppers, Hush Puppies, John Drakes. Leading Stockists of Mens and Ladies Bowling Shoes and Childrens Shoes SHOE 266 6773. CENTRE 42 Old Main Road, Tel: 031 765 1127

thando lokupheka selumenze waba umphetha wokuhlanganisa izibiliboco uNkk Anna Dlamini (36) odabu-ka Balgowan ngaseMooiRiver, maphakathi neKwaZuluNatal, owaqala ukusebenza ngokuhlanza amahhotela, kodwa namhlanje usenebhizinisi lakhe iKuhlekwethu Catering. Uthe lelikhono walifunda ngokubuka abapheki uma behlaganisa izithako ekudleni kanti kuzogcina sekuyingxenye enkulu empilweni yakhe. Uthe waqeda umatikuletsheni (matric) eJabula High School ngo1998, eLiegetton maphakathi neKwazuluNatal, wathola umsebenzi wokuhlanza amagumbi nezitsha ehho-

tela ngo-1999. Ngenxa yokulangazelela ukufunda izinto ezintsha wazithola eselekelela abapheki . “Ukupheka ngiyakuthanda,” kuchaza yena, “kodwa angiqalanga njengo mpheki, ngoba umsebenzi wami wokuqala kwaku ngowokuhlanza ama hhotela. Kodwa ngoba ngithanda ukufunda izinto ezintsha, ngangilokhu ngisiza abapheki uma sengiqede umsebenzi wami wosuku.” . Ukuzimisela kwakhe kwenza wathola isikhundla sokuba umsizi wompheki ngo-2000. Wazithuthukisa wenza izifundo zokupheka ekoliji yase Westville, entshonalanga yeKwaZulu-Natal. Uthe wabona kungcono ukufundela izifundo zokupheka ukuze abe nolwazi oludingekayo khona ezokhula njengo mpheki. Kodwa ngenxa yokungabinayo imali akaqhubekanga nezifundo. Ngenxayokuzimiselakwakheemsebenzini, yize engaqedanga esikoleni, ngo-2001 wathola isikhundla sokuba yinhloko yabapheki base Woodridge Estate. Uthe: “Angikholwanga sengithola lesikhundla, ngabona lifezeka iphupho lami.” Emva kokusebenza eWoodridge Estate, uNkulunkulu wambusisa ngomshado owawu kuyo lendawo ngo-2003. Uthe wazihlelela yena mathupha umshado wakhe kusukela ekuphekeni, ekubhakeni ikhekhe nokunye. “Emva kokushada,” eqhuba, “ngathola umsebenzi eWhistle Duck ukuze ngibe seduze komyeni wami.



Protect the Arum lily HILLCREST Conservancy urges residents to report anyone buying or selling illegally-harvested Arum lilies. The beautiful lilies are illegally harvested in wetlands throughout Upper Highway, particularly in the areas of Springside Nature Reserve and Kassier Road.

Arum lilies are ‘specially protected’ plants that play a vital role in nature’s life-cycle and are ecologically very important. Constant removal of the blooms which produce their seeds has led to a drastic reduction in numbers and even disappearance in their natural areas. Aslongaspeoplecontinuetobuythem, the harvesting will continue. If you are aware of any illegal harvesting contact Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife on 031 274 1150. Hawkers can also be reported to Metro Police on 031 767 1222.

November 15, 2013



Elsie Narainsamy: “Congratulations Des and Shaun Quin, this just goes to show that determination, perseverance and hard work will always make dreams come true.”

Innocent Busuku: “Hats off to the Spar owners for bringing such an amazing store to our door step.”

Mpume Cebekhulu: “I am so pleased with the Waterfall Superspar, it has everything you need and more. Congratulations to you both.”

Doctor’s mystery thriller a hit KALISHA NAICKER


HE Cure, by Doctor Morad Zaffron, was launched at CNA Hillcrest corner recently. At the age of 17, Zaffron left his hometown in Durban to study at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town. After graduating, he worked at a private practice for several years before completing his master’s degree in creative writing at UCT. His poetry and short stories have appeared in international publications. He is currently working on his next novel - The Valley - two chapters of which are included at the end of The Cure. Zaffron describes his book as a medical drama that will appeal to all book fanatics. “The Cure is a conspiracy thriller, partly futuristic, partly medical drama, romance, and police thriller,” he said. The book is set is New York City and Washington DC telling the story about Dr Susan Conner, a beautiful, traumatised

Charlmari Kronmoller, Rasell pillay, Morad Zaffron and Shaheda Moosa. drug-dependent widow, and Dr Vincent Bach, a maverick medical cyberscientist whoisimplicated in the nefarious activities of a global drug company. Zafforn said that death stalks in every chapter as test patients are murdered by the corporation.


The rare and beautiful Arum lilies.

Open for business



“ There are plots and counterplots, as well as back narratives, all neatly meshed,” he said. “I assure you, once you start reading the book, you would not want to put it down.” The Cure is available at all leading book stores.

Father and son duo, Des and Shaun Quin, offically opened the brand new Waterfall SUPERSPAR in the new Watercrest Mall in Waterfall last Thursday. Customers lined the aisles taking advantage of the opening specials. Pictured are Des and Shaun Quin (centre) with management and staff of the Waterfall SUPERSPAR.

Zandi Marabeni: “Des and Shaun, you have really out done yourselves. Congratulations on this beautiful store. You really had the customer in mind.”



November 15, 2013

Christmas Feature

Respect your Christmas budget

FOR many of us, the Christmas aftermath includes massive credit card bills that can take months to clear. Christmas doesn’t have to be a financial headache if you plan ahead. Stress reduction strategies include:


• Body Lotion • Body Cream • Shower Gel

R90 each 5 lt

All products also available in 1lt

Plus many more cleaning, cosmetic & gift products available CITROCLEAN PRODUCTS AVAILABLE


SHOP 28A, HILLCREST CENTRE, OLD MAIN ROAD TEL: 031 765 3977 / 083 598 3689


c i h C

&52.)452% s $¡#/2 s $%3)'.

Visit us at the Mushroom Farm 450 Kassier Road, Assagay 0317681892 • 0722100859


just unpacked for Christmas



If your nest egg isn’t enough to cover your estimated expenses, consider recalculating your Christmas budget to a more realistic amount. If you have trouble keeping your hands off your Christmas nest egg, consider opening a ‘Christmas Club’ account. Set a limit on the cost of presents for each person. If you have a the large circle of extended family or friends to buy gifts for, it can be very studio costly. You might be able to reduce the stress and cost of Christmas for everyone if you suggest a change in the way your famiBring this voucher in for a 10% ly and friends give presents. For exdiscount on your next treatment. ample, you could (excluding chemical peels, valid 2013) suggest that your group: Buy Stockists of Esse presents only for Organic Skincare the children. Have products a Kris Kringle, where everyone make a booking on 0317624868 draws a name out of a hat and buys a present for that upstairs, link hills center, waterfall, kzn person.

Work out a rough budget of expected Christmas costs as early as possible. This includes “hidden” expenses such as food bills and overseas telephone charges. Calculate how much disposable income you have between now and Christmas.

Beauty & Makeup

10% off treatments


and the new home of




20% off all bra sets for 2 days only!

Offer valid from 15-16 November until stock lasts.

Buy for R100 or more in the month of November and stand chance to win a fantastic Christmas hamper (incl. store gift voucher). Draw will take place on 30th November

Tel: 031 765 1677


BARBERSHOP “We Cut ... You Strutt!”

Gents Haircut - Any Style


School Boy Haircut


Pensioners Haircut


Steam Shave


Eyebrow Threading R20.00 NO APPOINTMENTS

Shop No. 27 @ Oxford Village, Hillcrest Old Main Road, below Q4 Prawn

Curtaining • Blinds and Upholstery


Mon to Sat: 08h30 - 18h00 Sun: 09h00 - 13h00

KASHIF: 084 644 4234


• We are the only quilting shop open all weekend • Great prices and service • Plenty of secure parking right outside our shop

Classes now also offered

on Thursday Evenings 6-9pm Pop in and lets us show you! We’re open 7 days a week Saturdays ‘til 3pm • Sundays ’til 1

Authorised Dealer of sewing and embroidery machines and overlockers

Lower Level, Oxford Market (formerly Heritage Market) Old Main Road, Hillcrest Tel: 031 765 4715

November 15, 2013



Christmas Feature



Don’t stress over festive food

PREPARING a meal for family and friends can be enjoyable but tiring and stressful at the same time. Some tips to reduce the stress of Christmas cooking include: If you are cooking lunch at home, delegate tasks. You don’t need to do everything yourself. Consider keeping it simple–forinstance, you could always arrange for a ‘buffet’

lunch, where everybody brings a platter. Make a list of food and ingredients needed. Buy as many non-perishable food items as you can in advance – supermarkets on Christmas Eve are generally extremely busy. Write a Christmas Day timetable. For example, 11.30am – put chicken in the oven. You may need to order particular food items (such as turkeys) from your super-

market by a certain date. Check to avoid disappointment. Consider doing your food shopping online. The store will deliver your groceries to your door. (Keep in mind this option is more expensive than visiting the supermarket yourself.) Book well in advance if you plan to have lunch at a restaurant. Some restaurants may be fully booked for months before.

local newspapers


Christmas BARGAIN


16” Boys (Hades) Titans

R1 99500

festive Season Rates Still Available

Age 2-5


Book Now with Mandy Bergsma on 082 293 9717

Not Seen is Not Sold Book your advert NOW in one of our best multi-lingual papers in KZN

16” Girls (Calypso) Titans

The largest stockiest of SPECIALIZED Bikes and components in KwaZulu-Natal Body Geometry Fit Consultations Custom bike builds / Tune ups Services for all brands Specialized parts & components Components for Sram, Shimano and Campagnolo

031 762 1416

Shop 34-36, Link Hills Shopping Centre, Inanda Road, Waterfall Email: •

local newspapers


Follow us on



Inanda Road • Waterfall

LINK HILLS SHOPPING CENTRE WHERE SHOPPING IS EASY Clyde 0722904533 031 762 2701 031-826 0846 031-762 4868 031 762 2462 083 661 4577 031 762 3195 031 762 4635 031 763 4694 031 762 1416 031-763 3121 031 825 5300 031 762 3004 084 265 2402 071 259 6762 031 762 4987 Opp Waterfall Optom 082 850 5056 031 762 4934 072 774 8918 031 763 3808 031 837 2224 Coming soon 031 762 3201 031 762 2809 031 762 4875 031 762 1420 031 762 1412 031 762 4796 031 762 1322 031 762 2017 Next to lifts 031 763 5812 031 762 4831 031 762 2956 031 762 2956 031 762 2838 031 762 2502 031 762 4988 076 665 0633 Opp Waterfall Optom 071 671 9979 074 889 8116 031 762 2607 031 763 5345 031 762 1687 031 763 3594 031 763 2396

Tel: 031 763 4433 • Cell: 082 899 2881 Email:


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November 15, 2013



on What’s

9 November Meercats Pub and Grill are having their monthly Flea Market (Second Saturday of each month) this Saturday, 9 November, 10am at 12 Forest Hills Road, Waterfall 3. Phone 031 776 3872, 079 878 8051 or 071 624 1305 for more information. 15 November Kloof Library will be hosting the roadside geology book launch titled “Geological Journeys” on Friday 15 November, 5.30pm. For further information, visit the Kloof Library.

15 November Kloof Home Network will present their annual mini meander over the weekend of 15, 16 and 17 November. There will be tea or coffee on sale in aid of KidzAid charity. Contact Sarel Broodryk on 083 284 9022. Weekly No Fly Zone live at Meercats in Waterfall every Friday night from 7.30pm. Lance Goldman plays every Sunday from 12.30pm – Free entry. For more information, contact Jill Schoeman on 031 776 3872 or 079 878 8051

Celebrating 110 years at

Welcome to Slanghoek Slanghoek Cellar lies in the picturesque Slanghoek Valley, 880m above sea level, surrounded by the magestic Slanghoek Mountains from which the cellar derives its name. The cellar is 20km from Worcester and 90km from Cape Town.


>> Highbury Preparatory School celebrated its 110th anniversary recently. Seen at the event are:

Sauvignon Blanc 2013 This wine is 100% Sauvignon Blanc. The wine has lemonlime simplicity along with tangy granadilla flavours, which makes this Sauvignon a no-brainer for the warmer months. It is concentrated and refreshing, beautiful, bright light colour. It is also fresh and fruity palate. Offers citrus and guava and a bit of green peppers on the palate.

Jolene and Donovan Naicker, Clive and Valencia Moodley, Ryan and Alisha Nundeekasen. Eugene Havemann, chairman of the Highbury Parents Association with his wife Debbie.

RIGHT: Dean and Carmen Kennedy.

Merlot 2010 This is 100% Merlot. It has a minty whiff can be discerned on the nose as well as in the mouth. Ripe musky plums with aniseed and black cherry richness. There’s an oak presence in the form of a cedar flavour and well-managed tannic grip. Beautiful red colour. Some spice and tobacco on nose. Palate is full and well balanced with some beautiful spicy undertones coming from selected French barrique.

Book fanatics flock to Hillcrest Corner DOCTOR Morad Zaffron launched his debut novel, The Cure, at CNA Hillcrest Corner recently. Seen at the launch are:

Shiela Rothman, Morad Zaffron and Michelle Govender. Henny Larkens, Lilian Develing (back) and Sharon Lindsay.

Philip and Moira Toland.



November 15, 2013









ALL ALTERATIONS Contact Marcus on 082 311 5687.


PEARL Aluminium Wholesale Dist. of Bronze & White Powder Coated & Natural Anodized Windows (Casement 28 System) & door profiles. Quality Guaranteed. Guaranteed Low Prices. Contact: 032 533 8903. or email:


ADVERTISE YOUR SERVICES For a little as R20 per week for 3 lines. Also Monthly Specials. Call Lynne: 031 533 7601 Fax: 031 533 7972 email: lynnem@






REMOVALS AND STORAGE (NO RUBBLE) 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-10 Ton Closed/Open Trucks Also Crane Trucks. Tel: 031 564 8362 Fax: 031 564 7867 Cell: 083 786 5764

Storage from 1 day to 1 year in fully secured units Email:

BBM Pin: 294A7386




Contact Lynne on : 031 533 7601

Paperbacks Classics Africana

A FRIDGE R1,200. Freezer R1,200 Double bed R850 3 plate stove R1,100. Single bed R850. 72cm TV R1,200 Tel: 082 554 2417

SHOWER DOORS SALES & REPAIRS 33 years exp. 082 213 9310 031 764 6622




ITEMS FOR SALE? For as little as R20 for a 3 line advert, you can turn your unwanted items into cash . Advertise Here!! Phone Lynne: 031 533 7601. Fax: 031 533 7972. email: lynnem@

Classified advertising works


Shop 84, Oxford Village Rose Garden Contact Steve 031-7652012



AA BAKKIES & CARS Wanted for cash. Rust No Problem. Will beat any price. Ph: 082 258 8724.


ALL BAKKIES & ALL CARS ‘ALIVE OR DEAD’ WANTED Under R35,000. Spot cash. Beat Any Offers. 083 570 6314 / 031 902 4632

A 100 FRIDGES & FREEZERS+H/Hold GOODS Wanted for CASH. Contact Kobus 0827077676






073 846 3027

Search for : Hillcrest Fever • Tell us your views • Be part of your community • Discover what’s happening • Find the news you need to know

Your area at your fingertips



Reception Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 16:00 Saturday: 08:00 to 12 noon

Kennel 60

Cat Cage C5

Kennel 64 Kennel 59

Cat Cage C7

Semi Long Hair Mother, Father and 2 Sharpei x Collie Daxies 2 x female Female kittens (female) Male and 1 x male If you wish to sponsor this advert, please contact Lynne Mathiesen. Tel: 031 533 7601 Fax: 031 533 7972 Email:

X breed - mom and 5 puppies (3 males and 2 females)

Across 1 Quick in movement (5) 8 Make less intense (4,4) 9 Concord (5) 10 Stamp of authenticity (8) 11 Runners in a race (5) 12 Awkward situation (3) 16 Religion of Japan (6) 17 Become relaxed (6) 18 Concealed microphone (3) 23 Lively and quick (5) 24 A few (3,2,3) 25 Dizzy (5) 26 Look like (8) 27 Scrawny (5) Down 2 Shoot-out in Western (8) 3 Not to mention (3,5) 4 An instrumental composition (6) 5 Beautiful woman (5) 6 Brief raid (5) 7 Serpent (5)



NAME: 12 Task (3) 13 Drinking cup (3) 14 Fruitless (8) 15 Biased (3-5)

19 In poor health (6) 20 Pitiful (5) 21 Wild animal (5) 22 Dowdy woman (5)



Sudoku Solution 127

WINNER 127: Neriska Dickson, Gillitts Closing Date: November 30, 2013

Submit your entry into the Hillcrest Fever box situated inside the Keg & Trout. The first correct entry drawn will win a R150 voucher. Only one entry per person per week. No registered letters or faxed entries. Prize will alternate weekly between Crossword and Sudoku.

Crossword Solution 127 Across 1 Cabaret, 5 Sever, 8 Veracious, 9 Rap, 10 Lava, 12 Baseball, 14 Vacant, 15 Aspire, 17 Reviewer, 18 Beam, 21 Air, 22 Verbosity, 24 Trail, 25 Similar. Down 1 Cavil, 2 Bar, 3 Rich, 4 Trojan, 5 Suspense, 6 Versatile, 7 Repulse, 11 Vice versa, 13 Interval, 14 Variant, 16 Debris, 19 Mayor, 20 Loom, 23 III

KEG & TROUT 031 765 2070 Shop 16 Heritage Market, Old Main Rd

Gayle force returns to Durbs WEST Indian all-rounder Chris Gayle returns to Sunfoil Dolphins for the Ram Slam T20 competition this season after his early departure in the 2011/2012 season due to the injury. Over two seasons in the IPL tournament, he became easily the most feared batsman in the T20 format, smashing more hundreds and sixes than any other

batsman. Jesse Chellan, CEO of KZNCU said, “It isexcitingtohaveChrisjointheSunfoilDolphins for the T20 competition. He is a truly world class performer and a cricketing superstar. Together with Graham Onions, he becomes our second overseas professional for this competition.” Lance Klusener, head coach of Sunfoil Dolphins said, “I’m looking forward to having the biggest gun on the planet at our disposal”. President of KZNCU, Faeez Jaffar said, “The signing of Chris Gayle by the board

Chris Gayle

and management of the Sunfoil Dolphins is a great scoop for the Franchise. “Chris Gayle adds a great deal of international experience and adds depth to the teams’ batting. The younger players will learn a great deal from the experience and exploits of a batting master.” “We believe that a player of the caliber ofChrisGaylewillhelpre-ignitethespectator support that we once enjoyed and at present miss at the Sahara Stadium Kingsmead. “We, at the board and at council, are committed to bringing world class per-

November 15, 2013





formers to play for the Dolphins” he said. The ecstatic Gayle said, “I am really excited to have joined the Sunfoil Dolphins for their 2014 Ram Slam T20 campaign.” “I feel there’s some unfinished business for me as I didn’t get to play for them back in 2012 due to injury,” he added.

Heading for a grand prize >> Hillcrest High pupils are determined to show off their excellent cricket skills and walk away with the grand prize of an outdoor gym for their school at the Coca-Cola 30 Minute Heroes Challenge

Pupils practicing their catching skills.



ILLCREST High School was one of the schools that competedintheCoca-Cola30Minute Heroes Challenge - a competition introduced to schools participating in the Coca-Cola T20 schools challenge and aimed at getting pupils to participate in physical activity recently. Hillcrest High invited all pupils from grade eight to 11 to participate and sports manager, Conrad Schultz, was encouraged at the number of pupils, boys and girls that arrived in their sports gear to compete. The concept encourages as many

pupils as possible to complete a five drillcircuitwithina30minuteperiod. The scores will only be made public once all schools have completed their challenge. The school that completes the most circuits in the allotted time frame stands a chance to win a prize of an outdoor gym to the value of R200 000, which will be installed at the winning school. "What I learnt from the exercise is that our boys cannot skip," said Schultz. "The school has produced some gifted sports persons in the past year,” he added.

“Robin Smith has been selected to play for the KZN under-17 cricket team - he is our leading hockey goal scorer and in 2014 he will be leaving for America to play baseball after receiving a scholarship. “Jo-Anne Van Der Veen has been selected to play for the ladies under-17 provincial cricket team," said a proud Schultz.

Paddling for a cause UPPER Highway surfski ace Danica Bartho became the first woman to complete the gruelling 162km surfski paddle from Richards Bay to Durban for her "Lettie Paddle" campaign to raise funds for close friend and cancer patient Nikki "Lettie" Heyns. Bartho was the first female paddler to complete the DaReal Richards Bay to Durban Challenge, which concluded last weekend with a tough 40km paddle from Suncoast Pirates SLC to Salt Rock. She, like many of the competitors, was dumped in the big waves at the finish at Salt Rock main beach, finishing in pain with more than a dozen blisters on her hands, but elated at having completed the race, and at the support that her fundraising and awareness drive attracted. Through pledges, sponsorships and donations Bartho has raised more than

R70 000, with several more donations expected after the completion of her paddle, which will nudge the final amount close to R100 000. "I have been totally blown away by people's generosity," said Bartho. "And it has come at just the right time because their medical aid has run out! The paddling community has been just brilliant, but it has been much bigger than that," she added. Bartho, who won the women's race while her husband Brett won the overall race with his brother Daryl, has been swamped with congratulations. "What I have done is nothing to what Lettie is doing every day. She is a real legend," Bartho said. Anyone interested in making a donation can do so via the campaign’s website ( or by contacting Danica via email ( From left, Ty Heyns, Danica Bartho and Nikki "Lettie" Heyns celebrate the completion of her gutsy "Lettie Paddle" campaign. PHOTO: GAMEPLAN MEDIA

Both pupils participated in the Coca-Cola 30 Minute Heroes Challenge. Schultz is hoping the school wins the outdoor gym.

"We have been raising funds for a gym and if we win our goal will be achieved faster than expected,” he added.

November 15, 2013 PAGE 16

hillcrest FEVER


Sharks Trail Adventure returns

>> Scores expected to attend challenge

Sharks mascot Sharkie with young riders at last year's event.


FTER a popular debut last year, the Stihl Sharks Trail Adventure returns at the start of the year-end holidays when the MTB ride and trail run family day takes place at Shongweni on Sunday 8 December. The mountain bike trails are accessible and rewarding for the experienced MTB enthusiasts entering the 40km and 18km races, while the 10km family ride and the 2km Sharkie Kids Rideisahitwiththeyoungstersandlessexperienced MTB riders. Lastyeartheeventattractedasignificantentry from the elite MTB fraternity, eager for a serious outing before the end-of-year break in the MTB calendar. Andrew Hill (TIB Insurance) emerged victorious in a keen tussle that left all the pro racers beaming. For the trail runners, the day will once again offer a choice of 9km or 18km options, winding through the picturesque Summerveld countryside.

The Sharks players will be there to spend time with their fans, and their larger-than-life mascotSharkiewillalsobeindemandamongst fans keen to have their photo taken with the friendly icon before he boards his bike for his 2km race with the smaller children. Based at the Summerveld estate in Shongweni, the day has been designed around families, with a rare Sunday opportunity to visit the Shongweni Farmers Market, Participants are encouraged to bring braais and picnic baskets to enjoy after the racing is completed, with live music and a distinctly Christmas theme to the day. “It is an opportunity for The Sharks players to spend some time with their fans who are keen MTB racers and trail runners, to thank them for their support during the year,� said the Sharks marketing manager Mike Ablett. Entries can be submitted at

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Hillcrest fever 15 11 2013  

Hillcrest fever 15 11 2013

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