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Fields Hill: 22 dead ­ what now? >> Community demands trucks be banned An emotional Sanele Goodness May (right) is charged with 22 counts of murder after the accident on Fields Hill (left). PHOTO: 988 Media


September 13, 2013



September 13, 2013



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HE 23-year-old Swaziland national driver of the truck that crashed into four taxis and a car, killing 22 people in Fields Hill on Thursday, faces murder charges after he appeared at Pinetown Magistrate’s Court on Monday. The emotional Sanele Goodness May was initially charged with culpable homicide, but National Prosecuting Authority spokeswoman Natasha Ramkisson confirmed that the charges had been upgraded to murder. The case was postponed to September 16. May remains in custody at the Pinetown police station holding cells. According to KwaZulu-Natal transport MEC Willies Mchunu, the accident occurred when the articulated truck hit four fully-laden minibus taxis and a Volkswagen Golf on the corner of Fields Hill (M13) and Richmond roads in Pinetown shortly before 7pm on Thursday. He said that although the driver has been arrested it is not enough. “Truck drivers heading to Durban often attempt to avoid paying toll road fees to save the money for themselves. They are trying not to pay toll fees and therefore use that money for personal reasons. We suspect that is what happened in this case,” he said. “We will be conducting a full investigation into this matter.” Mchunu said the department’s long-term plan to reduce road accidents on the N3 was to enforce its policy discouraging the transport of heavy goods by road, however this is still in discussion phases. He added that the province was committed to assisting bereaved families with funeral arrangements and expenses However, Lilian Develing, of Confederation of Mistbelt Ratepayers Association (Conomirra) says this is a case of ‘Too little too late’. “Conomirra has been trying to get the heavies off Fields Hill for at least 10 years and this latest carnage is a useless bit of ‘I told you so’,” she explained. “A mass truck protest is currently being put together. One life taken on this road is too many let alone 22 dead in one go. Someone needs to be held accountable.” Eunice Ngobani, who lost her 24 year old niece, Nothalana Mhlabathi in the accident, said the family cannot come to terms with the death. “This accident has destroyed our family. We are angry with the department for allowing these truck-drivers to cause mayhem on our roads. Someone needs to be held accountable for this tragedy,” she said. “Justice has to be served.” A tow truck driver Steven Botha who was on scene, says the accident is the worst he has seen in over 20

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The 18wheeler truck.

@JanineJD Horrible what’s happened in #Pinetown ... R.I.P. to the victims. Absolutely shocking. @mzenze Just saw the footage of the #Pinetown crash in KZN, horrific stuff! Yho @Sureshnie Many Prayers and condolences to the families who have lost their precious ones in #Pinetown crash:( absolutely tragic. @TrafficSA #Pinetown #FieldsHill posted, MEC “We will look at this road, trucks should not be using it” -- stop looking, start doing

Tragedy for all

>> Truck driver faces 22 murder charges, while families and community comes to grip with accident that claimed 22 lives last Thursday evening

Were warnings ignored? KALISHA NAICKER

>> THE Hillcrest Fever had published three articles this year alone about a possible catastrophe if trucks continued to use Fields Hill. This is the scene where 22 people died on Thursday. In the articles, residents and ward councillors said that the steep 100 metre gradient was notsuitableinpreventing emergency stops by trucks. Ward 18 councillor Tim Brauteseth said that the department ignored the years on the job. “It was just absolute chaos. There were mangled pieces of cars and bodies lying everywhere,” he said. “In the 22 years that I’ve been doing towing in the area, that’s definitely one of the worst ones I’ve attended. It was actually quite shocking to see, it was an absolute disaster.” Botha added that something desperately needs to be done to reduce accidents on Fields Hill. DA ward 10 councillor Rick Crouch said that MEC Mchunu was reacting only after an accident had happened.

situation along Fields Hill and calls to ban heavy duty vehicles, “and now this tragedy has occurred.” “Did we wait for this tragedy to happen before we did anything?” Ms B Chettia, who uses the road daily to and from Kloof, said, “The road has no speed breakers and drivers do not adhere to the speed limits, which are directly attributed to these crashes.” “We are hoping that some drastic measures are taken to reduce the severe accidents on the roads.” she said. “MEC Willies Mchunu’s shock and outrage regarding the accident on Fields Hill is disingenuous at the very least. We have been telling him and his department in official meetings that this exact thing was going to happen,” he said. “Since 2009 we have been fighting to have the heavy vehicles completely banned from Fields Hill. “Those 22 deaths are the responsibility of the department for their failure to act on this very serious issue. “I cannot tell you how many incidents there have been involving trucks; the residents that live along side Fields Hill live in constant fear because more than once trucks have

IN a horror crash on Field’s Hill near Pinetown on Thursday night, at least 27 people died and another 60 were injured when an 18-wheeler truck carrying containers ploughed into four fully-laden taxis and two cars and crushed another car. Upper Highway residents are up in arms. They are sympathising with families for their loss, but blame the Department of Transport for not banning heavy vehicles from the motorway months ago.

LILIAN DEVLING Confederation of Mistbelt Rate­ payers Association (Conomirra) Devling says the organisation has been trying to get the “heavies” off Fields Hill for at least 10 years: “We visited SANRAL over eight years ago asking for the Mariannhill Toll Plaza to be closed and pointed out the possibility of another toll at the Lion Park. This would capture all the heavies who would have paid their toll and not have to divert on to the M13 to avoid paying the toll further down. A temporary measure would be to have a weight restriction imposed at the Key Ridge NE M13 split so that the really heavy vehicle would have to continue on the N3,” she said.


Article published 21 June

Mohlmann says it breaks her heart to know that so many have lost their live in an incident that could have been avoid. “Let this never happen again MEC its time you did something.”

RICK CROUCH gone over the side and landed in someone’s property.” The DA will be hosting a prayer vigil and protest action against the heavy vehicles using Fields Hill on Saturday 14 September at the M13 off ramp and Richmond Road intersection. “Pending Metro Police approval, we are also planning a march from the Pinecrest Shopping Centre. “Protest banners and black armbands will be issued to marchers,”he said. For more information on the protest action contact Councillor Crouch on 073 418 6996 or Councillor Brauteseth on 083 766 4657.

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Ward 10 councilor Crouch said the deaths are the responsibility of MEC Mchunu and his department for their failure to act. “I cannot tell you how many incidents there have been involving trucks; the residents that live alongside Fields Hill live in constant fear because more than once trucks have gone over the side and landed in someone’s property. It is the fault of the MEC and his Department of Transport because it is our assertion that the truck should not have been allowed to be there.” hillcrest


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We’ve got eyes on you KALISHA NAICKER

Captain B Mpungose, receives his Ipad from Roger Greig pastor of Kloof Harvest Church (and staff in background)

THE Kloof Harvest Church has heeded the pleas for assistance by the Kloof CPF and purchased an IPAD with monthly data for Kloof policecaptainBhekiMpungoseso he can have direct access to the Watchman Cameras around the area at all times. Nikki Mohlmann of the CPF was pleased with the donation and said, Kloof’s police captain can now have direct access to the footage while patrolling the area. “It is in the interest of the public that our police captain is ahead of the game at all times,” she said. “Thank you to thechurchanditsmembersforall their support.”

‘Fake’ teachers arrested >> Members from the Durban Commercial Crime Unit arrested two teachers both aged between 28 and 38 years in KwaNyuswa and KwaMsane areas, near the Valley of 1000 Hills, for fraud to the value of over R500.000 earlier this month


rovincial police spokesperson Captain Thulani Zwane, the operation started in KwaNyuswa, where a 28-year-old Primary School teacher was arrested for being in possession of a fake teachers qualifications. “According to the investigations it was discovered that the teacher stated that he obtained his qualifications from the University of Port Elizabeth. He was employed and started to teach from 2009 and the accumulative remuneration for the period of employment is R304,995,” he said. “The second suspect was arrested close to KwaMsane. The woman had been teaching in a primary school at the KwaMsane area using fake qualifications which reflected that she had studied at the University of Zululand and she accumulated a salary of R211 243 for the period of her employment.” Zwane said both the arrested suspects appeared in the Durban Commercial Court on 6 Septemberandwerereleasedonwarning.They will appear again in court on 30 September. SMS the word “NEWS” to 32692 with your comment EMAIL hillcrestetters@




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September 13, 2013





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Choosing the right dog

September 13, 2013



I AM sitting here in rainy Surrey with friends and, of course, the question comes up about getting a dog to complete their family. My advice is not to suggestabreed,butrather,asksome questions: 1. For what purpose do you want adog?Playmate,workingdog(hunting), guard, fashion statement, etc? 2. How do you feel about grooming? For example Titus (my Schnauzer) needs grooming every second week and a daily beard brush – for a Sheltie or Pomeranian, it could be

Dr Anthony Zambelli Inanda Veterinary Hospital & Specialist Referrals 15 Howick Drive Waterfall 031 762 1816

even more frequent. On the other hand, if you have a Dobermann – a bath a month is more than enough. 3. Size of dog – this impacts feeding, medical costs and cleaning up efforts (paper tissue or shovel!) 4. Ease of training – Bassetts and Bulldogs are notoriously hard to train, and a Border Collie or German Shepherd can be unmanageable without some basic training. 5. Availability – it’s all very well to decide on a Shiba Inu, but there may not be any breeders in SA so be pre-

paredtopaydearly!Localbreedsare popular for a reason. Beware of breeders – many are wonderful people, but they are dedicated to a breed for personal reasons and some overlook the potential downsides of their breed for a family or individual, insisting their breed is perfect for everything. Visit the breeder and home and don’t be pressured! If there’s one thing I can promise you it’s that the world is NOT about to run out of labrador retrievers!

Ask your vet or vet nurse about the health issues of a breed, and visit the local SPCA or rescue organisation to see if you couldn’t help a dog in need first, before fuelling an industry. There are 10 to 15-year consequences, costs and obligations to this decision, so make the choice carefully. Don’t bow to pressure from children, breeders or friends. Consider the reasons for making your decision carefully.

Dilapidated den of evil

Residents demand the abandoned building be rid of vagrants

The people are afraid because of the activities taking place there. They claim to be hearing all kinds of sounds and noises coming from the building during the night,” she said. “We are demanding that Transnet

takes onus of the situation as the dilapidated building is a health and safety hazard.” PR councillor of ward 8, Gillian Noyce who has also taken on the plight of the residents said that she

has been constantly writing to the owners of the Barracks, to address the situation and maintain the premises. “I keep getting false promises by the company that they are going to

lease the building out ‘imminently’ and this was two months ago,” she said. “In the interim our community cries out for help, while Transnet does nothing to aid in any way, yet threaten legal action if the community tries to provide a security fence. “Are they looking into the benefit and safety of our community, or are they looking to try squeeze whatever minimal income they can get from rental of the premises?” However Gerard Rorke of Transnet Freight and Rail Property Management said it is unfortunate that Transnet could not allow the residents on the property without a lease and documentation in place. “We have policies and procedures in place which makes Transnet liable for any occupants that are legally allowed onto the premises, and therefore we could not take the risk of allowing the fencing,” he said. “I did offer the residents and alternate solution of signing the lease with us but they refused.” Rorke said that in terms of the occupancy of the building they did have a lease application however he is unsure of how far the process is currently. “Dependent on the time of occupation by the lessee I am willing to come to an arrangement that will suit everyone,” he said. “Perhaps the residents could do a temporary lease of the building, so that Transet’s legalities are met in them providing security and using the premises.”

Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association have deemed this practice illegal, and offenders could face a hefty fine. According to George Victor chairman of the Hillcrest Conservancy, Hillcrest has one of the highest bio-diversity ratings in the world, with Springside Nature Reserve having a higher rating than the Amazon. He said that many foreign species of plants have been brought into the area over the years, with some of these becoming very invasive; thereby threatening the area’s own natural habitat.

“The authorities are concerned with future water shortages in South Africa and natural wetlands are one process in the preserving of our water, as they act as a sponge and also purify the water,” he explained. “The SA wetlands are also under threat as their delicate bio diversity is being threatened by the invasive species which absorb large quantities of waterandforceoutournaturalestablished plants.” Victor said that in Hillcrest there is an abundance of Camphor and Gum trees as well as Wild Ginger plants, which are slowly destroying the natural resources in the area. “When the conservancy in conjunction with KHBA did an inspection on some of our streets we could not believe the amount of IAP growing here,” he said. “It was also recently noted that the local SAP grounds were supporting some illegal plant types (Natural ResourcesAct)suchasCamphortreesas well as Bugweed plants.” Victor said that the water run-off from the SAP grounds feeds into Springside Nature Reserve, impacting negatively on the already stretched efforts to contain these invasive plants in the reserve. “We then proposed to the SAP station commander that the invasive

plants would be removed and that KHBA would assist in upgrading the station garden,” he said. In addition the association also planted Arums lilies (which are illegally sold by hawkers) so that the staff could enjoy the flowers and easily identify them when hawkers were arrested. Hillcrest SAP Station Commander

Colonel Thandeka P Mbele was pleased with the initiative by the conservancy and KHBA, “More often than not residents are unaware that illegal trees are growing right on their doorstep,” she said. “Having an illegal tree in one’s garden is a criminal offence and I am urging the community to identify these trees and have them removed.”



ONCERNED residents of Hillcrest have been threatened with court action following a seven year battle to provide security to a Transnet owned abandon building along Inanda Road. According to residents the “Barracks” as it is known, is occupied by homeless people,including drug addicts and criminals, which Transnet refuses to rectify. Residents claim that they approached the Transport Company to provide security to the building at their own cost. They also proposed that the land could be used as a community food garden for the unemployed, however were “slapped in the face” with legal action. Resident Mrs M Mitchell who is at her “wits end” trying to secure the building, said that on numerous inspections of the building they have discovered stolen goods hidden in the ceiling. She said that due to the disapproval by Transnet, they have also lost the deposit which was paid for the fencing. “The place is a total mess. The rooms have heaps of filth lying around, with faeces and urine on the floors.Itisunsightlyand a totalhealth hazard,” explained Mitchell.

Weeds going wild KALISHA NAICKER

IF growing an invasive alien plant (IAP) in your back yard seems to simplybealawfulacttobeautifyyourgarden, think again. The Hillcrest Conservancy in conjunction with the

Resident Mrs M Mitchell and Gillian Noyce showing the dilapidated state of the Barracks.

Tammy: 082 741 0060 Tel/Fax: 031 777 1878 106 Old Main Road, Bothas Hill. •

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KHBA gardeners Nicholas and Victor Nothoze with Station Commander Colonel Thandeka P Mbele removing the IAP from the SAP garden

Setting sail in the 1000 Hills

Success at last year’s sailing competition.

THE 1000 Hills Sailing Club will be hosting the third Annual Jes Foord Regatta at Inanda Dam on 14 September to raise funds for The Jes Foord Foundation. The race is open to smaller yachts, including Hobie 14s, Halcats, Monohulls, Hobie 16’s and Darts. In previous years more than 25 boats entered and this year the race organisers are hoping to double that. Besides raising funds, the 1000 Hills Sail-

September 13, 2013



ing Club is hoping to raise awareness about sailing, as well as the beauty of Inanda Dam. They are hoping that through the regatta, more and more sailors will be encouraged to sail more often at the dam. The day will consist of three races, with the first race starting at 10.15am, weather and wind permitting. Skippers are required to have registered before 9am, briefing is at 9.45am. Races will be open to smaller yachts, in-



cluding Hobie 14s, Halcats, Monohulls, Hobie 16’s and Darts People are encouraged to come along, bring their families and enjoy a day of fun and sailing. For more information on the race, and how you can enter, contact Norman Parker on 083 789 3485 or Rob Howe 079 886 8950.

Amazon adventurer visits Hillcrest KALISHA NAICKER ADVENTURER Davey du Plessis set off on a 6400km source-to-sea expedition down the Amazon on 1 July 2012. Two months and a third of the way in, he was attacked and left in the jungle to die. Fortunately he was saved by locals and lived to tell the tale. The 25-year-old will be presenting his riveting story at Debbie Cameron’s Physiotherapy in Hillcrest on Saturday, 19 October at 9.30am. Tickets for this not-to-bemissed event are R80 and all proceeds go to The Reach for a Dream Foundation. The aim of his solo adventure, entitled ‘The Amazon Project’, was to draw attention to environmental issues and promote the concept of ‘empowerment of the environment’. Theepicjourneyincludedathree-stage adventure, crossing the South American continent from East to West. This consisted of a hike to the summit of the 18-000ft Mount Mismi, noted as the true source of

layed on the 19 October. According to physiotherapist Debbie Cameron,DuPlessiswastheperfectchoice for their annual event which focuses on inspiration and overcoming physical challenges. “Myself, along with physiotherapists, Lynne Fairclough and Amanda Solomon are not only passionate about physiotherapy but equally passionate about helping people through physical difficulties, whether from overuse, trauma or elective surgery,” said Cameron. “We take our inspiration from past patients who have experienced the triumph of the human spirit to overcome huge odds to a successful recovery – normal people who have found that the essence of life is precious and is not to be wasted.” To purchase a ticket, contact Michelle on 031 765 8898. Du Plessis will also be promoting his newly launched book entitled ‘Choosing to Live’. FormoreinformationonDaveyduPlessis visit

An incredible story of hope and survival Davey du Plessis … ‘We take our inspiration from past patients who have experienced the triumph of the human spirit to overcome huge odds to a successful recovery’ PHOTO: SUPPLIED

the Amazon River; followed by an estimated 800km cycle through the Peruvian Andean Mountains; and a final 5700km pad-

dle towards the Atlantic Ocean. Two months into the journey, Du Plessis was ambushed, shot and left for dead,

putting an end to this dream. Despite not completing the project, he was left with an incredible story of survival which will be re-

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September 13, 2013



Bookworms unite Glenda Gillespie, Musa Ngubana, Debby Walker

EXCLUSIVE BooksatThe Pavilion Shopping Centre celebrated National Book Week in style from 2 to 7 September with plenty of new releases and established favourites. Staff welcomed young and old who love good literature. They also introduced new readers to the wonderful world of the written word. National Book Week is

about promoting reading andformspartofanational effort to embrace the valueofreadingandshare it with as many people as possible. The Pavilion Shopping Centre also fully endorses this as all of its Corporate Social Investment initiatives are aimed at improving education and improving literacy amongst future generations.

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Recovered from drugs Recovering addict urges community to stay sober

Siyabonga Shabalala shows off the plants at the gardens PHOTO: KAL­ ISHA NAICKER


Sister Arlene Joseph hands Collin Reddy an achievement award

Offering hope to those in need KALISHA NAICKER THE Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust (HACT) is a multifaceted, holistic HIV/Aids project that exists to provide “unconditional love and hope” to those impacted by HIV/ Aids, in a practical, sustainable way. The organisation was founded in 1990 as a ministry of the Hillcrest Methodist Church. It was a response to the then minister’s conviction that the church needed to respond to the emerging HIV pandemic.



It has developed over the past 23 years to be a dynamic, independent non-profit organisation and registered Trust. According to marketing officer Jess Southey, “HACT serves several poverty-torn communities in the Valley of 1000 Hills’ region one of the epicentres of the world’s HIV pandemic. “The area has an estimated HIV-infection rate of up to 40 to 60%. “Where a need has been witnessed, a plan has been put into place to respond to that need in a

Inanda Veterinary Hospital & Specialist Referrals 15 Howick Drive Waterfall

031 762 1816 After-Hours 076 437 1385 &

General Practitioner

Dr Judy Ratner

By appointment Mon - Sat Vaccinations, Routine Care, Microchipping, Surgery

way that uplifts and empowers, rather than demoralises,” said Southey. “The organisation employs 64 staff members, the majority of whom come from the surrounding communities. “Many of them are infected or affected by HIV/Aids and have come through its programmes.” HACT’s vision is to be a self-sustaining non-profit organisation that empowers and develops a strong and united team that work together to respond to the HIV/ Aids crisis in ways that are community orientated. “One of its self-sustaining income generated projects is the nursery, called Izingadi Zethema (Gardens of Hope) which sells indigenous and imported plants for every garden,” said Southey. “The centre uses the funds raised from nursery sales, plus added donations, and has started 150 vegetable gardens for im-

poverished families living in the surrounding communities. “The organisation has also started gardens in schools and for community groups. “The gardens allow families or schools to grow their own vegetables and become food-secure,” she said. “They also provide an opportunity for families to bring in a small income by selling the excess produce. “HACT itself buys some producefrom our garden families,for use in the Respite Unit and feeding scheme,” said Southey. She urged the community to support the income generating projects on a regular basis. “All the support we receive is greatly appreciated, as it has a positive impact for someone in need.” To find out more about the centre, contact 031 765 5866 or visit 26 Old Main Road, Hillcrest.





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42 Old Main Road, Tel: 031 765 1127

HEN he was younger, highway resident Collin Reddy was a typical boy who loved sport, fast cars and hanging out with friends. By the age of 17 he tried smoking marijuana and by 19 he was addicted to cocaine. Now, at 23, Reddy is out of rehab, hoping that his story will help others get sober. Speakingto HillcrestFever,Reddysaidthat cocaine has spread beyond the inner cities and is one of the fastest-growing drugs of choice for hundreds of teenagers. “I feel like anyone could honestly get it. You just have to know the right people,” he said. At school, Reddy was actively involved in sport; he got good results without the cash incentives that his friends so often got from their parents. However , in his matric year, he started partying, drinking alcohol, smoking and occasionally used marijuana. But he was afraid of using cocaine and had always tried to avoid it, though his friends were using it at parties and it was readily available. He eventually caved in and tried it, too. “I was scared to do cocaine because I thought I could die, but once I tried it, I didn't care," Reddy explained. “You get a rush but it's like a downer rush.” Reddy soon began craving the drug all the time, which led him to steal and even commit assault, all in the name of feeding his habit. “I hit rock bottom when I lost all of my family and friends due to my addiction. I tried nine different rehabilitation centres,yetnothing worked for me,” he said. Eventually Reddy heard about the AC Health and Wellness Centre and spoke to Sister Arlene Joseph who worked with him until he completed his programme and remained sober. “I admit that when I first was admitted to the centre I refused to trust anyone, however I was soon able to build a relationship with the staff on helping myself,” he said. “I am clean from cocaine for two years and am now working at the centre as a counsellor.” Sister Joseph said that Reddy is a sterling example of what dedication and determination to stay clean can do. “If anyone needs assistance they are welcome to contact me for a free confidential consultation,” said Reddy. For more information, contact 031 708 6586 or 071 900 5529.


The worst has happened AFTER months of reporting on the M13 and residents calling for the ban of heavy duty vehicles on the roads, the worst has happened. The horrific accident on Fields Hill, which resulted in the death of 22 and more than 50 others still injured, dominated the national news last week. The Hillcrest Fever has highlighted a number of incidents in the last few months after residents complained about accidents. During this period, councillors, organisation leaders and role players joined forces for one cause: to ban heavy duty vehicles from using the road due to the chaos caused by trucks. Council’s response then was they are not able to stop these vehicles from using the road, but can stop them from using it during peak hour traffic. The Department of Transport said they have already restricted trucks from using the road during peak hours. Two weeks ago the Hillcrest Fever once again highlighted these vehicles straddling lanes when making their way up Fields Hill. A driver claimed he thought a truck was going to “push me off the road” because of the driver’s instability. Now there are many “I told you so” messages going around. We are thankful for the recently formed task team, and trust that we will see swift results once a a report is released.

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September 13, 2013

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Left and right PETER DAVIS YEARS ago I was chatting with attorney Michael Hands, the municipal expert with a large group of attorneys, when he said something which startled me at the time: “Municipalities are the biggest single threat facing this new dispensation.” Now, it seems, Hands’s fears are being realised. SA Cities Network, a forum for city managers throughout the country, has warned that the funding levels imposed by national government was undermining local government efforts to remain solvent. Theystatedemphaticallythat“local government is gravely underfunded by the system and the services offered by municipalities are becoming increasingly unaffordable.” Basically the problem is rapid urbanisation by the poor coupled with economic stagnation. This means the growing number of households is demanding increasingly expensive services for which they cannot pay. Durban, along with other metros, is beginning to stagger under the weightofprovidingabasicreasonable standard of living for the thousands who pour into the city on a weekly basis. The rates base has barely increased over the past five years and yet these ratepayers \are expected to fund the city along with national government, also battered by stagnation and a flat tax base. Added to that, the fact is poverty is now a burning urban issue, yet the government insists on pouring money into rural areas in the hopes of retaining people there, but that is not working. Simply put, the present system of fundingcitiesisnotsustainable,especially in a struggling economy. Both

is beginning to stagger under the weightofprovidingabasicreasonable standard of living for the thousands who pour into the city on a weekly basis. The rates base has barely increased over the past five years and yet these ratepayers \are expected to fund the city along with national government, also battered by stagnation and a flat tax base. Added to that, the fact is poverty is now a burning urban issue, yet the government insists on pouring money into rural areas in the hopes of retaining people there, but that is not working. Simply put, the present system of funding cities is not sustainable, especially in a struggling economy. Both ratepayers and taxpayers have reached just about the limit of their ability to render unto Caesar and will start looking for alternatives if they are forced to pay much more. Of course the answer is simple – more jobs so that people can begin paying for their services. But, as with most things, the application is far more complex. There is the faltering economy internationally, there is corruption locally, there are severe education and capacity issues along with almost 20 million people who depend on the State for existence. None of these can be resolved any time soon. In my view, the most viable option to resolve local government’s looming disaster is to allow municipalities to charge a local VAT on all commercial transactions – starting with the metros. The complex arithmetic would have to be done, but as an example if national government dropped VAT tosay12%andallowedmunicipalities to charge up to 3% in local VAT, this could provide the necessary fillip to local government and allow the State more flexibility to reduce their equitable share funding where they can. At thesametime,itwouldspreadthetax burden more fairly among consumers. However, such a move would be politically explosive. Unions would go on strikes and there would be a general uproar. But someone has got to have the courage to make our cities work and there is no easy answer.


Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Courage

April to June 2013: 19950


Local government undermined ratepayers and taxpayers have reached just about the limit of their ability to render unto Caesar and will start looking for alternatives if they are forced to pay much more. Of course the answer is simple – more jobs so that people can begin paying for their services. But, as with most things, the application is far more complex. There is the faltering economy internationally, there is corruption locally, there are severe education and capacity issues along with almost 20 million people who depend on the State for existence. None of these can be resolved any time soon. In my view, the most viable option toresolvelocalgovernment’slooming disaster is to allow municipalities to charge a local VAT on all commercial transactions – starting with the metros. The complex arithmetic would have to be done, but as an example if national government dropped VAT tosay12%andallowedmunicipalities to charge up to 3% in local VAT, this couldprovidethenecessaryfilliptolocal government and allow the State more flexibility to reduce their equitable share funding where they can. At thesametime,itwouldspreadthetax burden more fairly among consumers. However, such a move would be politically explosive. Unions would go on strikes and there would be a general uproar. But someone has got to have the courage to make our cities work and there is no easy answer. Now, it seems, Hands’s fears are being realised. SA Cities Network, a forum for city managers throughout the country, has warned that the funding levels imposed by national government was undermining local government efforts to remain solvent. Theystatedemphaticallythat“local government is gravely underfunded by the system and the services offered by municipalities are becoming increasingly unaffordable.” Basically the problem is rapid urbanisation by the poor coupled with economic stagnation. This means the growing number of households is demanding increasingly expensive services for which they cannot pay. Durban, along with other metros,



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Fields Hill is a nightmare EVERY time I drive on Fields Hill I find myself saying a little prayer. I am a licensed driver with over 10 years’ experience and I am most nervous on the road when I am on Fields Hill. Last Wednesday I was once again forced to use this road as I was working in the area. It was insanely difficult for me to stay in my lane and I had to predict what other drivers were about to do - I assumed they were just as nervous as I was. As I approached one of those step bends I almost slammed into the back of a track which was in the left and middle lanes. Fortunately I had enough time to brake and the car behind me was at some distance so we avoided a horrible pile up. I was horrified when I heard 27 pupil lost their lives as a result of one these trucks. I think a person who is allowed to drive these vehicles has to be tested on reflex on intelligence before getting behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler. After all every time they sit in one these vehicles and take off they are instantly endangering lives. My heart-felt condolences go out to the family members who lost their loves ones in this horrifying incident. Praying driver

Stop destroying our trees I REFER to the article ‘Vandals target Hillcrest tree’ in last week’s Hillcrest Fever. Ithinkitisinsanethatsomeonehasthetimetodestroy a tree. I agree with Marge Mitchell who said that these culprits need to find something better to do. Clearly these hooligans don’t know how important it is for any community to have trees; and I am thinking that they don’t knowthepurposetreesserve other than providing shade. I would like to encourage these people with so much time on their hands to make a difference in the community instead of destroying it. There are a number of areas that need cleaning and not polluting. So please use your time positively as your mindless actions affect everyone. Tree­hugger

Kungani sesithanda imali ukudlula umphefumulo? Udaba olushaqisayo luka mama uNokukhanya Langeni wase Gamalakhe lokuzama ukuthengela amadodana akhe amabili izinkabi ukuze ezothola umshwalense lingithuse kakhulu. Bantu besimame sezashonaphi izinseka na? Sekucace bha manje ukuthi iningi labantu alisenendaba nomphefumulo njengakuqala kodwa selizithandela imali phambili. Bekuthi ma kwenzeke ingozikuqalakubongweukuthingobanjekusindeimiphefumulo kulungile. Manje ngiyakholwa ukuthi sekunabantu abadinwa kuthi abazisakaze ma bezwa kuthiwa kwenzeke ingozi kumalunga emindeni yawo kodwa asinda wonke. Engani kuvimbeke ukuthi bangenelwe isheke eliqhamuka kumshwalense. Isenzo salomama sifana nse nalabantu abaqotha abantu ngenxa yokuthi bafuna izitho zabo abazothwala ngazo ukuze banothe. Ma sizwa kuthiwa umcebo wakho wanda kakhulu uma uqotha emndenini

wakho. Sesijwayele futhi nokuzwa ngezindaba zabashadile ababulalene ngenxa yokuthi omunye ufuna kona ukuyothola izizumbulu zemali kumshwalense ngokudlula kwesithandwa sakhe emhlabeni. Ngampela ngampela masenza kanjena emhlabeni siqondeni? Sisithathaphi isibindi sokubulalana ngenxa nje yemali? Ake sibuyeleni ebuntwini siphume ebulwaneni!. Uma udalelwe ukunotha uyonotha kahle nje. Uma kungadaliwe vuma ukuthi cha akuzukwenzeka. Asamukeleni lokhu uNkulunkulu onguMdali wethu sonke asiphe kona ngoba unesizathu salokho. Kusho ukuthini ukunotha ulokhu wadliwa unembeza? Kaze wona unembeza usekhona yini esikhathini samanje. Asithandeni umphefumulo kunemali muzi wakithi onsundu. Mfanafuthi Nzuza Pietermaritzburg



September 13, 2013

Pupils of Kainon Pre-Primary listen to the talk


THE Kloof and Highway SPCA held an animal awareness talk in Kainon Pre-Primary School, Westville recently. According to SPCA managerBarbaraPartick, the children were taught awareness about animal welfare. “We are especially grateful for the financial


Animal awareness created

contribution made to the SPCA and donations of dogandcatfood,blankets, treats and toys from the school,” she said. “Teaching children about their responsibilities to their pets is so important and we thank Kainon Pre-Primary for making this an important part of their curriculum.”

An artist’s eye


Louise Hansen with her paintings and jewellery.

Artist creates beauty from her surroundings KALISHA NAICKER


ATERFALL’S Louise Hansen is a renowned artist in watercolour paintings, oils and jewellery designer. She has an all-round creative force as a mixed artist. In the 1990s, she got involved in scrap-booking as an extension of her paper product and jewellery addiction. This was only the beginning. Hansen studied fine art at Durban Natal Technical College and moved to Holland to follow her passion. She began working and doing a stint of technical drawing. She returned to South Africa nine years later and worked as a tracer in addition to pursuing her passion. The mother of two does commissions


and also creates beautiful art work for sale in local galleries and art fairs. She has also produced striking Bushmen art on silk. Her creativity does not stop there. Hansen has also done stained glass window contracts and makes her own clothes. As a 21st century woman, she is consistently on the leading edge of taking creative risks to push the creative envelope and empowering others to do the same with their art. As a modern artist, Hansen is a born experimenter; blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected items into meaningful pieces of self-expression. “I love the colours and joy art brings me. It is a form of self-expression and a way of relating to the world.” Hansen has synthesized her first love of teaching and patience with children with her passion for craft and brings this to the community via classes she runs from her home. “I love to teach or rather let people ex-

plore their artistic talents. There is no right and wrong in art,” she said. “All things material can be creatively transformed into a personal piece of artistic interpretation. That creativity is not a measure of skill, but a passion.” Hansen saidthat art comes from within and is a visual extension of oneself. That everyone is perfect just the way they are created. That art cannot be defined, but rather is defining. “I run classes from “beginner” level to experienced, aiding people to better their talents. Classes are held on Tuesdays to Fridays from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm.” Hansen’ message to budding artists out there is, “Always follow your passion”. “Art can open up ones world to a new and colourful horizon.” To find out more about Hansen’s classes or to purchase any of her art, contact 082 614 5688.

From left: Kim Griffith-Jones (Robin Hood Foundation Coordinator) with Leigh and Leon Jacobs from Tula Baby, with one of the brightly branded collection boxes that will be in store during September.

Help a baby in need KALISHA NAICKER TULA Baby proudly launched the ‘Bless a Baby Spring Charity Drive’ set to run nationally throughout the month of September. The initiative seeks to encourage communities to purchase and donate new baby items for distribution to the Robin Hood Foundation – an NPO that collects resources from more fortunate families and redistributes them directly into the hands of the poorest of the poor in disadvantaged communities. Residents can purchase and donate baby items at Baby Boom, Toys R Us or Reggies. These stores have brightly


t s e r Aslthey c l i and grow, hlearn FEVER

branded collection boxes where people can drop off their donations. All items will be donated to the Robin Hood Foundation. Kim Griffith-Jones, the Robin Hood Foundation coordinator, encourages communities to assist underprivileged mothers from Aids affected communities. “There are many mothers out there or Aids orphans that require these donations, so I am urging communities to consider their plight and assist in any way they can,” she said. For more information visit or call Emma on 083 707 053.

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September 13, 2013

Let’s support Bandana Day THE Sunflower Fund National Bandana Day is fast approaching and Pick n Pay, BP Express stores and the local branch of Round Table will be selling bandanas for R20 each. Bandana Day takes place on 12 October. Supporters are asked to wear bandanas to show their solidarity towards the brave daily fights faced by

leukaemia patients. Money raised will go towards The Sunflower Fund in increasing the South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR), which exists to find and match bone marrow stem cell donors for patients who need a transplant. Tina Botha, The Sunflower Fund CEO said, “We are really hoping that


the SA public and corporates will come out in full force this year and support National Bandana Day. “We appeal to all SA schools and Namibia to support us by encouraging pupils to buy a bandana from Pick ‘n Pay, BP Express shops or Round Table and allow them to wear them on Bandana Day.”

Currently75percentofpatientssuffering from leukaemia and other life threatening blood disorders are under 25-years-old. To become a bone marrow stem cell donor, contact 0800 12 10 82 for registration, or visit www.sunflower to find out more about the organisation.




SMS the word “NEWS” to 32692 with your comment FAX 031 533 7972 with your comment EMAIL ballitoletters@

Top store on your doorstep Hillcrest Kwikspar scoops prestigious award KALISHA NAICKER


ILLCREST Kwikspar, a family owned and managed store for over 15 years that is designed to service the community 14 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days of the year, has won the 2013 Kwikspar of the Year regional awards. Proud winner and store owner Mike Egling said that the store was judged on its look and feel, growth and community involvement - and it excelled in all categories. “Hillcrest Kwikspar offers a one stop,stress-freeshoppingexperience with our large range and quality service departments as well as specialised foods. The store blends in with the buzzing lifestyle that we have become accustomed to,” said Egling. “Our large offering and variety of exciting products leaves customers spoilt for choice.” He said it is thanks to the array of freshly baked breads, delectable cakes and cookies, fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers, and best cuts ofmeat that Hillcrest Kwikspar has become the award winning place to shop in the Upper Highway area. In addition Egling said that the Tops store has become famous for having the widest range of wines in Hillcrest. “Our latest in technology and design mixed with familiar faces of the friendly staff makes Hillcrest Kwikspar a shopping destination of choice,” he said. Hillcrest Kwikspar continues en-

Owners Mike and Leigh-Anne Egling (left) with their staff, proudly display the awards. gaging in their social responsibility by supporting local schools, churches and charitable organisations to help improve and grow the commu-

nity and its people. “We service the Upper Highway communities and will continue to do so for generations to come,” said Eg-

ling. He also thanked his loyal staff and customers for their continued support over the years, for making Hillcrest Spar the success it is today.


“We will be increasing the size of the store within the next few months, with anew fresh produce and bakery department,” he added.

Hillcrest high pupils’ feeding scheme success KALISHA NAICKER WHEN a caring pupil from Hillcrest High School brought the desperate plight of a KwaNyuswa orphanage to the Interact Club's attention, all the pupils sprang into action to find ways to help. The orphanage mother of Siyabusiswa Orphanage works on the cleaning staff at one of the local schoolsinKwaNyuswaandisbattling with supplies for the 18 children in her care. Hillcrest High pupils visited the centre recently and spent time at the orphanage, excavating the land for a future arts and crafts’ centre that is planned for the site. Subsequently, the Interact Club has deliveredtwoloadsofblankets,clothing and vegetables to the children, which were collected by both the pupils and parent community. In addition, Hillcrest High has also instituted the 1 - 2 - 3 feeding programme of “one onion, two potatoes and three carrots” to build the children's health. With this programme, the pupils try and collect non-perishable food for

the orphanage and other non-profit organisations in the area. Michaela Groenewald, one of the pupils involved in the feeding programme, said that her heart “aches” when she knows there are children out there that do not have a hot meal every day. “We take such things for granted. I am pleased that I can be part of a project that aims to end hunger,” she said. “I encourage other pupils in the area to get involved in community projects and uplift organisations that are in need.” “We can all make a difference if we put our minds to it,” she added. Teacher Lesley Moffatt, who heads up the Interact Club at the school, said that both th e club and the school community were generous people, who had given with open hearts. "I am so proud to be part of this caring outreach which allows Hillcrest High School to make a difference in our community." To find out more about Hillcrest High community projects or to assist with any projects, including the feeding scheme, contact 031 765 1215.

Michaela Groenewald and Kristen Sprighton with some of the many bags of vegetables donated to Siyabusiswa Orphanage



September 13, 2013



11 September: Hillcrest Conservancy will be hosting a guided walk at the Springside Nature Reserve, Wednesday 11September,8.30am.Donationswillbe accepted for Hillcrest conservancy projects. Contact Sue on 031 765 6809.

Welcome to Ataraxia Ataraxia was founded in 2004. Husband and wife team, Kevin and Hanli, in partnership with a few friends, purchased 50 hectares of prime vineyard land. The landscape in which Ataraxia is situated, called The Skyfields, is unique, lying as it does on the most elevated section of the Hemel-en-Aarde area. Nestled on this commanding rise beneath the soaring BabylonsToren mountain range, our vineyards are planted on some of the most spectacular terroirs South Africa has to offer. It is a place where wines of incredible finesse, balance and depth are crafted, that proudly hold their own in the international arena.

Ataraxia 2012 Chardonnay A minimalist, non-interventionist winemaking approach, geared to reflect sense of place and expression of terroir was adopted. It is 100% barrel fermented and carefully matured in specially selected small French oak barriques sourced exclusively from Burgundian coopers. Fortnightly batonnage was employed throughout the 10 month maturation period. The result is a Chardonnay that is New World in provenance but Old World in stylistic leaning. A chiselled, focused wine that effortlessly manages to be both subtle and intense. The palate is penetrating and profound yet graceful and poised. A forceful mineral acidity is beautifully balanced by a subtle yet compelling intensity of fruit. A classic length, creaminess and intriguing complexity defines this stylish, world class Chardonnay.

13 September: Rotary Club of Hillcrest will be hosting a fund-raising food and wine evening on Friday 13 September, 7pm to 9.30pm at Richdens Superspar. R75 per person. Contact Dennis on 031 765 3277 or 083 733 6208.

13 September: Thomas More College will be hosting an amateur performance of Rumours (the British edition) by Neil Simon, presented by arrangement with Dalro (Pty) Ltd, from 11 to 13 September, starting 6pm. Contact Kayleigh on 072 338 5646.

14 September: Kloof conservancy will be holding a guided walk on Saturday 14 September, 10am at Kloof and Highway SPCA. Those interested are asked to meet at the tea garden.

Glittering ball a magical success IT was a magical evening at the Docklands Hotel when the Jes Foord Foundation celebrated its annual charity ball in association with Netcare, Jonsson’s Workwear and Famous Brands recently. The event made R141 000, which will be used by the foundation to continue its work of restoring lives after rape. The 170 guests spared no time, creative juices or attention to detail when preparing their outfits in the ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ theme.

Kyle Mijlo, Jo Baile, Frances Emanuel, Jessica Hargreaves, Hans Van Der Waal

Ataraxia 2013 Sauvignon Blanc This wine favours individuality and minerality ahead of pure, pungent fruit, but still shows hints of passion fruit and citrus as well as green melon aromas. These are effortlessly reflected on the palate and are complemented by a lively acidity which underpins a classy structure and succulent texture. A wine of substantial poise, length and charm.

Aco Stulic, Jess Knauf, Kye de Klerk, Brandon Dowle

Jes Foord, Rath Wilson and best dressed couple Steven Gordon and Lauren McCallum

Jes Foord and husband Jono

Sensational sizzles expected at food fund­raiser KALISHA NAICKER

HILLCREST Conservancy in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Hillcrest will be hosting its annual food and wine evening on Friday 13 September, 7pm, at the Richdens Superspar, Hillcrest.

According to Rotarian Dennis Wesley, for just R75, attendees can enjoy an evening sampling snacks, tasty food and wine. Donations for entry tickets will be used to assist the less privileged members of the community as well as for environmental conservancy projects.

“Attendees will also have a chance to win one of several lucky draws with generous prizes of hampers,” he said. Tickets are available from Richdens Superspar during shopping hours or on the night. For more information contact Dennis Wesley on 031 765 3277 or 083 733 6208.

September 13, 2013






School maintains roots in Kloof

Kloof Pre-Primary boasts excellence KALISHA NAICKER


IGH, arched corridors and well-established gardens with a touch of old world charm hint at Kloof Pre-Primary being an established and respected organisation. The popular school is tucked away alongside the Kloof shopping complex in Old Main Road, and does indeed boast a long and proud history. In the early 1920s, pioneering resident and community-minded benefactorCliveAlexanderCheesman decided the area needed a local school for the families who had settled there. The school was however, only fully established in 1972 by Mr and Mrs Brian Ferraz in the old Kloof School building. Principal Colleen Phillips said that the learning ethos of all those years ago still remains. “That ethos is to make play time and make-believe the foundations for learning and creating awareness about everything from climate change to dinosaurs,” she said. Phillips’ teaching experience has spanned three decades (she’s been at the school for the past three years) and she is the first to say that children have “changed dramatically”. “Today even the youngest children are watching programmes on television that would have been unheard of in past generations. “They know a huge amount, even before they get here. They know how to use cellphones, send messages and all about the latest IT gadgets,” said Phillips. “But there is one big disadvantage to all this. Children, have lost the ability to listen.” However, Phillips said this is a


Launching a platform for Buyers at the Durban Business Fair EThekwini Municipality’s Business Support, Tourism and Markets Unit hosted a successful Durban Business Fair Buyers Breakfast on 03 September 2013 at the Docklands Hotel. The breakfast also marked the official launch of the inaugural ABSA Retail Buyers Trade Night which will premiere the Durban Business Fair on 19 September 2013 at the Durban Exhibition Centre. The Buyers Breakfast was addressed by the Co-Chair of the KZN Growth Coalition, Mr Moses Tembe as the Keynote Speaker. The programme included a captivating Panel Discussion, which featured panellists such as Mr Phillip Sithole Head of eThekwini Municipality’s Business Support, Tourism and Markets Unit, Mr Ebrahim Patel Chairperson of the KZN Business Chambers Council, Mr Sisa Ntshona ABSA’s Head of Enterprise Development and Mr Mike Robertson MD for Times Media’s Media Division and Mr Moses Tembe Co-Chair of the KZN Growth Coalition. The topic for the Panel Discussion was “The Future Role of Small and Medium Business in the South African economy.” The Buyers Breakfast was a platform to lobby big businesses and business regulatory bodies to participate in the inaugural ABSA Retail Buyers Trade Night.

Thobi Zondi; Madisyn Ferreira; Fynn Meagar; Mia Meilhon; Lauren Ferreira (Teacher) in the background Maxx Du Plessis and Ethan Horne.

Lunch time at Kloof Pre-Primary.

The Jelly Tots and Jelly Bean class.

challenge she and her teachers have taken head-on. “We believe the art of listening has to be encouraged right from the start. “It’ not always easy, especially with the boys,” she said. “But patience is something we have learned to be very good at.” The school caters for the specif-

ic needs of the pre-school child, with a focus on learning through fun and the physical exploration of different media. The teachers keep abreast of the latest trends in education and implement them to provide a rich and full educational programme for children. The school has extensive and

spacious garden areas and classrooms in which children can move. “Our school boasts sport and academic excellence,” said Phillips. Admissions for 2014 open soon. For more information contact 031 764 1577 or visit the school at 15 Old Main Road.

The Head of eThekwini Municipality’s Business Support, Tourism and Markets Unit, Phillip Sithole said, “We are calling on big businesses to pledge their support for the inaugural ABSA Retail Buyers Trade Night. Through this program we want to expose our SMMEs to business opportunities. This will be a platform to facilitate business linkages between SMMEs and corporate entities which are trading in similar sectors.” The Durban Business Fair will take place from 20 – 22 September 2013 at the Durban Exhibition Centre, as part of celebrating 15 years of Growing Sustainability the Fair will be giving away many amazing prizes to exhibitors and visitors. There will also be new exciting features such as the ABSA Retail Buyers Trade Night, MTN BIZ Match Evening, Live Music Concert as well as the Treasure Hunt application, which is technological innovation to ease exhibition navigation for visitors and exhibitors. As part of celebrating 15 years of success and growing sustainability, the Fair will run in conjunction with the World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) 19th International Conference on Small and Medium Enterprises (ICSME), which will be hosted in Durban for the first time. The ICSME will be hosted on 18-21 September 2013 at Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre. The theme of the Conference is “Beyond the downturn – revitalising the global economy through small and medium enterprises”. The Conference will feature panellists who will deal with various best practice topics – enterprise development and access to finance. Limited spaces are still available for the WASME 19th International Conference on Small and Medium Enterprises. For bookings and more information contact: Tel: +27 (011) 326-4082 Email: asanda@ / Website:

Glitz and glamour at Kloof’s high ball

For more information on the ABSA Retail Buyers Trade Night and Exhibition contact: Ikhono Communications on 031 266 9937 /8 or email: Follow us on Twitter: @DBNBusinessFair Like us on Facebook: Durban Business Fair Website:

Alex Marais, Caleb Janssens and Cayley Foss KLOOF High School held its annual debutante and squires’ ball in grand style recently at the school. Theeventwasstartedfiveyearsago and it has become an annual gathering that the grade 10s look forward to. According to school spokesperson

Cayley Foss, Julia Guimarâe, Craig Johnson, Dale Rosser and Bianca Smith.

Barbara Forbes, pupils start raising funds for the event a year in advance and their efforts culminate in a ball in their grade 10 year. “The 2013 group raised R75 000. The funds are used to improve the facilities for the pupils,” said Forbes.

In addition, Forbes said that every Wednesday morning a charity collection is also taken. These funds are donated to various charity organisations. Yolanda Shiers, the teacher in charge of the debutantes and squires, congratulated the 2013 group on a

job well done. She said she would like to challenge the current grade 9s to improve on the total raised in 2013. She also congratulated the top squire, Caleb Janssens (R20 000) and the top debutante of 2013, Alex Marais (R9 500).



September 13, 2013




Umphakathi uxwayiswa ngesidakamizwa esihlanyisayo, iMusic


KUNGABE intsha iwazi ngokuphelele umonakalo odalwa yizidakamizwa? Ngabe isiyazi ngalesi esisha ekuthiwa siyahlanyisa, i ‘Music’? Ngibuza kanje ngoba nginele ngahogela umoyana wokuthi sekukhona esisha ekuthiwa siyahlanyisa, ngase ngizenzela uphenyo njengentatheli. Ngethuke kwaphela nasozwaneni uma ngithola kwabambalwa engibabuzile impendulo ethi: “Yebo!” Kuthiwa sekukhona isidakamizwa esisestayeleni, nokubikwa

ukuthi sinyonyobela intsha ethanda ubumnandi, esibizwa nge-Music. Kuthiwa ayidliwa emini kepha idliwa ebusuku kuphela ngoba ayizwani nokukhanya kwelanga. Kuthiwa uma isingene kahle egazini, umuntu uzithola esenza izinto angeke azenze uma ephila saka. Asebeke badlula kulesidakamizwa, bathi siphela kanzima egazini ngoba senza umuntu ahlanye. Abanye kuthiwa bayafa nokufa. Asebeke basisebenzisa bafunga bayagomela ukuthi ngeke baphinde basizame nangengozi. Sikhulume nomlisa mumbe oseke wasisebenzisa lesidakamiza ocele ukungadalulwa, othe wayengazi ukuthi sizomhlukumeza izinsuku ezintathu, singavumi ukudamuka egazini. Uthe: “Vele ngijwayele ukusebenzisa izidakamizwa zokuzijabulisa uma nginabangani bami siye ezindaweni zokujuxuza. Sithanda nje ukusebenzisa isidakamizwa esidansiyo esibizwangomgwinyongobasidansa

kuze kuse singakhathali. “Kepha ngenkathi ngisebenzisa iMusic akekho owangitshela ukuthi lesi sidakamizwa senza umonakalo ongakanani egazini. Okokuqala nje inkinga yaso ukuthi akumele utholane nokukhanya kwelanga uma usithathile,futhiasifanineminyeimigwinyo ngoba sithatha izinsuku ezintathu nanga phezulu ukuthi siphele egazini,” kusho lomlisa ocele ukungadalulwa. UMnuz Colin Louvie, osebenzela inkampani yezokuthutha othe wazibonela ngawakhe umuntu owayesebenzise lesidakamizwa, uthe: “Ngathola umbiko ocingweni lwami ngomuntu osengozini yemoto edolobheni eThekwini, ngase ngiphuthuma khona ngiyohlola umonakalo. Ngethuka ngoma ngibona indlela umlisa ayelimele kanzima ngayo. “Into eyangixaka ukuthi lomlisa wayevulele umsakazo edansa engazizwa izinhlungu kodwa egcwele igazi ngenxa yokulimala. Uma ngi-

landela umkhondo kubantu ayekade enabo, bachaza ukuthi uphuma ukuyojuxuza, wadla nesidakamizwa esibizwange-Music,”kushouMnuzLouvie. Manje sengibuza intsha ukuthi yini eyenza ithande ukukhahlaza imizimba yayo ngaloluhlobo? Abazali bethu balindelele okuhle ngathi, bafisa sibe wutho emphakathini ngelinye ilanga ukuze nabo baziqhenye ngathi. Siyeka izikole sikhethe ukuyozwa impilo yase mgwaqweni. Angisakhuluminjengale‘Music’kuphela,kepha sengikhuluma ngazo zonke inhlobo zezidakamizwa ezisentshenziswa yintsha. Abanye abasaziwa emakhaya ngenxa yokuthi sebehlule nabazali ngoba befuna ukuziphatha. Uthole ukuthi ayikho into angayizamanga umzali ukuthi ubukeke njenge ngane ehloniphekile emphakathini. Into ebhlungu ukuthi lezidakamizwa kugcina sekuyizona ezibusa imizimba yenu, yizona ezinihlebe-

layo zithi hambani niyontshontha emiziniyabantunasemakhayaukuze nithole leyo njabulo yesikhashana egazini. Nanxa isimo sesibi ngalolu hlobo, kuyajabaulisa ukwazi ukuthi lisekhona ithuba lokushintsha muntu omusha. Hlala wazi ukuthi usengashintsha uma nje ingqondo yakho usuyitshelile ukuthi ufuna ukushintsha indlela owenza ngayo nophila ngayo. Uma usathanda ukuqhubeka nempilo yobumnyama yazi ukuthi uzogcina egodini, uyobe usufisa sengathi walalela abadala bekuyala usaphila emhlabeni, kuyobe kungasekho ukubuyela emuva. Ungasibhalela nganoma yiluphi udaba obona ukuthi luqukethe ulwazi olungasiza umphakathi. Sishayele ucingo ezinombolweni ezithi: 031 533 7624 noma kumakhal’ekhukhiwiniothi0793804097.Abafunaukusithinta nge-email, bangasebenzisa ikheli elithi

Sebephila ngamatoho

>> Kukhona owafundela ukuba wunjiniyela kagesi (electrical engineering), kodwa akawutholi umsebenzi NOSIPHO MKHIZE



kungabikho kwemisenzi eThekwini naseNingizimu Afrika namaphethelo, sekudale abantu bazame ngazo zonke izindlela ukuthola umsebenzi ozokwazi ukulekelelaekutheniimindeniyaboilaleidlile nezingane zikwazi ukuya esikoleni. Iphephandaba iFEVER vakashele imiphakathi eyehlukene, eHillcrest, eDurban North, eBallito nakwezinye izindawo eziseThekwini ukuyothola ukuthi kwenziwa yini babe baningi abantu abama nezingqwembe ezibhalwe ukuthi ‘sicela umsebenzi’ noma ‘looking for any job’. Esikhathini esingi labantu bama ezindaweni okwande kuzona abeLungu ezaziwa njengama jalidi, lapho besuke becela khona ‘obasi’ no ‘medemu’ imisebenzi. Sikhulume noMnuz Vusi Dubazane (35) waseMbo eNtshonalanga yeTheku, ochaze wathi wafundela ukuba ngu njiniyela kagesi (electrical engineer), kodwa usezithola emi emgwaqeni ecela noma iluphi uhlobo lomsebenzi ozomlekelela ekondleni umndeni wakhe. Uthe: “Ngafundela ukuba unjiniyelakagesi,ngaziqedaizifundozami. Kodwa ngenxa yokungabi khona komsebenzi ngivuka njalo ekuseni ngezithuba zawo-4, ngigibele isitimela esiya ezindaweni ezihlukene emajalidini,” kusho yena. “Umsebenzi ngiwubheka eMarrianhill,” eqhuba “eChatsworth nase Shallcross. Ngabona ukuthi ngeke kungisize ukuhlala ekhaya ngilindele izinkampani ukuthi zingishayele ucingo olumayelana nomsebezi, yingakho-ke abanye bangibona sengicela umsebenzi emgwaqweni ngoba kumele ngondle umndeni wami.” Uthe emva kokuqeda izifundo zakhe waqala ukuthumela ama ‘CV’ akhe ezinkampanini ezehlukene kodwa akakaze athole impendulo ngisho kweyodwa yalezo zinkampani. Uthe ukungatholi izimpendulo ezinkampanini kumenze walahlekelwa yithemba lokuthi uyoke abe ngunjiniyela wagesi emphakathini. Ngaphezu kwalokho uthi wabona

Kusuka kwesokunxele nguMnuz Albert Mosenye, uMnuz Vusi Dubazane, uMnuz Michael Thabang noMnuz Mthobeki Magwanyana sengathi akasoze aphumelela empilweni. Uqhube wathi: “Nala emgwaqeni sike sigoduke singatholanga ngisho itoho elilodwa leli. Mina sengingathokozela noma imuphi umsebenzi. Ngingasebenzela ngisho ikontileka ukuze ngikwazi nje ukondla umndeni wami ngoba yilokho okusemqoka njengamanje,” kusho yena. Uthe akayedwa kulo bunzima bokufuna umsebenzi emgwaqeni. Siqhubekile sakhuluma noMnuz Michael Thabang, naye osuka khona eMmbo othe: “Ayikho into enzima njengo kufunda uqede, bese uhlala ekhaya nezitifiketi zakho. Ngifundele umsebenzi wokushis-

ela (welding) kwenye lamakholiji aseThekwini, ngathola izitifiketi zokushisela kodwa ngahlala ekhaya ngangawuthola umsebenzi. Futhi akukho ngisho okukodwa okunye okukhombisayo ukuthi ngafunda ngaphandle kwale zitifiketi enginazo ngobaangisebenzifuthianginamali,” kusho yena. UMnuz Senzo Dlamini, onekhono lokwakha izindlu nokukhanda amapayipi amanzi, uthe uvamise ukucela umsebenzi eDurban North, eNyakatho yeTheku. Uthe: “Akukho okunye engikubona kungcono okwamanje ngempilo yami ngoba nginekhono lokwakha nokukhanda amapayipi amanzi,

kodwa ngihleli nalo lelo khono lami. Ayikho inkampani esike yangiqasha futhi ayikho neyodwa eseke yanginika ithuba lokuthi ngilikhombise leli khono,” kusho yena. “Ngima emigwaqeni ngincenge abantu abasuke bedlula ngezimoto. Into eyenza kube nzima kakhulu wukuthi sibaningi esisuke sifuna umsebenzi, futhi sonke sinamakhono afanayo noma acishe afane,” kusho uMnuz Dlamini. Emva kokuba iphephandaba iFEVER likhulume nalabalisa abafuna imisebenzi, lithole ukuthi iningi labo lifunde laqeda kodwa imisebenzi ayikho, nokuthi le mali abayitholayo bondla imindeni yabo ukuze kulalwe


kudliwe. Omunye ocele ukuthi singalidaluli igama lakhe uthe: “Kusizaphi ukuthi imali yethu siyichithe ezifundweni ekubeni sizobuye sihlupheke kanje sime emgwaqeni ukuze sithole umsebenzi?” I-StaticsSouthAfricaisandakudalula ukuwenyuka kwesibalo sabantu abangasebenzi eNingizimu Afrika kuwo lonyaka ka-2013. Kudalulwe ukuthi kunabantu abalinganiselwa ku-4.723 million abangasebenzi. Lokhu kuchaza ukuthi uhulumeni kuzomele azame ngokusemandleni okhethweni oluzayo ukuthi abhekelele naso hlangothini lwabantu abadinga imisebenzi.



Wed 11

Thur 12

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Sun 15

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High 6.43am Low 12.36am

High 7.34am Low 1.22am

High 9.00am Low 2.32am

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High 1.19am Low 7.31am

September 13, 2013





Pupils spring into action KALISHA NAICKER

>> AFTER months of preparation, construction on St Mary’s road stopped for what was an amazing spring fling, last week. The annual fund-raising event attracted over 6000 people of all ages. On entering, the ‘dads and lads’ were immediately drawn to the Quattro Toyz for Boyz exhibition which showcased Royal Enfield, Daytona Group, Hillcrest Toyota, Land Rover and Jaguar, BMW, Lexus, Audi,HondaMarine,GoFish,MarshallMotorcycles, Cooper Tires and ROAG, to name a few. St Mary’s pupil Savannah Farris was invited by Cooper Tires to sign the Kingsley Holgate 4 x 4. Nine-year-old Farris is the only child to have signed the vehicle and was chosen for her incredible passion and dedication for the plight of rhinos. The first arena event of the day was the SPAR Epic Cake Competition which saw six groups of Grade 8 St Mary’s

Savannah Farris

pupils icing cakes in the Keep Kloof Beautiful Association (KKBA) theme. They were judged by Damon Beard of East Coast Radio, a SPAR and KKBA representative, Meryl Erasmus from Meryl’s School of Cooking and The Fashion Nanny, Sabrina Maingard. Other arena events included Irish and bellydancingandkaratedisplayswiththe grand finale being ‘Fling the Spring’ – a competition to see how far the men could throw a metal spring weighing 15kgs. The winner received a monthly car wash from Engen Kloof for a whole year. The Quattro Spring Zone had the children entertained with paddle boats, sumo wrestling, the giant climbing wall and even a zip line. The St Mary’s stalls with games, prizes, treats and a photo booth were a big hit, while the craft mar-

ket sold clothing, wooden toys, jewellery, designer bags and home decor amongst others. The SPAR Food Emporium had a wide selection of lunch options for sale while the Mad Hatters Tea Garden in association with Settings Function Décor Hire and Flower Fusion provided a welcome and scrumptious break from the excitement of the activities. Other highlights of this year’s event were the Quattro Hat Competition with the winner walking away with an electric scooter and the Quattro Fun Quiz Competition where two Gunslinger skateboards were given away. The Spring Fling Team thanked all their sponsors including SPAR and Quattro for their invaluable contribution and the St Mary’s parents and pupils.

Kelly Milne and Louisa Combrinck




September 13, 2013





CARE AT HOME Waterfall - Full time nursing care for the aged, sick & chronic patients in the comfort of their own home. Affordable fees. Run by staff nurse. 031 763 1295 (h) / 072 774 0534








FURNITURE & OFFICE REMOVALS (NO RUBBLE) 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-10 Ton Closed/Open Trucks Also Crane Trucks. Tel: 031 564 8362 Fax: 031 564 7867 Cell: 083 786 5764 SMS: Quote and we will call you back Email:

BBM Pin: 294A7386



BURGLAR Bars and Gates made to order. Eric 074 112 7447.



MOBILE YOGA R50 per lesson. Tel: 073 629 1694



SHOWER DOORS SALES & REPAIRS 33 years exp. 082 213 9310 031 764 6622





A 100 FRIDGES & FREEZERS+H/Hold GOODS Wanted for CASH. Contact Kobus 0827077676





A FRIDGE R1,200. Freezer R1,200 W/machine R850. D/bed R1,200. Desk R350. Microwave R550. 0825542417




IMS ELECTRICAL Private Pre-Paid Meters



Fully installed


AA BAKKIES & CARS Wanted for cash. Rust No Problem. Will beat any price. Ph: 082 258 8724.


+ R1500

073 846 3027


ALL BAKKIES & ALL CARS ‘ALIVE OR DEAD’ WANTED Under R35,000. Spot cash. Beat Any Offers. 083 570 6314 / 031 902 4632

worth of electricity •Tamper Proof will lock on tamper • SABS Approved • One year guarantee • Card Systems for Outbuilding, Granny Flats, Chalets etc


POWER WINDOWS Vehicle Electric Windows Winder or Mechanism Repairs

Ph: 078 887 6595

031 031 031 031

-403 6400 -461 4614 -2 0 9 8 8 74 -500 8137

TEL: 0315337601 FAX: 0315337972 Email: lynnem@


TEL: 0315337675 FAX: 0315337972 Email: nonto@



Reception Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 16:00 Saturday: 08:00 to 12 noon

Kennel 51 Male - Africanis

Kennel 52 Male - Dalmation

Kennel 57

Kennel 58

Male - Africanis

Female - Daxie

Kennel 60 3 x Male - Africanis x Labrador

If you wish to sponsor this advert, please contact Lynne Mathiesen. Tel: 031 533 7601 Fax: 031 533 7972 Email:

Across 1 Bad luck (10) 8 Desolate (5) 9 Sirius (3,4) 10 Foot lever (7) 11 Render possible (5) 12 Sausage sandwich (3,3) 14 Be extremely agitated (6) 17 Vary between lim its (5) 19 Cause to suffer (7) 21 Andiron (7) 22 Medium of communication (5) 23 High and low (10) Down 2 Examine critically (7) 3 Devil (5) 4 Blush (6) 5 Raise in status (7) 6 Praise highly (5) 7 Bullied (10) 8 Magical power (10) 13Past specified time (7)




15 Initiate (7) 16 Small boat (6) 18 Tend in illness (5)

20 Mass of small bubbles (5)



Sudoku Solution 118

WINNER 119: Mary Thieney Closing Date: September 30, 2013

Submit your entry into the Hillcrest Fever box situated inside the Keg & Trout. The first correct entry drawn will win a R150 voucher. Only one entry per person per week. No registered letters or faxed entries. Prize will alternate weekly between Crossword and Sudoku.

Crossword Solution 118 Across 1 Builder, 5 Valid, 8 Set ~ in one’s ways, 9 Cream, 10 Actuate, 11 Scotch, 12 No good, 15 At heart, 17 Poser, 19 Mouth-watering, 20 Reeds, 21 Dessert Down 1 Basic, 2 In the doghouse, 3 Dynamic, 4 Runway, 5 Visit, 6 Lead a dog’s life, 7 Descend, 11 Stammer, 13 Oppress, 14 Strand, 16 Ashes, 18 Right

KEG & TROUT 031 765 2070 Shop 16 Heritage Market, Old Main Rd

Celebrating The Sharks' glorious victory against the Blue Bulls (34-18) at Growthpoint Kings Park on 31 August 2013 are Sharks flyhalf, Butch James with Ballito Fever competition winners: Tracy and Dewald du Plessis and their daughters, Megan Violet du Plessis (5) and Isabella Danielle du Plessis (3). “Thank you so much for the wonderful prize,” said Tracy. “We had such a blast and words cannot describe how special we felt!”

September 13, 2013






Rugby ticket giveaway!

a Sharks Rugby Experience

for you and your family! fo

Hillcrest Fever is giving away tickets to the Sharks vs Cheetahs match at Growthpoint Kings Park, 21 September. To enter, like our Facebook page (Durban North Fever, Ballito Fever, Hillcrest Fever) before Sunday 15 September, and in-box us your email address. Winners will be contacted on Monday 16 September.

Highway hero grabs the gold

You and your family stand a chaance to

Puncture and hip-injury don’t deter champ


to the

Sharks vs Cheetahs match on

21 September 2013 at Growthpoint Kingspark! The lucky family will meet Sharks players after the game and receive a signed rugby ball. *Meals and drinks are included


South African hero Greg Minnaar hits the final jump on his way to claiming the gold medal “I had the whole of South Africa behind me. You can really feel the pressure, especially when you come out of the gate and the first marshall on the course is shouting your name,” Minnaar said. It had been a tough time for Minnaar leading into the race after he felt he had a poor practice session in the morning. A recurring hip injury made him a little worried before his run. “I have had a hip injury this year which has been a problem for me, so after my practice run I called in the

chiropractor to have a look,” he said. On a course that he is so familiar with he knew which sections were going to be good and where he was going to battle. Even with the puncture he managed to dig deep and pull off the victory that the country had been hoping for. “My legs were on fire but I knew I had to give my all . “When I heard the crowd I just dug as deep as I could. Even though I flatted in the last rock section I knew the leak would not affect me at the end,” the elated Minnaar added.

To enter, simply email your full name and contact number to sharmaine. by Sunday 15 September 2013. Rules: Judges decision is final. Entry cut-off is 3pm on Sunday 15 September 2013. The winner will be contacted via telephone. The winner must be available to attend the game. Tickets are not transferable. This competition includes tickets for a family of four.

local newspapers


SHARKS vs W. PROVINCE SAT, 12 OCT, 19H10 TICKET PRICES Adults - R55 | Scholar Benches - R30

LIKE US /TheSharks






(031) 308 8400

DBN 25419 E&OE

IGHWAY hero, Greg Minnaar, became only the third rider to win a men’s downhill world championship title on home soil when he won an emotionally charged final in front of tens of thousands of fans at the Cascades MTB Park recently. Minnaar, starting third from last, edged Australian Michael Hannah off the hot seat by less than half a second, and then had to wait and watch as first Steve Smith of Canada crashed, and then Gee Atherton struggled home, before his status as world champion was confirmed. Minnaar came into the race hampered by a right leg and knee injury, and suffered a puncture to his rear tyre. He had to struggle to control his bike at high speed going into the closing stages of the Moneymaker jump into the finish. As he started dealing with hordes of high-spirited supporters, Minnaar dedicated the win to the late Burry Stander, and to former president Nelson Mandela, whose image was emblazoned across his helmet. “I started really loose,” the three time champion said. “It was pretty blown-up, up there and I just had to find my rhythm up the top. When I found it I just tried to go as fast as possible.” The pressure that was on Minnaar was fairly substantial due to the fact that he not only had to defend the title but defend it in his home town.

September 13, 2013 PAGE 16

hillcrest FEVER


Fencer’s compete for podium position

Members of the fencing club, demonstrating the sport


The KwaZulu-Natal Amateur Fencing Association will be hosting its first competition for the season on Saturday, 14 September at Hillcrest High, 11.30am. All fencers are invited to participate. KALISHA NAICKER


HE competition is an individual ranking event in foil, epee and sabre (fencing codes) and will consist of three age categories: Cadet, junior and senior for both ladies and men. According to Stuart Gibson, chairman of the Hillcrest Fencing Club, the competition is the start of a series of events for the province. “KZN Fencing is planning to host competitions every six weeks. “There are two active clubs, one in Hillcrest and the other at the University of

KwaZulu-Natal,” he said. “The local fencing scene has been given a significant boost since the arrival of the internationally acclaimed fencing coach, Aydar Zabbarov. “He coached at both clubs and has more than 30 years’ experience in fencing at an international level.” Zabbarov was the fencing champion of Russia in 1985 and 1987 and champion of the USSR Team in 1987. He was also awarded the prestigious title Master of Sport of the USSR. “KZN Fencing is currently on a drive to revive the sport

in the province and introduce a whole new generation to fencing,” said Gibson. “We have a wide variety of students across all age groups, and it’s exciting to see the enthusiasm for the sport amongst our newcomers. “It is going to be interesting to see how they compete at a national level.” Gibson is encouraging all fencers in KZN to come along to the competition. He says it will provide invaluable experience and a real taste of what the sport is all about. For more information, visit

CONTACT US>> E-mail all local news to Kalisha Naicker at kalishan@ express or contact her at 031 533 7600


Contact Mandy Bergsma: 082 293 9717 Contact Louise Maxwell: 083 399 3907

Hillcrest fever 13 09 2013  

Hillcrest fever 13 09 2013

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