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>> Molweni Satellite Police Station offers ‘safe feeling’ to the community SEE STORY ON PAGE 2

May 2, 2014

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Oxford Village

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A 68-YEAR-OLD Hillcrest woman, who spent almost 16 hours trapped inhercarwhenshe drove off the road in La Lucia on Sunday, is recovering from hypothermia in hospital.

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Phyllis Hollis is rescued 16 hours after her vehicle crashed.


SHELLY BEACH (039) 315-0872

Woman rescued after 16­hour ordeal

May 2, 2014







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The 2014 KZN Premier Spelling Bee word supplement will be printed in all of our local newspapers’ 20 June editions. The 12-page supplement will feature the list of words which entrants to the five regional events will need to learn. Should you have any queries, email:

Satellite station for Molweni KALISHA NAICKER CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 THE prayers of residents from Molweni in a rural area in Hillcrest have finally been answered with the opening of a new satellite police station last week. Community members showed their approval with cheers and there were smiles all round as officers reported for their first day of duty. Most were in agreement that they were relieved to have a police station in their area as they previously had to travel far to report crime. Blessing Nzama from Molweni was thrilled at the idea of a police sta-

tion on “his doorstep”. “Previously we had to travel a long way to report crime, or give police tipoffs of criminals in the area. There were times when I thought of the amount of money I would have to spend on taxi fares, and never reported cases,” he said. “I am so happy the police will be based here now. People will now report all crime and can tackle these head-on. This will definitely make the community safer.” Shezi Mahlangu said the new police station would make things a lot easier. She said in some instances, residents did not report crime because they could not afford the taxi fare to get to the Hillcrest Police Sta-


tion (the nearest one to them). “This station will help to lower crime in our area. I now feel happy and safe,” she said. The station, which boasts a trauma centre and holding cell, will cater for the entire Molweni area, and will be dedicated to reducing crime against women, children and the elderly. According to Hillcrest SAPS communications officer Lieutenant MF Mkhize, informal settlement residents had to travel many kilometres, sometimes by foot, to get to the Hillcrest Police Station. He said that when residents eventually reached the station, they were exhausted and angry at the distance they had to travel. “We are now pleased to offer this service to the community,” he said

CPF chairman Sifiso Mhlophe and Constable Yelane at the holding cells in the satellite station. and encouraged the community to report crime of any nature to the police. He said rape and crimes against

women, children and the elderly needed urgent and uncompromised attention. "Rape and abuse is a huge challenge in the area and people should come forward and report these acts.” Mkhize said the police would continue to focus on mobilising society to “make life difficult for perpetrators of such crimes”. In her message of support Monica Bruun of the Hillcrest Community PoliceForum(CPF)saidthattheCPFhad a major role to play in the reduction of crime. She encouraged the community to join policing structures and to work withthepolicetoridtheareaofcrime. “I would like to encourage the community to help the police combat crime by making good use of the station.”


FEVER Attention all rural schools/schools with English as a second language Rural/previously disadvantaged schools are invited to enter their top two (2) English spellers from Grade 10 and Grade 11 (one from each grade) into the KZN Premier Spelling Bee Durban Central regional event, to be held in August 2014 (Date and venue to be confirmed, keep reading your local newspaper to find out the details!) Words to be learnt for the Durban Central Spelling Bee will be published in the 2 May 2014 edition of the Durban North Fever & Hillcrest Fever & Upper Coast Fever.

Prizes: Cash prizes, book hampers, stationery hampers, bursaries and goodie bags for the top spellers, schools and teachers! To enter: Complete the entry form found in this local newspaper and fax it to us at 0865344256, or email it to OR Send us the below information via email, OR fax, 0865344256. * School name, school address, English teacher’s name and contact details, registration number of your school, district of your school * Full names of your two spellers * Both spellers’ ID numbers OR copy of birth certificate * Entries are limited per regional event * Get your entries in early to ensure your spot at the 2014 Durban Central Spelling Bee * Entries close on 13 June 2014

ENTRY FORM Please fill in all the following sections and send it to us via email,, OR fax it to 0865344256.


SCHOOL DETAILS: Name: ______________________________ Registration number: _________________ Physical Address: ______________________ Tel: (

) __________________________

__________________________________________ District: ___________________________

SCHOOL ENGLISH TEACHER’S DETAILS: Name: _______________________________ Cell: (

) ___________________________

ENTRANT DETAILS (PUPILS): Grade 10: Name: _______________________________ ID number: ___________________________ Cell: (

) ___________________________

(or a copy of birth certificate)

Grade 11: Name: _______________________________ ID number: ____________________________ (or a copy of birth certificate)

Cell: (

) ___________________________ * Please note all pupils must be entered via their school and cannot enter as individuals * Age limit for pupils is 18 * Entries are limited per regional event * Get your entries in early to ensure your spot * Entries close on 13 June 2014

In case there’s an



Crime Stop: 086 001 0111

EMERGENCY Hillcrest SAPS..........031 765 9116/9103 Kloof Police Station. . . . .031 764 2334 Fire.......................................031 361 0000 Gillitts Metro........................031 767 1222 Rescuetech KZN................086 167 2226 Together SA CAN Community Incident Management Centre: ................ 08 616 SA CAN / 08 616 72226

ANIMAL RESCUE Kloof & Highway SPCA: 031 764 1212/3 Monkey Helpline...........................................: 082 411 5444 or 082 659 4711 COUNSELLING Life Line...............................033 394 4444 Open Door Crisis Centre: 031 709 2679 Jes Foord Foundation: 031 765 4559 Careline Crisis Centre: 031 765 1314 or 082 787 6452

Granny’s surreal ordeal Woman (68) spends hours ­ unnoticed ­ trapped in her upturned car ROWAN PHILP


HILLCREST grandmother vanished for 17 hours last week while intheheartofupmarketLaLucia — just six metres from passers-by. Initially, when she was found, she chased away the first people because they were breaking into the car in which she was trapped to steal from it. Phyllis Hollis (68) spent Easter Monday — unnoticed — trapped in her upturned car, which had crashed into dense brambles on a sharp hairpin on-ramp to the M4 after visiting friends in Umhlanga. Her rescuers said that although physically uninjured Hollis was too “disorientated” to draw attention with her hooter or headlights, and could no reach her cellphone beneath the passenger seat. What followed was an allnight search in which a volunteer search party was unable to see her car from less than 10 metres away, and whichsawHollis,inherconfusion, directing rescuers to a crash site in faraway Hillcrest when she finally reached her phone. The drama began on Sunday afternoon when Hollis’s domestic worker told a neighbour in Hillcrest that her employer was hours overdue. The neighbour contacted the community network SA Can, which has technology and licence rights to track cellphones.

However, due to legal restrictions, SA Can had to track down Hollis’s son Justin in Cape Town to obtain written consent because her phone was registered in his name. Andreas Mathios, video manager for SA Can, said he and the organisation’s duty manager were then able to triangulate Hollis’s approximate position in La Lucia within a minute, and travelled to the spot — “but we could find nothing there after hours of searching”. “With hindsight, we were standing just 10 metres from where she was. She was in a white car [but] you cannot believe how dense those brambles are,” said Mathios. “We called it off and decided to return at first light.” However, a few hours later two men found the car and smashed the rear window in an apparent effort to steal from it. Hollis would tell paramedics that while lying on the driver’ssidedoorshehadpretended to have a firearm and warned the thieves she would shoot them. They reportedly fled without alerting anyone to Hollis’s plight. Justin said, “At about 4.45am, I received a call from my mom, [and] understandably she sounded very anxious. “She described that she was in thick bush, her car was on its side and she was unable to get out. Unfortunately, she wasn’t certain how or where the accident occurred.” Mathios said Hollis — “still

disorientated” — suggested that she was stuck in bushes near her home in Hillcrest. “We asked if she could hear traffic and she said yes. We asked how long she had been driving, shesaidforhoursand hours, which we felt was not right.” Mathios returned to the M4 on-ramp, pressed his hooter and asked Hollis if she could hearit,“andshesaidshecould hearit,throughthephone,but actually we were so close she was actually hearing the hooter”. He said Metro police and a dog handler joined the search of the small inaccessible area, and Hollis was finally extricated at 8am. “What makes this case remarkable is that track-andtrace technology really saved someone’s life. She could have been there for days, with people walking past metres away, and she might never have been found,” he said. Justin said he had tried to get the cellphone service provider to grant tracing access directly without success. “Thankfully SA Can was able to get through the red tape promptly.” He said he was amazed at the community rescue effort, since “we are not members of SA Can”. Sufferinghypothermiaand dehydration, Hollis was taken to Entabeni Hospital, and Justin noted: “Fortunately, [it was] a good end to the Easter weekend.”





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SECURE LINK SAFETY TIP: A good guard dog will only bark if something is wrong – a dog that barks at everything is no help at all! You need to invest your time in training your dog.

May 2, 2014





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May 2, 2014





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Intruder nabbed within minutes FEVER REPORTER


N Upper Highway resident has praised ADT for their quick response in nabbing a suspect minutes after a break-in at her home in Martin Crescent last week. According to ADT security officer Jabulani Mtimkhulu, who is part of the Martin Crescent community security scheme, the resident activated her panic alarm after seeing an unknown man on her property. "I responded to the panic signal and apprehended the suspect who was found hiding in shrubbery in the garden," he said.

Adrenal glands, mysterious organs THE adrenals get their name because they lie near to or towards (ad­) the kid­ neys (­renal). Adrenal glands in the dog are peanut­shaped, pale and about 4x 10mm in size, and half that in the cat. These glands are vitally important for life. Adrenal glands secrete a number of important chemical and hormones. The most well­known is adrenaline – hence the name of that chemical. In the U.S.,

"Thesuspectwashandedover to South African Police Service for arrest." Martin Kriel, managing directorofADTSecurityEastCoastRegion, advised residents to regularly check their perimeter fencing and to ensure that windows and doors are properly closed overnight. "As an extra security measure, consider installing outdoor beams. “If you already have them ensure they are also activated during the night and when your home is unoccupied," he said. Kriel said if residents see a suspect on their property, they must remain calm and immediately contact the security service provider or the SAPS. He reiterated that residents must never confront the suspect or attempt to capture suspects because they may be armed and dangerous. Kriel added that all community security scheme patrollers undergo dedicated training and are supported by round-the-clock armed response.

this chemical is known as epinephrine (from Epi­ = near + ­nephrine = kidney). Adrenaline and the related chemicals are “catecholamines” which influence your “flight or fright” response – improving heart and respiratory function, changing bloodpressureanddivertingresourcesto­ wards survival. They also produce the glucocorticoids such as cortisol, progesterone, oestradiol and testosterone – which is why even

neutered animals may, in rare instances, develop sex­hormone metabolic­hor­ monal diseases. In addition, adrenals secrete aldos­ terone, which is a hormone produced by terrestrial species to conserve sodium (a necessary step during the evolution from marine to terrestrial life). Occasionally, adrenal glands can de­ velop tumours which may or may not pro­ duce one or more hormones (“functional

tumours”). Adrenal tumours are often quiet and diagnosed incidentally (so­called “inci­ dentalomas”) which create some diffi­ cult diagnostic challenges. Adrenal glands are also extremely well­supplied with nerves and blood ves­ sels and surgery or advanced diagnostics of these organs is definitely a specialist subject. The most common manifesta­ tion of adrenal disease is insufficiency – Addison’s Disease – or involvement in overproduction of cortisol – Cushings Syndrome. (More in future articles.)

ADT Security officer Jabulani Mtimkhulu receives a certificate from ADT manager Steven Green

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VERY woman I have come to know and/or loveisbeing,orhasbeen, abused or mistreated in one way or the other. I often feel helpless as they confide in me about how often it is people close to them (as is sadly often the case) who inflict this discomfort in their lives.

Sindisiwe Sindisiwe is very dear to me. She is a very smart woman who hasgreatambitionsandisasindividual as they come. She met a man who made her happy, and the relationship blossomed to the point that he popped the big question. Needless to say Sindisiwe was overjoyed by the proposal. It was a welcome relief from all the things that had happened in her life. She had lost her mother to dementia when she was very young. She was thrust into her father’s family - whom she barely knew. You see, her father was not one to be anchored to one wife, andasaresultSindyhasanumber of sisters and brothers who I can hardly keep a track of. Some time after her mother died, she experienced abuse in the form of neglect, until at one point she found herself alone with her little brother. But this was all in the past now and her future looked sky-blue.

Her fiancé, being an established businessman, got approval from the family of the bride. He even built her a house and showered her with gifts. She then found out that he was seeing someone else and she broke up with him. Seeking comfort fromherfamily, sheinstead was accused of being gay and ungrateful by her family. She today “owes” the man around R40 000 in lobola.

Lerato Lerato is an angelic human being, and has an effect on people that makes you love her. This is the aura she radiated at church and was considered a model young lady. Her family was proud of her, and so was I. Lerato got pregnant out of wedlock,andthiswasundoubtedly looked down upon by the church officials and other church members. Her child will turn two soon and she has somewhat regained her composure in church. I was saddened to hear from her the other day that the father of her child accused her of being unfaithful when she

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Sports injuries Orthopedic conditions Headaches and whiplash Back and neck pain General strengthening and rehabilitation Post-operative rehabilitation Post mastectomy treatment Dry needling also performed Modified Pilates classes offered

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According to the editorial policy of the Hillcrest Fever, readers are invited to comment about the newspaper’s contents, and significant errors will be corrected as soon as possible. Please send information about correc­ tion of mistakes in the newspaper to the ombudsman of Media24’s Community Press, George Claassen, at or call him at 021 8513232 or 083 543 2471. Readers can also complain about the contents to the South African Press Ombudsman. In that case, please phone 011 788 4829 of 788 4837, send a fax to 011 788 4990 or e­mail to press­

Real men act Sibusiso Biyela

May 2, 2014

Ombudsman of Hillcrest Fever

was 10 minutes late after work. She was further humiliated when he prevented her from going back home and instead dragged her by her neck, in full view of her neighbours and friends, to his house. He kept her against her will, telling her she wasn’t leaving without admitting that she was in fact cheating. She now lives in fear as this man waits for her when she leaves for work and when she returns. He refuses to accept they have broken up.

Thembeka Thembekawasbornwithafairly common disorder of her olfactory system which meant she could not smell or taste. Her family didn't believe her until a fire nearly killed her because she could not smell the smoke. She is special in that she can taste by colour and judges the tastiness of her food by the presentation. Her father was a known cheat and often physically abused her mother. Her uncle was always strange towards

her and she sought refuge in her father. He watched her being raped as he was driving the car with his daughter and rapist brother in the back seat. I cannot begin to imagine what that does to the mind of a 12-year-old girl. She told me as I started writing this that her father had recently assaulted her and that she had bruises all over her body. These stories are true (the names have been changed) and sadly there's many more where they come from. I am sometimes ashamed to be a man, as the people who have, and continue to, commit these atrocities, are men. These are men who are trusted by women. These men are supposed to be their protectors. What does it say about us? IamashamedbecauseIcannot do anything but watch as these things happen over and over again, and no “social uproar” and condemnation stops it. It is blatantly obvious that the solution to this scourge lies with us, men who have friends who need to be stood up to, and womenwhoneed to be defended instead of turning a blind eye. Clichéd as it may sound, it is imperative that we realise that it really begins with us. We are just as evil as the perpetrators if we are only the audience to the senseless violence and violations we let our women experience. Remember this adage — bad things endure when good people do nothing.




Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Courage

October­December 2013: 19950

eThekwini budget hearings disenfranchise residents TODAY I lent my voice to the growing outrage being expressed by people across eThekwini at the wholesale disenfranchisement of residents across Durban by the current budget hearing process. It is evident by the published schedule for public hearings, the ANC-led council will stop at nothing to shield their leaders from public scrutiny by combining vast areas of the municipality together to meet at certain venues. For example, people from as far as Tongaat are expected to attend the public hearings at Curries Fountain in central Durban, some 50 kilometres away. Previously the municipality has held budget hearings on a ward by ward basis, but because this is an election year, the mayor, James Nxumalo, has unilaterally decided that this will no longer be the case and there is a very good reason for this. ThemayorknowsthattheANChasfailedtodeliverservices across this city. The housing backlog stands at 400 000 units. In Cato Crest houses have not been roofed since 1997, job creation has ground to a halt and neighbouring municipalities are strongly competing for new investment. It is for these reasons that he wants to keep residents away from these budget hearings because he knows the ANC’s “good story” has fallen to pieces in eThekwini since the election began. As the councillor for Durban North I have written to the city treasurer Krish Kumar expressing my grave concern at the process around these budget hearings. In his response, Mr Kumar admitted that the process is now “political” and it was a decision taken by the mayor. However, it is incumbent on Mr Kumar to ensure that the budget is meaningfully engaged on by all residents of eThekwini in terms of the Municipal Structures Act. Dean Macpherson



May 2, 2014



Creating a cleaner KALISHA NAICKER THE 1st Hillcrest Scouts along with the

Keep Hillcrest Beautiful members braved the humidity to participate in the clean­up of the Hillcrest Railway Line and Reserve, last weekend. Residents young and old rolled up their sleeves and walked along the railway col­ lecting trash, and clearing the area. Many of the items also collected were remnants from illegal dumping in the area. Speaking to the Hillcrest Fever, public relations officer for KHBA Dawn Brown said, more than 10 bags of trash were col­ lected by the team, and a real difference was made in the area. "We have to take

back our suburbs and keep our neighbour­ hood clean at all times," she said. "So if we take pride in our neighbour­ hoods it will have an effect on crime, and lower it. Well done to all those involved." BrownalsothankedDSWforpickingup the trash and Nando's in Hillcrest for pro­ viding lunch to the team. She urged resi­ dents to not dump along the line, and be vigilant at all times. "If there is a sign of any criminal activity one should immedi­ atelycontactthepolice,"sheadded.Tore­ port illegal dumping contact Brown on 031 701 4552 or 084 307 7404.

KHBA team with the 1st Hillcrest Scouts.

A blossoming success KALISHA NAICKER ROSAMUNDS Florist, a family-run business, began 42 years ago and is still a bustling success, striving to servethecommunityinwhichitoperates. Speaking about the success of the business Barbara Kemp said she joined her mom in the business in 1989 and took over the reins in 2000. The florist is now located at Westville Village Market Shopping Centre, originally Hofmeyer Heights, and has been there since inception. The family grew up in the Upper Highway Area, and Kemp consistently provides beautiful and original creations to the community who have been so supportive over the years. According to Kemp, the florist prides itself on offering fresh flowers, designed with care. "Flowers will always be the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, to say congratulations or to send condolences and this side of the business continues to grow. We have also found an increase in people popping into the store, choosing which freshflowerstheywouldlikeandus arranging them loosely to achieve a more casual look,'' she said.

Her brother, Greg Chamberlin, andsister,DiHohls,areinvolvedon an administrative and strategic level and the family have recently decided to 're-launch' the business. "Our core business of offering the local community fresh flowers, designed with care, will never change but for the next six months our marketing efforts will focus on corporates, bridal party bouquets, event and table décor and demos'', explains Chamberlin. "We are targeting corporate clients who require arrangements for their reception areas on a weekly basis, as well as décor for their client and staff functions. We are now also offering a gifting and décor range to complement the floral arrangements,'' he continues. "Flower arranging demonstrations and workshops are a fun and creative activity for secretaries' day, for end of year functions, for your Book Club or for a birthday celebration,'' concludes Kemp. Rosamunds Florist is based at Shop 9, The Village Market, Jan Hofmeyer Rd, Westville. For more information, phone 031 266 6255 or 084 5130210, email or visit www. Rosamunds is a member of Interflora. To view some of their arrangements, bouquets and gifts, please visit their Facebook page. Abeautiful flower arrangement

Plenty to do at The Mushroom Farm >> Community urged to attend Day Night market


OLLOWING the success of its Christmas Market, The Mushroom Farm will be hosting a Day Night Market on Wednesday, 30 April on the eve of a public holiday. The Day Night Market will run from 12pm until 8pm so that mums and grandparents can pop in during the afternoon with the kids and dads can join in after work. The event promises to be a fun family event. There will be live music and delicious food stalls ranging from burgers and pizzas to sweet treats. Robson's Beer will also be on sale. A variety of market stalls selling locally produced crafts and handmade items will also add to the fun. Students from the Mark Phillips'ArtStudiowillbeholdinganart exhibition to display their most recent works. There is plenty for kids to do with not only a jump castle but also pony rides from Out of the Blue Animal Rescue. Moreover, all of the various shops in the centre will be open for extended shopping hours. Many of the shops will be running promotional events for the market. Over the past few months, some exciting new shops have also recently opened. The likes of which include

Baby Best with their new and preowned baby goods, Mrs Pinkerton "Purveyor of all things with a sense of past", Baker Boy's Delight - a homeindustryandSenquwiththeir outdoor gear for the whole family. Other new developments include the expansion of the Peel's Honey Hillcrest Shop which now stocks free range, hormone and antibiotic meat from Hope Meat's. Please do pop in to join in on the market fun and to see the new additions to The Mushroom Farm, 450 Kassier Road. The Mushroom Farm

Day Night Market on Wednesday, 30 April is on the eve of a public holiday. Come join in the fun­filled event hosted by the MUSHROOM FARM Peel’s Honey at the Mushroom Farm

May 2, 2014





Galloping for glory

>> Rider takes sport to the next level



LAIREMayers, an enthusiasticandpassionate rider, started her riding career at an early age. Her mother Pauline Young would sit Claire on the side of the arena while she exercised one of her horses. The bug caught Claire, who has not stopped since. Her first horse — Groomsman — was amazing, building Claire's confidence. She later moved to a pony — Buccaneer — who taught her how to hold on. Thereafter Claire moved onto another pony, D'leni Sue Ellen, and as a team they repeatedly won the KZN Natal dressage and showing champs. They later won the SA Working Riding Championships. As Claire developed, moving from children's to junior events, she had many opportunities to ride horses that taught her different things, thereby developing her natural riding talent. In 1999 Claire met Debutante, aka, Debbie and without knowing it, this mare was destined to become her loyal friend and partner through her junior dressage career, giving her the opportunity of developing and growing in this amazing sport. Debbie and Claire formed an inseparable partnership which lead them to win the SA champs in 2001 and 2003. They also won the SA champs, a Musical Kur (ballet on a horse) in 2003. The duo were regular winners of the Sane dressage champs which qualified her to ride in the green and gold in 2008 at the Pacific Challenge in Australia. While persuing her studies, Claire took a break from competition, but kept riding socially. She has now imported a German Warmblood mare by the name of Weltana. Weltana was found for Claire by her friend Catherine Berning and trainer Rien van Shaft. Weltana’s sire, Weltmeyer, is a top dressage stallion. "Weltana for me is a reincarnation of Debutante. Their personalities are identical and she is incredibly special to me. “She is a friend and partner. Weltana’s best friend is Tinkerbell otherwise known as the ‘safety blanket’. "I am really looking forward to my future with Weltana in the ring,” said Claire.

Claire Mayers riding Weltana with her grooms George, Simon, and pony Tinkerbell.

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May 2, 2014


FEVER WHAT’S ON 1 May THE Kloof and Highway SPCA will be hosting an open market day on Thursday 1 May from 8am to 12pm. There will be singing by Belinda Dolphin and great

Welcome to Glen Carlou GLEN Carlou was established in 1985 and since 2003 has been successfully owned and run by Hess Family Estates. To harness the farm's vast wine-growing potential, the vines are meticulously selected in terms of rootstock and clone, while every variety is carefully chosen for its compatibility to the terroir. Yields are kept rigorously low, ensuring that nature's gifts are distilled in the flavourful grapes we harvest. And in the cellar our winemaker Arco Laarman and his team join forces with nature to create three distinctive wine ranges.

Gravel Quarry 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon This is an intense, rich wine that will mature over four to seven years and matches well-roasted or grilled red meats. The aroma and flavour of this wine is spicy black cherry, plum and subtle floral anise with hints of dark chocolate. The finish is sweet full and ripe tannins which are soft and not overly extracted.

Verdot Tannat 2008

food on sale. All 11 charity shops open as well as the garden nursery with amazing bargains Visit for more information. 23 May HILLCREST Conservancy will be host­ ing an Invasive Alien Plant Awareness course on Friday 23 May at the Springside Nature Reserve, Hillcrest from 8am to 10.30am. For further information and bookings, please contact George Victor on 073 901 3902.

Weekly LIVE music at Meercats, 12 Forest Hills Road, Waterfall every Friday from 7.30pm. Lance Goldman plays every Sun­ day from 12.30pm – Sunday roasts and à la carte menu available. Contact Jill Schoeman on 031 776 3872 or 079 878 8051. Weekly THE Hillcrest Floral Art Club will meet on the second Wednesday of every month at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church from 9am. Visitors welcome.

Glamorous affair >> Waterfall’s matric dance a phenomenal success KALISHA NAICKER


ATERFALL College held its matric dance on Friday 4 April at Kloof Coun­ try Club with the theme “'Vintage”. The dance was a great success, and the largest of Waterfall's matric dances to date, with 29 couples attending, which was decorated with antique cream­and­green colours, lacy para­ sols and old­fashioned bird cages. At the dance are (from left) head of English Bev Surmon (who arranged the flowers at the venue), head boy Peter Mthembu and head girl Siobhan Cahill watching the couples arrive.

Also at the dance are (from left) Michaela Christophers, Ntokozo Chonco, Emily Harvey, Matthew Boucher (seated), Ashleigh Wilken, Gene Prato, Casey Hornsby, Daniel Nathanson, Robyn Caelers and Travis Weber (seated).

This wine is dark ruby in colour with a medium+ intense nose.This wine features cedar, prunes, dark cherry, raspberry, hickory, iodine, cocoa, eucalyptus, pepper and licorice. Full body with medium+ tannins, good acidity and a long length.

Ayanda Ngcobo and Samkelo Hlophe.

Matthew Boucher and Emily Harvey.

lAlso attending are (from left) Josh Kadish, Kerrin Bodill, Danielle Armansin and Sicelo Thwala.

Dillon Ward and Lauren Ackerman.

Looking smart are (from left) Victoria Thabethe, Ayanda Ngcobo (deputy head girl) and Nikitha Jinxi.


UNENGOMA eyayivame ukudlalwa nguMnuz Welcome ‘Bhodloza’ Nzimande emsakazweni wesiZulu uKhozi FM, enezinhlamvu ezithi: “Umbulalelani omunye umuntu ngoba ngelinye ilanga uzomdinga?” Lo mbuzo awudingi ukutolikwa ngoba usobala njengezinqe zeselesele. Lesi silomo sakoMphephethe sasidume ngamancoko anongwe ngobukhulu ubuhlakani oKhozini FM uma sisakaza. Sashiya emsakazweni sesingumphathi sangena emabhizinisini. Sasivame ukuyidlala le ngoma ngesikhathi kusabhidlange udlame kulesi sifundazwe iKwaZuluNatal. Nanamhlanje ngisamkhumbula kahle uBhodloza uma esekhuza udlame ethi: “Hhayi bo bafana bakithi nabulalana kangaka kwenze njani? Yini le engaka eniyibangayo engeke ilungiswe ngomlomo? Wena nsizwa ophethe isikhali njengoba ngikhuluma nje, uyakhohlwa yini ukuthi lo muntu olindele ukumbulala udalwe nguNkulunkulu njengawe? Uzokwenze njani kusasa uma usubhekene nesimo lapho uzodinga khona usizo lwalomuntu ocuthele ukumjuqa?” kubuza lesi silomo sakoMphephethe. Yini eyenza ngikhulume kanje ngoBhodloza? Isizathu ukuthi impilo yakhe ibe nomthelela omuhle, owakhayo emphakathini. Angivumelani kahle hle nalaba bantu abavame ukuthi uBhodloza wazakhela udumo ngomculo kamasikandi emsakazweni. UBhodloza ubenguthisha ngaphambi kokusebenza emsakaz-

Inamuphi umthelela impilo yakho emphakathini? weni. Ababefunda naye KwaDlangezwa High School, bathi wayevele eyisilomo kwasesikoleni, kanti nangesikhathi esefundisa wayengaconsi phansi kubafundi nakozakwabo. Indaba kaBhodloza ibuye emqondweni ngilalele intshumayelo kaMfu Armstrong Makhanya waseUnited Congregational Church ngePhasika. Uthe wonke umuntu kufanele azi ukuthi indlela aziphatha ngayo inomthelela kwabanye, kanti kunjalonje, nendlela abanye abantu abaziphatha ngayo, inomthelela empilweni yakhe. “Ngakhoke,” kuqhuba uMfu Makhanya, “kufanele sonke siqikelele ukuthi siziphatha kahle ukuze kusizakale nabanye. Kukhona abaphila ngendlela elimaza abanye, kubekhonanalaboabaphila ngendlela ebaphilisayo abanye. Veleke impilo injalo, inezimo ezimbi nezinhle. Futhi ngeke siziqede izimo ezimbi. Ziyohlale zikhona ziyizinselelo. Okubalulekile ukuthi sibe

nobuchule nobuhlakani bokubhekana nazo sizinqobe.” Uthe neNkosi uJesu akazibalekelanga izinselelo, wabhekana nazo ngqo, wazinqoba esizwa nguNkulunkulu.Utheakulonaiphuthaukuthi empilweni kube khona izimo ezinhle nezimbi. “Uma zonke izinto zihamba kahle empilweni yakho,” kuqhuba yena, “ubokwazi ukuthi kukhona okungalungile. Kanjalo futhi uma konke kungahambi kahle, kusuke kukhona okungalungile. Abanezimoto bayazi ukuthi i-battery lidinga u ‘positive nonegative’ ukuze libe namandla, likwazi ukuhambisa imoto.” Uthe kuzokhumbuleka ukuthi kwasekuqaleni impilo yoniwa ngumuntu oyedwa ensimini yase-Eden, kodwayabuyeyalungiswangumuntu oyedwa, iNkosi uJesu. Yingakho ethi impilo yomuntu oyedwa inomthelela kwabanye abaningi. Ulinganise ngabantu okubhalwe ngabo eBhayibhelini njengo-Abraham athe ukulalela kwakhe uNkulunkulu kwamenza wabusiswa kwaze kwabusiswa nezingane zakhe nesizukulwane. Uqhubeke wal-

inganisa nangoSawulu owayewuhlupho ebulala amakholwa kodwa ngokugcina elalele iZwi likaJesu ngesikhathi eshaywa ngumbani, laphendulwa igama lakhe waba nguPawulu wase enza okuhle emphakathini okwaphendula izimpilo zabaningi. Ngaphandle kwalaba okukhulunywa ngabo eBhayibhelini, uthe nalapha eNingizimu Afrika, uNkulunkuluuletheuMnuzNelsonMandela ongasekho obe nomthelela omuhle ezimpilweni zabaningi, hhayi eNingizimu Afrika kuphela kodwa emhlabeni wonke. Kanjalo nathi kulengosi namhlanje sithi: “Uma sonke singaziphatha ngendlela ezoba nomthelela omuhle emphakathini, sihloniphane, angabi khona obukela phansi omunye, izwe lingashintsha, libe nokuthula nenqubekelaphambili.

May 2, 2014








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WAS R16 740

Full Genuine Leather 1x Leggett and Platt mechanism Choice of left or right chaise 155kg weight guarantee

UMFU Armstrong Makhanya



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>> SESAPHELA isikhathi sokuthi umuntu asungule ib­ hizinisi elizosuthisa yena nomndeni wakhe kuphela. Futhi luya ngokuphela kancane usiko lokuthi uma umuntu ecabanga ukusungula ibhizinisi acabange isitolo, isilaha noma ibhodlelasitolo. Lokhu akusho ukuthiasisekhoisidingosokuvulaloluhlobolwama­ bhizinisi, kodwa muva nje kubonakala abamnyama, ikakhulukazi abancane sebengena emabhizinisini obekuthathwa sengathi ngawezinye izizwe kuphe­ la. Osomabhizinisiabaningiabamnyamanamhlan­ je, sebesungula amabhizinisi avula amathuba emisebenzi, baqeqeshe nabanye kwezamakhono, ikakhulu imisebenzi yezandla. Omunye walabo so­ mabhizinisiasebezakheleigamakulolonkeelaKwa­ Zulu­Natal, nosesabalalela kwezinye izifundazwe, nguMnuz Sibusiso ‘Bhabha’ Zulu ongumsunguli wenkampani i­3A Coldrooms ekhiqiza ama­aircon­ ditioner namafriji amakhulu anamasondo (mobile fridges) asetshenziswa emicimbini emikhulu nem­ incane. Nanxa lenkampani isungulwe eMalvern, isi­ sabalelenalolonkeiThekunamaphethelo.Imiziem­ iningi ezindaweni ezifana noHillcrest, eGillits, eK­ loof, ePinetown, eDurban North,eManzimtoti, nasemalokishiniabamnyamaazungezeiTheku,ina­ ma­airconditioner akhiqizwa yinkampane kaMnuz Zulu owaqala ukusebenza kwamasipala eThekwini enguchwepheshe wezingcingo zikathelefoni. Echazangokusungulakwakhelenkampaniuthe: “Umthetho wami ngithanda umsebenzi wezandla. Ngesikhathi ngiqala ukusebenza, ngangizimisele ukugcina nginelami ibhizinisi kodwa ngingazi ukuthi ngizovula liphi. “Umqondo wokuvula ibhizinisi lokukhiqiza ama­airconditioner ungifikele nge­ sikhathi ngizungeza amajalidi ngilungisa othelefoni ngibona ezinye izizwe zifaka ama­airconditioner ngase ngizenzela ucwaningo lokuthi kwenziwa nja­ ni. Akungithathanga isikhathi eside ukufunda ubuchwepheshe bakhona.” Uthe wanele wangena kule mboni, wathola uku­ thi akakwazi ukusebenza yedwa, wase eqasha abanye abantu waba qeqesha. Ngokukhulu ukushe­ sha ube eseqala nokwakha amafriji. Uncokola ngokuthi ugqozi lokukhiqiza amafriji lwamfikela ecasulwa yizimpukane ezazilokhu zibanga isicefe emva kwezinsuku ezimbalwa kade enomsebenzi wezinkomo. Namhlanje amafriji akwa­3A Coldrooms abon­ akala kweminingi imicimbi emikhulu nemincane. Uyawakha, awaqashise noma awadayise. Uthi okumjabulisayo ukuthi akusagcini ngokuthi kube yibhizinisi lakhe kuphela, kodwa usesize nabanye ngokuthi bazisungulele awabo amabhizinisi ngoku­ bakhela amafriji baziqashisele bona, kanti nabantu abaqeqeshayo bangagcina sebekwazi ukuzivulela awabo amabhizinisi. Abafuna ukwazi kabanzi ngaleli bhizinisi ban­ gashayela ucingo oluthi 031 3032933 noluthi 079 5842334.

Ungene ngezinkani embonini yamafriji

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Across 1 New (7) 5 Intended to amuse (5) 8 Make full confession (4, 5) 9 To manage (3) 10 Tale (4) 12 Fetch back again (8) 14 Coloured pencil (6) 15 To decree (6) 17 Incorrect term (8) 18Fictitiouspersonorthing (4) 21Outwardappearance(3) 22 Dark curly lamb’s fleece (9) 24 Full of soap bubbles (5) 25 Matter of pure chance (7) Down 1 Lacking in good taste (5) 2 Badly illuminated (3) 3 Agreeable (4) 4 Scandinavian country (6)

5 Exact opposite (8) 6Motivatedbyloveofmon­ ey (9) 7 Business (7) 11 Given fresh confidence (9)



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Va va, voom



>> New street spectacular for ‘Top Gear’

local newspapers





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Oakford dilemma rages on [3] Bollywood stars in Verulam Bollywood soapie stars Gurmeet Choudhry and Kratika Sengar, Gurmeet’s dad, Sitaram Choudhry and Kratika’s manager Santosh Gupta (centre) soaking up Verulam with RUSA co-director, Vinod Balram and RUSA head, Prem Balram. SEE STORY PAGE 8

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 "2 - ( *44 

The new circuit.


OLLOWING two hugely successful years, the award-winning Top Gear Festival is bolstering its team to ensure it delivers one hell of an event for the third part of its trilogy in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. In a bid to create the best street circuit yet, popular and respected motoring media personality, Marius Roberts has joined the Top Gear Festival Durban team bringing with him the promise of more motortainment than before. The bar is set high for the local selfproclaimed petrol head as previous Top Gear Festivals have seen the likes of Formula 1 stars and cars including two-time World Drivers' Champion Mika Häkkinen, four-time World Constructors' Champions Infiniti Red Bull Racing and their successful RB7 car, not to mention current title leaders Mercedes AMG Petronas all take part in the motoring extravaganza. Thelistofmotoringtalentcontinues with legendary F1 driver David Coulthard and Queen of the NĂźrburgring Sabine Schmitz who have all taken a turn on the street circuit in everything from F1 and classic cars to more absurd vehicles such as tuk tuks and taxis. Roberts said of his appointment: "I am a huge fan of Top Gear, a huge fan of carsandahugefanof Durban, so when I gotthecallregarding the position of content manager for the Top Gear Festival 2014 in Durbs, I didn't have to give it much thought. “Iplantocombine these passions to put together the best festival content to date. “I'm not saying it's going to be easy, after all, the festival has been incredibly successful over the past two years, but I

am up for the challenge." As anchor-presenter on South Africa's first motoring channel, Ignition TV,since2008andracingcompetitively for the past four years in a variety of race series, Roberts has extensive knowledge of the motoring industry within South Africa. Combining this with his plans for the festival, Roberts has already put in place a new, enhanced and city-approved Durban street circuit for 2014. The new layout has additional benefits including taking the street circuit action closer to spectators. With the circuit looping back on itselfalongBatteryRoad,thenewgrandstand positions create a stadium feel around the street circuit, allowing Top Gear fans to get even more bang for their buck. From the moment the sun rises on the 21 and 22 June to the time the sun sets, there will be non-stop action right in front of them. On track there is plenty for spectators to get excited about with more

competitive racing action. The newest andmostexcitingactiontakestheform ofanewtimeattackinvitational,where 30 of South Africa's bravest drivers take each other on in 30 of South Africa's fastest cars. This high-octane entertainment is bound to have fans on the edge of their seats this June. In addition The Stig will be unleashed in a variety of cars as he completes power laps synonymous with the Top Gear television shows - always a favourite with the crowds. Expect a nail-biting, jaw dropping spectacle as the Porsche and Ferrari drivers provide prize winners with their own dose of rip-roaring action in true Top Gear style. Visitors are encouraged to book early to avoid missing out on the most exciting event on this year's entertainment and motoring calendar. For more information on ticket prices or to book visit www.topgearfes — Supplied.


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Cyclists anticipate Rainbow Challenge

>> MTB riders gear up for the ‘race of the year’


The 60km race at the 2014 Sappi Karkloof Classic MTB Festival on 11 May will serve as the final qualifier for the Rainbow Challenge final.



OUNTAIN bikers from across the country will be racing in the 60km race at the Sappi Karkloof Classic Festival in under a month’s time in an effort to secure qualification for the new Rainbow Challenge final that will precede the MTB Marathon World Championships in June. The three-day Sappi Karkloof Mountain Bike Festival is the biggest event of its kind on the national calendar and draws biking enthusiasts to the wide range of events, including a night race, an enduro race, and short, easy accessibleracesaimedatlessexperienced riders. It is the long 60km marathonthathassecuredqualifier status of the Rainbow Challenge final on 28 June. Riders

simply need to finish the race to secure a place on the startline on the day before the elite world title decider in Pietermaritzburg. "We are excited to have secured qualifier status at major events in the major regions of the country to satisfy the interest in qualifying for the new Rainbow Challenge final," said marathon world champs organiser Alec Lenferna. "With the Sappi Karkloof MTB Festival marathon being one of the biggest of its kind, it was an ideal event to have as a final qualifier. "There has been substantial interest in taking part in the Rainbow Challenge from MTB riders around the country, and for riders who weren't able to get to the other three qualifying events in the Western Cape, Mpumalanga and the Gauteng qualifier last

weekend, the Sappi Karkloof event is the one they will have to ride. "The 60km Sappi Karkloof race is the ideal qualifier as it will be very similar in character to the course that will be used for the Rainbow Challenge final and the marathon worlds, so not only will riders be able to get their qualifier under their belt, but it will also be perfect training for them at the same time," Lenferna said. The Sappi Karkloof Classic MTB Festival takes place from 9-11 May at Karkloof Country Club. Riders and spectators can follow news and developments via the event’s Facebook page (Karkloof Mountain Bike Club) or on Twitter (@KarkloofMTB). More information can also be found at www.karkloof


Contact Justin Watson: 031 533 7600 Contact Louise Maxwell: 083 399 3907

Hillcrest Fever 20140429  
Hillcrest Fever 20140429  

Hillcrest Fever 20140429