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Commuters brace for price increase

February 28, 2014

Another increase will hit the public hard

>> Bus and taxi fare will rise, but when is still being decided KALISHA NAICKER


OMMUTERS across the Upper Highway area are bracing for higher public transport fees following the petrol hike of 39 cents earlier this month. And although Durban Transport Authority says there will be an increase, it is unsure when this will come into effect.. Scores of concerned commuters have contacted the Hillcrest Fever wanting to know if the fares are to

increase and by how much. Kloof resident Trevor Right said “The recent hike is making living in this country a nightmare; we cannot keep up with monthly expenses. We are fed up with how this government is running the country; another fare increase is not the best idea at this time.” Jessica Smith from Hillcrest and Brian Mkhize from Kwanyuswa agreed with Right and said they too cannot afford another taxi fare increase.

“Whenever prices increase, they never come down. If salaries were also increased significantly then we would be able to cope with the prices,” said Smith. “I travel by taxi from Kloof to Durban Central daily and it costs me more thanR30 aday,if this increases I will be left with no money.” Mkhize added, “We’re struggling to make ends meet every day and the little money we have is used to pay for transport. “I am dependent on my grant

money to get me through the month and this increase on fuel impacts on my life, as groceries will also increase. “I really hope that government takes this into consideration the next time a price hike is considered.” Zama Mbali from the Durban Transport Authority said that bus fares are to be increased, but she cannot confirm when. “We are still in discussion as to when and by how much the fares will be increased.

“We do understand the concern of the commuter but the hike of petrol affects us as well.” “The increases will be highlighted in the media prior to it being effective,” she added. Molweni Taxi Association secretary, RB Dladla, said that the taxi industry receives no financial support from government and their fares are also likely to increase. “We should have an increment price by Friday next week once all discussions are completed,” he said.

In case there’s an



Crime Stop: 086 001 0111

COUNSELLING Life Line....033 394 4444 Open Door Crisis Centre... ...................... 031 709 2679 Jes Foord Foundation....... ...................... 031 765 4559 Careline Crisis Centre......... ........................031 765 1314 ................ or 082 787 6452

EMERGENCY Hillcrest SAPS................................031 765 9116/9103 Kloof Police Station..............................031 764 2334 Fire.............................................................031 361 0000 Gillitts Metro.............................................031 767 1222 Rescuetech KZN.....................................086 167 2226 ANIMAL RESCUE Kloof & Highway SPCA......................031 764 1212/3 Monkey Helpline....082 411 5444 or 082 659 4711

AMBULANCE ER 24........084 124 Netcare 911............. ....................082 911 VEMA....................... ..... 083 630 0000 Ambulance & Emergency Medical Centre......10177


over illegal signage >> Be prepared to pay over R800 per illegal poster KALISHA NAICKER


PPER HIGHWAY'S serial polluters and street-advertising hogs will be feeling the heat soon when their illegal signs are impounded and hefty fines are handed out. This is according to Ward 10 councillor Rick Crouch, who has embarked on a drive to clean-up the area. Crouch said that there are an increasing number of illegal signs being erected in the community. Signs on poles, walls, some freeways and on buildings and public spaces owned by the council will be subject to this action. “People have ignored previous warnings, and this time, we will be acting against those who are contravening our by-laws,” said Crouch. “The illegal signage not only gives our community an unkempt look, but if not removed speedily it encourages Caption: Illegal signage around the Upper Highway Area is under fire.

more illegal signage and gives the impression we do not care about our community, thereby attracting undesirable elements to our streets. “I work diligently in reporting these illegal signs and posters; I take note of them while driving and then report them by sending an email to the signage department.” He said that an illegal sign is very easy to spot as the legal signs and posters on the light poles will have a luminous sticker at the bottom right of the poster. If a sign has no sticker, it is illegal. “Some illegal signs that are much easier to spot are the hand-written ones. The fine for an illegal poster is more than R800 for each poster. “It is not fair to the businesses that go the legal route, so I encourage residents please not to do business with those businesses that are advertising illegally. Also, if you are driving around and notice any illegal posters or signs, please note the street name and the light pole number then email that information to the authorities. Let’s keep our community a safe and clean place to live” added Crouch. To report an illegal sign, email and copy in:

Pine Ridge Neighbourhood Watch receives donation KALISHA NAICKER RESOURCES of the Pine Ridge Neighbourhood Watch (PRNW) have been bolsteredwiththedonationofanewtwo-way radiofromaprivatesecuritycompany.ADT Security sponsored the radio - valued at R2000 - as well as R1500 worth of boerewors for a recent fun day fundraiser hosted by the watch. The PRNW was formed in June 2013 by residents of the Farningham Ridge and Pinelands areas. Chairperson, Dylan Jenkins thanked ADT for their generous Rian Buys (ADT Community Development Manager), Dylan Jenkins, Senzo Chiya, donation and ongoing support and com- Sharon Jenkins, Mark Dyson and Scott Fordyce. mitment. "Through partnerships like these we have been able to reduce crime by 75 percent in our neighbourhood. Our neighbourJEWELLERY & SILVER hood watch has helped our community to unLOANS • BUY • SELL derstand the solution instead of always foWE BUY KRUGER RANDS cussing on the problems . Security Community Development Manager for South Durbansaidtheyarehappy to have been able to WE OFFER CASH LOANS @ help. "ADT is commit10% INTEREST ON JEWELLERY ted to forming partnerAND CARS T’S + C’S Apply ships with local crime fighting organisations Prices are subject to change with Market Indicators to proactively reduce DEALERS WELCOME @ SPOT + 6% criminal activity. Having and maintaining good working relationships between various 927 Sarnia Road, Bellair, Durban community safety or031 465 5397 • 071 900 5100 ganisations lik security companies and the police in the fight against crime." We will call back




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Bellair Gold Exchange

SMS: Bell3 to 32254

SECURE LINK SAFETY TIP: -Use floodlights pointed downward from the eaves to wash the side of your house with light, and install them at corners to illuminate two sides of the house.

February 28, 2014





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No consequences for man who beat dog to death KALISHA NAICKER

UPPER Highway residents and animal lovers are furious that the man who pleaded guilty to killing his dog with a wooden pole was let off with just a warning at the Pinetown Magistrate’s Court last Thursday Siya Mbhanjwa beat his dog with a wooden pole and then buried it in a shallow grave in his backyard. His neighbour called the Kloof and Highway SPCA, and Mbhanjwa was later arrested and charged with cruelty to animals. Kloof SPCA spokesperson Barbara Laubscher expressed disappointment at the ruling on the organisation’s Facebook page. “It is concerning to think that our justice system believes that an act of cruelty such as this can be dismissed with such ease,” she wrote. “What kind of message does this send out to the community?" She said the Animal Protection Act was put together for voiceless

animals. “If this man can be released for such brutality to animals will he even be concerned about doing the very same to a child?” Laubscher asked. The SPCA Facebook page posted the ruling and highlighted the public’s reaction. Many expressed anger and said the justice system did not care about animal welfare. Jane Henderson commented that Mbhanjwa’s actions were disgusting – “this man is likely to be a real danger in the community - people start with animals and progress to humans. He needs punishment and assessment now,” she said. Sandy Wilson said, “There is no hope for a savage like the one who harmed the dog, what disturbs me is that someone who is supposed to see that justice is done, has failed miserably.” More than 255 people commented on the post and there were 333 who shared the story.

Tuckshops becoming targets KALISHA NAICKER A GANG of robbers is terrorising tuckshop owners in the Upper Highway Area, leaving in their wake a spate of unsolved robberies and burglaries almost every weekend. Over the last month several tuckshops have been targeted by the thugs, who steal cash as well as groceries from their victims. Some owners who spoke to the Hillcrest Fever said it seemed as if the thugs had become a law unto themselves, since nobody was stopping them. Ruby Mofokeng, whose tuckshop has been burgled several times, said she had been a target ever since she started the business in 2000. “When my husband died I had no means to support myself so I started a tuckshop from my home in KwaNyuswa. These men come wearing balaclavas with knives or guns and just

take what they want. I just give them what they want as I am lucky to survive the ordeal.” Mofokeng said she suspects the thugs to be from the area, and that they are known. Lieutenant France Mkhize, Hillcrest SAPS communications officer, said that crimes against tuckshops have increased, but he said security measures have not been taken at the shops. Mkhize said one of the robbed tuckhops was built in an isolated location and was operated by a young woman. “The building was not fenced, no alarm system was installed and there was no burglar guards on the doors or windows.” He said business owners should ensure adequate security measures such as guards, lighting and alarm systems. To report crime, contact Hillcrest SAPS on 031 765 9116.



February 28, 2014



Dr Anthony Zambelli Inanda Veterinary Hospital & Specialist Referrals 15 Howick Drive Waterfall 031 762 1816

Tools of the trade – the thermometer EVERY examination and vaccination should include a measurement of your pet’s temperature. These days all thermometers in common use are digital which means they are (a) not waterproof and (b) more accurate. Having said that, if the probe is stuck into a blob of poop, it may read erroneously low temperatures – which isn’t very helpful!

Thermometers must be disinfected between each patient and left dry on the counter or in a holder. Keeping them in little bottles of disinfectant doesn’t work as the disinfectant becomes a cesspit that cannot kill anything. The normal body temperature of a cat or dog is about 37.8 C – 39.3 C. A dog that has just walked to the hospital in the Durban summer can

easily (and quite normally) have a temperature of 40 C. A high temperature due to fever is called pyrexia. A medication that reduces a fever is called an antipyretic. Pyrexia is an appropriate response to infection and severe inflammation – it’s the body’s way of suppressing bacterial growth (just like heat pasteurisation of milk prevents transmis-

sion of bacteria). If excessive – over 41.0 C – it can cause direct damage to the tissues and lead to death – hyperthermia. A low temperature (hypothermia), which is common after prolonged anaesthesia or exposure, or with collapse of the circulation, causes shutdown of the heart and brain. This is normally dangerous at under 36 C and is fatal at 32 C.

Come and take a leap for frogs >> Community urged to support national awareness day for amphibians KALISHA NAICKER


HE Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is holding its second national awareness day for threatened amphibians on 28 February – a date now designated as Leap Day for Frogs, at the EWT’s Threatened Amphibian Programme at Glenholme Nature Reserve (Kloof SPCA). The community is invited to attend. The day will comprise a number of events, activities and opportunities for pupils, homeowners and employees to take a leap of action to save frogs. There are 160 frog species in South Africa, and Leaping according to EWT, 30 percent of them are threatened due to habitat destruction, increasing levels of pollution in freshwater systems, disease and changes in climate. “What many South Africans don’t know is that frogs play a key role in our indigenous ecosystems because they act as both a predator of insects, some of which are disease-spreading, as well as being prey for a host of other species. “ Their habitats are sources of fresh water and they also assist in water filtration and flood reduction,”said Dr. Jeanne Tarrant, manager of the EWT’s Threatened Amphibian Programme (EWT-TAP). “Frogs are also important bio-indicators due to their sensitive skins

and because they inhabit both aquatic and terrestrial environments. In other words, if they are around, it means our environment is healthy. “The fact that one third of our frogs could potentially disappear is a warning sign that our natural environs are in jeopardy and that urgent conserva-

for frogs

tion action is crucial.” She said the good news is that unlike a number of other endangered species, which require global support and intervention, the protection and conservation of frogs is something in which ordinary South Africans can play a meaningful and impactive role. Tarrant went on to add, “The conservation of frogs is so closely related to existing environmental management and conservation policies and practices, that it’s really just a matter of paying more attention to them.” The awareness campaign aims to put frogs on South Africa’s conservation map by providing information on what people, businesses and govern-

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ment can do towards reducing their negative impact on amphibian habitats. It also teaches people how they can create environments that are conducive to the survival of frogs. Various events will be held throughout the country focusing on threatened species including the critically endangered Pickersgill’s Reed Frog from KwaZulu-Natal, the criticallyendangeredAmatholeToadfromthe Eastern Cape and the endangered Western Leopard Toad from the Western Cape. Tarrant will be involved in two events during the course of the day. She will be addressing local residents of Mtunzin i (in Zululand) on the afternoon of the 28 about their area being a hotspot for Pickersgill’s Reed Frog and how they can help. That evening she will be in her local town of Kloof for a family outing. This will include kids’ activities, an illustrated presentation and a guided walk in Glenholme Nature Reserve. More importantly, individuals are asked to organise their own events at home, school or the office to bring attention to and celebrate these important creatures in general. For further information about the EWT-TAP and Leap Day for Frogs, visit or contact Jeanne Tarrant on

Media24 KZN Local News’ online content manager, Steph McLennan.

Read your local news online IN the second half of last year, the Hillcrest Fever took to cyberspace, launching a website,, upon which locals can read the news and views which pertain to them. As well as up-to-the-minute news stories in English and IsiZulu, the website boasts picture and video galleries. “One of the things that makes our site different to an average news site is our Citizen Journalism tool,” explained online content manager Steph McLennan. “It enables you to tell us your news, whether it’s a newsworthy story that you have gotten wind of, or an upcoming community event - anything that will be of interest to your community.” Fever readers can also submit photos via this tool. “Show the community what your school, organisation or friends and family have been up to,” encouraged McLennan. “The tool can be found on the right hand side of the homepage.” The Citizen Journalism tool provides a valuable opportunity for pupils and university students who have an interest in journalism. All content, if deemed appropriate, will be published online

with your byline within four working hours - enabling the journalists of tomorrow to start building up that portfolio which will prove so vital to them when they begin searching for employment. “In addition to the abundance of news stories and picture galleriesonoursite,we also offer you an electronic version of the most recent print edition,”addedgroup editor Desiree Erasmus. “We would like to invite you to visit www. on a regular basis to keep up with the news, tell us your news, and become an active voice within your community.” Local Citizen Journalist Emma Dunk loves the “new tool” and said, “The citizen journalist tool is such a wonderful concept. It is quick and easy to register and uploading stories and photos is equally uncomplicated. “Using this tool you can submit stories and they will be published online within four working hours. In addition they are submitted to the news editor to be considered for publication in the next print edition! “What a clever notion to open up your scope of resources to your immediate community.”


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February 28, 2014


Ombudsman of Hillcrest Fever According to the editorial policy of the Hillcrest Fever, readers are invited to comment about the newspaper’s contents, and significant errors will be corrected as soon as possible. Please send information about correction of mistakes in the newspaper to the ombudsman of Media24’s Community Press, George Claassen, at or call him at 021 8513232 or 083 543 2471. Readers can also complain about the contents to the South African Press Ombudsman. In that case, please phone 011 788 4829 of 788 4837, send a fax to 011 788 4990 or e-mail to

The hairpiece of hope in times of quality despair



ONG ago and far away in a distant kingdom known as the early 80s, my mother brought home our first snackwich maker. It was a hefty piece of machinery weighing in at close on two kilograms. That snackwich maker is now in Czechoslovakia with my

youngest brother. Why do I tell you this? Because that appliance has lasted longer than most things that were considered quality in the 80s. Rhinestone belts, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Rick Astley, He-man, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, shoulder pads, legwarmers, the Thornbirds, Margaret Thatcher and PW Botha have all thankfully faded, but the snackwich maker is still bloating bellies on another continent. And now, 30 or so years later, I am exhausted at having to spend R90 on a new and improved lightweight snackwich maker every six months. I am exasperated with overpriced shoes that play the ‘anaconda-andsmall-mammal game’ with my feet

after one day of wear. I am irritated at opening up a packet of Iced Zoo and finding iced amoeba. I am devastated at my PCs and laptops acting on their suicidal urges every two years. I am mortified when I climb into a vehicle that is priced at over R150 000 and am walloped by the classic, old-world smell of… plastic. I am flabbergasted that manufacturers still have the gall to use the words ‘new and improved’ on products, which generally translates to “Crap built to last for two months longer than the previous crap.” I am tortured by books which make it onto bestseller lists and have titles like ‘How to be Happy’, which are revised after three

months and sold as ‘How to be Really Happy’ and start with insightful gems like, “You can be happier….” I have been searching, gentle reader, for something that can offer me a little hope in this quality-free cloud that has shadowed our lives in the past three decades, and the only hope comes from Riaan Cruywagen. That’s right; the former Afrikaans news anchor for SABC 2, now on one of DSTV’S morning programmes called Dagbreek. Cruywagen has mastered quality over quantity; after all, his hairpiece has been around since the days of Haas Das and Falcon’s Crest. For over three decades, Cruywagen has been a brilliant example of what a good, solid, quality rug and regular formaldehyde facials can

do for one’s career prospects. It comforts me to know that presidents will come and go, literacy rates will drop, crime will still spiral outofcontrol, the average household will go through four can openers and two attempted break-ins a year, another alleged Steve Hofmeyr love child will pop up somewhere on the platteland, but Riaan Cruywagen’s marvellously crafted ebony jobbie will live through a nuclear explosion and possibly lead puppies to safety during the apocalypse. Therefore, I use my column this week to salute Riaan Cruywagen; a man who has earned a place amongst other great survivors of our time: Cher, Winnie Mandela and the entire crew of the Starship Enterprise.

The five stupidest South Africans


THE world is full of stupid people. We all know this, and are forced to accept it and carry on with life Sometimes, however, we forget how stupid some people can be. This week, I shall regale you with the tales of my top five stupid South Africans .

Toppingthelistare twoyoungmiscreants who have literally almost gotten away with murder. Christoff Bekker and Frikkie du Preez, two of the so-called Waterkloof Four, were paroled after serving just six years for murder. The night before being released on parole, they transformed their jail cell into a strip club, filming their scantily clad selves with a clear view of all manner of illegal items. They were almost immediately rearrested when footage of their parole party was leaked. Their arrogance and stupidity cost them their freedom, while giving John Doe an additional shred of jus-

tice. Next on the list is a former police officer named Dayalan Maslamoney. Maslamoney has recently been arrested for allegedly storming into someone’s house and demanding money. Accordingtocourtpapers,Maslamoney earns a salary of R20 000 a month, and managed to steal a grand sum of R250. Here’s the best part. Five years ago, Maslamoney won R10 million on the lottery. Maslamoney clearly cannot master a money. Speaking of financial woes brings me to idiot number four - none other than that EFFing politician - Julius Malema. Having once

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been Zuma’s right hand man and the darling of the ANC youth league with a lavish lifestyle second only to Zuma himself, I can only assume that Malema was, at one time, a moron of considerable means. Now, however, his political career has hit a potential snag until he is able to pay the receiver of revenue a handsome sum. I have an idea for you though,Julius. RentoutMosesMabhida stadium for an egg-citing event in which, for a sum of R10 per raw egg, peoplearepermittedtothrowthemat you. You’ll make the needed funds up in no time. Lastonthelistisourinfamoustrig-

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ger-happy Blade Runner, who, it has recently emerged, was watching pornography on his cell phone on the fatal night when Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead. A word to the wise: if you decide to shoot your girlfriend after watching porn, whether in a fit of rage or because you adopted a shoot-firstand-ask-questions-later approach to an apparent intruder, get rid of the phone. Nothing ruins a nice-guy-inlove image as fast as links to sites showing content even more illicit thanBekkerandDuPreez’sprisonorgy. Stupid people. They walk among us. And regrettably, they breed.



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February 28, 2014








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JOURNALIST Kalisha Naicker

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Letters to the Editor must be received by Thursday evening, 3pm, in order to be included in the Tuesday edition of the paper. Letters should be addressed to The Editor and emailed to or faxed to 031 533 7972. Letters must be a maximum of 400 words long and must relate to the topic at hand. While pseudonyms are allowed, writers must still include their full names and contact details (which will not be printed) or letters will not be published. The Editor reserves the right to not run letters or to alter letters so that they are legible.

Abusive employers, beware, we see you I WOULD like to tell you about my experience of what I believe is abusive behaviour in the workplace, particularly in a business known as a “one man band business of all types”. These are the kind of people who profess to run their businesses on a fair and respectful platform towards their staff, but in actual fact they don’t do this. I can give you first-hand experience of the most horrific incidents from employers towards their staff: torment, shouting and screaming, accusatory, sadistic and downright bullish and cruel behaviour.

However, the minute a customer walks through the front door, the employer turns into a smiling and charming owner. This brings me to the next factor which is salaries and bonuses for the staff. Examples of low salaries being paid for very long hours of work with no form of incentive or reward is the call of the day by the employer. For some or other reason some employers think that making their staff work for 13 days in a row in some instances, with no break, is acceptable. This is not only abusive towards

the more thanhardworkingemployee,but it flies in the face of everyone, because the owner is living the high life with absolutely no recognition for the staff. Those same staff members are the ones generating the very high life style for the employer. Conveniently the “weak economy” is being used as an excuse by the owner for lack of compensation towards the staff. Conveniently the employer knows very well that most people need to work these days, but for some strange reason they think they have the upper hand.

Another very unnerving experience has been where owners try and get away with indiscretions of all types in various fields and all that under the cloak of God. One very strong word of advice to all employees seeking employment, please do your homework on your prospective new employer before you embark on your new career. I myself have been an owner of a successful business. I am fortunate enough to know both sides of the working situation, and what these employers are doing is immoral and illegal. You have been warned

Umfundi ubonga usizo abaluthola kwiFEVER Sesike sivale amehlo singabazali sibona izingane zihamba zinqunu, zifakwa imisweswana yamadilozi, into efikisela ngamahloni. Ebengikucela kuKhabazela ukuthi asixhumanise nalenkosazane asanda kubhala ngayo ekuthiwa uPhumi, esiza izingane zamantombazane ngamapads. Uyancomeka umsebenzi owenziwa yilengane yabantu ngoba ziyahlupheka izingane zamantombazane eziningi. Ngifisa ukuyibonga nayo lengane yabantu ecabangela odadewabo engabazi, sengathi uNkulunkulu angayandisela.

Siyabonga nokuzwa ukuthi uhulumeni waseMelika useyizamile ngokuyixhasa. Sengathi banganda abantu abafana nayo. Sicela phela lentatheli yakho yakoKhabazela ike isivakashele ngapha emakhaya kwaXimba ngoba miningi imisebenzi yentuthuko ekhona ngapha kodwa ayaziwa kahle. Siyajabula ngoba leliphepha lenu libonakala sengathi liyabacangela nabantukazana. Esikuthanda ngalo yikhona ukuthi liyaphisana ngoba phela abaningi

bethu abasebenzi, sibulawa yindlala ngoba nemisebenzi ayibonwa. Ngingajabula nje uma ningase ningiphe okuyitoho noma ngingasebenza kabili kuphela nje ngesonto. Nisisize phela nisicelele nemifundaze kuhulumeni. Nazi izingane zizogugela emakhaya ngenxa yokweswela imali yokuqhubeka nemfundo zibe zizimisele. Ngiyabonga mhleli, ungixolelele ngokwelula Yimina ozithobayo Gugu Zikhali KwaXimba

HILLCREST High School invites all ladies to another of its fabulous ‘Angel Fund’ teas on Saturday, 8 March in the school hall, 10am to 1pm. Guests will be treated to a scrumptious tea, then pampered by representatives from some of the largest cosmetic houses, courtesy of the event’s sponsor, Dischem. Dischem will also donate an exciting goodie bag for each guest as well as an additional 20 hampers to be won on the day. The Angel Fund comprises a committee of four teachers and a group of students, all of whom are dedicated to raising funds throughout the year to support students within the school community with financial needs. The school is committed to ensuring the holistic development of each child and this welcome support ensures the student’s ability to fulfil his or her academic potential by supplying a few of life’s basic needs. Tickets cost R60 and can be purchased from Mrs White at reception on 031 765 1215 or 031 765 1232. For as little as R10, young children will be taken care of and entertained by responsible students.


Mhleli Ngicela ukubonga kuwena mhleli nezintatheli zakho ezisibikela ngobunono nangobuciko izindaba ezenzekayo. Ngithanda ukubonga intatheli yakho yakoKhabazela, lena ekuthiwa uNosipho. Ngithanda isineke sayo nobunyoninco bayo ekusethuleleni izindaba. Ngimthanda kakhulu okaKhabazela ngoba uzwakala engenawo amahloni okuthi ontanga yakhe bazothini ngakubhalayo, nakugxekayo okwenziwa kakhulu yintsha yamantombazane.

Hillcrest High pampers with Angel Fund



Take the Internet with you and leave high costs behind. For as little as R180 per month, you can enjoy superfast mobile LTE Internet with a Huawei E3276 modem or share data via Wi-Fi with your family through a Huawei E5220 Mi-Fi on SA’s most competitively priced network.



Huawei E5220 Mi-Fi

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Dial *120*8686# to find the nearest Telkom Store


Terms and conditions apply and can be viewed at E&OE. All mobile deals are available to individual consumers or businesses. Data available on Telkom Mobile network. Contract out-of-bundle rate of 30c/MB applies. Hybrid out-of-bundle rate of R1/MB applies. LTE service subject to the use of an LTE-enabled device and LTE coverage availability. To see if your area is covered, visit or SMS your physical address to 43482 (SMS charge of 50c applies). Free Unlimited Wi-Fi (10GB Fair Usage Policy applies). Deals are valid until 31 March 2014.


February 28, 2014

10 FEVER hillcrest

Injured baby monkey rescued from Hillcrest road


THE fast action of security officers Ryan Bazley and Campbell Pollock of Secure Link saved the life of a baby monkey in Hillcrest recently. According to Steven King, chairman of Waterfall Crime Watch, the men were doing their rounds and spotted a baby vervet sitting in the middle of the road. “They gathered her up, careful not to hurt her broken leg further, and contacted the security company’s control room,

which contacted Monkey Helpline.” King said that if the men had not assisted the tiny monkey, she would have been runover. “We are pleased with this rescue and we are glad that little monkey Lalla (who was named after my daughter) is being nursed back to health,” he added. “I would like to thank Monkey Helpline for the sterling work they do in the rescue and rehabilitation of vervet monkeys throughout KwaZulu Natal. “These men really go well beyond the call of duty and we should really follow

Doing it for charity KALISHA NAICKER

LOCAL celebrity and radio personality Abi Ray celebrates successfully completing her 8 mile swimming challenge with Barry Kyle and GregSetzkorn from Setzkorn Health & Wealth Consulting. Abi and her brother, Bradford, did all eight events at this Midmar Mile – four races on Saturday, 8February and four on Sunday, 9 February. The brother and sister team did last year’s Midmar Mile and, on completion of the onemilerace,discussedhowmadtheythought the eight milers were. “This year we were part of that crazy crew!’’, laughs Abi. ‘’It was in aid of a very good cause so all the hours of training and the sweat and tears on the day, was definitely worth it’’, she explains. From their efforts, an incredible total of R22 759 was raised for the Red Cap Foundation’s three amazing projects – Young Heroes, Red Cap Schools and Jumpstart. The Young Heroes project is making a difference in the lives of primary school children from low-income communities, by giving them an opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle and a passion for regular exercise from an early age. “On the days that the project is run at a school, the rate of absenteeism drops significantly. The children are excited about learning about sport and healthy living’’, says Abi.

The aim of the Red Cap Schools is to create sustained improvement in the overall performance of learners at selected primary schools, instead of only focussing on particular subjects. The need for holistic intervention has been highlighted through the Red Cap Foundation's years of experience in working with schools. JumpStartisadirectresponsetothenational challenge of youth unemployment. The lack of experiential training plays a major role in the growing number of unemployed youth in our country. The JumpStart project literally provides a "jump start" to young people and helps them gain the much needed skills to access the job market. Setzkorn Health and Wealth Consulting contributedR2000toAbiRay’s8milefundraising campaign. ‘’You can still donate if you would like to support these three worthwhile projects,’’ encourages Abi. ‘’You simply need to visit http:// and follow the instructions to make a donation’’. For more information on the Red Cap Foundation visit Although it was exhausting, Abi describes feeling totally exhilarated after the mammoth undertaking. “One of the proudest moments of my life’’, exclaims Abi.

in their footsteps to aid God’s creations.” Steve Smit of Monkey Helpline said as a non-profit, MH tries as much as it can tosave,house and feed as many monkeys as possible. “On any given day MH has over a hundred monkeys in its home-based, “highcare” facility. Once they have recovered from their injuries the monkeys are released back into their home territory, transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation centre or placed in a primate sanctuary. “As the only dedicated monkey rescue project in KwaZulu-Natal, MH is available

to carry out rescues 24 hours a day, every day, including Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, every other public holiday and weekends. “But to do this, Monkey Helpline needs support. MH relies entirely on public donations and receives no financial support from local, provincial or national government, or from any other animal welfare organisation in South Africa. “We rely on your compassion and generosity to help us,” said Smit. To assist or for more information, contact 082 659 4711.

FEELING THE BEAT >> Deaf dancer encourages community to learn signing

The world renowned "Deaf" dancer Darren Rajbal



Abi Ray with Barry Kyle and Greg Setzkorn


ORNon 14 July1990,DarrenRajbalwas blessed with talent beyond any parent’s imagination. As a child he loved dancing around the house, which neither he or his mum took seriously as Rajbal was born hearing impaired. Much to his mum’ s amazement though, he had perfect rhythm,whichledtohisrisetostardom. Rajbal attended the Fulton School for the Deaf, based in Gillitts, where he gained selfconfidenceandwasabletoexpresshimselfbet-

ter. At the age of 16, the inspirational go-getter performed his first stage show, which later led to him winning the title of Mr Bollywood (2006). Encouraged by his mum, he continued to pursue his dream as an actor, dancer , mime artist and animation artist. In 2009 Rajbal took South Africa by storm when he won the reality TV Show - SA’s Got Talent. Speaking to the Hillcrest Fever , Rajbal said he is still amazed how people presume because someone is deaf, they must be lacking in intelligence. “We arejustascapableaseveryoneelse, we simply speak a different language,” said Rajbal. “I wish more people would take the time to learn thelanguagewhich thedeafcommunity speaks. It would help us to feel less isolated and lonely.” Rajbal has been fortunate enough to travel overseas with this dancing and believes that South Africa is behind when it comes to the opportunities available for the deaf. He is now an ambassador of the Talk Sign campaign and encourages the community to support it. Talk Sign was launched in KwaZulu-Natal to popularise South African Sign Language (SASL) and to raise funds through the sale of Talk Sign stickers. The proceeds from the KZN Blind and Deaf Society project will be used to educate the deaf and, at a later stage, help them to find employment. To support the campaign, SMS Talk Sign and your city to 36931 at a cost of R5. All profits will be donated to the Talk Sign campaign. Visit for more information.

Getting dirty at the Mudman series KALISHA NAICKER THE 'Dare To Be' team - Storm Dantu, Jade Redman, Ryan Redman and Rainie Kietzmann took part in the first event of the aQuelle Mudman series on Saturday, 1 February. The event included a 750m swim, 20km mountain bike ride and a 5km trail run through

beautiful countryside. The aQuelle Mudman series takes place every year in February, March and April. Mudman is an off-road multisport event with running, swimming or canoeing, and cycling events, held in scenic surroundings in a spirit of fun amidst the competition. The very first Mudman in

February 28, 2014



KZN was held at Hermannsburg in 1999 and it has grown into a whole-family event, with as many as 650 entrants participating in one series. The second event in this year's series takes place on 2 March at 9am Albert Falls.



Local team Storm Dantu, Jade Redman, Ryan Redman and Rainie Kietzmann completed the gruelling sport series

For more information visit

F or tthe he llove ove For o eading off rreading Dedicated librarian Elizabeth Bowen

>> Highbury Preparatory School bids farewell to school librarian after 24 years of dedicated service.


BOOK can transport one to places they have never been,” says Highbury Preparatory School librarian Elizabeth Bowen, who retires this month after 24 years at the school. Whether reading to first graders, helping pupils with research or stocking the latest young adult fiction, Bowen has hooked many a pupil on books in her career. Speaking to the Hillcrest Fever, Bowen said that a library should be the heart of the school and it should touch every class. She believes that every child should have the luxury of opening a book and reading a story that lets their imagination run wild. Bowen’s career at Highbury began in November 1989 where, it was stated, amongst other things, that she would focus her energies on the smooth and efficient running of the Learning Resource Centre, and she accomplished her duties with delight. As times moved on so did Bowen’s teaching methods, but she still believes a book in the hand is better than a computer. “My pupils know not to say Wikipedia in front of me because they know they’re going to get a lecture,” Bowen joked. Despite a trend toward more digital resources, Bowen said she believes libraries continue to have a place in schools. Many pupils who don’t have mobile devices or computer access at home rely on libraries. Books are here to stay, according to Bowen, and it’s the younger children who don’t read

at home who need libraries the most. “Sometimes we’re the first introduction to books for those kids,” Bownen said. “There’s something magical about watching a group of little ones who are so into that story, leaning in, then at the end they all clap. If you want to grow readers, that’s where you start.” Retirement is bittersweet for Bowen, who will miss the moment when a book changes a life. To her, the job’s greatest joy has been watching pupils’ faces light up when they realise they can do a maths problem, or when they finish their favourite book and want more, leading to a question Bowen said she loves to get: “Is there another book like this one?” As Highbury bid Mrs Bowen farewell they do so thankful for the smooth, uncomplicated running of the LRC and for her devotion to the library and maintaining it as a respected centre of resource and information for boys and teachers. She is also respected for having worked hard to promote and inspire a culture of reading at Highbury over the years. Brent Gibson, in Grade 7, recently paid tribute to Bowen at a special chapel service by saying, “You paid special attention to every single boy sitting in your classroom. You always gave of your best and pushed for us to succeed even when we were ready to quit.” Another pupil, Grade 7 Highbury boy, Reid Stuart, said “Mrs Bowen, you instilled in us a love of books and reading that we’ll treasure forever. “On behalf of all the boys at Highbury, thank you very much!”

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February 28, 2014



What’s On 25 February Learn leadership and communication skills at Highway Toastmasters. Next meeting is on 25 February at the Premier Hotel, 6pm. Cost is R70 for the

evening and includes a meal. Contact Daniel for more details on 082 578 1511. 1 March Roseway Natural and Organic Market will be held on Saturday 1 March. There will be lovely vegetables, music, stalls and good food on sale and craft activities for children. Please note new times: 11am to 3pm. For more info contact Shelley 083 679 1203. Daily The recently renovated Two Acres Garden Market in Country Lane, opposite the Hillcrest Private Hospital, is open

Mondays to Saturdays. Enjoy a relaxed meal in the gardens before shopping for fresh produce, delicious treats, or gift ideas or enjoy the perfect pamper treatments. For more information Monthly The Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association Monthly Rail Reserve Walk will take place on 2 March, meeting at the Station Masters Arms on Inanda Road, Hillcrest, at 9am. All very welcome including dogs, children, bikes, etc.

Cooking up a storm at The Meercats

Welcome to Neethlingshof Neethlingshof Wine Estate is steeped in history dating back to 1705 and continues to balance natureandwinegrowingintheWesternCape'sglorious Stellenbosch Winelands.

2013 SAUVIGNON BLANC SINGLE VINEYARD This wine is fresh and crisp with a lingering aftertaste of tropical fruits. The maturation potential is full-bodied. It is a complex wine and with its racy acidity has the capacity to age for at least two years if correctly cellared. The wine is clear, luminous with green tints. The aroma is ripe figs and gooseberries.

2011 CABERNET/MERLOT This wine is rich and full with ripe fruit flavours supported by soft tannins. The maturation potential is ready to drink now, but will gain complexity and character with cellaring for a further three to four years. The wine is dark ruby and the aroma is ample plum, cherry and blackcurrant on the nose.

The winners and judges who attended the competition.

Shaun Quin judging the winning dish :

Tony ‘Hatman” Hustler & Mike ‘Soutie’ Beer THE Meercats Pub & Grill hosted their annual Potjie Pot Competition on Saturday 22 February. Once again it proved to be a huge success with 20 entries vying for fantastic prizes. First prize won by “Oom Karel” included a two day stay for two adults at the Springbok Lodge with all meals andgamedrivesvaluedatR7500.The Springbok Lodge is situated in the Nambiti Game Reserve near Ladysmith. Oom Karel served up a Balsamic Braised Lamb Shank with Leek and Potato Mash and Honey Glazed Vegetables. The judges, chefs Siobhan and Dee from the Thousand Hills Chef School, Salome from the Freestate Farmfellows Butchery and Shaun

Tudging the potjies is serious business.

Quinn from Waterfall Superspar all agreed that it was a fantastic achievement serving up a gourmet meal from a Potjie. The second prize of a R1000 Waterfall Superspar shopping voucher went to Joelle “Frenchie” Van Niekerk with a unique Moroccan style beef dish. Other prizes included a meat hamper donated by the Freestate Farmfellows Butchery which was won by Tinus and Derek, fourth prize of a Waterfall Tops hamper was won by Rowan & Co and Andre won the fifth prize of the Meercats Meal Vouchers. Meercats owners, Johan and Jill Schoeman thanked the generous sponsors, the judges and all the en-

trants, their family and friends who helped make this day such an incredibly enjoyable experience. “The potjies were all of the highest quality making it extremely difficult for the judges, but it’s not just about winning,” said Tony “Hatman” Hustler. Resident ‘Soutie’ Mike Beer said“this is the third time we have entered the Potjie Competition without any success, but it’s just such a nice day out at a fantastic venue. I come to all the events at the Meercats and enjoy them all tremendously as they are so well organised.” For more information on any other events at the Meercats, contact Johan or Jill on 0317763872 or email

Celebrating Valentines at Highbury The Weavers’ Nest children and FP boys were encouraged to buy and wear a bracelet, wear red and white, and support the Kloof and Highway SPCA this Valentine’s Day. A staggering R9000 has been raised.

Showing off their SPCA Born to Love Valentines bracelets are L-R: Siyabonga Mpofu, Mayaskar Nair, Michael Combrink, Ivan Lockem, Caleb Fyvie

Amathuba ebhizinisi kwabafuna ukuhweba ngenhlaba (Aloe Vera)

UDkt Bill Coates ESIKHATHINI lapho kunezinselelo ezixaka ukwenza empilweni zokushoda kwemisebenzi ngenxa, yokuntenga komnotho, kunenkampani enamathuba amaningi kulabo abakhuthele abafuna ukuhweba ngemikhiqizo eyakhiwe ngenhlaba (Aloe Vera). Kuyaziwa vele ukuthi nasemand-



Akubusisekile ukuzithwala SESIPHINDE sahlangana bafundi bethu abahle. Sagcinana ngesikhathi sixoxa nge ‘minsinsila namadilozi’. Nansi ke indaba engihluphayo kulezi zinsuku. Ngikhathazwa abantu abathanda ukuzikhukhumeza. Ngiyathanda ukuhlala nabantu abahlukahlukene. Angikhethi bala lamuntu. Angiyi ngokuthi umuntu uphetheni esandleni kodwa isizathu sami ukuthi ngifunde okuningi kubo ngisho nendlela ‘amajita’ agqoka bonke abantu. Kunalento ethanda ukuba nzima ngayo, akhohlwe ukuthi naye zolo futhi engingayazi nokuthi isukaphi. lokhu, ubezishayela ngesikhindi Ngizobhekisa kakhulu kwabansun- nophaqa. Uyena lo obeziphuzela unemedu ngoba ngiyazi ukuthi ngizokhunayidi osebhodleleni ngomlomo luma ngizwakale. Ngihlushwa yilolu daba lokuz- kungabindaba zalutho, kodwa manje ikhukhumeza noma lokuziphakami- useziphuzela ikani lejuice nge ‘straw’ uma eselokishini. Ngiyaninxusa bansa. Umuntu unele athole isikhundla tu bakithi, ake sishintshe indlela esingconywana emsebenzini noma esenza ngayo. Angikholwa ukuthi iyemphakathini umbone esehambela ona ndlela okhokho bethu abasiphezulu. Angazi kuke kuthini fundisa ngayo le. Ngisho nomlungu akayenzi lento emqondweni womuntu uma ese- oyisicebi bukela abanye abantu phansi enze yokuziphakamisa. Noma ehamba sengathi uthole isikhundla sokuba emgwaqeni ngeke uzitshele ukuthi ngumengali wezwe lonke, ekubeni uyisigwili ngenxa yokuthi akakwasayena uMnuz Jacob Zuma en- zikhukhumezi. Asiyeke ukucwasana siyisizwe esgaziphakamisi. Ubone umuntu wakhona engasakwazi ngisho ukub- imnyama. Masingazi phakamisi. ingelela, kodwa ebe ehlala nabanye Esikhundleni salokho masifukulane abasebenzi edla nabo, encokola sibambisane ngoba lokho kuzokwanabo, kodwa nje inkinga iqale uma kha isizwe esimnyama esibumbene, esenyuselwe esikhundleni esithe nesinenhlonipho, ukuze nenzinye izinhlanga zisihloniphe. Ningixolele thuthu. Omunye uze ahambele phezulu, bafundi uma kukhona othintekile kuabanye abantu ababukise okwaman- loludaba kodwa eyakoKhabazela ibibeka umbono wayo njengoba zi okupheka uphuthu. Lomkhuba ufana nse nomuntu nawe mfundi unemvume yokuokuthi kade ehlalisene kahle nom- phawula ngalolu daba. Ungasibhalephakathijikeleleelokishini,aneleabe la uthumele ngeposi ekhelini elithi, nemaliaqaleukubanehlolokukhetha 43 Imvubu Park Place, Riverhorse ubhontshisi. Lapho-ke usuke en- Valley, Durban 4017 noma uthumele gasathintwa esenemali edida usa- nge-email ku-nosipho.mkhize@witthane. La ‘majita’ akhule nawo elok- noma ushishayele ku-074 shini, angabe esazihlanganisa nawo 696 873/031 533 7624. ngoba usehlala esilungwini, usehamba ngezimoto eziphambili. Anginayo inkinga nomuntu ohlala esilungwini ngoba uhulumeni wentando yeningi wavula amathuba okuthi umuntu ahlale noma yikuphi lapho ethanda khona, aphile impilo ayithBe the Citizen Journalist andayo, inqobo nje uma enamandla. who submits the HIGHEST Inselelo iba number of stories, photographs sekuzithwaleni komuntu, ajike and events before the end of ngokuphazima February 2014! kweso, kujike ngisho nendlela akhuluma ngayo. Uma evaTo enter: kashele elokishini angabe esahlala ngisho nama ‘jita’ akhula ehlala nawo. Usekhuluma ulimi hillcrest olukhombisa ukuthi yena unemali, usecwasa kwasani





ulo, inhlaba yayingelinye lamakhambi aziwa kahle ukuthi ahamba phambili kwezokwelapha. Emva kocwaningo olunzulu, uDkt Bill Coates ongusomakhambi (pharmacist) waseDallas, eTexas kwelaseUnited States of America, uqhamuke nesulokukhiqizaisiphuzoi-AloeVera Juice, namafutha asetshenziswa

Iyakhula ekamamncane othola izingane sekufe indoda GUY VEZI



MUNYEwochwephesheabayingxenye yomkhankaso wokulondolozwa kwamagugu esizwe samaZulu, noneziqu zobudokotela kwezemfundo ongumfundi wokuqina weFever, uncoma isenzo somfundi obhalele leli phephandaba ecela ukucaciselwa ngokufanele akwenze mayelana nezingane azithole emva kokushonelwa yindoda. USolwazi Otty Nxumalo ongumsunguli wephephandaba elikhula ngesikhulu isivinini elasungulelwa ukubuyisa ubuntu ekuthiwa iNkazimulo, uthi izingane ezitholwa ngowesifazane sekushone indoda yakhe, kufanele zibize isibongo salapho eganele khona, akusho lutho ukuthi uzithole kubani. Ekhuluma emhlanganweni obukwelinye lamahhotela agudle ulwandle eThekwini ngeledlule, uSolwazi Nxumalo uthe: “Uma umakoti egane ngokwesiko, wachanguza, waqholiswa wachelwa nangenyongo waze waba, izingane azitholayo uma indoda isidlulile emhlabeni, kufanele zibize isibongo sasemzini.” Ugcizelele ukuthi kuningi okomdabu osekonakele, nokuqhubekayo nokonakala uma kungalungiswa. Uthe uyamncoma lo mfundi ophumele obala ngokumdidayo ukuze angaqhubeki nokudunguza emswanini. Uthe: “Kusemahlombe ethu ukwenza konke okusemandleni ukuvikela umlando namagugu esizwe sakithi. Ngakho nginxusa noma ngubani ofuna ukukhanyiselwa lapho engaboni kahle khona, aphumele obala ukuze asizakale.”




Win a 3 day river rafting trip

for 2 people to the value of R5300!


esikhumbeni, i-Aloe Vera Skin Gel. UDkt Coates ufike eNingizimu Afrika ngo-2008 waqala ukukhiqiza iAloway Natural Health Products epulazini eliseLimpopo. Ngendlela lemikhiqizo yempilo enesasasa ngayo unqume ukuvula amathuba kulabo abazimisele ngokusabalalisa lemikhiqizo kuzo zonke izifundazwe zaseNingizimu Afrika. Akekho ongaphika ukuthi kulezi zinsuku zanamhlanje abantu abaningi bahlaselwa yizifo ezahlukahlukene, okukhona nokuthiwa azisalapheki. UDkt Coates uthi noma engeke akuvimbe ukufa uma sekufike isikhathi, kodwa unesiqiniseko sokuthi uma abantu bengasebenzisa lamakhambi akhe enhlaba atshalwe lapho engasetshenziswa khona ama-

Kukhona nomfundisi welinye lamabandla amakhulu ocele ukungadalulwa othe ngokwezenkolo, akuvumelekile ukuthi umuntu athole ingane ngaphandle komshado. Kodwa khona lapho uthe: “Uma sibuyisela inkolo eceleni, umthetho uthi lezi zingane ezitholwe yilona wesifazane indoda isishonile, kufanele zibize isibongo sasemzini.” Ebuzwa ukuthi uma sekufanele lezingane zenzelwe amasiko kwenziwa njani, uthe kufanele zenzelwe koninalume.


USolwazi Otty Nxumalo othi kufanele kulondolozwe amasiko amaZulu nomlando wawo

February 28, 2014





khemikhali nomanyolo, ungaba khona umehluko ezimpilweni zabo. Ngaphezu kwalokho uthi lawa ngamathuba okuxazulula inkinga yokushoda kwemisebenzi, nokuthuthukisa osomabhizinisi abasemkhakheni wokusabalalisa imikhiqizo (distributors). Abafundi beFever abafisa ukwazi kabanzi ngaleli thuba lebhizinisi, bangaxhumana noDkt Coates ekhelini elithi, noma bathumele i-fax enombolweni ethi 086 671 1703.



February 28, 2014






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REGIONAL SALES MANAGER Media24 KZN Local News is looking to appoint a Regional Sales Manager for the local newspaper division. The main purpose of the role is to manage the performance of the sales function for KZN in line with the operating plan in order to maximize sales and expand market share. The position is based in Durban and will report to the General Manager: KwaZulu-Natal.



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Key Responsibilities: ™ IgVchaViZ hVaZh higViZ\^Zh dcid deZgVi^dcVa eaVch [dg i]Z gZ\^dc ^c dgYZg id Yg^kZ hVaZh ™ 8VckVh VcY YZkZade cZl Wjh^cZhh deedgijc^i^Zh VcY ^c^i^ViZ cZl hVaZh XdcXZeih ™ 6cVanhZ VcY gZedgi dc hVaZh deedgijc^i^Zh VcY VX]^ZkZbZcih! VcY ^YZci^[n [jgi]Zg opportunities ™ Bdi^kViZ! bVcV\Z VcY YZkZade V iZVb d[ hVaZh gZegZhZciVi^kZh id ZchjgZ i]Zn VX]^ZkZ pre-determined targets for the region ™ 7j^aY higViZ\^X gZaVi^dch]^eh l^i] Xa^Zcih VcY di]Zg ^ciZgcVa VcY ZmiZgcVa hiV`Z]daYZgh

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Skills and Competencies: ™ :mXZaaZci Xdbbjc^XVi^dc VcY egZhZciVi^dc h`^aah ™ GZaVi^dch]^e Wj^aY^c\ h`^aah ™ <ddY VcVani^XVa VcY cjbZg^XVa VW^a^i^Zh ™ >ccdkVi^kZ VcY egd"VXi^kZ ™ 6W^a^in id bdi^kViZ! ^che^gZ VcY bVcV\Z hVaZh hiVø

Reception Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 16:00 Saturday: 08:00 to 12 noon

Qualifications: ™ <gVYZ &'$bVig^X XZgi^ÑXViZ ™ 6 gZaZkVci hVaZh$bVg`Zi^c\ fjVa^ÑXVi^dc Experience: ™ 6i aZVhi * nZVgh egdkZc hVaZh ZmeZg^ZcXZ ™ :meZg^ZcXZ ^c i]Z cZlheVeZg ^cYjhign! hjeZgk^hdgn$bVcV\ZbZci ZmeZg^ZcXZ VYkVctageous)

Cattery A7 1 X female and 1 X male kittens, white with tabby tails.

Cattery A3 1 X female and 1 X male kittens, white with tabby tails.

Kennel 51 Male Jack Russell, 5 months, white and brown.

Kennel 53 Female Jack Russell, white, black and tan.

Kennel 54 Female Chow cross Terrier, brown and white.

Kennel 61 2 X Africanis pups, both female, the one beige, the other black, white and tan.

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Across 1 Fictitious (7) 5 Authoritative book (5) 8 Go to great trouble (3,7,3) 9 Sudden forward thrust (5) 10 Phantom (7) 11 Breach in church unity (6) 12 Bewilder (6) 15 Sports official (7) 17 Haughty (5) 19 In a state of terror (5-8) 20 Mournful poem (5) 21 With good reason (7) Down 1 Horrify (5) 2 Avoid committing oneself (3,2,3,5) 3 Social behaviour (7) 4 Leave off (6) 5 Misrepresent (5) 6 Lose money on a deal (2 ,3,2,6) 7 Drastic (7)




11 A moral doubt (7) 13 Staggering (7) 14 Superior (6)

16 Unstable (5) 18 Comical (5)



Sudoku Solution 140

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Crossword Solution 140

Across 1Carboncopy,6Stow,10Shine, 11 Harbinger, 12 Features, 13 Notes, 15 Unaided, 17 Lumbago, 19 Consent, 21 Contact, 22 Rival, 24 Unnerved, 27 Extensive, 28 Louse, 29 Salt, 30 Implicitly Down 1 Cast, 2 Raise Cain, 3 Overt, 4 Cohered, 5 Perusal, 7 Tight, 8 Wordsworth, 9 Cinnamon, 14 Cut corners, 16 Dwelling, 18 As a result, 20 Tourism, 21 Conceal, 23 Vital, 25 Relic, 26 Rely

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Celebrating the month of love

February 28, 2014






KALISHA NAICKER HILLCREST Primary School learners joined the celebration of the month of love by wearing red and white on the 14 February. The Grade 7 pupils made treats and crafts to sell, as part of their EMS programme. A fun and sweet day was had by all.

local newspapers

Logan Gutal

Precious DlaminiPamela Sikhosana

Achievers of Hillcrest High Guest speaker, Mr Gari dos Santos, with Nipho Methula (Best Junior Sportsman) and Michaela Groenewald (Best Junior Sportswoman)



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Oakford dilemma rages on [3] Bollywood stars in Verulam Bollywood soapie stars Gurmeet Choudhry and Kratika Sengar, Gurmeetâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dad, Sitaram Choudhry and Kratikaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s manager Santosh Gupta (centre) soaking up Verulam with RUSA co-director, Vinod Balram and RUSA head, Prem Balram. SEE STORY PAGE 8

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ILLCREST High School held its annual grade eight to 11 prize giving on Wednesday, 5 February, to honour its achievers in these grades. Gari dos Santos, head prefect of Hillcrest High in 1996 and current chairman of the school's Trust, was the guest speaker for the evening. Dos Santos held his audience in rapt attention with anecdotes from his school years. He also encouraged the

30 000 copies distributed

August 16, 2013

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pupils to grab with both hands the many opportunities the school had to offer them. Michaela Groenewald was presented with the Walsh Trophy for Best Junior Sportswoman, while the Sterrett Trophy for Best Junior Sportsman was awarded to Nipho Methula. Groenewald also received the Laura AtkinsonShieldforThePursuitofExcellence : Juniors. Academic awards were presented to Chayenne du Plooy for excellence in grade 11 Consumer Studies, Rebecca





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Hill for excellence in grade 11 English and Shanice Singh for excellence in academic work outside school. In addition Ashleigh Zaayman was named the Most Promising Grade nine artist, Madison Moulton the Most Promising Grade 10 artist and Emma Davies the Most Promising Junior Actress. First in their grade in 2013 was Esai Reddy (Grade 8), Brittany Graham (Grade 9), Madison Moulton (Grade 10) and Rebecca Hill (Grade 11).

Sporting Triumphs FEVER REPORTER THE good form shown on the sports fields has continued with teams showing off their prowess with both bat and ball. The Kloof rugby boys are well on their way to retaining the Gelofte Night Series Trophy by winning their encounter with Durban North College, scoring an impressive 35 points to 12. The Kloof High School cricketers posted most impressive scores against Port Shepstone on Saturday. Kloof 1sts bowled out Sheppie 1sts with 72 runs ontheboardandpromptlyrepliedwith 73 runs for the loss of four wickets. Kloof won that encounter by six wickets. The U14A and B teams also won

Jermaine Rajgopaul, Hevant Naicker

A proud moment for Highbury FEVER REPORTER GRADE seven Highbury boy, Neels Volschenk, recently competed in the KZN Elite Karate Championships. He won Gold Medals in both the Kata and Kumite (free fighting) division. He then received his KZN colours and competed in the SA Championships in Bloemfontein where he won a Gold medal in the Kumiete division. Volschenk earned his position

in the SA squad and will be awarded his full Protea Colours.

Neels Volschenk

their matches against Port Shepstone, butitâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;stheU15Ateamthatbrokeallthe records. Hevant Naicker scored 124 off just 44 balls, while his team mate Jermaine Rajgopaul scored 100 runs off 46 balls. As a result, both boys will inscribe their names on the Kloof High School Centurion Bat, and join an elite set of names. Not to be outdone, at the Athletics meeting held at Kings Park on Saturday, Chanel Stone and Brittany Uys were placed first in the high jump event in their respective age groups. Stone achieved a new personal best of 1.76m and Uys also jumped to her personal best of 1.73m.

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February 28, 2014 PAGE 16

hillcrest FEVER


MTB season opener underway FEVER REPORTER THE Cascades MTB Park is preparing to host the 2014 UCI MTB World Cup Pietermaritzburg presented by Shimano. This is its fifth mountain bike international in six years, following last year’s successful UCI MTB and Trials World Championships. The Pietermaritzburg leg of the 2014 UCI World Cup calendar, from 11 to 13 April will form the first leg of the international MTB season,consistingofnineworldcupsleadingtothe world champs in Norway in September. The Cascades MTB Park event will include the familiar cross country and downhill disciplines, but won’t include the eliminator discipline introduced to the Pietermaritzburg fans at last year’s world championships. The cross country course designed by Nick Floros for the world championships and the downhill course designed by Nigel Hicks will once again be used for the world cup events, with only minor adjustments to both layouts. “It’s exciting to be heading into a fifth season of international mountain bike events at The Cascades MTB Park,” said event director

Alec Lenferna. “We have shown over the years that we are capable of organising events to the highest global standards, and our courses have been uniformly praised as some of the best in the world. “It is great to hear from the riders themselves that they look forward to coming back to Pietermaritzburg because of the high standards of the course and the warm hospitality they enjoy here,” he added. The region was ideally suited to events of this scale because it had the infrastructure to cater for the riders, support teams and fans, said Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business CEO Melanie Veness, who also serves as the event organising committee president. “The city has the capacity in terms of bed nights to accommodate all the teams and riders relatively close to the course,” said Veness. “The incoming participants bring a significant injection into the regional economy, which we are excited about. “But just as exciting is the value of the positive image of Pietermaritzburg that is projected all over the world....”

CHAMPS in their own right >> Kloof pupils achieve stardom

Jordan Tupper and his father, Neil.

Brent Volek paddled a K3 canoe with his father Owen and trainer Bridgette Parker.

KALISHA NAICKER THIS year saw four Kloof High School students paddling in the Hansa Dusi Canoe Marathon. Matthew Volek, Jonathan Russell and Jordan Tupper participated with their fathers in the K2 section of the race. Brent Volek paddled a K3 canoe with dad Owen and trainer,

Bridgette Parker and managed to get the extra long canoe to the finish in 18 hrs 26 mins. For Matthew Volek and Jonathan Russell, this was their first experience of the Dusi and they finished in 10 hrs 29 mins and 11 hrs 37 mins, respectively. Jordan Tupper and his father, Neil crossed the finish line in 13 hrs 49 mins.

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