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Duo eye 2014 success

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January 10, 2014 PAGE 12


Waterfall’s 100% pass >> Celebration at popular college as entire matric class waxes IEB exams


The class of 2013 celebrates its 100 per cent pass.


PUPILS and staff of Hillcrest’s Waterfall College say they are thrilled with the 2013 IEB Matric results, with the school obtaining a 100 per cent pass rate. The outstanding achiever was Dylan Kriel, who obtained the Dux award and secured five As. One of the school’s “miracle pupils” was Chris de Kock, who joined Waterfall College from The Brown’s School in Pinetown. Principal Jeanette Van der Merwe said that with hard work and support from staff and fellow students, Chris passed his IEB Matric successfully. He was also awarded the 2013 Jenny Shingler Award for Perseverance. “I wish to thank our amazing teachers who are true subject specialists, putting heart and soul into the development of each individual child. “Their passion and dedication to the task goes well beyond the call of duty. Once again the entire matric class has passed,” said Van der Merwe. “Well done to our pupils and their families for working with us to achieve this great result.” Head of English, Beverley Surmon, said that the class of 2013 has been a “rather special group”. “Our 2013 class has set the bar high and their contribution to our school will always be remembered. “As our 2013 class leaves our school we ask God’s richest blessings on each of their lives. Remember that your Waterfall College years will always be with you.”



January 10, 2014



Meet the Hillcrest Fever team

Paintbrushes for hope

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Burry forever


>> Hundreds pay respects to cycling legend

A bicycle adorned with red roses at the Burry Stander memorial site at Cascades cycling track.




Dr Peter Breedt stands next to some of his artworks on display at Hillcrest Private Hospital.

KALISHA NAICKER ART enthusiasts flocked to the Hillcrest Private Hospital for the 2013 KwaZulu-Natal Doctors in Art Exhibition which showcased amazing medical talent recently. The first exhibition was initiated and coordinated in 2007 by Dr Peter Breedt, a local GP practising in Hillcrest, with a group of eight artists who work in the medical profession. After a break of three years the artistic medical professionals have returned to exhibit their beautiful paintings, photographs and sculptures. “The idea behind the project was to showcase the talents and hobbies of the medical professionals, while contributing to a positive cause. Every year the project has grown. In 2007 we started out with eight artists and this year we had 19 who exhibited,” said Breedt The objective of the exhibition is two-fold: firstly it is a platform for medical professionals which include doctors, psychologists, radiographers, nursing sisters, pharmacists and physiotherapists, to display their art . Secondly, a percentage of the proceeds raised will be donated to non-profit organisation, Focus on iThemba. The catalysts of the KZN event are Dr Peter Breedt, Focus on iThemba Board member, and his colleagues. Gavin Kruger, Focus on iThemba’s chief operations officer said, “I was absolutely amazed at the wonderful works of art that are being exhibited. We are genuinely touched by their kindness in remembering the children of Focus on iThemba.”

PHOTOS: SHAN PILLAY Cyclists Caitlin McKelvey, Sven Pottow and Shaun Woodley pay tribute to the memory of their fallen hero Burry Stander, who was killed in an accident a year ago, at the memorial to Stander at the Cascades cycling track.

Inanda Veterinary Hospital & Specialist Referrals After-hours 076 437 1385

(SAVA rated surcharge for after hours calls)

FREE Pet Ambulance!

To collect or drop off our patients, food or medication in the UPPER HIGHWAY AREA (Charges apply outside this zone)

15 Howick Drive Waterfall 031 762 1816 Twitter: @inandavets & Specialist Physician/Oncologist

Dr Anthony Zambelli

General Practitioner

Dr Judy Ratner

amily and friends of mountain biking legend Burry Stander gathered at the Cascades Cycling Track over the weekend to pay tribute and witness the bike park bearing his name officially opened. Burry’s brother Duane, who owns Concept Cyclery in Waterfall , said this recognition meant a huge deal to the family and they are grateful for all the support from the community. Burry was killed on January 3, 2013 when he was struck by a vehicle while training. This has become a rallying point for cyclists across the country to lobby for greater legislation to protect cyclists with several memorial rides planned. Mountain biker Stander was the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup under-23 men’s cross-country 2009 world champion and competed in cross-country mountain bike races at both the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Summer Olympics, finishing 15th and fifth respectively. In a statement, the Department of Sport and Recreation threw its support behind cycling development in the South Coast. “The minister of sport and recreation Fikile Mbalula is expected to unveil the park while the provincial department will be supporting the establishment of a cycling development programme in the Burry Stander Park for young people in the Ugu District, as well as provide mountain bikes for the programme,” said the department. Downhill world champion Greg Minnaar and local cyclist Hayley Smit will also be on hand to conduct demonstration clinics for local youths. As part of the weekend memorial events, an official memorial ride and service was held in Shelly Beach with further rides planned in the vicinity of Umtentweni. The Burry Stander Memorial Ride in Cape Town took place last week, starting at the Cape Town Stadium and ended at Greenmarket Square. Organiser Andrew Wheeldon said it was important to mark Stander’s death in the Mother City. “I run an organisation in Cape Town that promotes the usage of bicycles as modes of transport and I thought it important that this city commemorates Stander’s life.” In California, events will be hosted throughout the weekend to mark the memorial weekend with a road ride being hosted by Moto GP champ Nicky Hayden and a mountain bike ride by Motocross legend Johnny O’Mara. On Sunday in Klerksdorp, North West province, the 2014 Stander Memorial Ride will take place with an estimated 200 cyclists expected to attend. Organiser Romke de Jongh said, “We held a memorial ride for Stander last year, and like last year we will hand over a letter to the town council traffic department stating we will ensure that we keep to the rules of the road, ride in single file and obey traffic signals and ask them to play their part.” Stander’s Facebook page was swamped with messages on the one year anniversary of his death.

In case there’s an



Crime Stop: 086 001 0111

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COUNSELLING Life Line....033 394 4444 Open Door Crisis Centre... ...................... 031 709 2679 Jes Foord Foundation....... ...................... 031 765 4559 Careline Crisis Centre......... ........................031 765 1314 ................ or 082 787 6452

Off-road biker’s hell drop

AMBULANCE ER 24........084 124 Netcare 911............. ....................082 911 VEMA....................... ..... 083 630 0000 Ambulance & Emergency Medical Centre......10177

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January 10, 2014





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Durban lifeguards treat hundreds of bluebottle stings

>> 600 metre fall but no serious injuries


Lifeguards from Marine Surf Life Saving Club, Cameron Coleman (left) and Kevin Fabre look at thousands of bluebottles that have washed up onto the beach opposite the Durban Underwater Club. They say that they have treated over a hundred stings since the easterly started blowing on Friday


DURBAN lifeguards have treated hundreds of bluebottle stings since north-easterly winds started pushing the marine animals towards the city’s beaches three days ago. Members of the Marine Surf Life Saving Clubsaidtheyhadtreatedmorethan100stings and Deon Woodley, a member of the club, said that it was quite common for lifeguards to treat up to 100 stings a day. “I haven’t been down to the beach today,” he said, “but yesterday it was quite bad.” A spokesperson for uShaka Marineworldsaid bluebottles often made their way inshore from their normal home in the Agulhas current when onshore winds — like North Easterlies — were prevalent. These small marine creatures are often confused with jellyfish, but are distinguished from the latter by a small blue gas float that is attached to the animal. A bluebottle also has tentacles, which can range up to 10 metres long, and floats on the surface of the sea. Advice from uShaka is that beach-goers should always heed the warnings of lifeguards to stay out of the water. If, however, someone is stung, lifeguards are trained to deal with the emergency. “You will know if you have been stung because the pain is acute and immediate. Stings are not usually lethal, but some people can react more badly than others,” the spokesperson said. Asked how stings were treated, Woodley said the first thing to do was to remove the bluebottle tentacles. These need to be

The SAPS was able to air-lift the man to a waiting ambulance.



RESCUE operation in Hillcrest lasted over six hours on Saturday when an offroad motorbike rider had to be evacuated after he fell down a cliff. According to ER 24 paramedic Werner Vermaak,therider, believed to be from Johannesburg, was part of a sporting event in the area when the accident occurred. “It is not clear exactly why themancrashed down the embankment, but it’s understood that he dropped for approximately 600 metres down the steep slope of the mountainous terrain,” he said.


“Duetotheroughterrainandunmarkeddirt roads, paramedics had to be escorted by a local guide in the area.” Vermaak said that once paramedics managed to reach the location, it was decided that it would be too risky to carry the patient up the embankment. “We contacted the SAPS rescue helicopter to evacuate the patient to an area where he could be treated and stabilised before being loaded into an awaiting ambulance,” he said. Fortunately, the rider did not sustain any critical injuries and was treated for wounds to his shoulder and legs.

scraped off the skin with a card or cotton wool, rather than rubbed off, as this can cause the barbs on the tentacles to release more venom. Once the tentacles have been removed, lifeguards will apply vinegar to the stings and advise the victim to also apply ice to the site of the injury. They will also monitor the casualty for any allergic reactions.




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January 10, 2014



Dr Anthony Zambelli Inanda Veterinary Hospital & Specialist Referrals 15 Howick Drive Waterfall 031 762 1816

Snoeksiekte and turkey disease in dogs and cats IT’S that time of year again when everyone overindulges. Unfortunately, many well-intentioned pet owners - or their families and friends - tend to “take pity” on pets and give them tit bits from the smorgasbord on offer. If a pet is properly fed a complete diet, twice daily, and kept out of the kitchen and away from the dinner table, it doesn't need human food. The consequences of this rich, salty, fatty human food on a dog with a

regular, fixed diet can be disastrous. Bloody, foetid diarrhoea, vomition, and sometimes more serious problems like pancreatitis or bowel perforation from bones to sosatie sticks - these are the consequences vets have to deal with on Dec 26th and January 2nd. Most dangerous are inappropriate foods like chocolates, bon-bons, macadamia nuts, raisins and grapes, and garbage. For a dog with the common sense

and restraint of a bull elephant in must, if it can fit something in its piehole, that's all it needs to know. The consequences? Well, mañana mañana (or more locally, tomorrow is another day). Problem is, it doesn't always come back up with half a pint of kikuyu and chaser of Gastropect. Garbage is the worst - my friends in Cape Town tell me the dogs there tuck into derelict scraps of snoek they've

dug out of the bin, and end up on a drip in hospital for days - a R5 000 vet’s bill is surely not one of your New Year's resolutions. Don’t feed your pets leftovers. Secure your rubbish properly. Educate your guests, especially children and in-laws. Keep your vet’s emergency number handy. Don't try self-medicate in case of food poisoning.

Drop-off centre wants recyclable items, not household waste KALISHA NAICKER

THE Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association (KHBA) is urging residents to not dump waste at the drop-off centre in Delamore Road. Speaking to the Hillcrest Fever, Marge Mitchell, who spearheaded the recycling centre, said that the site is meant for serving a need in the community in terms of recyclable materials and is not meant for household waste. “The material collected amounts to around 30 tons a month and is helping DSW fulfill its obligations with regard to waste going to the landfill site,” she said. Mitchell said that the site only collects glass bottles, paper, cardboard, cans, and polystyrene. She urged residents not to bring windscreens, plate glass, crockery, tyres, hosepipes, paint cans or garden refuse as those belong at the Shongweni Landfill Site. “Some individuals are using the Hillcrest Recycling Centre as a dumping ground for unwanted rubbish. “While most people who visit the recycling centre are committed and responsible there are still some who are spoiling it for everyone,” she said. “I am urging thecommunity to use the centre responsibly.” To find out more about the centre, or the KHBA association, contact Marge Mitchell on 083 419 3807 or Jean Jooste 082 895 0540.

Sindy Ndlovu, an employee at the Drop-off Centre, with some household waste that was dumped.

Fun fund-raising

Phase two of Stockville road underway

PHASE 2 of the Stockville Road rehabilitation project is scheduled to begin during the second two weeks of January and is expected to be completed by the end of June 2014. “Stockville Road from Azalia Road to Zinnia Road will be closed with access only to local residents during the construction period. “Commuters are urged to refrain from using Stockville Road during this time as all traffic will be diverted down Azalia Road to Zinnia Road.

January 10, 2014





“Zinnia is wide enough for only one vehicle, because of the road conditions traffic delays and backups are expected,” said DA Ward Councillor Rick crouch. The cost of the project is R1,8M.

We had a very successful

Lucky Draw



Paddy and Vernon Bentley and Des and Rob Harper made up one of the many enthusiastic teams that attended the recent SARDA Christmas Quiz to raise funds for riding therapy for children with special needs.



OUTH African Riding for the Disabled (SARDA) held a fund-raising quiz night at the Keg and Trout in Hillcrest recently. According to Linda Wilson of SARDA, the organisation aims to maintain a high standard of therapeutic horse riding by providing qualification opportunities and training to instructors and volunteers. “In riding a horse, freedom and independence become a real-

ity,” she said. “However, the lessons are costly and donor funds have decreased. The quiz night is one of the fund-raising initiatives to sustain our organisation.” She urged the community to support SARDA. Wilson also thanked The Keg and Trout for hosting the fun-filled evening and Greg Hollinshead for his skills as Quizmaster. For more information, contact 031 716 8233 or 083 372 1881 or go to;

on Monday 16th

Christmas came early for many local customers in Waterfall and surrounding areas. Hundreds and hundreds of customers participated in the competition and many R1000's prizes were given away in appreciation of the support for Waterfall Superspar during 2013.

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Compliments of the New Year

January 10, 2014



Sticking to your RESOLUTIONS

>> Make 2014 a year to remember, for the right reasons


A healthy 2014

1. Make changes to your behavior. Changing your routine can bring different results. Instead of trying the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome, modify your behaviour.


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h C

3. Track your progress. A calendar, or a calendar app, is a handy tool you can use to track your goals. This also can show you what the triggers of your behavior are and it can alert you to any early slips. 4. Reward small achievements. When you reach a portion of your goal, as an example you lose 10 of those 25 kilograms, be kind to yourself. Recognise the accomplishment and perhaps do something nice for yourself. This will help keep you focused and excited about the overall goal. 5. Make it public. When individuals announce their goals on social media, to their families or in the workplace, they are being held accountable by those closest to them. The upside to this, is it can keep you on track. The downside: It potentially increases embarrassment if they fail. So, it depends on how open you want to be about your resolutions.


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6. You are human. Chances are you may slip up once or twice during this process. It’s OK. It is important to deal with failures by getting back on track and continuing along your journey. Always have the Never Give Up attitude and enjoy 2014 to the fullest.



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2. Whensettingtargets,usetheSMARTacronym: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-specific. Individuals must go further than simply saying, “I want to lose weight�. Specifically, what are you going to do so that you can measure and track [your weight] over time, for say, the next three to four months?

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January 10, 2014




Compliments of the New Year


Foods for a stress free 2014


>> Take note of healthy foods that will keep you calm this year 1. Whole-Wheat Pretzels Eating carbohydrate-rich foods gives you an energy boost and triggers the brain to release a feel-good chemical called serotonin. 2. Carrots Munching on crunchy foods helps beat stress.

3 Bona Terra Road, Kassier Road, Assagay

3. Tea Calm frazzled nerves with a steaming cup of your favorite tea blend.



4. Nuts Almonds, pistachios and walnuts are high in theantioxidantvitaminEandzinc—bothgood for boosting your immune system.

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and the new home of

5. Swiss Chard Swiss chard and other leafy veggies like spinach are full of magnesium (a single cup covers 40% of your daily need); getting more magnesium can help control and limit your body’s release of the stress-spiking hormone cortisol. 6. Yogurt Yogurt contains probiotics that help create a healthy and calm digestive system.

Renate Edwards 084 833 3749

7. Chocolate Research indicates that dark chocolate may lowerlevelsofstresshormones.Chocolatealso contains sugar (a carbohydrate), so it releases mood-improving serotonin. 8. Milk Have a glass to get more B-vitamins, protein, vitamin D and bone-building calcium to relieve tense muscles.

Tel: 031 765 1677

Inanda Road • Waterfall


9. Banana and avocado They’re loaded with potassium, a vital mineral for keeping blood pressure low. 10. Fatty fish The heart-healthy omega-3 fats in fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna manage adrenaline levels to help keep you calm, cool and collected.



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January 10, 2014


FEVER WHAT’S ON 8 January HillcrestConservancywillbehostingaguided walk in the Springside Nature Reserve on Wednesday 8 January, starting at 7.30am. All are welcome. Donations accepted.For more information, contact Sue

Welcome to Groote Post Groote Post is a historic 18th century farm on the Cape's West Coast where winemaking traditions have been revived by the Pentz family. The Groote Post Homestead was built in 1808 and, for a while, was Lord Charles Somersets only genuine “shooting box” and later was the home of well known author, Hildagonda Duckitt. The name is derived from its original status as the largest guarding post inthearea,setuptoprotectcattlefrommaraudingHottentotstockthieves. Since buying Groote Post in 1972 they purchased a further three adjoining farms, including the historic Klawer Valley, and today the combined farms total 4 200 hectare.

Groote Post 2012 - The Old Man’s red blend This is a red blend. A down to earth, easy drinking red which is soft and smooth. Merlotbased,thenosehasafainttouchofwhitepepper, 'fynbos' and spice with abundant red berry and rich plum flavours on the palate. A value for money, medium bodied wine that's perfect to share and everyone has a favourite Old Man in their life! This wine is best when paired with roast leg of Lamb and The Old Man's Blend Steak Roll.

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on 031 765 6809. Weekly Lance Goldman plays at the Meercats Pub and Grill every Sunday from 12.30pm at 12 Forest Hills Road, Waterfall 3 (off Inanda Road, coming from Hillcrest). For more information, contact 031 776 3872 or 079 878 8051. Monthly THE Hillcrest AIDS Centre hosts a tea morning from 9am to 12pm on the last Saturday of every month. There will be a local musician playing in the background. The indigenous nursery will be open as will the craft shop,

second-hand book shop and white elephant shop. For information contact 031 765 5866. Monthly KEEP Hillcrest Beautiful Association (KHBA), in conjunction with Hillcrest and Camelot Conservancies have arranged and paid for a new sign to encourage people to do the monthly railway walk from Station Master’s Arms in Hillcrest on the first Sunday of every month at 9am. The trail offers the public an opportunity to walk their dogs and enjoy safe cycling. For more information, contact 082 895 0540.

The great kids’


>> Little chefs exhibit their culinary skills KALISHA NAICKER


HE ‘Cooking Kids’ Mini Chef Competition was held at Meryl’s School of Cooking in Kloof recently, with 18 eager chefs tackling a starter on day one, a main course on day two and a dessert on the last day. The teams of two had to produce a bruschetta, a festive chicken dish with greens and, last but not least, a tasty chocolate, glittering choux pastry ring. Each day a celebrity chef tasted the dishes and chose the winning team. Fashion designer and mother of four, Karen Monk Klijnstra, was the judge of the starter while Karen McIntosh of Miss K Ice Cream Food chose the winning team for the chicken dish. Karen McIntosh spoke to the children about the importance of making healthy choices when it comes to eating. She said Miss K Ice Cream Food contains vitamins, protein, is a probiotic and is naturally sweetened. Jenny Simon from Tinkle Pea Educational Toys judged the third day and announced the team who created the best choux pastry ring. The judging was based on presentation, taste, team work and the cleanliness of the working surfaces. New skills were learned and great fun was had by all. For more information on Meryl’s School of Cooking, email or phone 031 764 6577.

Owen Coachman is pleased with his dish.

Jessica Brien, Leah Knox and Karen McIntosh.

Karen Monk Klijnstra, Rebecca Weyer and Sinead Smith.

Gemma Hepker and Khanya Shabala.

Megan Ebbeling and Tailyn Archah.

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THE average new year’s resolution lasts just until the last strains of Auld Lang Syne are fading away. For that three and a half minutes of nostalgia, smokers become quitters, the lazy become adventurous, the obese become dieters, and the air is filled with piety, if you can see it through the haze of pyrotechnics. The problem with new year’s resolutions is that they rely on a cosmic shift taking place between 23.59 on 31 December and midnight on 1 January. Lungs are expected to miraculously stop craving nicotine, and PRINTING : Paarl Coldset, PMB. COPYRIGHT: Copyright of all editorial, advertising layout, design and photographs is vested in Durban North Fever and may not be used without the permission of Media24 News in writing. DISTRIBUTION: For all distribution queries, contact Mpume Sithole at 031 533 7614.



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January 10, 2014

Ombudsman of Durban North Fever According to the editorial policy of the Durban North Fever, readers are invited to comment about the newspaper’s contents, and significant errors will be corrected as soon as possible. Please send information about correctionofmistakesinthenewspapertotheombudsmanofMedia24’s Community Press, George Claassen, at or call him at 021 8513232 or 083 543 2471. Readers can also complain about the contents to the South African Press Ombudsman. In that case, please phone 011 788 4829 of 788 4837, send a fax to 011 788 4990 or e-mail to





Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Courage

April to June 2013: 19950

It’s a new year, not a new you

lifetimes of lethargy are expected to transform into an abundance of energy. This is about as likely as the petrol price declining in 2014. I spent many hours debating what resolutions, if any, I should make for 2014. I could resolve to become as good a columnist as my idol Ben Trovato, but I’m just not enough of a bastard to match his twisted ways of thinking. I could resolve to stop binge drinking, but as a minion of the media, I need this occasional vice to maintain what remains of my sanity. I could also resolve to become a better driver, but my impa-

tience and recklessness assures the livelihood of Durban’s tow truck drivers and panel beaters. I could endeavour to be friendlier and less sarcastic. That’ll happen when Zuma pleads guilty to those 783 pesky corruption charges and Julius joins the DA. I suppose I could try to get to work on time at least once a week. But an under-rested cynic is a danger to everyone she encounters. I could resolve to do a couple of things to reduce my risk of contracting various forms of cancer. I write this while sporting a crippling and particularly unattractive sunburn, dangling a ciga-

Thank you for being considerate MUCH has been covered in the media about fireworks on an ongoing basis, be it for Diwali, Guy Fawkes or New Year. Our elderly dog, like so many other animals, is terrified of loud bangs (storms and fireworks included). It is truly awful to witness such animal distress from fireworks; a totally unnatural, climatic phenomenon unnecessary for whatever reason.

This year in Hillcrest area, there were no fireworks of any description over the festive period. Our thanks therefore to all the residents in the area who heeded the call to refrain from setting off fireworks. I hope that this considerate behavior last all year through. Happy 2014 to all. Jenny Hillcrest


Making 2014 count FOR manySouthAfricans,the festive season started on a sad note following the death of Nelson Mandela. However, the sad news has allowed South Africans to reflect and feel a sense of accomplishment. 2014 is election year and also marks the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s democracy. There is no doubt a lot has changed in 20 years and many are asking if this is a South Africa Mandela would have been proud of.

It is without question that Madiba has left a legacy which every South African is proud of and now there is a sense of hope - judging by letters and resolutions posted on social media. With anewyearcomesnewbeginningsand South Africans may be hoping for some changes - this year voters will have the chance to do this. This week the class of 2013 will start a new chapter in their lives and the Fever looks forward to sharing these stories with you next week.

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rette from my lips and eating a McDonalds burger. One resolution I pondered was making a monthly donation to a charity. However, as a minion of the media with a penchant for car accidents and binge drinking, my comical monthly budget belongs in a meme on Twitter for the amusement of the world. With all of that, as well as my landlord and various financial services providers constantly haranguing me for my few remaining rands, I have decided to START a charity. I’m calling it Money for the Minions.

By the time you are reading this, we are a week or so into January. If you have any remaining unbroken new year’s resolutions, drop me an email and I’ll buy you a beer, burger or box of cigarettes. At the end of it all, my resolution for 2014 is to smile and laugh at life and everything that it throws in my path – from car accidents and warning letters for tardiness to blistering sunburns and hangovers . To ad lib from my favourite poem by Langston Hughes, “Life will be fine in 2014, fine as wine, life will be fine.”

January 10, 2014











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CASE NO: KZN/DBN/RC In the Regional Court for the Regional Division of KwaZulu Natal held at Durban

SHORT FORM OF PROCESS TO: THE REGISTRAR OF THE ABOVE HONOURABLE COURT DURBAN AND TO: PAABASHNEE CHETTY (NEE GOVENDER) (An adult, whose full and further particulars are unknown to the Plaintiff) TAKE NOTE: that by Summons issued out of this Court that you have been called upon to give notice, within ten (10) days after publication hereof to the Registrar at Private Bag X54308 and to the Plaintiff’s Attorneys of your intention to defend (if any) in an action wherein, SADHASIVAN CHETTY, an adult male, presently employed as a TECHNICIAN at PRODUCTION LOGIX, situated at No: 9 UMDONI CRESCENT, PINETOWN, DURBAN, KWA-ZULU NATAL and presently residing at 7 SANDY PLACE, SAVANNAH PARK, DURBAN, KWA-ZULU NATAL. CLAIMS FROM YOU: (1) a decree of divorce (b) costs of suit only in the event of the action being defended. FURTHER TAKE NOTE that if you fail to give such notice, judgment may be granted against you without further reference to you.


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Charity Shop and Tea Garden NOW OPEN Tuesday to Saturday 9am - 2pm DIRECTIONS to AACL - Durban Branch (from Durban) Take the N3 towards Pietermaritzburg. Then take the Hammersdale/ Mpumulanga/Inchanga off ramp (43) and turn left towwards Hammersdale. Travel approximately 1km then take the first road to the right - the D657, Leckhampton Valley. At the T-junction turn left and follow the signs for Artesia Avenue. Follow the winding road past the horse stables. AACL is the first entrance on the left.



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December 6, 2013

r waged over primateosfTathstee Pro In t he spo tlig ht

NSPCA and the local SPCA are not happy with Monk ey Helpline caging verve t monkeys Highway (above). SPCA have KALISHA NAICKER/ with non-p NSPECTOR locked horns because he was mauled by police SoftheNat GABISILE NGCOBO Helpline, rofit organisation Monk mana cil ofdogs ons ional Coun SPCA after allega the day of his arrest. ey tectio ger of the NSPCA’s (NSPCA) - cruel tions tectio Mathonsi was arrested by the n Unit and theWildlife Pro- tectiotymadeagainst thepr of animal ceive n Unit, the organWildlife Pro- more HE fourth man accused of murderShongd a tip-of n group. Kloof imate proweni K9 unit, working and f of animal isation re- some than 200 vervet ing an elderly couple from proceeded According monkeys cruelty and parrots were Shong- tectives, on Wednesday,with Hillcrest deto the Monk and to Sister weni last week appeared in the day his Ainsl co-acey Helpline out food and water found to be with- keyHelpline,Ste the Pin- cused — Philani ey Hay, premises in Westv veSm etown Magistrate’s Court on Shange (20), Siyabonga ille. and kept cramped “Upon arriv Friday with Xaba (24) and in filthy, tocreatemorecagesouit,has nospace cages in al we disco Scelo Mathabane (30) — botharmsbandaged.Khulekan tside thepr vered that erty,” she expla a residential prop- erty and is now iWonder- appeared in court. opcagin boy Mathonsi was clad in black inside the Hay allege ined. pants and property. g the monkeys s that the The men are charged with a bloodstained white T-shirt. owner of killing and Mon- CONT robbing John (72) and Hester Answering magistrate Zinhle Noble at Proud home owners, Miles INUED ON Mnguni, their home. and Michelle Steenhuisen celebrate PAGE 2 Mathonsi said his arms were tions after for his beautiful and unusual winning a host of competibandaged CONTINUED ON PAGE 2. garden. SEE FULL STORY ON PAGE 10.

>> Suspects remain in police custody

>> SPCA issu es warnin organisatio PA n GE 16 g to monkey protect ion



Novem ber

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29, 20 13

Gettin g into th e Christm spirit as









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Sudoku Solution PLEASE NOTE: There will be no solutions for the Sudoku for 2 weeks.

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Crossword Solution 133


1 Recipe, 4 Dismount, 9 Moving, 10 Claptrap, 12 Mole, 13 Thump, 14 Hail, 17 Entrepreneur, 20 Dramatically, 23 Ugly, 24 Canon, 25 Lush , 28 Boutique, 29 Shadow, 30 Retailer, 31 Stormy.


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KEG & TROUT 031 765 2070 Shop 16 Heritage Market, Old Main Rd

Kuyizindleko ukuba nomoya omuhle


NGINIFISELA unyaka ophuphuma izibusiso, impumelelo nokufezeka kwazo zonke izifiso zenu bafundi bethu. Egamenilozakwethukuwowonke amaphephandaba ethu amaFever agcwele lonke elaKwaZulu-Natal nasezingxenyeni zase-Eastern Cape, ngiduduza bonke abashiywe yizihlobo nabangani. Sengathi uMdali angalula isandla sakhe esinamandla kaMoya oyiNgcwele, athinte lapho nilimele khona emiphefumulweni, nelapheke. Engosini yanamhlanje sifisa ukuzwa imibono yabafundi bethu ngobumnandi nobuhlungu bokuba nomoyaomuhlenokuziphathakahle, lokhu okubizwa ngama ‘manners’. Njengoba siphuma ekhefini likaKhisimusi noNcibijane, kukhona abasancoma indlela abaphatheke kahle ngayo lapho bebevakashele

khona. Kodwa-ke, laba abebevakashile bancoma ukuphatheka kahle nje, abanye abebevakashelwe bademelayisa bodwa kumanje ngoba bangene ezindlekweni ezibhoboze iphakethe ngendlela emangalisayo, futhi bengalindele. Omunye walaba abademelayisayo, umngani wami uNyikinyibhoxo Cele olunge lento edabukisayo. Wonke umuntu okhuluma ngaye uthi: “Akukhona ukulunga komuntu lokhu. Unomoya omuhle njengabefundisi bakudala. Umuntu ongakaze ezwakale ethi nxa!?” Umfo kaCele owaziwa ngamancoko uthi esinye sezinqumo zakhe zika-2014, ukukhiya kwakhe ngamaholide azihambele nomndeni wakhe ukuze angaxabani namuntu. Unkabiukhulumangomndeniwakhe nje, usho yena nomkakhe kuphe-

Bagubhe engama-20 beshadile

la ngoba izingane sezikhulile sezinemizi yazo. Ezinye zazo zisebenza eNgilandi ezinye ziseSaudi Arabia. Ungibuza ukuthi kusuke kwenze njani uma umuntu etheleka kwakho athi ukuvakashele engakwazisanga. “Okubuhlungu kakhulu ukuthi yizihlobo ezihlupha ngalo mkhuba. Umuntu amane atheleke nje ngoba azi ukuthi ngeke umxoshe,” ezikhalela umfo kaNdosi. Uthi ngempelasonto eyandulela uKhisimusi kufike umlamu wakhe osebenza eGoli. Nanxa engaqondisi ukuthi wenza msebenzi muni, kodwa indlela aswenka ngayo nathanda izintoeziphezulungayo,ubonakalaengumuntu osebenza kahle. “Ngizibulale ngokumyalela indlela eza kwami njengoba angigcina ngisahlala elokishini,” kuqhuba yena uNyikinyibhoxo.

Uthiumnikeengaziukuthiuzidonselaamanzingomsele.Kuqalekwaba mnandi bebonana emva kwesikhathi eside, bexhawulana, umlamu encoma ubuhle nokuhlanzeka komuzi, encokoncokola nanodadewabo. UNyikinyibhoxoakazithintiezikaFaro, kodwa kuhlale kukhona efrijini okulinde abavakashile. Futhi uyaqinisekisa ukuthi zikhona zonke izinhlobo ezikhonzwe yilabo abathintayo. Inyama nama ‘boerewors’ bekugcwele kusweleke indawo efrijini, okaNdosi ehlelele ukuthi kuyoze kugamanxe uMasingana (January). “Nanso-ke indaba,” eqhuba, “ngiyamuzwaumlamuwamikumakhalekhukhwini useyalela omunye indlela eza kwami, uncoma nangendlela okumnandi ngayo, nokuthi usibali wakhe unomoya omuhle kanjani. “Dukuduku, ngiyabona sekuma itekisi,kwehlaintokazinezinganeez-

January 10, 2014





imbili, kanti intombi yakhe nezingane zabo. Ngiqale ngacabanga ukuthi uzothi qu, bese eyahamba. Kanti lutho. Angibuzanga elangeni. Uzohlala wonkeamaholide.Enjalonjeuyazifela wutshwala, futhi uthanda lobu obubizayo. Uthe umkami esefuna ukubacela bahambe, ngamkhuza ngoba kuzoba sengathi yimina engingabafuni. Kwenzeka konke lokhu nje, umlamu wami akakhiphi ngisho ‘indibilishi’ (one cent) le.” Uthi akusiyena-ke umlamu wakhe yedwa. Baninginabanyeabebefikaekuseni lize liyoshona, abanye balale izinsuku zilandelana, kodwa lutho isandla ukungena ephaketheni. Umbuzo uthi isimo esinjengalesi senziwa njani? Senziwa njani isihloboesifikasingalindelwe,sifikesihlale izinsuku eziningi? Uma sesikhona kufanele sikhokhiswe yini? Mhlambe baningi abazithole besesimweni esifana nesikaNyikinyibhoxo. Sivula inkundla njengokujwayelekile ukuthi abafundi bethu babeke imibono. Happy New Year!!

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>> UMFU Linda Gumede ubegubha iminyaka eyi-10 eshade nesingqandamathe sakhe uNkk Zanele Gumede, eThekwini ngamaholidi



UNkk Zandile Khambule nomyeni wakhe uMnuz Mdu Khambule bemamatheka emcimbini wabo wokugubha iminyaka engama-20 beshadile


UMfu Linda Gumede nomkakhe uNkk Zanele Gumede begida esigcawini

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>> Umnqondisi wenkampani yokungcwaba, i-21st Century, uMnuz Mdu Khambule ehambisana nomkakhe uNkk Zandile Khambule, emcimbini wokugubha iminyaka engama-20 beshadile. Lo mcimbi ubuwenzelwe emzini wabo eHillcrest ngoMgqibelo ngamaholide.

Maxhealth PET DIET


Phone Corrie Lotter on 082 561 4266 or 031 522 7629 local newspapers


January 10, 2014

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SPORT Duo eye success in new year


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>> Dusi stars heading for title


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Richards Bay - Lakeside Mall - 035 789 4340 • PMB - Midlands Mall - Entrance 1 - 033 342 7755 Pinetown - 9 Schenk Road - 031 702 9036 • Shelly Beach - South Coast Mall - 039 315 1572

UN - that is the goal for the Dusi Canoe Marathon from 13 to 15 February for surfski stars Hank McGregor and Jasper Mocké when they switch their preferred oceans for the uMsundusi and uMngeni Rivers during their participation in the three day race. However, despite looking to enjoy the three days paddling from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, there is no doubt the pair are also hoping to add the Dusi title to their already hugely impressive repertoires. As if being one of the three pre-race favourites and going head to head with Andy Birkett and Sbonelo Zondi as well as Lance Kime and Thulani Mbanjwa wasn’t daunting enough, McGregor and Mocké will look to emerge from the clash victorious despite having several other ball is the air prior to their encounter. “We certainly aren’t fully Dusi focused. In February we’ll turn our attention purely to Dusi but until then we both have numerous little mountains we want to climb. I have the Drak Challenge, Jasper the Perth Doctor and a few other things too so we’ll just have see how things go for us a little closer to the time,” said McGregor. “We’re just out there to enjoy ourselves no matter what. We’re not a seasoned crew, we’re just a couple of surfski paddlers and everything for us is a bonus. “We will obviously look to do the best we can and being up towards the front, possibly finishing on the podium, would be really fantastic and our ultimate goal but we’ll have a good time along the way too,” he added curiously. Mocké reiterated the pair’s unique buildup approach as he, and McGregor, recently spent vast periods of time preparing for the heap of surfski action in Cape Town. “I have been purely focused on getting ready for the Cape Town Downwind and the Cape Point Challenge for the past little while so I haven’t been on the river at all since 50 Miler,” said Mocké. “Running has also been a long way down on my list of priorities. Obviously you look to keep things ticking over but Hank and I make no secret about the fact that we are a paddling crew going into Dusi.” Recent years have seen a huge swing in the amount of running preparation those

looking to do well in the Dusi have done with may believing that the race is won and lost on the portages, but not Mocké. “Only time will tell but I definitely think we can win Dusi by paddling instead of running. Both Hank and I can run well and we’ll obviously look to do our best on the portages but I definitely don’t think you have to be the fastest runners to win the Dusi!” said the Fish Hoek local. “So many things can happen on the river that you just can’t prepare, as we saw when we wrapped in 50 Miler, for so we’ll just have to see how things go on the day. “If we see Lance and Thulani or Andy and Sbonelo go down the road ahead of us it will be about damage control for us more than anything else but we certainly won’t panic because we back our paddling ability,” he added. The unusual preparation style and questions being asked as to whether they can compete with the running of their fellow title rivals, McGregor feels the pressure is in fact off them as he and Mocké look to enjoy their experience together. “For us though its almost like a time trial type of scenario that we find ourselves in. We just have to put our heads down and go as hard as we can on the water. Whilst race mode is something that is second nature for the pair, having a good time and sharing a good bond both on and off the water is something they firmly believe in and their close friendship is something they’ll look to use in the favour during the race. “The other two boats are brand new combinations whereas even though Jasper and I haven’t raced on the river together before, we’ve been good friends for quite some time now and that can only be an advantage,” said McGregor. “I’ve always said you need to get on well with a doubles partner to do well and Hank and I really do,” added Mocké. “It is vital to be happy off the water because that transfers to onto the water as well.” The Dusi Canoe Marathon 2014 starts in Pietermaritzburg on Thursday 13 February and ends in Durban on Saturday 15 February 2014. More information can be found at

Fevers 20140107  

Fevers 20140107