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March 25, 2011 Volume 17, Issue 14

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Remix, Review, Reshape Hillcrest students and faculty participate in Prayer Day 2011. By Chris Christenson

Last Friday Hillcrest students and faculty came together as a family to “reshape” their view of worship and prayer. The theme for Prayer Day 2011, [RE]Shape, was explored throughout the day in videos, devotionals and worship. The day started off with a video devotional challenging students to rethink the way they approach prayer. Among other things, the speaker stressed the importance of leaving time in prayer for God to talk. Following this the teachers returned letters to students that they had written

to themselves at the beginning of the year. The letters, which were a response to the first few days with AXIS, served as a testimony to how much many students had changed since the start of school. Next on the schedule was a group prayer session. Students were broken up by grade and gender and spent close to an hour lifting up a variety of topics to the Lord. Mr. Peterson led an introduction to worship through pottery following the prayer time. Using just his hands, a lump of clay and a potter’s wheel he drew continue on page 2

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Take a Bow

countless analogies to God and human nature, “reshaping” the traditional view of worship. Mr. Peterson’s presentation transitioned into a student-led worship time before lunch. After lunch everyone came back together for open-mic sharing, the last event of the day. “I really enjoyed getting back our letters and reading what we wrote,” said junior Zach Nersten. “I also enjoyed listening to Mr. P with his pottery thing. It was kinda cool watching him do that.”

Hillcrest bands come together for an all school band concert. e n i o r minutes away and my competiC h r i s tion was in ten minutes. The Ryu smiles judge actually granted me and leans some more time, so I was able back in his to go back and get it… but I plastic chair, never forget it anymore.” For Chris it’s been a long managing to look relaxed and comfortable in journey from the boy misplacing his reed to the accomplished his collared shirt and sweater. “It was the second or third musician he is today. He started competition [for clarinet] and out at age seven taking piano I actually forgot my reed,” he lessons at his mother’s urging, reminisces. “I was freaking out sticking with it even though he because our house was thirty continue on page 3



By Chris Christenson

Worship… what’s it all about anyway? Somebody opens with prayer, we stand and sing a few songs, somebody reads a verse, we sing a few more songs, we sit down and get on with our lives—what’s the purpose? Where is the meaning if our hearts aren’t in the right place? I play worship a lot. Every week I’m on a team at one church or another and often I end up playing at school as well. It’s something I enjoy doing and I’m thankful to get to play but sometimes it’s too much. There comes a point when leading worship becomes a habit. Every now and again I’ll look back on a session and realize that it wasn’t very worshipful. Maybe our team was too focused on the sound, or maybe there was a distracting hum issuing from the speakers the whole time. It’s easy to go through the motions without your heart being in it. I think God might be telling me to take a step back and start looking at worship from a new angle. A wise man once told me that worship isn’t just when you’re on stage singing and strumming a guitar, it’s your whole life. Colossians 3:17 says, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” We are meant to be worshiping God in everything we do. Now that’s quite a task, impossible for us as fallen humans, but it’s something to strive for. It’s something to strive for.

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“didn’t really like it.” He later added clarinet to his arsenal, placing quite well in early competitions in Canada (where his family lived during his middle-school years). When he came to Hillcrest as a sophomore he impressed many with his talent, quickly becoming a valuable part of both Concert and Jazz band. He’s played under Mr. Doering each year he’s been here. Monday, March 14 HLA parents and students went out to support those performing in the all school band concert. Mr. Doering conducted groups from elementary to high school in a night full of trumpet flares and cymbal crashes at Bethel Church.

“I think it was the hardest solo I ever played in my Hillcrest career,” Chris, like many, performed double duty that night, playing clarinet in Concert Band and piano in Jazz. In what was one of the highlights of the show, Chris performed the solo for “Carnival of Venice” on the clarinet. “I think it was the hardest solo I

ever played in my Hillcrest career,” said Chris, “but I liked it. It was challenging but it was also fun.” The night closed with mixed junior high-senior high band playing “Hollywood Milestones,” a compilation of famous movie tunes that got a smile from just about everyone in the audience. For Chris and the other se-

niors in band, the completion of this concert means there’s only one more left in their high school careers. For some it may be the last time they perform, for others this is just the beginning. “I’m not actually going to major in music in college,” says Chris, “but I’ll definitely join like band or choir. I love music and it’s a big part of my life.”


March Friday, 25 Jr High visit Hillcrest day Old Gym Movie Night............................................. 6:00 Saturday,25 KRIK(Christian sports club).................................... 4:00 Tuesday,29 Student Council Meeting...................................... 10:00 KRIK(Christian sports club).................................... 4:00 Wednesday,30 Block ‘A’ Schedule Thursday,31 Jr High Spring Production..................................... 10:00 Jr High Spring Production....................................... 7:00 April Friday,1 Spanish Field Trip to Flamenco Ballet...... 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 Jr High Spring Production..................................... 10:00 Dorm: Mission Impossible..................... 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 Jr High Spring Production....................................... 7:00 Saturday,2 Pacesetters BB Tournament................... 7:30 a.m. - 7:00 Dorm Minneapolis Shopping Trip.......... 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 KRIK(Christian sports club).................................... 4:00 Sunday,3 HLA Talent Show.................................. 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 Monday,4 Baseball Varsity................................... 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 March Madness Party.......................... 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 Tuesday,5 Class Meetings.................................................... 10:00 KRIK(Christian sports club).................................... 4:00 Softball Varsity..................................................... 5:00 Wednesday,6 Block ‘B’ Schedule

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The Madness of This March Hillcrest students dressed up for a week of March March 14-18 was designated as March Madness Week. Students were given a list of dress up ideas for each of the school days. Monday was Superhero/Villain Day. Some students dressed up as superhero, some as villains, and some made up their own kind of superhero. Tuesday was Formal Day. Some of the students went all out in their “JS” formal and suites. There were also some “rebels” who decided to come to school in sweatshirts and sweatpants. Wednesday was Movie/TV Character Day. School was filled with all sorts of movie characters. The varieties went from Laura Wilder to the blue people on Avatar. “Character Day was the best,” said Trine Morken, “because I

got to see Pippi Longstocking!” Thursday was Green Day in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. A large percentage of the school had their green on in all sorts of different shades. Siqi Feng said, “Thursday was my favorite. Everyone was green! I came

down for breakfast that morning and the whole cafeteria was green!” Friday was Jersey Day. Most of the guys, along with a lot of girls, went around the halls with their favorite team or player.

Taylor Brue dresses like a detective for movie character day.

Andrea Christenson and Ahna Lacey dress up as Russell the boy scout and Kevin the Bird

Senior girls dress up for TV/Movie character day, except for Rhoda. Page 4

Cat Jacoby and Mike Stilwell dress up as Princess Leia and Han Solo.

March Madness

Annie Boyum takes a picture next to her Avatar friend Tayler Leach Jason Walkup turned 40 on Tuesday, Mar. 22. His mother brought him a present and a cake. If you forgot to get him a present don’t worry. He’ll still accept them.

Seniors Christina Hardie and Jake Jones dress up as characters from “Napoleon Dynamite!”

Jason Fox pumps his fist for March Madness

Senior guys sport jersey’s on Friday’s dress-up day.

Morten Reksten and Chris Christenson at track practice.

Andrew Twedt, Jake Jones and Mike Stilwell were many different shades of green for St. Patricks day. Page 5

Seeing People From a Different Angle Jazz band and soloist do well at the jazz contest. By Wil Twedt

It was a good morning for us, I think. I mean almost every one of us came out with a superior rating. The Jazz band went to the ensemble and solo contest at MSUM up in Moorhead. It was an early morning but it turn out well. I expected the Jazz band to do well again since every other time we have gotten a superior rating, and that didn’t change this time either, still perfect I guess… I only had one event this year, so I got to go around and listen to everyone else do their thing. I also got some time to do some homework, which was really nice. But the most fun part was seeing the people. I mean when you see somebody that you play football against that you would’ve never guessed that played the flute well that changes how you think about them. In a good way (the flute is a joke, okay), it tells you that they’re not a rival, and that they aren’t gonna try and bring you down. They are just doing what everybody does and that’s just going to high school. It reminded me that I’m the same. I play football and basketball; I’m in the band and jazz band, plus both choir and vocalize. I’m probably fit the stereotype more than they are. I think sports and other things sometimes put up a wall that says this person is only a football player, not an artist, or a musician. But in reality they are just as talented or more talented in so many different areas. That sports or competition is only one aspect of their lives…

Talent Wanted!

Angela Holmen

Talent Show Preview

2011 Fargo Star- Week 7

By Wil Twedt

In other words the more the merrier. So far a lot of musical acts have been put up but people can still sign up for the talent show that will be held in April 3rd in the old gym. The cost is only $5 to act, sing, dance, or whatever you may want to do while you’re on stage. And everyone is invited! The cost for admission is $3 for a fun night of laughing and fun. “I think it is a lot of fun to see people get up and do random things for the fun of everyone,” said junior Zach Nersten. Page 6

The Talent Show is a mix of videos and real life acts that can include anything from bands to music videos to skits to whatever a person can possibly come up with. Many people sing or play an instrument too. There is a limit to the amount of videos that can be shown. Please plan ahead and sign up soon. The talent show is a fund raiser for next year’s trip to the Dominican Republic. All of the money received though the show is going to help with the mission trip.

Angela Holmen entered the Fargo Star competition sponsored by the Fargo Forum. You, the public, determine the winner. The contest has been going for several weeks. This is the week she is up for a vote. She is singing 60 seconds of a Christian song “Temporary Home”. Go to

listen and vote.

Let’s Do the Math Hillcrest students participated in a Math Competition. Around 50 Hillcrest students participated in the 37th annual Tri-College Mathematics Contest on Wednesday, March 16. The students first did an individual’s worksheet and then moved on to working as teams. The individual winners for grades 11-12 were Tae-Gyu Park (1st), Seung Joon Chung (4th), Ju Young Kim (5th) and Siqi Feng (top ten). The winners for grades 9-10 were Ji-Hyun Kim (2nd), Yujin Jang (top ten) and Jordan Konynenbelt (top ten). The two Hillcrest teams for grades 11-12 placed first and second. For grades 9-10, a Hillcrest team also placed first among small schools. This year over 200 teams were present, more than 1700 participants. The Hillcrest teams had a variety of countries with Americans, Koreans and several Norwegians participating, along with single students from Brazil, China and Japan. This is the fourth year in a row that Hillcrest students have won first place for the small schools at the Senior High level.

Above: 11 and 12th, first place winners.

Above: 11th and 12th, second place winners.

Above: 9th and 10th grade, first place winners. Page 7

To Save A Life Movie Night A student-led Bible Study has felt the Spirit leading them toward getting out the Gospel! Last fall three students from ary, the group started meeting at around town with posters and the area— Jordan Maahs, Rachel Martinson’s for a more homey handouts. At the moment, from Olson and Annie Boyum—began setting. Here is where they began a Facebook event, they have organizing plans for a teen-led to ponder ideas about what they around 60 people planning to atBible Study. They started their could possibly do to make an tend. Their hope is to get as many study at Somethin’s Brewing, impact on the schools around as possible. and after about four months of them. The idea came after some Rachel Olson said, “Right studying the book of James some of the students began watching now what we really need to be students felt the group needed to and studying the movie To Save doing is praying for the people do more. They needed to share A Life at the Bethel Church youth planning to attend. Please pray what they were learning! group. that this event will be effective in In the beginning of Janu Christina Hardie took this sharing the gospel with students idea and put in our community.” it all to action. The movie night will be Since then the happening at the Kennedy High group of around School Auditorium, on March 15 has taken off 31 at 6:30pm. The event is free and worked to- and there will be door prizes and gether to get this snacks. Cat says you should come all moving. and invite a friend! Cat Jacoby said, “It’s going Knowledge Bowl Takes to be awesome and I’m super Third in Sub-Regions pumped! It will By Frankie Sandnes Last Tuesday, Mar. 15, the Hillbe an opportunity to finally crest knowledge bowl team won connect with the third place at the sub region meet. public school This advanced them to the region kids that we usu- meet on Tuesday, Mar. 22, at Life ally don’t get to Church in Fergus Falls. They placed 2nd in the Regions meet. talk to.” They are now eligible for state Now the group is finish- on April 7 and 8 at Cragun’s. To ing touches and top it off the team consists of beginning to get only sophomores, Chris Bigelow, the news out Chad Hermes, Jordan KonynenAbove: To Save A Life will be playing at the Fergus Falls Kennedy Secondary School on August 31, everyone is welcome. belt, Jared Kugler, Jaron Olsoe. Page 8

HLA Today - Issue 14 (2010-11)  

Student Newspaper for Hillcrest Academy in Fergus Falls, MN.

HLA Today - Issue 14 (2010-11)  

Student Newspaper for Hillcrest Academy in Fergus Falls, MN.