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December 11, 2011 (Vol. I, Issue 4) Hill Country Christian School of Austin

Operation Christmas Child

by Kendal Burleson




Annoucements Midterms On  14th,  15th,  16th   Exam  schedule  is  posted  on  Corner-­‐ ƐƚŽŶĞĂŶĚŽŶƚŚĞďƵůůĞƟŶŽƵƚƐŝĚĞƚŚĞ Computer  Lab.     The  Friday  before  Christmas  (Dec.  15)   will  be  a  half  day  for  all  grades.   During  Midterms  the  Middle  School   will  be  on  a  regular  school  schedule.   College  Admissions ŽŶŐƌĂƚƵůĂƟŽŶƐƚŽ^ĞŶŝŽƌƐǁŚŽŚĂǀĞ already  been  accepted  at  the  colleges   of  their  choice. KƵƌƉƌĂLJĞƌƐĨŽƌƚŚŽƐĞǁŚŽĂƌĞƐƟůů ǁĂŝƟŶŐƚŽŚĞĂƌďĂĐŬĨƌŽŵƐĐŚŽŽůƐ͘   8th  Grade  Retreat Coming  February  1st,  2nd,  3rd     Hill  Country  Hoops  Classic ;ĂƐŬĞƚďĂůůͿ,ŽŵĞdŽƵƌŶĂŵĞŶƚ͘ Dec.  8th,  9th  and  10th.   Upper  School  GATE DĞĞƟŶŐƚŽĚĂLJ;ĞĐ͘ϵͿ   Hill  Country  Christmas  Concert Performed  by  Hill  Country  Choir. Kindergarten-­‐  4th  grade. At  the  Café  on  December  16 6:00  -­‐  9:00pm ůůĂƌĞǁĞůĐŽŵĞƚŽĂƩĞŶĚ͘

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It’s Not All Hog Heaven in 4-H by Sara Jackson

“4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization. More than 6 million 4-H youth. . . stand out among their peers� ( And right here at Hill Country we have a champion hog wrangler. Sophomore Olivia Dahl has been participating in 4H for eight years. 4-H is an organization that involves both raising livestock and participating at state fairs. Olivia’s participation in the 4-H has always been raising pigs. In her eight years, she has raised about twenty one pigs. The most she’s cared for at one time is three demanding hogs. Once or twice a year, Olivia packs up her pigs and heads to the fairs to pit her pigs against others from around the state. Pigs are judged on their own, as examples of their breed, and also as pupils of Olivia, as she’s judged on her handling abilities.

Plugged In “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.� 2 Tim. 2:15 Plugged In is the student newspaper of Hill Country Christian School of Austin. It serves as a laboratory class for journalism students and is an open forum to exchange ideas in the Hill Country community. The views expressed in editorials and opinion pieces represent the opinions of the writers and/or staff, and do not necessarily represent the views of HCCSA administration, school board, or Hill Country Bible Church. Plugged In will publish letters to the editor which are responsibly written and signed by the writer.


.HQGDO%XUOHVRQ0LWFKHOO%XWWHUÂżHOG3UHVWRQ*ODFH Jack Horton, Sara Jackson, Jessica Mocha, Connor Pier, Matt Robertson, Bella Haeusel (roving reporter) and Mary Lou Herring (Advisor)

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Olivia has won many different awards through her experience. In 2004, she won Grand Champion with her pig named Sticker. Also, in 2004, 2005, and 2007, she won Breed Champion. This year, she is raising two pigs named Chip and Dale. She has already gone to one fair where she received second place in the weight contest with one of her pigs, and sixth with her other pig. She is looking forward to seeing how she does in her other fair. Olivia’s favorite part of 4-H is raising the pigs. Her least favorite part of 4-H is the amount of time she puts in to get to the winner’s circle. If you would like more information about how you can get involved in 4-H, go to ¿QGKFOXEVFDPSVSURJUDPV  7KLV organization has opportunities to learn, save for college and gain invaluable experience from barn to showring.

An Artful Showing By Kendal Burleson

On November 12, Hill Country students had an art exhibit at Roaster’s located on 620. Parents, students and arts admirers all gathered to enjoy the festivities. Artwork was hung tastefully throughout the venue, with some in groupings on a burgundy wall, and others set off by themselves or in pairs. Artists represented included Armineh Davis, Nathan Brown, Jeffrie Tyler, Chloe Policke, Lewis Marx, Bella Haeusel, David Corliss and Aimee Mora. Several of the artists were present to explain their works to admiring fans. Hill Country art teacher, Mrs. Kristy Marshall, also handed out awards that ranged from Most Detailed artist to Best Use of Materials. While parents supplied some of the refreshments, Mrs. Susan Ledesma also contributed some beautifully decorated cupcakes, complete with painter’s palettes on top, to round out a wonderful array of snacks for the attendees.

several mediums: pencil, pastel, watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, Chinese brush painting, and photography. They learn foundational skills such as two-point perspective, color theory, composition, and shading. Additionally, they plan to illustrate stories submitted by the English Department prior to the end of the school year. There are also several trips planned. Thursday, December 8, they went to Georgetown to view a studio that works with fused glass. Students will have the opportunity to apply what they learn by creating their own Christmas ornament or other projects, if they choose. At Hill Country, the art program works to equip students for the real world of art. HavLQJ WKLV ¿UVW SXEOLF VKRZ ZDV DQ LPSRUWDQW way to prepare students to use their art to glorify God in any area of their lives.

The Upper School studio art class is exploring the use of

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Christmas Worldwide Different families means different traditions. For you, maybe it’s not Christmas without a movie on Christmas Eve. Or perhaps you set up your tree as soon as the turkey’s put away from the Thanksgiving dinner. Or you might be a family that volunteers every year to deliver Christmas toys to a children’s home. Maybe you’re the traveling family – trying to see all the relatives before the holiday break is over. Or you might be the insistent stay-at-home Christmas family. Some traditions come from relatives, some from our ethnic backgrounds, and some from our own religious interpretations or callings. Sophomore Karen Baker and her family have a unique tradition. They go to Karen’s grandmother’s house and look for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. They also decorate their Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music, sometimes all day long. Senora Majcher had another unusual tradition. Instead of waking up early on Christmas morning, her family opened their presents after dark on Christmas Day. The Jackson family likes to visit the Town of Bethlehem, in Burnet, Texas, every year. Some families go to church on Christmas Eve – whether it’s the children’s service with groups of little ones dressed like angels and shepherds, or a more formal candlelight midnight service. Some people insist on chopping down their own tree, while others simply pull theirs out of the box in the attic. No matter your traditions, what matters is the celebration of the coming and birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. While the stores are lighting up earlier and earlier to encourage Christmas shopping, let’s take advantage of their reminders to make room in our own hearts for the tender message that comes with the Christ Child. Each of us was so important to God that He didn’t want us to be eternally lost, but instead eternally reunited with Him. In order to make that happen, God was willing to VDFUL¿FH+LVRZQVRQVRZHFRXOGFURVV over into new life. That is a gift that can’t be wrapped, won’t be on sale, and Page 4

can’t be bought. It’s a true gift that requires only acceptance on the part of the recipient. Whatever else you get for Christmas – Nintendo 3DS, the newest SmartPhone, a laptop, a puppy – none of these will top the eternal gift that waits for you whenever you’re ready to receive it from your own heavenly Father. After you unwrap all the presents under your tree – double check that you’ve already accepted Some Favorite that most precious gift and, if not, Christmas be sure to not pack up Christmas Movies without opening that last, most special present. Geoff Nedelkoff – 11; Elf Around the world, Christmas is celebrated in many ways. We thought we’d bring you some of our research about traditions that might not seem so traditional to you: Japan: Children here are told that Santa Claus has eyes in the back of his head to see everything. Switzerland: Whole villages of people gather at midnight mass and compete in bell ringing contests. Bulgaria: Maybe you’d like to try adding Sooroovachka to your family traditions. Here, the youngest child uses a special stick to tap the elders while wishing them wealth, health and happiness in the new year. Australia: If you wake up Down Under, you might spend your day on the beach for a traditional Christmas morning picnic. Generally, cold turkey, ham, salads and seafood are on the menu. Sweden: Christmas trees are usually taken inside only one or two days before Christmas. DecoraWLRQVLQFOXGHFDQGOHVDSSOHV6ZHGLVKÀDJV small gnomes and straw ornaments. Santa doesn’t bring the presents – instead it is a Christmas gnome who rides a goat. Iraq: Families often read the Christmas story as a family on Christmas Eve. The also burn DERQ¿UHRIWKRUQVMXPSLQJRYHUWKHDVKHV when it’s cooled to make a wish. Ecuador: Employees often dress up and ride brightly arrayed llamas to their employers’ houses where they can all eat a Christmas dinner together. Hawaii: Christmas trees have to be imported and usually arrive on the a special Christmas ship. Their Santa arrives in a canoe pulled by friendly dolphins.

By Publications Staff

Elissa Myers – 8; Elf Chloe Policke – 11; Elf Kyle Sellars – 11; Elf Brian Baptiste – 10; Elf Kasidee Sato – 8; Elf Ms. Inks; Elf Jackson Monteiro – 9; Elf Emily Myers – 6; Elf Karen Baker – 10; Elf Jacob Belloni – 6; A Christmas Carol Armineh Davis – 10; A Christmas Carol Jessi Mocha – 11; A Christmas Carol Jack Farrell – 6; A Christmas Carol Mrs. Hechel; A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott) Carly Calvert – 6; A Christmas Carol MaKenna Dallmeyer – 6; A Christmas Carol Jessica Lowry – 9; (New) A Christmas Carol Federico Mota – 10; A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas Hannah Palacios – 7; A Christmas Story Courney Phillips – 10; A Christmas Story Noah McVicker – 6; Frosty the Snowman Ashton Dise – 10; Die Hard 2 Andrea Bandow – 10; How the Grinch Stole Christmas Mrs. Krohmer; How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cody McCourt – 12; National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Olivia Dahl – 10; Home Alone Preston Glace – 10; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Reid Aldridge – 12; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Mrs. Glace; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Tyler Grendel – 7; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Sam Houghton – 9; It’s a Wonderful Life Kendal Burleson – 9; It’s a Wonderful Life Mrs. Neumann; It’s a Wonderful Life Jack Horton – 10; Polar Express 0LWFKHOO%XWWHU¿HOG¹$&KDUOLH%URZQ&KULVWPDV Sara Jackson – 11; White Christmas Mrs. Herring; White Christmas Mrs. Jackson; White Christmas George Lubrano – 6; The Santa Clause

Students Who’ll Be Travelling for Christmas

Chloe Policke – 11 Jonathan Howard – 6 0LWFKHOO%XWWHU¿HOG± Macy Todd – 6 Lauren Shimer – 8 Aspen Patterson – 6 Hannah Reese – 6 Christian Johnson – 11 &RQQRU3LHU± Coach & Mrs. Horvath Caleb Roach – 6 Mr. Baptiste Grace Tinsley – 8 Kendal Burleson – 9 Braeli Payne – 6 -DFN+RUWRQ±

Alex Atha – 11; Fort Worth $QGUHD%DQGRZ±,RZD Owen Hand – 6; Indiana Reid Conway – 6; Maryland Dylan Hunter – 8; Maryland Holden Boorman – 8; Arkansas 0HJDQ6KXI¿HOG±$UNDQVDV Jonathan Innis – 8; Dallas Reid Aldridge – 12; Dallas Mrs. Hechel; Denver Kyle Sellars - 11; Dallas Mrs. Hechel – Denver Coach Horne – South Dakota Mrs. Simms – Eastland Rachel Shanks – 12; Oklahoma Zach Loveday – 7; Houston

Kasidee Sato – 8; Florida Mrs. Loveday; Houston Cody McCourt – 12; Temple )HGHULFR0RWD±'RPLQLFDQ5HSXEOLF Avery Dooley – 8; California 0DWW5REHUWVRQ±&RORUDGR Jessi Mocha – 11; Virginia Sara Jackson – 11; Salado $UPLQHK'DYLV±$WODQWLV Sarah Loveday – 9; Houston Victoria Maher – 7; South Padre Island Nate Neumann – 6; Camping in Fredericksburg Sophia Sells – 6; Uncle’s House Zachary Patterson – 6; Grandparents’ House .DUHQ%DNHU±*UDQGPD¶V+RXVH Sam Houghton – 9; Grandma’s House

Lauren Tinsley – 6 Ms. Inks Nathan Howard – 8 Brandon Hurley – 7

$VKWRQ'LVH±'LVQH\:RUOG Jessica Lowry – 9; DisneyWorld

Mason Brooks – 6; Grandparents’ House in Dallas

Mrs. Herring &DUO\+HU]HU± Jonathan Mitchell – 11 Emma Haeusel – 9 Ashley Read – 8 3UHVWRQ*ODFH± Mr. Baptiste Olivia Arant – 6 %ULDQ%DSWLVWH± Jordan Niederhaus – 6 Alex Folwarski - 6

Hill Country ChristmasSurvey

Students Who’ll Be Home For Christmas

Some Favorite Christmas Carols Chloe Policke – 11; Go Tell It on the Mountain Mrs. Neumann; Do You Hear What I Hear Jack Farrell – 6; Angels We Have Heard on High David Palacios – 6; Angels We Have Heard on High Mrs. Krohmer; Carol of the Bells Tyler Grendel – 7; Jingle Bells 2OLYLD'DKO±-LQJOH%HOOV Kyle Sellars – 11; Jingle Bells George Lubrano – 6; Jingle Bells Noah McVicker – 6; Jingle Bells Hannah Palacios – 7; Jingle Bells Jackson Moneiro – 9; Jingle Bells Mrs. Jackson; It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas MaKenna Dallmeyer – 6; Silent Night Geoff Nedelkoff – 11; Little Drummer Boy Ms. Inks; O Night Divine Emily Myers – 6; Little Drummer Boy 0DWW 5REHUWVRQ ±  , :DQW D Hippopotamus 3UHVWRQ *ODFH ±  , :DQW D Hippopotamus $VKWRQ'LVH±$OO,:DQWIRU&KULVWPDV is My Two Front Teeth -DFN+RUWRQ±$OO,:DQWIRU&KULVWPDV is My Two Front Teeth

Mrs. Hechel; O Come, O Come, Emmanuel $UPLQHK'DYLV±+DYH<RXUVHOID0HUU\/LWWOH&KULVWPDV )HGHULFR0RWD±-LQJOH%HOO5RFN Carly Calvert – 6; Noel Mrs. Glace; Hallelujah Chorus Emma Haeusel – 9; Silent Night Elissa Myers – 8; Silent Night Mrs. Herring; Mary Did You Know Kasidee Sato – 8; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Cody McCourt – 12; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Jessi Mocha – 11; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer $QGUHD3DQGRZ±5XGROSKWKH5HG1RVHG5HLQGHHU .DUHQ%DNHU±5XGROSKWKH5HG1RVHG5HLQGHHU Jessica Lowry – 9; The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting) Reid Aldridge – 12; We Three Kings Sara Jackson – 11; The Twelve Days of Christmas Sam Houghton – 9; Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree &RXUWQH\3KLOOLSV±'RPLQLFNWKH'RQNH\ %ULDQ%DSWLVWH±*UDQGPD*RW5XQ2YHU%\D5HLQGHHU Jacob Belloni – 6; Joy to the World

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Exchange Students Coming Soon

Basketball Update

By Sara Jackson

By Matt Robertson

Hill Country Christian School of Austin has a great opportunity to welcome 7 foreign exchange students and one teacher from China. They will arrive on January 8th and remain in Austin for 5 weeks. They will return to China on February 11th. There are 3 boys and 4 girls, all in WHQWKJUDGH7KH\DUHSURÂżFLHQWLQ(QJlish and are very bright students. They will attend classes with the sophomores. The teacherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s job will be to assist our teachers and are available for lectures to classes about China and the Chinese culture. These 7 students and the teacher will stay in 8 host homes. Already seven families have shown an interest in hosting, but one more house is needed. A host home is required to give free room and board, as well as provide transportation and sightseeing opportunities in the area. Each host family will receive a $500 stipend to offset some of those costs. If anyone is interested in hosting a home, please see Mr. McGee for more details.

The Hill Country boysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; varsity basketball team is currently 7-0. The varsity girlsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; team is currently 2-3. The Lady Knights consists of Senior Rachel Shanks, Juniors Sara Jackson, Jessi Mocha, and Stephanie Lowry, Sophomores Andi Bandow, Aimee Mora, Baley Hutchinson, Karen Baker, Bella Haeusel, Olivia Dahl, and Freshmen Sam Houghton, Jessica Lowry, and Emma Haeusel. The team has seven players: Seniors Paul Klein, Reid Aldridge, Cody McCourt, and Patrick Sullivan, as well as Sophomores Brian Baptiste, Collin Young, Ashton Dise.

Wednesday: 8:45-10:30 World Literature I & II, American Literature, AP English 12 Teacher/Room: Hechel 4.110, Herring 4.114 10:35-12:20 Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Honors Biology II Teacher/Room: Wermel 4.110, Marx 4.114 Thursday: 8:45-10:30 Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-calc, Statistics, AP. Calculus Teacher/Room: Perez 4.110, Marx 4.114

Making a Splash By Bella Haeusel, Jessi Mocha and Preston Glace

Four students and one teacher at Hill Country can be found most days at the Nitro Swim Center on 1431 putting in their laps. Hannah Palacios (7th), Corban Rawls (7th), Adam Toler (8th), Kevin McCarthy (10th) and Dr. Marx all have their teams and coaches at Nitro. Dr. Marx says he started swimming when he was 5 years old, but later stopped while in college. He just picked it back up in 2009 and â&#x20AC;&#x153;felt like he was called to be on the swim teamâ&#x20AC;? by God. Hannah has been swimming since she was 7, Adam since he was 5, and Corban since he was 3 years old. Kevin is a more recent convert to the sport.


Most of these swimmers are not just competent, but also competitive. Dr. Marx got 7th in nationals in the breaststroke in 2007 and a year later took 3rd. +HDOVRUHFHLYHGÂżUVWSODFHPHGDOVIRU the South Texas Region Meet, with two ÂżUVWSODFHDQGWZRVHFRQGSODFHPHGals at Nationals. This gives him an all

1LWURKDVEHHQDWHUULÂżFSODFHIRUDOO these swimmers and they give credit to â&#x20AC;&#x153;Coach Mikeâ&#x20AC;? and his staff for keeping WKHPÂżWLQDQGRXWRIWKHZDWHU7KDW means eating right, working out on â&#x20AC;&#x153;dry-landâ&#x20AC;?, especially for chest, back and abdominals. Looking for a good workout? Go to to ÂżQGRXWPRUH

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1st Semester High School Exam Schedule

These swimmers agree that it is a sport that helps them make friends and stay in shape. But swimming can be a hard sport. Dr. Marx gets up at 5 am in the winter - and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cold - to practice. Adam says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;We swim approximately 48,000 yards per week.â&#x20AC;? He goes two mornings a week before school, every Saturday morning, and every day after school to train. Corban shared that he aims for about 6,000 yards per day.

10:35-12:20 World History I & II, Gov/Economics, History of Western Thought Teacher/Room: J Horvath 4.110, C Horvath 4.114 Friday: 8:45-10:30 Latin II, Honors Latin III, AP Latin IV, Spanish I, Spanish II, Honors Spanish III Teacher/Room: Mathis 4.110, Inks/Majcher 4.114 10:35-12:20 Bible Music/Art Appreciation Teachers: Bolen/Majcher

The Muppets Take Austin!

by Connor PIer

The Muppets have been gone for years. Ever since their creator, Jim Hensen, died back in 1990, their appearances have been few and far between. Now, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re EDFNRQWKHELJVFUHHQLQDQHZÂżOPZULWWHQE\-DVRQ Segel. The Muppets are back sporting a surprisingly star-studded cast, all the Muppets that you knew (and the ones you didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t), people randomly breaking out into song, and even an 80s robot. This movie is much EHWWHU WKDQ H[SHFWHG  ,WÂśV D JUHDW IDPLO\ ÂżOP DQG LW actually has some funny moments. The plot is that an evil oil tycoon wants to destroy Muppetsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Studios and replace the Muppets with more cynical versions. In order to save the Studio, the Muppets have two weeks to raise $10,000,000. So, Kermit and three big Muppet fans have to get all the Muppets back together for one last show. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fun to meet (or get reacquainted with) all the Muppets. . . with the possible exception of Ms. Piggy. If you need a fun family picture to see over the Christmas Break, try The Muppets. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Yearbook Pre-Sale Going on Now Find an order form online at What Knights Need to Know, December 6 edition. Pre-Sale price of $45

A Call to Mission Katie Davis, with help from Beth Clark, writes an autobiography of her experience as a young missionary in Uganda. Her goal in writing the book was not to bring glory to herself, but to show the story of â&#x20AC;&#x153;relentless love and redemptionâ&#x20AC;? from Jesus Christ. Katie does an excellent job in describing the poor conditions in Uganda and she successfully appeals to the human emotions, causing pity and a desire to help those in this impoverished country. Kisses from Katie tells how Katie, in 2007, after high school decided not to go to college, but intstead take a year off to be a missionary in Uganda. There in Uganda, she started a sponsorship program to help allow hundreds of children to go to school

by Sara Jackson

who couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford it. Katie was not VDWLVÂżHGKRZHYHUVKHVWLOOZDQWHGWRGR more. She felt so much compassion for the needy children in Uganda that she started to adopt them â&#x20AC;&#x201C; one at a time. To date, she has adopted 13 orphans and taken them as her own. Her one year mission in Uganda has grown to a lifetime commitment to Uganda and her people. Her book inspires people to live for God and to show His love to all. If you would like to follow Katie in her journey, go to And if you need a good read this Break, pick up a copy of Kisses from Katie. You wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be disappointed.

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Weather or Not by Jr.  Meterologist  Matt  Robertson

Monday-­ 45%  chance  of  raining   sideways. Wednesday-­  20%  chance  of   mad  penguin  disease  infecting   Burma’s  cattle  population. Thursday-­  Cloudy  with  a  chance   of  meatballs.

A Silent  Night

by Connor  Pier

Find the  following  words  vertically,  horizontally  or  diagonally. Advent Angels Baby  Jesus Bells Bethlehem Camel Candles Candy  Cane Caroling Christmas  Tree Decree Donkey Family Frankincense Gold Hallelujah Page  8  

Herod Joseph Lights Luke Manger Mary Myrhh Peace on  Earth Pine  Needles Presents Promise Prophecy Shepherds Snow Stable Star

Swaddling Clothes Wisemen Worship Wrapping  Paper

Friday-­100% chance  that  it  is   Friday….remember,  you’ve  got   to  get  down  on  Friday. Saturday-­  0.00000001%  chance   of  a  tornado  growing  a  handle-­ bar  moustache  and  entering  an   old  timey  bare  knuckles  boxing   match. Sunday-­  It’s  gonna  rain!!!

Comic by  Andrew  Prado

Plugged In-December 2011  

December 2011 issue of newspaper produced by private high school students at Hill Country Christian School of Austin, a private, Christian,...

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