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Hillbrook is the school it is today because a small group of dedicated teachers dared to dream.

2 In balance we grow 5 A different approach 6 Thinking matters 9 Teaching is an Art

They believed the world had changed too much to persist with educational ideas and conventions that were no longer relevant or practical. Instead, they recognised that young people needed an environment where they could develop the skills and confidence to embrace change, not to fear it. A school where educators trusted and supported them. A place that offered them a balance of learning experiences to help them achieve their potential and inspire them to contribute to the world they would inherit. Today, Hillbrook is a thriving co-educational secondary school of 720 students where learning is approached with enthusiasm and creativity, and where those founding principles of trust, respect, inclusion, collaboration and balance are still at the heart of everything we do.

The school motto, “In Balance We Grow”, is reflected in every aspect of the school. Alongside our strong academic foundation, Hillbrook will always be a place where intellectual, spiritual, personal and physical growth are given equal priority, so young people develop a sense of balance and purpose in their lives. The Hillbrook dream is as strong today as it was in 1987 when the school was founded. We see it reflected every day in our students as they grow and develop into compassionate, ethical and creative thinkers, with a real sense of curiosity, wonder and hope.

and a Science 11 Beyond the classroom 15 Discover your passion 16 Fit for life: healthy bodies, healthy minds 18 There’s a place for you here

We see it live on in young people when they finish here too, confident in their abilities and empowered to make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

19 Spiritual exploration 21 Good things happen here 22 Leadership 23 Any questions? 24 Getting to Hillbrook

In balance we grow At Hillbrook, our classrooms are filled with limitless possibilities. Our young people will move into careers that we haven’t begun to imagine, and if we want them to thrive in that environment, a strong sense of balance will be a powerful advantage.

Hillbrook is owned and run by the teachers, parents and friends of the school. They are the members of Hillbrook Anglican School Limited – a company limited by guarantee – and these are the people from whom the School Board is elected.

This is why Hillbrook’s motto, ‘In Balance We Grow’, has special meaning to everyone here. It’s fundamental to our vision: ‘To open minds, inspire hearts and nurture dreams’. It’s expressed in the way we balance intellectual, spiritual, personal and physical development. Importantly, it’s woven through every aspect of the school, starting right at the top.

Similarly, Hillbrook is lead by not one, but four highly qualified and experienced people who make up the School Leadership Team.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all.”

When you join the Hillbrook community, you are welcome to contribute your own thoughts and ideas, or by nominating yourself or any other company member to stand on the School Board.

~ Aristotle


Geoff Newton – Principal

Stephanie Munday-Lake – Deputy Principal

Mark Herriman – Deputy Principal

David Briggs – Business Manager


“ The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.� ~ B.B. King, musician


A different approach At Hillbrook, we are preparing students to live happy, fulfilling lives and, we hope, make a positive difference in the world. We aim to provide a realistic and stimulating environment where young men and women learn to challenge and question, to respect one another’s contributions, to enjoy one another’s company and to work effectively together as they grow, so they carry more a balanced attitude into their adult lives. An environment that encourages: • Academic achievement by being part of a thinking-centred school that encourages problem-solving and creative thinking. • Self-confidence by experiencing the challenges and rewards of our Outdoor Education Program. • Trust and respect by learning to work naturally and effectively with members of the opposite sex. • Making balanced choices and decisions through our Personal and Spiritual Development Course and Philosophical Inquiry. • Spirituality through religious education that explores Christianity and other world religions. • Responsibility by experiencing it.

“Schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.” ~ Jean Piaget

A writing master class

Active learning


• Teamwork by working together to achieve great things, like climbing a mountain or solving a tough problem. • Caring for other people both at school and by volunteering to help others in the community through our Community Action program. • Sustainability by considering the environment and the impact we have on it. • Flexibility by learning to deal with change. • A broader understanding of life and work by getting involved in the wider community, through work experience and service activities. • Health and fitness as a necessary part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Many of the world’s great achievers didn’t always fit traditional measures of success. What matters is not that we fit the expectations of others, but that we strive to achieve our personal dreams and enjoy the journey.

Thinking matters Learning here is not just a matter of taking notes or reading books, but also about discussing, experiencing, challenging and making judgements. Sometimes it is noisy. Often it is high-spirited. Most of all, it is active and personal. Hillbrook has a strong academic focus and our students engage in a range of intellectually challenging subjects. However, we don’t see the term ‘curriculum’ as just the subjects studied: we see it as all the intended learning experiences that students undertake at the school, both in and out of the classroom. Our curriculum is based on a balance of learning experiences aimed at preparing students for the future and giving them as many choices as possible when they leave school. It’s innovative and inclusive, and it provides our students with a whole range of opportunities to learn and grow. Throughout our junior phase of learning, we embed the Australian Curriculum in a purposeful way. This allows our students to investigate and respond, to question and challenge, and to be an active participant in their learning.

In the senior school, all of our students are expected to achieve a tertiary admission score (ATAR) at the end of their studies. They choose their subjects from the academic selection offered by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). When they graduate from Hillbrook, almost all of our students seek tertiary entry. In a thinking-centred school like Hillbrook, each subject has been carefully designed to incorporate much more than subject matter. Students gain another level of appreciation and understanding when they link their own life experiences to their academic work. Our curriculum aims to embrace this by: • Critical and creative thinking are embedded within our learning experiences so students learn to solve problems and make decisions with consideration and confidence. • Thinking and reasoning skills are developed further through Philosophical Inquiry, which is a subject in its own right at Hillbrook. Here, students learn to collaborate, listen, investigate, ask questions, build on ideas, search for answers, reflect, communicate and be fair and openminded – all vital skills that help them achieve confidently in the other subjects they study.

• Social, collaborative and communication skills are developed naturally across all subjects and students are encouraged work effectively with others. • Personal skills are also fostered by giving our students opportunities through their learning to build character, develop self-management and foster deep cultural, ethical and moral awareness and understanding. • Versatility and the flexibility to adapt to change are woven through all Hillbrook’s learning experiences too. • All these experiences and more are reinforced through our outstanding Outdoor Education program. • In the ever-evolving technology space, we equip our students with more than up-to-theminute knowledge and expertise. We help them learn about becoming responsible digital citizens and developing a safe and positive online presence.

You can find a full list of current curriculum offerings at hillbrook.qld.edu.au/about-us/learning-at-hillbrook/what-toexpect-in-junior-and-senior

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

6 6

Learning doesn’t have to be in regimented lines of tables and chairs

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can have to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela


Engineering technology


Our quadrangle - the heart of the school

Teaching is an Art and a Science It takes more than great qualifications to be a teacher at Hillbrook. Our teachers share a deep understanding that their profession is as much an art as it is a science. Teaching requires extensive subject knowledge, ongoing research, the ability to set clear learning goals and a real drive for constant self-improvement. Yet, to be truly effective, teaching also demands genuine enthusiasm, ongoing creativity, engaging interactions, and a real passion to inspire students to become active, lifelong learners. Here, our teachers are encouraged to research, explore, collaborate and go beyond conventional thinking to create learning experiences that are truly relevant, challenging and compelling for their students. They embed these experiences with critical and creative thinking to help students persevere with complex challenges, make decisions with confidence, and find informed and innovative solutions to problems.

Hillbrook’s campus has been designed to offer a peaceful, yet stimulating environment where teaching and learning is supported and enhanced. Within an easy, natural mix of social spaces and contemporary facilities, you’ll find modern science and computing facilities, a superb performing arts centre, an excellent library, a strikingly beautiful Chapel, plus a recreation centre, sporting fields and more.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”.

Our teachers extend learning experiences beyond the classroom too, into the Outdoor Education program where new and unfamiliar situations can help students further develop skills like resilience, risk-taking, initiative and teamwork. Teaching here has a clear and very relevant goal: to equip our young people with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their dreams, to respect and work with others and to thrive in the world of tomorrow.

~ Albert Einstein


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I ~ I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.� ~ Robert Frost

Hanging out

Time with nature

Year 7 canoe camp


Dinner time - over night at Mt Barney

“Follow me.� Year 11 overnight expedition

Beyond the classroom

Hillbrook was one of the pioneers of Outdoor Education in Queensland and our highly regarded program is an integral part of the curriculum for every student here. Over their six years at Hillbrook, our students paddle along rivers, climb mountain ranges, walk the land and sail the seas. Each place they explore has its own story, and each experience has been carefully designed by our Outdoor Education specialists to empower our students

to move beyond their day-to-day existence and discover more about themselves and their natural environment. Our Outdoor Education program offers tangible opportunities for students to build resilience, develop trust and learn leadership skills in a healthy, supportive environment. We see each young person blossom as they grapple with uncertainties, and learn first-hand, the value of perseverance and teamwork in achieving common goals. The lessons they learn in nature come back to the classroom, and importantly they become more confident about taking risks in their learning. Hillbrook camps are held in a diverse range of natural spaces across Australia and New Zealand. Student groups experience a


wide range of environments and ecosystems, each with their own character, challenges and rewards. In Year 11 & 12, students are heavily involved in the organisation, planning and leadership of their outdoor education experiences, reflective of the skills and competence they have built over their time at Hillbrook. Ultimately, Outdoor Education helps develop a sense of connection to our wonderful world, and the need to tread lightly upon it. *The Hillbrook Outdoor Education program, including basic camp and activity day information, can be found here: hillbrook.qld.edu.au/about-us/learning-at-hillbrook/outdooreducation. The Hillbrook Outdoor Education program is not limited to our students, we also offer a Parents Outdoor Program. More information can be found at hillbrook.qld.edu.au/parents/ parent-community


“Let us at least make sure that all our children discover that they are intelligent in their own particular way – before they get trapped in jobs or lives where they cannot shine.” ~ Charles Handy, London Business School

Year 9 education camp “Journeys”


The pen is mightier than the sword

Hit it. Just one of our percussion ensembles at work


Discover your passion Some people tell beautiful stories with a paintbrush. Others express more through music than they can through words. There are those who see pure poetry in mathematical equations, and those who come alive when they perform on stage. At Hillbrook, we believe the most precious gift we can give our young people is the opportunity to find where their true talents and passions lie. For the fortunate few, this can be obvious. But for most of us, it means trying your hand at all kinds of different activities before we discover talents and interests we never knew we had. Our students are offered an extensive range of programs and subjects to help them explore where their true passions lie – from exceptional music programs to rich visual and performing arts opportunities to exciting maths, science and business projects and more.

Coding and robotics for beginners


Thick Skin She Grows by Tayla Humphries. Exhibited at GOMA in the Creative Generation Excellence Awards

Fit for life: healthy bodies, healthy minds Australians regularly participate in hundreds of different physical activities, from abseiling to netball to soccer to yoga. Here at Hillbrook, we are always on the lookout for new ways to reflect that depth and diversity in our Physical Recreation program.

• Rock Climbing • Cross Country Training • Humanitarian Projects • Mountain Biking • Bootcamp Fitness • Self Defence • Boxing • Basketball • Netball • AFL • Barefoot Bowls • Table Tennis • Zumba • Aerial Tissu • Futsal • Circus School.

Our aim is to ensure that all our students – not just the athletically gifted - have the opportunity to find a physical activity they enjoy to encourage them to keep fit and make positive lifelong choices about their personal health and fitness.

Competitive sports days and regional and state carnivals: • Swimming • Athletics • Volleyball • AFL• Cross-country competitions.

As a result, the list of sports and physical activities we offer at Hillbrook is expansive and ever-changing. Likewise, the activities where our students have achieved regional, state, national and international recognition is both remarkable and diverse – from traditional sports like soccer, football, netball and baseball through to more unusual activities like mountain climbing, synchronised swimming, rogaining and ice hockey. The activities we offer through our Physical Recreation program and vibrant co-curricular program, Project Active, are specifically designed to help our students keep fit, build strength and conditioning, compete positively, practise teamwork and develop the skills and mindset to be well-rounded, balanced, lifelong participants, on and off the sporting field. • Gymnastics • Netball • Basketball • Soccer • Athletics • Aquatics • Softball • Touch Football • Volleyball • Badminton • Dance • Tennis • Fitness Activities • Strength and Conditioning • Barista Training • Orienteering • Writers’ Group • Environmental Club • Yoga • Drone Club


Brisbane Christian Interschool Sports Association (BCIS) teams: • Touch Football • Netball • Soccer • Basketball AFL, Touch Football, Soccer and Basketball offer both girls and boys teams.

Sport and physical activity at Hillbrook is for everyone, not just the gifted few. We also believe that the benefits and opportunities extend well beyond school activities, and we encourage our students to interact and stay connected with the wider community through their local sporting clubs. Find the current list of Physical Recreation and Project Active activities on the Hillbrook website.

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” ~ Heywood Broun, Sports journalist


Orienteering. Learning on the run

There’s a place for you here

“Like a trapeze artist, the adolescent must let go of their safe hold on childhood and reach out for a firm grip on adulthood.”

Adolescence can be a challenging time for young people, both physically and mentally. It’s a time when handling the ups and downs of everyday life demands more than a strong healthy body, but a strong healthy mind as well.

Hillbrook’s Personal and Spiritual Development course is a unique program that’s specifically designed to help students grow through adolescence and live balanced, fulfilling and productive lives.

encouraged to question, solve problems, test ideas, consider different viewpoints and become critical thinkers – all designed to help them develop a healthy, discerning mind, a strong sense of self and an appreciation of others.

This is why a number of our programs at Hillbrook have been designed to proactively equip our students with the skills and resilience they need to rebound when they experience life’s challenges, rather than waiting for signs and symptoms of distress and disorder.

The course deals openly and responsibly with the many issues and choices students today face, including change, relationships, identity, self-esteem, sexuality, understanding others, drug education, thinking skills, meditation and relaxation skills, career choices, and helping them develop their own philosophy of life.

Young people leave Hillbrook with more than academic qualifications. They go into the world and the workplace with a real understanding and acceptance of themselves and other people.

In every subject and school activity, we look for opportunities to remind them that a positive mindset can make the world of difference; that while they may not be able to do something yet, believing they will be able to one day is a powerful tool to help them deal with uncertainty and complexity.

~ Erik Erikson, Developmental psychologist


Students also explore life’s big questions in Philosophical Inquiry, a subject encountered in all year levels. Here our students are

“The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” ~ Carl Jung

Contemplating the labyrinth during a visit to St Johns Cathedral

Spiritual exploration Young people look for answers to all kinds of ethical, moral and spiritual questions. More than anything, they need places and opportunities to reflect on the many decisions they face if they are to develop spiritually and create balance in their lives. Hillbrook is an Anglican school with a difference. To us, religion is an ongoing journey of spiritual growth. It’s about compassion, hope and kindness to ourselves and others. It’s a light that shines through in the caring attitude of our staff, parents and students.

At Hillbrook, we welcome everyone. While our Religious Studies course is based on Christian teachings, it also provides the opportunity to learn about other religions. In the Anglican tradition of questioning and thinking about the big decisions in life, we encourage our students to challenge and analyse, and to find answers and fulfilment both inside and outside the classroom. Their spirituality is nurtured in Religious Studies lessons and during weekly Chapel services, some run by students with guidance from our Chaplain, others by staff or visitors.


“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.� ~ Ryunosuke Satoro, Author

The Addams Family cast and friends photographed by music support officer Peggy Gilroy


“Real learning starts when one crosses borders and travels miles for real knowledge.�

Good things happen here

~ Vivek Sahni, Indian Designer A community is much more than the sum of its parts. At Hillbrook, we recognise that shared ideas and purpose not only bind us, but motivate us to achieve together what we could not achieve alone. This sense of belonging and inclusion is a special part of the Hillbrook culture. A strong community like ours not only enhances student wellbeing, it is essential to stronger academic results too. Students here are involved in a range of community service activities that make a positive difference to the lives of others from Community Action activities to raising muchneeded funds for worthy organisations here and overseas.

Over seas and over joyed

Importantly, our community embraces our parents, enrolled families, past students, neighbours, local business and educational partners too. Whether it be acting as a student mentor or acting in a theatre production, you are welcome to find a place here and join in any number of community activities on offer. Sustainability Day at Hillbrook A unique community-powered event providing innovative solutions to environmental problems. Parents Outdoor Program A chance for parents to discover the benefits of Outdoor Education for themselves. Philosophical Inquiry Courses This program is currently aimed at early childhood, primary and secondary teachers, to assist with the introduction of Philosophical Inquiry into classroom practise.

Focus on sustainability

The Hillbrook Chorale

Tea Cup Theatre


Hillbrook Chorale Everyone is welcome to join in and share their love of singing. Teacup Theatre Primary school children are welcome to join in the fun of our popular play-based drama program. Basement Arts A unique theatre company where past students and staff create engaging productions together. Musical Every two years, we showcase the amazing talents of our students at a gala musical event. The Hillbrook community extends beyond coastlines or borders too. Stepping outside our comfort zone and into another culture presents our students with unique and meaningful opportunities to embrace diversity and tolerance, to develop resilience and collaboration and to discover for themselves the true value of inclusion and community in the wider world. In the past few years, Hillbrook students have travelled to places such as Germany, USA, Japan, China, New Zealand, Vietnam and Cambodia, immersing themselves in different cultures, broadening their horizons and making a difference to communities that need their support. Japanese and German students learn to apply their language skills in the country of origin too, and host students in return. Students return feeling invigorated, with new friends, new stories and a new perspective on their lives and the lives of others.

1. The right and responsibility to learn. No one should hinder another from learning, nor waste time in class, distract or disturb. 2. The right and responsibility to ask questions. We should encourage inquiry as a way of learning. 3. The right to voice an opinion, and the responsibility to listen to others. No one should interrupt others while they are speaking, or ridicule them for what they say: we should listen to each other. 4. The right to be happy at school and the responsibility to help others to be happy. We should treat each other with kindness, good manners and consideration. 5. The right to be treated fairly by fellow students and teachers, and the responsibility to treat them in the same way. We should treat each other with respect, regardless of gender, age, culture, sexuality or faith. 6. The right to be safe and the responsibility to help others feel secure. No one should physically threaten another, throw things, hit, bully, abuse, or cause harm. 7. The right to be accepted, and the responsibility to accept others. 8. The right to form our own friendships, and the responsibility to promote friendship with others. 9. The right to our name, and the responsibility to address each other in a way that does not offend. 10. The right to our individual faith and worship, and the responsibility to encourage each other in seeking to discover the spiritual aspects in our lives. 11. The right to a safe environment, and the responsibility to accept the advice of teachers and other staff in matters of safety. 12. The right to have and care for our own property, and the responsibility to care for the property of others. No one should damage property, nor write on, touch, or take another’s property without permission. 13. The right to an attractive and healthy environment, and the responsibility to keep the school clean. We have the responsibility to keep our school clean and healthy by not littering or vandalising, and by looking for ways to improve the things and places we have.

Leadership Leadership at Hillbrook is not the exclusive privilege of a select few. We believe that everyone can and should have the opportunity to ‘lead from where they are’. This is why student leadership here is a right and a responsibility that all students share. From Year 7, all students have increasing levels of responsibility and participate in a variety of experiences where they can discover leadership talents they may not know they had. These include community service projects, social justice issues, organising activities, fundraising, participating on committees, taking the lead at school events, mentoring or tutoring other students and, in Year 12, negotiating an individual area of senior responsibility and leadership. There are no prefects and school captains at Hillbrook. Each year, students select two representatives from each home class to serve on the Student Representative Council. In addition, a nine-member Council Executive is elected by students and staff to represent the students’ voice in the decision-making processes of the school. For these reasons, we don’t have a strict set of rules here. Instead, Hillbrook’s rights and responsibilities demonstrate our strong commitment to the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all in our community, and to protecting young people from harm.

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” ~ Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher


Any questions?

How does the enrolment process work? Once we receive your enrolment application, your child will be placed on our enrolment list and you will receive a letter of confirmation. Currently, interviews for Year 7 entry happen when students are in Year 4. These interviews are non-selective and do not influence the offering of a place, rather they are to explore mutual expectations. For more information, please contact our Enrolment Officer – enrolment@hillbrook.qld.edu.au Can I guarantee my child’s enrolment at Hillbrook? There is always a high demand for places at Hillbrook and we do not offer bursaries, scholarships or preferential entry for high academic or sporting achievement. Everyone is treated equally. Enrolments are strictly taken on a first-in-first-served basis, so we advise parents to enrol their children as early as possible. How affordable are Hillbrook’s fees? At Hillbrook, we’re committed to providing a quality education at a moderate fee. We focus on offering outstanding learning experiences and our fee structure is specifically designed to be fair to all.

Why coeducation? Because life is coeducational. We believe there is no better way to prepare young men and women for life than having them live, learn and work together through all the activities and experiences they engage in at high school. Does Hillbrook offer competitive sport? Our students participate in competitive sports days, as well as regional, state and school carnivals. In fact, a number of Hillbrook students have represented Queensland and Australia in a variety of individual and team sports. We also believe sport offers an ideal opportunity for students to interact with the wider community too, so we encourage our students to get involved with their local sporting clubs as well. Why does Hillbrook have such a strong focus on sustainability? We only have one planet and it is our responsibility to be good stewards of it. Hillbrook is a ‘Land for Wildlife’ school, and we actively encourage students to connect with and understand our natural environment. We generate over 30% of our electricity


on site, and our staff and students are committed to conserving resources, recycling, regenerating land, making smarter choices and setting a good example for future generations. Every two years, we hold a Sustainability Day at Hillbrook to showcase sustainable ideas and to encourage our community to find local solutions to global problems. How can parents and members of the community become involved at Hillbrook? The Hillbrook community welcomes new parents and we offer plenty of opportunity for you to be involved with the school. Join our P&F, volunteer on a parent committee, lend a hand at events like Sustainability Day or Hillbrook in Action, take part in our Parents Outdoor Program or the Hillbrook Chorale. Parent Connect is another great way for new parents to get to know one another and stay in touch. All the details are on our website.

Our history is largely defined by the people who walked on this land and were in this place before us. ‘Enoggera’ is derived from the aboriginal word for ‘corroboree place’. For the traditional owners of this land, the Hillbrook site was a place of celebration, family and community and remains so.


Everton Park


Getting to Hillbrook Hillbrook is situated in Hurdcotte Street at Enoggera, just a 15 minute drive or train trip from the city. Our students travel from all over Brisbane to school each day. Hillbrook is handy to public bus routes and is only a short walk from the Enoggera Rail/Bus Interchange and Gaythorne Railway station.

Hillbrook Anglican School Limited ABN 15 010 668 774 45 Hurdcotte Street, Enoggera Qld 4051 P.O. Box 469, Everton Park Qld 4053 Telephone: (07) 3354 3422 Email: hillbrook@hillbrook.qld.edu.au Website: www.hillbrook.qld.edu.au








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“There’s a place for me here” ~ Ailsa McKeon, Hillbrook student.

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Hillbrook Anglican School Prospectus