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H I L L B R O O K A N G L I C A N S C H O O L N E W S L E T T E R • VO L U M E 1 • A P R I L 2014

2015 is a defining year for education in Queensland and a significant one for Hillbrook. For the first time in the history of our State, Year 7 will join high school.

Queensland, interstate and overseas. We are finalising planning and building new facilities and developing a curriculum with a particular focus on early adolescent learners that will integrate with the other year levels.

These students started Prep in 2009 and will be on average 6 months younger than the Year 8s that we have previously welcomed.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Hillbrook community. We hope you enjoy this edition as the first of a two-part Connections series that will feature our planning for 2015 and beyond.

The preparation for Year 7 and 8 has been detailed and extensive, spanning the last 2 years, and has included visits to schools across

Geoff Newton




Year 7 and 8 at Hillbrook 2015 will be an exciting year at Hillbrook as we welcome both Year 7s and Year 8s into our school community. Planning has been extensive and includes ensuring that both groups of students will enjoy the experience of moving to high school. Many aspects of the two year groups will be very similar, for example both groups will be allocated a Home Class room and Home Class teacher who will meet with their students each morning. Year 8s can expect that their Home Class teacher will also teach them for one of their core subjects.


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Lynne Hinton is Hillbrook’s Philosophical Inquiry Teacher Coach. Lynne was principal of Buranda Primary School for 14 years and is currently Adjunct Professor at QUT, Brisbane. Lynne consults nationally and internationally on the practice of undertaking Philosophical Inquiry with young people.



Young adolescents experience a wide range of rapid and dramatic physical, cognitive, emotional, social and moral changes. This affects their learning ability and success in managing emotional, social and moral challenges. Having a significant amount of time during the week spent with their Home Class teacher provides certainty and sustained individual attention in a familiar environment. For these reasons the Year 7 Home Class teachers are expected to teach their Home Class for a minimum of 3 subjects. For example this may include English, Global Studies and Philosophical Inquiry. As with a traditional high school setting, our Year 8s will continue to use specific class rooms across the campus for each of their subjects. However, our Year 7s will spend about 50% of their week in their Home Class room with their Home Class teacher, and will also have the opportunity of moving to specialist class rooms for specialist subjects (see Elective list). Both year groups will study core subjects over the course of the year, and will also spend six months learning each of the elective subjects. The delivery of the subjects will vary slightly between the two groups, taking into account the earlier stage of Year 7 adolescent development. Year 7s will also add Philosophical Inquiry to their list of core subjects. At the end of their first year both groups will choose three elective subjects which they will continue to study until the end of Year 10. Year 7s and Year 8s will participate in our Outdoor Education program, a robust and compulsory part of our curriculum, and vital in helping students engage and connect with their classmates. The program teaches the value of self-reliance, self-esteem, initiative, leadership, teamwork and co-operation. It offers opportunities for our students to experience and immerse themselves in the physical beauty of our natural world. Both year groups will experience a Home Class camp in the first half of the school year, and one Outdoor Education day for the other three terms (eg abseiling, paddling, ropes course).

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Philosophical Inquiry

Want to know more about Philosophical Inquiry for students? Dr Laura D’Olimpio is a lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics at The University of Notre Dame Australia and has written an article in the online journal The Conversation which is well worth reading. why-children-should-study philosophy-23404

Philosophy begins in wonder. And, at the end, when philosophic thought has done its best, the wonder remains… Alfred North Whitehead, 1934

We are introducing this exciting program into Year 7 in 2015 and Lynne Hinton has written the following article outlining the benefits of Philosophical Inquiry for students. Let’s start with who are our Year 7s? They are interesting, curious, optimistic, clever, vulnerable, fabulous souls in their early adolescent years. Like all of us, they need to be respected, valued, supported and guided as they learn about themselves, their beliefs, and what sort of a life they might aspire to. Wondering: “How should I live my life?” Therein—Philosophy! Now, imagine a group of young adolescents, Year 7s, sitting in a circle discussing a question such as, “Is respecting someone through fear the same as respecting someone through trust?” or “Is logical thinking the best kind of thinking?” During Philosophical Inquiry, students are considering big issues fundamental to the way we live our lives. The questions discussed are those the students have raised themselves, so are of interest to them. They are inquiring together to search for answers, or to try and make some progress towards truth. The process is democratic, ethical, respectful and thoroughly enjoyable. Who doesn’t want to be heard? During the discussion students reflect on prevailing beliefs, explore alternative viewpoints, recognise faulty reasoning, give and accept reasons, test hypotheses and so on. In this way they learn to be reflective, sensitive to meaning, divergent and reasonable. Students also listen to one another, build on one another’s ideas, seek clarification, and explore disagreements respectfully. Through this, they learn to be fair and open minded, intellectually co-operative and mutually respectful. Along the way they develop a good sense of self, the ability to work with others, the ability to solve novel problems, a social conscience, the ability to make reasoned judgements, and the confidence to change their mind when faced with good reasons.

What you might see and hear during a Philosophical Inquiry lesson Questions Asked • If you seek vengeance do you lose your freedom and become a slave? • Do we ever really know who anyone is? Distinctions Made What is the distinction between a reason and an excuse? • Excuses and reasons are both explanations for something done, or not done. An excuse is not always truthful and shows you have externalised responsibility onto someone or something else, whilst a reason is truthful and shows that you have accepted responsibility for your actions. Reflections Offered • “The discussion today made me want to ask: If your mind controls your conscience, what controls your mind?” • “…you can say what you think and no one puts you down.” Analogies Created • “The mind is like a dormant volcano. You never know when it’s going to erupt with another fantastic idea.” And finally… How can we make peace in the world? • “We should try to work things out together with words, like we do in our philosophy lessons.”

By doing Philosophy, students are learning to think. Not what to think, but how to think.



Technology Hillbrook’s laptop and iPad programs support our focus on teaching and learning. In an increasingly digital world it is essential that our students develop ICT skills and abilities and importantly, they are able to use such technologies in their everyday learning. It is not about learning to use the technology but rather using the technology to enhance learning. Currently all students in Years 9 to 12 are provided with a school laptop. Commencing this year our Year 8 students are using their own iPad as their primary classroom computing device for use in day-to-day learning. Students now take advantage of interactive apps, textbooks, teacher-developed iBooks and collaborative learning experiences. iPad use will be extended in 2015 to Years 7, 8 and 9 students, although some computer-lab usage is still essential to support the specialist requirements of our curriculum. Students (across all year levels) and staff receive great I.T. support via our online Helpdesk and I.T. Support Centre.

Our Semester 2 edition of Connections will outline other topics, including curriculum, class structure, leadership, camps, student support and pastoral care for Years 7 and 8 in 2015 and beyond.


Built Environment Hillbrook is undergoing significant building works this year. In collaboration with Brand & Slater Architects it was important to retain attractive open spaces and to provide a relaxed and sustainable learning environment. We believe this is important in helping our students and staff feel a sense of community, belonging and pride. Construction has commenced on a modern, air-conditioned two-story building designed around a landscaped, terraced courtyard. This new building (replacing B Block) will facilitate contemporary teaching methods requiring access to data and audiovisual equipment. It has also been designed to ensure ease of accessibility and integration with the remainder of our campus. Class rooms will take advantage of natural lighting and will include class rooms for Year 7 as well as purpose-built Maths class rooms for students in Years 8 to 12. Various teacher preparation rooms, bicycle storage and student amenities have also been included in the design. Our Performing Arts Centre is being expanded and refurbished with increased fixed seating, sound-proof practice rooms and a permanent high-level stage lighting catwalk. There will be more spaces for music and drama rehearsals and additional storage for instruments and stage prop storage.



Students and teachers are already enjoying the recently completed refurbishment of G Block’s Art and Design and Technology workshops. We now have larger class rooms and storage areas for Art, a new photography dark room, a purpose-built design studio for Design and Technology and Engineering Technology students, and a dedicated Design and Technology workshop for our Year 7 and 8 students. A new Outdoor Education facility is about to begin construction on land recently leased beside the school (behind the Rugby Club). This building will provide Outdoor Education teacher preparation areas and storage specifically designed for Outdoor Education equipment which will streamline the efficient equipping, dispatching and return of student camps. Despite the construction going on around them our students and staff have responded with good humour and patience whist our building program continues.

Year 7 & 8 Students’ Stories Ebony Year 8, 2015 Imagine this, your first day of Hillbrook and you’re tingling all over. You may feel sick.I’m pumped about going to Hillbrook but I don’t know how I’m going to go. In the meantime I try to get connected to Hillbrook as much as I can. I do a drama class after school with Miss Holly and Laura from grade 12. One of my best friend’s brothers go to the school so sometimes I ask him about the school. It’s also good to have friends going when I’m going which will help to calm the nerves on the first day. What I’m looking forward to is the camps and all the different things you would do as you get older.Another thing is trying out for all the plays and musicals. I am definitely looking forward to going to Hillbrook in 2015.

Madeleine Year 8, 2015 I’m 11 years old and I can’t wait until 2015, when I will start Year 8 at Hillbrook. I really enjoyed my years at Ferny Grove and the opportunity to take part in the music and leadership programs. I will definitely miss my friends and the teachers who have taught me from Years 1 to 7. Hillbrook looks like a lovely school and the people I met at the enrolment interview seemed very nice. I can’t wait to start new subjects and hopefully get into the instrumental music program.

Sam Year 7, 2015 Hillbrook reminds me of my current school—it’s not too big and it’s personal. I like the workshop and Chemistry Lab, I think they’re going to be very interesting. I’m looking forward to working independently on a greater number of projects. I want to learn Japanese and can’t wait to do orienteering and adventuring.

Piper Year 7, 2015 Hi, I’m Piper and I will be one of the first Year 7s to go to high school in 2015. I currently go to Wilston State School. I am really looking forward to going to Hillbrook for many reasons. Some of those include the uniform, the teachers, the subjects and most importantly the chance to make new friends. I feel that it will be a great opportunity to go to Hillbrook because it has a great education and my sister in Year 8 said that the Outdoor Education programme was awesome. Those are some of the reasons why I want to go to Hillbrook in 2015.

Oliver Year 8, 2015 Hi, my name is Oliver. I am very excited about going to Hillbrook next year! I am looking forward to taking on new challenges, eating sausage rolls from the Tuckshop and meeting new friends. I am at a small school at the moment so I’m looking forward to experiencing a bigger school. I am excited about the adventure days out and going on camp and cycling!

Mackenzie Year 7, 2015 I’m looking forward to going to Hillbrook. My years in primary school have been wonderful, making friends, having great teachers but I think high school will be great, even though there will be more homework to what I’m used to. I wish I could spend one more year at primary school though. I’ll really miss it.

Ryan Year 7, 2015 I will only be 11 when I start Year 7 at Hillbrook next year. I feel very special being one of the first students to go to high school for Year 7. I’m excited about making new friends and exploring the school. I hope I don’t get lost! The first places I want to visit are the Science Labs and the Tuckshop. I think the first school camp will be awesome.




Year 8 First Day

Swimming Carnival Congratulations to all students who participated so enthusiastically, and to our Sports Council leaders, who worked so hard with Mr Cambridge to ensure a successful and fun carnival for everyone. Well done to our Age Champions and all the students who exceeded their personal bests.



...achievement ...challenges ...friendship ...balance ...confidence ...growth

SRC REPS & Leadership Ceremony Congratulations to our Student Leaders for 2014. Our Leadership Ceremony recognised class Student Representative Councillors in Years 8 to 11, and our Year 12 Senior Leaders. Our 119 Senior Leaders will collectively contribute over 2000 hours of leadership to our school community during 2014. We wish you all a very successful year.

Year 8 Camp Photos During February and early March our Year 8s enjoyed their first Hillbrook camp, 4 days of adventure and challenge at Yabba Creek.

2013 Graduates’ Destinations Our 2013 Graduates have received impressive results with 86% of our students receiving an OP 1–15 (State average 77%) and 99% of students who applied receiving offers to enter tertiary study. Congratulations also to students who have secured employment or embarked on a year of travel and adventure. We commend all of our 2013 Year 12 graduates for their hard work and persistence, but also acknowledge their parents and all the teachers who over the past 12 years have supported them along the way.




Music Camp In early March our junior and senior musicians enjoyed their annual music camp at Brookfield. Practice is well underway for our Autumn Concert performances in early May.

German Trip Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Nein? 16 students from Years 10 and 11 German classes and two teachers have enjoyed an exciting exchange experience in Germany. Based for 13 days in Frankfurt with host families and attending school there, students were also immersed in culture and history while enjoying social outings and local cuisine. Students also experienced guided tours around other famous places in Germany, visiting Berlin, Rothenburg and the south of Germany, including looking out from the highest mountain Zugspitze. A quick dart to Salzburg in Austria was also part of the program, culminating in beautiful Munich before returning home just in time for Easter. Maybe a few local Osterhasen can teach Easter Bilbies a lesson or compare notes?

Year 12 Chemistry Year 12 Chemistry students have been studying Acid/Base and Fermentation Chemistry. The practical component this term has seen the students produce wine from Verdelho grapes and a make a variety of cheeses. Students have also measured the total acidity of beer and milk. The unit culminates with a tasting night, when proud students serve their parents the wine and cheese they made at school.



...achievement ...challenges ...friendship ...balance ...confidence ...growth

UQ Science and Engineering Challenge Congratulations to our Year 10 students who, after a very close competition, took 3rd place in this year’s UQ Science and Engineering challenge.

THE Romero Centre In 2013 our Year 10s studied The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do. As a result teacher Bernardine Lane contacted The Romero Centre to invite someone to talk to our students about the current refugee situation in Australia. Nemen, a Liberian refugee, shared his compelling story with our students. Our relationship with The Romero Centre continued and through our Staff Giving Fund we were keen to support someone who had ‘refugee’ status. Nemen, whose background was in youth advocacy and administration was offered a casual groundsman’s position where he was keen to learn how to handle a range of equipment and power tools. The Romero Centre has recently returned to work with our Year 10s again, and this year we have been able to employ Anu, originally from India, to work in our Library and Text Hire facility for one day a week.



New Staff Damian Larkin I have been teaching for almost 17 years and still love teaching Science and Maths. As many of the students now know, I also enjoy gardening, so you might see me at the vegie patch in the mornings; if you do, make sure you say, ‘Hi!’ I like being outdoors and ride my bike to commute to and from school. Lastly, playing handball takes me back to when I was a student at school so I relish any chance to try to make it to ‘King’ again.

Penny Prime I really love being part of the Hillbrook Community and thank everyone for being so welcoming. Here is a little bit about me… I have a lovely husband, 2 delightful children, 2 cats, 2 ducks, 4 chickens and 1 fish—I love Biology! I have come from A.B. Paterson College on the Gold Coast, a great school but after 9 years I needed a change. I studied at Melbourne University, have worked with CSIRO and Outward Bound, have been a boarding house mama, maxi yacht hostie, Outdoor Education Program Manager, and teacher of Biology, Marine Science, Science, Maths, and Outdoor Education… Now, I am really looking forward to being here, and meeting you all.

Paula Hart It was with great pleasure that I accepted the position of Biology and Maths teacher at Hillbrook for 2014. I have been teaching for 10 years, most recently at Brisbane Girls Grammar School. Prior to teaching I was a research scientist working in mosquito management for local councils and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

Year 12 Geography As part of their studies focusing on sustainable communities and urban renewal, Year 12 Geography students enjoyed an excursion to Fortitude Valley. They were able to see current planning strategies and how examples learnt in class are applied to new developments in the real world. Thanks to Emporium Hotel for hosting us so obligingly every year. Students gained an awareness of the new economies that drive urban living, including a growing appreciation of the “uber-cool” coffee spots in the renewed Brisbane City Plan precincts.

Suzanne Williams I’ve been living in Queensland with my family for two and a half years and love the lifestyle and climate. My background is as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and I have also worked in the Science Department at Wellington Girls’ College, New Zealand. I’m enjoying working at Hillbrook in our great modern Science Block and I really appreciate the lovely staff and students.

Parent Outdoor Program Rees-Dart Track New Zealand In January nine parents, led by Geoff Newton, walked the Rees-Dart track, south of Queenstown. It was a wonderful and challenging walk into glacier country in the Mt Aspiring National Park. from left to right: damian larkin, PENNY PRIME, PAULA HART AND SUZANNE WILLIAMS.



Planning is currently underway for a trip in December, that will see eight parents accompanied by Simon Roberts (Outdoor Education teacher) trek Nepal.

...achievement ...challenges ...friendship ...balance ...confidence ...growth

Past Connections

Maximilian Tynan (Grad 06)

Since leaving school Max has completed a Bachelor of Photography at the Qld College of Art and travelled widely overseas. This diverse and “enriching” experience inspired Max to recently complete a Grad Dip in Education, majoring in Visual Arts, Film Television & New Media and Computing.

Brayden Minetto (Grad 10)

Brayden is a QUT Engineering graduate who has recently moved to Canada enjoying a working/travel holiday. Brayden is currently working in an Alberta ski lodge with plans to tour parts of the USA and Caribbean before returning to Canada seeking engineering experience in the Fort McMurray mines.

Emily Dinsey (Grad 06)

Emily has kept busy completing a Journalism degree, and in 2012, a Law degree, being admitted to the Supreme Court in 2013. Emily has also travelled widely overseas and ran as an independent candidate in the Senate.

Nathan Holdsworth (Grad 05)

Nathan, wife Sarah and daughter Emma paid a visit back to Hillbrook in November. Nathan works as a Payroll Officer at Qld Transport and also owns his own Barista business, Nato’s Fine Espresso natosfineespresso

Marissa Tsoukas (Grad 97)

After high school, Marissa’s interest in senior geography led to study at QUT and a career in town planning. After completing postgraduate study, Marissa travelled to the UK with her husband Brett for an extended working holiday. Upon her return to Brisbane in 2008, Marissa rejoined the Brisbane City Council, and has worked in various development assessment roles since this time. In 2012, Marissa and Brett welcomed their first child, Alexander.

Josh Calder (Grad 05)

Josh completed a 2-year Film Course at TAFE, subsequently working as Grip on several films starring various well-known actors. This enabled him to finance his own production company, Tinker Films Tinker has produced short films and several music videos including his brother Tom’s band (The Trouble with Templeton) and is writing his first feature film. Josh is also the very proud father of a baby daughter Lucille.

Alex Granlund & Travis Cushion (Grads 05)

Travis has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, specialising as a Hand Therapist. Alex has a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, and is teaching at North Lakes State College. After an 8-year romance, Travis proposed to Alex last year and the couple will celebrate their wedding in September 2014!

Lara Rush (Grad 08)

Lara graduated from QUT in 2013 with a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) with Distinction and a Bachelor of Laws Second Class Honours Division A. Lara will start her graduate year with a local law firm, where she will complete her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Nick Fedorniak (Grad 10)

After leaving Hillbrook Nick spent two and a half years studying a double degree in IT and Corporate Systems Management at QUT while working multiple IT jobs on the side. In the second semester of his third year Nick decided to take a job with Apple working in Localisation and Quality Assurance based in their European Headquarters in Cork, Ireland. Nick’s contract lasts for one year and when the year is up he will decide whether to stay on for longer or return to Australia and finish his university degree.

Krystle Biffen (Grad 03)

After graduating from university Krystle moved to Perth to practice optometry where she met Mani. Krystle and Mani have recently returned to live in Queensland and marry, celebrating with both a traditional Sikh ceremony and civil ceremony with many past Hillbrook students in attendance. Krystle and Mani spent their honeymoon hiking the Milford Track.




Staff Connections Sally Thatcher Sally, Jason and big sister Anna welcomed baby Jonah on 2 March 2014.

Helen Heckenberg Helen and Warren welcomed their baby daughter Zoe Olive on 20 December 2013.

Important Dates 2014 30 May Foundation Day Ceremony

Catie Dunlop Past student and current Hillbrook teacher, Catie has received an award from the Qld Guidance and Counselling Association. Catie achieved the highest GPA of her graduating class on attaining her Masters of Education in Guidance and Counselling. Catie has won a voucher and membership to the Association.

Chairperson of School Council Awards Congratulations to the Semester 2, 2013 recipients of the Chairperson of School Council Awards. This special award recognises excellence in student achievement across all subjects studied in one semester. To qualify for this award students need to gain an “A” standard (including A-) in all, or all but one, of their subjects and that one subject needs be no lower than an B (including B-). In Year 8 this involves four core subjects, in Years 9 and 10 seven subjects and in Years 11 and 12 involves six subjects (in the case of a senior student who has negotiated a five-subject load, they must receive an “A” in all five subjects). Well done, this is a remarkable achievement by our students.

30 May 2004 Graduates’ 10 Year Reunion 7 Aug Hillbrook In Action (Open Day) 20 & 21 Aug Year 7 2017 Interviews 1 Nov 1994 Graduates’ 20 Year Reunion 2 Nov 2015 Years 7 & 8 Family Day (Orientation) 6 Nov Celebration Evening

Give a man fish and you feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.

Hillbrook do things differently. We care about our environment. By printing on EcoStar 100% Recycled, the environmental impact was reduced by:

• 233 kg of landfill • 34 kg CO and greenhouse gases • 344 km travel in the average 2


European car


• 4,838 litres of water • 446 kWh of energy • 378 kg of wood

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