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Book Description Billy Ray Cyrus is an award-winning country music legend whose “Achy Breaky Heart” propelled his debut album, “Some Gave All,” to the top of the charts for a record-breaking seventeen weeks. He’s also father of Miley Cyrus, one of Hollywood’s most successful young stars, who grew up on stage and on screen, most famously as the lead on the Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana,” where Billy Ray Cyrus played her father. But sometimes the truth is even better than fiction. Now, for the first time, fans can read about Cyrus’s tenacious and inspiring struggle to find his own way to faith, family, and the power of music. Hillbilly Heart opens during Cyrus’s turbulent childhood in Kentucky, where he sought refuge in music and sports after his parents’ divorce. He was a troublemaker in training, known more for pulling pranks than for following in his preacher grandfather’s much-vaunted footsteps. But when he heard a voice telling him to get a left-handed guitar and start a band, this rebel found his cause. Ten years later, after tirelessly working the club circuit and knocking on the closed doors of music executives from Nashville to Los Angeles, Cyrus finally made a stratospheric breakthrough, becoming a multi-platinum selling artist and taking his rock-and-roll twist on country music to the world’s stage. Cyrus fans have always been able to piece together the details of his life through his lyrics—the ups and downs, adventures and disappointments—but

Hillbilly Heart gives them a front row seat for his most candid performance ever.

Reviews I was immediately interested in the book HILLBILLY HEART by Billy Ray Cyrus as soon as I heard about it. His has lived a life that I believe exemplifies what it means to work hard and see it pay off for you in a very big way. The book was everything I hoped it would be and more---and for that reason I think it is will be a testament of what is possible for people around the world.

Cyrus takes us into his humble beginnings and how music was the saving grace that took him from where he was, if only for the moment. He knew its power early on, and because he was true to it and respected it, he was able to use it to create a name and brand for himself. In the book we are able to see how it all really starts. He talks about having success as a ball player and the opportunities that it offered. There was something else, though, that was calling to him. He heard "the voice" letting him know what would be his destiny. "Buy a guitar and start a band," it told him, and it was those words that would ignite the passion that eventually made him a household name.

Through music he opened the door for his success in the entertainment industry. Through television others would be able to know him and his family. HILLBILLY HEART takes you into it all, through the discovery and fame that would find his daughter Miley Cyrus, and the scandals that would erupt from time to time, threatening the family's relationships.

In the end, regardless how well-known he was becoming or how much fame he had, Billy Ray Cyrus wanted to stay true to the principles that led him to music

in the first place. He wanted to be himself, even if that wasn't the person everyone else wanted to see at the time.

Reflective and honest in its approach, HILLBILLY HEART is the story of a dream fulfilled and a life lived in the spotlight and how you can be yourself in spite of it all. This is book that speaks to the heart and the ability we all have to use our gifts to change the world.

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Hillbilly Heart Download eBook  

Book Description Billy Ray Cyrus is an award-winning country music legend whose “Achy Breaky Heart” propelled his debut album, “Some Gave A...

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