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New Maynard Gallery, WGC 28th Feb - 28th March 2020

HVAF BIG ART SHOWCASE 2020 Welcome to our 2020 Big Art Showcase Hosted by The New Maynard Gallery: Welcome to yet another amazing Big Art Showcase. Check out our Artists: Around 60 artists and artisans from across Hertfordshire are showing their work from the Thursday Preview Night 27�� February to the final full day Saturday 28�� March 2020. As always, it’s an exciting and enticing array of paintings, mixed media, printing, drawing, ceramics, jewellery, glass, sculpture and much, much more for our visitors to enjoy. There’s something for every pocket with a range of prices that won’t break the bank. By popular request, this Big Art Showcase brochure has details of all our participating artists, with gallery page links for you to enjoy and find out more. Thank-you to the New Maynard Gallery – the space and Trustees that make us welcome in Welwyn Garden City every year. You can find out more here: https://newmaynardgallery.co.uk/ They work hard throughout the year to deliver an amazing range of exhibitions, including their Open Exhibition towards the end of the year. Herts Visual Arts love working with them. What will you discover? From jewellery through functional and decorative items to larger statement and outdoor pieces. Whether you are looking for something special, or something just

catches your eye, it’s a great opportunity to purchase see and perhaps purchase original pieces something unique and special to take home and enjoy. "This now annual event is always extremely popular", HVA Chair Hillary Taylor confirms, "we have such a talented and committed group of members who create and repeat events like this. They bring an amazing and even wider range of art to the forefront and benefit our members too. Being able to exhibit in this wonderful public space is always a pleasure” What will inspire you this year? And finally, thank-you: to all the New Maynard Gallery and Herts Visual Arts volunteers who make this all possible.

Hillary Taylor Chair, Herts Visual Arts, www.hvaf.org.uk

‘More creativity, more fun, more buzz, more laughter in our lives’

New Maynard Gallery, WGC 28th Feb - 28th March 2020


Artists and Makers: We are the largest county-wide volunteer-run organisation for amateur and professional artists in Herts. Opportunities: Whether looking for studio or exhibition space, a gallery or venues to take your work, our members meet regularly, share experiences and exhibit locally, nationally and internationally through various events. Celebrate 2020 with us: 2020 promises to be a bumper year as we celebrate 30 years of Herts Open Studios and also Hertfordshire’s Year of Culture 2020. Our annual calendar starts with our Conference, Big Art Showcase, Big Art Fair and of course Open Studios on top of meet-ups and locally organised events. In 2020 we’ll also be reflecting on our journey from the very first Herts Open Studios to today’s amazing community, packing in even more exciting opportunities for our members, sponsors, supporters and visitors alike. Online window into the art world: All members feature on our new mobilefriendly art-based website: instantly part of an incredible database accessed by thousands of visitors and artists every week. Every member can create their own page to include biography, 15 images, exhibition news and direct links to their own

website/social media. Our gallery comes with great search options too, and the website ranks high on Google so artists are easy to find on internet searches. Monthly Newsletter: Every issue is filled with the latest opportunities and exhibitions happening across Hertfordshire, plus additional exclusive members-only content. Members can also promote their workshops, classes and exhibitions and we welcome your article contributions and news too. Run by artists for artists: Connect with us and other members via our private Facebook page. It’s a great place for digital networkers to share ideas, arrange meetings/events or source information. You can also share news on our public Herts Visual Arts page. Annual Membership: remains excellent value at just £40. Why not take a look now? ww.hvaf.org.uk/artists ‘More creativity, more fun, more buzz, more laughter in our lives’

New Maynard Gallery, WGC 28th Feb - 28th March 2020


Amanda English Deconstructed, Re-Imagined Ceramics www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/mandy-english

Dawn Elliott Expressionistic, emotive, contemporary www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/dawn-elliott

Amanda Xuereb modern, bold, colourful www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/amandaxuereb-ajx-art

Debbie Armstrong Contemporary www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/fable

Andrew Keenleyside Vivid, Expressive, Painterly www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/andrewkeenleysides-art-studio Angela Filby Whimsical, detailed, unique www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/angela-filby Anna Schofield Intuitive, meditative, abstract www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/anna-schofieldannas-funky-art Anneli Boon colourful, semi-abstract www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/anneli-boon Cary Khan Abstract acrylic painting www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/glamorous-artgallery Caryl Beach abstracted landscape www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/caryl-beach ChristineJamil Painting on canvas www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/christineartw ork

Debbie Knight Colourful abstract oils www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/debbie-knight Declan Hoare Colorful people places www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/declan-hoareprintmaker Denise Bowser www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/denise-bowser Denise Johansen contemporary, ceramics, sculpture www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/denisejohansen-hertfordshire-artist Emmeline Webb Colourful, textured, contemporary www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/emmelinewebb Fadeke Ayoola Contemporary, African Art www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/fadeke-ayoola Gill Ayre Semi-abstract landscape paintings www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/gill-ayre

New Maynard Gallery, WGC 28th Feb - 28th March 2020


Graham Brock impressionist, colourful, atmospheric Hayley Trampenau Animals, whimsical, humour www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/hayleytrampenau

John Durham Vibrant geological landscapes www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/john-durham Judith Fear Nature in watercolour https://www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/judithalthea-fear

Heather Miller Contemporary, impressionistic, landscapes www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/heather-miller

Judy Bywater colourful, abstract, contemporary www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/judy-bywater

Helen Anthony Energy, Oils, Ocean www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/hd-carew

Julie Harding semi-abstract, painting, contemporary www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/julie-harding

Hillary Taylor drawing, architectural, townscapes www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/hillary-taylor

June Faulkner Textiles, collage, layers www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/june-faulkner

Irene Leach contemporary, abstract, conceptual www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/irene-leach

Kathy Foster Contemporary, experimental, everyday www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/kathy-foster

Jennifer Foulds loose watercolour painting www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/jennifer-foulds

Keith Ginsburg Classical, expressive, layered www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/keith-jsginsburg

New Maynard Gallery, WGC 28th Feb - 28th March 2020


Ken Haslar Contemporary landscape www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/ken-haslar Laura Dunmow Engaging, inspiring,emotive www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/laura-dunmow Laurence Hartley Original art prints www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/laurence-hartleyoriginal-prints Linda Gifford unique colourful textiles www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/linda-gifford Lucy Sugden Contemporary, unusual, woven www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/lucy-sugden Maggie Barton quirky vibrant glass www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/maggie-barton

Marian Hall Contemporary textile art www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/marian-hall Martin Bushell Contemporay Urban Sculpture www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/martin-jamesbushell Mary Ann Day impressionistic, colourful, expressionistic www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/mary-ann-day Michael Wilson colourful,acrylic,abstract www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/michael-wilson Mike Rollins Impressionistic, atmospheric, landscape www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/mike-rollins Mitzie Green contemporary paintings www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/mitzie-green Natalia Millman atmospheric, limited palette, moody Niki Knight Abstract, colourful, resin www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/nicola-knight Skevi Brodie Unique, Contemporary, Colourful www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/skevi-brodie

New Maynard Gallery, WGC 28th Feb - 28th March 2020


Parie Leung Watters Contemporary, expressionist, whimsical www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/parie-leungwatterson Pete Greening Geometric abstract paintings www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/pete-greening Radhika Kujal Nature, acrylic, impressionist www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/radhika-waliakujal Rhiannon Maslen Everyday, quirky, linoprints www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/rhiannonmaslen Rita Dare Impressionistic Painting www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/rita-dare Sabine Riechmann contemporary, slim line www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/sabijouxdesigns Sally McIver scandi-inspired, innovative, peacebringing www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/hillary-taylor

Sally Taylor Bright, Colourful, Fun www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/sally-taylor Sandy Campbell Vibrant, abstract, textural www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/sandycampbell Sarah Sands Textural, Expressive www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/sarah-how Sarah Lamb Colourful, glass, mixed media www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/sarah-lamb Sharon Korek Glass, contemporary, sculptural www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/Blossomglass works Sharron Mansey Colourful, semi-abstract, contemporary www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/mansey-arts Vanessa Bryson landscape www.hvaf.org.uk/galleries/vanessabryson

12�� September – 4�� October 2020 Free entry to studios, events and exhibitions across Hertfordshire. Take a look at our brochure, widely available across the county and online too from July 2020. Optimised for mobile, our new map-based search is perfect for visitors on the move: https://www.hvaf.org.uk/for-visitors

New Maynard Gallery, WGC 28th Feb - 28th March 2020



ARTISTS Herts Open Studios 2020 12th September - 4th October Open to artists across Hertfordshire Registrations open 1st March - 30th April

#HERTSOPENSTUDIOS WWW.HVAF.ORG.UK Herts Visual Arts are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage, however caused, to the person or property of any visitor this exhibition. Information correct at the time of printing.

New Maynard Gallery, WGC 28th Feb - 28th March 2020

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Herts Visual Arts Big Art Showcase 2020