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[hun’ee] noun pl. honeys a golden, syrupy substance that bees make for food from the nectar of flowers and store in honeycombs something pleasing or excellent of its kind a honey of an idea sweet quality, sweetness that comes when you pass on the good things earlier generations did sweet one; darling; dear often a term of affectionate address with the selection of “just the right thing”




Chet at the beestead

nature’s honey a BannerBee country place of rolling hills radiant with color place we love that has been our home of many years place of natural sunlight and honey in its truest form rich land for bees to explore fields orchards forests and organically run farms full of flowers each season with new flavors to share honeybees dipping into each bloom foraging without disturbance taking time to rest and rejuvenate everything

at its best humming with life becoming a part of the rhythm exactly balanced powerfully right creating good things that make people happy honey that is life’s sweetness


a honey of an artisanal h BannerBee Company holding to what matters crafting with the utmost care using the best sustainable practices forms a pleasing partnership with nature gathering the gold that surrounds flavor inhaled as flowers lush sustenance to be hand harvested straight from the hive always in the same simple way amber silk ripples through a mesh filter into bottles keeping subtler flavors and health benefits they will come to you the essences that make you a part of everything nothing left out purity makes itself known


sweet beeginnings 3

Langworthy apiaries carrying our father’s vision forward the past creating the visible mesh of our present the way he involved family intimately in the cycles of life look the trees are forming fruit flowers are bursting and petals floating away giving off rich fragrance everything we have learned meaningful work respect for the earth caring for other creatures becomes the way of another generation sharing in the labor and love so good things endure long after us is the honey and the strong sure presence of someone else warms

Take care of yourself, help preserve the world, put your best food forward Sweet regards, The Langworthy Family

sweet finds4

Honey lover dip into landscape ever-changing seasonal botanicals allowing flavors to evolve year after year create intriguing mixtures we never knew always something different in bud early harvest capturing the delicate lightness of apple cherry tulip poplar basswood red bud and spring wildflower summer harvest bright and full with berry sweet clover and mid-season wildflower late harvest robust and rich in antioxidants from buckwheat goldenrod aster clover and late-season wildflower

Bee charmers Andrea, Anna and Emily

raw local honey, a Maryland award winner gourmet infused and varietal honey pure beeswax candles all natural bath, body and baby sweets apothecaries and health products tasteful gifts • wedding favors • market favorites 240-793-0363

Banner Bee Company  

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