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hether you’re purchasing your first home, a vacation home or a home to retire in, the day the sale becomes final – the day of closing – should be a time to celebrate. That’s why you should select your title company as soon as the contract of sale is signed. 

How well a title company handles the myriad of details involved in a real

If you’ve ever participated in a smooth closing, it’s because the title company did its job

estate transaction can

well. How well a title company handles the myriad of details involved in a real estate

determine whether

transaction can determine whether it runs smoothly, or runs into trouble. That’s why you need the best. At AllShore Title Services, LLC, your needs are our highest priority. We’re known for consistently providing the highest quality title and settlement services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We’re known for ensuring a smooth closing no matter how simple or complex the transaction. And we’re known for making the purchase of a new home an experience you’ll want to celebrate.

it runs smoothly, or runs into trouble.

“AllShore Title helped me with settlement when I purchased my first home. I went back to them again for my refinance and it was like I was part of the family. They are a pleasure to work with.� John Wrang, Federalsburg, MD

All Encompassing Services

AllShore Title’s services cover all facets of the title and closing process. From an in-depth review of the title to the home you are purchasing – to the preparation of a title insurance policy that will provide you with the best protection – to the timely preparation of all

Our culture of quality customer service began with

relevant and necessary closing documentation, our focus is to make sure that there are no

the founding partners

surprises on settlement day.

of Funk & Bolton

AllShore Title provides a full range of title and settlement services from offices located throughout the states of Maryland and Delaware. One of the most successful independent title companies in the region, AllShore Title was initially founded to support the real estate practice of Funk & Bolton, P.A., a Mid-Atlantic-based law firm. While we have grown, we have remained committed to providing each and every client with the high level of service you’d expect from a small independent company combined with the backing of an experienced law firm. Our culture of quality customer service began with the founding partners of Funk & Bolton and we extend those values to AllShore Title’s customers every day. The Settlement Process – What’s Involved and How it Works For you, the home buyer, settlement is the day your dream becomes a reality. But settlement is really just the final step in the home buying process – when ownership is transferred from seller to buyer. While the closing itself usually takes just about one hour, getting ready for settlement is a process that may take several weeks. AllShore Title performs a variety of functions prior to the actual closing date, serving as the liaison between you, your lender and the realtor or builders involved in the transaction.

and we extend those values to AllShore Title’s customers every day.

We start by contacting the city or county offices where the property you are buying is located and conduct a search to learn everything about the property’s history. We examine the title to verify that all outstanding liens are satisfied and investigate the property survey to determine if the house is correctly located. A title commitment is then prepared for your lender which ensures their protection against a title claim. Your lender will prepare the mortgage documents, which are

provided to us with a list of their fees and charges including

insurance and escrow accounts. Based on the figures provided, as well as other information we have gathered such as all pertinent tax, water and homeowners association figures, we prepare the settlement sheet and schedule the closing. After closing, our

At AllShore Title, your closing is at your convenience. We have numerous locations in

work on your behalf

Maryland and Delaware to choose from or you have the option to close at your home or place

continues. We

of employment. During closing, we will review and explain all of the settlement documents,

record all necessary

obtain all required signatures, and collect and disburse all funds.

documents including deeds, mortgages and mortgage releases in the appropriate jurisdictions.

After closing, our work on your behalf continues. We record all necessary documents including deeds, mortgages and mortgage releases in the appropriate jurisdictions. Once all documents have been recorded, the owner and lender’s title insurance policies are issued. At AllShore Title, you can be confident that every document we handle will be signed, sealed and delivered accurately, efficiently and professionally. So while we focus on the details, you can focus on moving into your new home.

“For a homebuilder, settlement delays can be costly – but since we started using AllShore Title in 2003 our expectations about avoiding unnecessary delays have completely changed. They take incredibly good care of us. We try to insist on them for every transaction!“ Timothy Ritchie, President , Richland Homes, Inc.

�The title professionals at AllShore Title can handle any situation. We have had some very challenging closings and they have pulled things together for us every time. “ Kay Gatling, Realtor

All Around Professionalism

Real estate settlement and its related processes require top-notch coordination among all parties. You can be sure that AllShore Title’s professional associates will take care of every-

All of our associates are cross-trained in

thing. Our people make the difference through their dedication to one thing – providing

multiple areas —

you with the best home buying experience ever.

titles, abstracts, deeds,

At AllShore Title, our approach to every real estate transaction is fully integrated and collaborative. All of our associates are cross-trained in multiple areas — titles, abstracts, deeds, mortgages, notes, title documents, and recordings. We work as a team, constantly communicating to ensure a smooth transaction.

mortgages, notes, title documents, and recordings. We work as a team, constantly communicating to

We are familiar with all local and state customs, requirements and regulations. And we are

ensure a smooth

experts in good old-fashioned footwork as well as adapting and using new technologies.


This results in a streamlined process that ensures that all details have been accounted for, as well as a personal, responsive approach to satisfy your needs. Plus, to ensure that you have all the information you need when you want it, AllShore Title’s secure Web site has been designed to provide you with easy and instant access to the status of your closing. Lenders and realtors needing closing documents can obtain this information from our Web site as well. At AllShore Title, we promise to provide exceptional accuracy and service to protect your investment before, during and after the closing. Buying and selling real estate can be complicated. We’re here to make it uncomplicated.

All You Need Is AllShore Title At AllShore Title, we recognize that a lot of emotion, careful thought and planning have gone into your decision to purchase a new home. You can be assured that we’ll treat your settlement with the utmost attention to detail and that you’ll get what you deserve: prompt personal service by professional, courteous employees; flexibility in scheduling settlement dates and times; and convenient locations throughout Maryland and Delaware. When you’re ready to settle down, AllShore Title is all you need.

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