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NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Contacts information Anyone with suspicions or information please let the police know on 0845 6060247, or tell Tony Hudson of Neighbourhood Watch and he will pass it on.

Selling door to door

Council Warns of Potential Fraudsters Selby District Council is warning residents about fraudsters who claim to be able to help people with their Council Tax bills and go on to request bank details. A number of instances of this scam have been recorded across the country, with at least one report of a suspect attempt to defraud someone living in the Selby district.

There was an incident on the 10th of December when a number of people, possibly Polish, were selling pictures door to door in Hillam and Monk Fryston. A police response officer was called to Hillside and moved a person out of the area because he did not have a licence to sell door to door.

Residents have been asked for their bank details as part of the scam, after being told that this is linked to over or under-payments of Council Tax and in some cases have also been offered refunds. In the most part, people are being contacted by phone.

Telephone Scam

Selby District Council’s Deputy Chief Executive, Jonathan Lund, said, “We’d never cold call people in this way to ask for personal bank details.

A telephone scam that targets council tax payers, falsely claiming they have won a council tax rebate, has been exposed by the Valuation Office Agency. Households across the country including Selby and York have received calls from persons claiming to be VOA or council officials who tell their victims that they are eligible for thousands of pounds in council tax rebate. These householders are asked to send the caller their credit card or bank account details so the money can be refunded. Other scams ask for a one-off administration fee to process the refund. The vast majority of the time these calls are scams, originating from abroad and designed to convince you to give over personal details such as your bank account number or credit card information. Just hang up Many people have been taken in by these scams, and some have lost their entire life savings. To report any suspicious telephone calls, or if you would like to speak to your local Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team call North Yorkshire Police on 0845 60 60 247.

It’s worrying that someone appears to have been contacted here in the Selby district, so I’d urge everyone to be on their guard and not to give personal details following a cold call.”

Hillam News Feb March 2010  
Hillam News Feb March 2010