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COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Divine assistance on Quiz Night The Community Association's Quiz Night was the very first one to be sold out days before the event. To accommodate everyone who wanted to come we had to go to the limit to make room for the 66 competitors. A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all and the event raised £550 for Association funds with the winners of the Wise Owl trophy being "Heavens Above," a team representing St Wilfrid's Church. The popularity of this event means that we may have to consider a larger venue for the next occasion. Tony Hudson

Recycling at the Community Centre Income from the recycling bins at the Community Centre over the last year was £688. This is a valuable source of income for Community Association funds. A big thank-you to all who bring their recyclable items to the banks.

Remember the Community Centre is available to hire for private gatherings and parties (contact Becky on 689230). If it’s chairs, tables, marquees, gazebos or even crockery you want to borrow, give Kath Ratcliffe a call on 683590.

SNOW VIEWS Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… Daniel Daykin - Young Correspondent’s commentary nd so it falls. And falls. And falls. And falls! If you haven’t already worked out what I am talking about, it’s snow. We had a little bit over December, but our hopes of some Christmas Day snow in Hillam were dashed as we were only left with some snow which was left over from late December. However, on January 5th the snow returned again causing over 1000 schools to close across Yorkshire. This caused huge problems, and plenty of ice to be spread around Hillam and Monk Fryston. The snow was 9.3 cm deep in Hillam. This was deep, but nothing compared to some places which had much more. Despite this, many residents had opinions of the snow as it caused many problems with traffic, walking, planned activities and much more as people were stopped from doing what they normally would have done because of the phenomenal amounts of snow spread across the village. I went and spoke to an employee at The Stores in Monk Fryston and she said “The Best Sellers have been bread and milk with people coming in for their essentials.” She added; “People have been coming here instead of driving into Selby because it is dangerous with the roads and people would rather come to a closer place than trail in to town.” From the information I got, it seemed that the shop could have benefited from the snow because of people coming in to the shop. Many people found the snow bad though as it has caused many problems. All of the kids loved the snow and were seen out and about in the village playing in the snow and enjoying themselves in the weather which rarely comes about but provides great entertainment for many. And so it falls. And falls. And falls. And falls! Daniel Daykin


Hares in the snow - Tony Hudson reports I saw 30 hares in a 15 minute period. They were in groups of 2, 2, and 9,15,2 and there is no chance of double counting! This is the most I have ever seen and obviously the snow helps as they are easier to spot. It shows that the Jumbo Team are having a positive effect so well done. I won't give the locations in case this info gets into the wrong hands! Just to cap off the "wildlife" report this morning we saw a fox trotting across the field at the rear of our house. This is the first time I have seen one so near to our house.

Hillam News Feb March 2010  
Hillam News Feb March 2010