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Travellers dig in at Towton orried Towton residents have attended a meeting at the Rockingham Arms, where they were updated on the travellers’ site in their village. They learned that a single caravan had been allowed temporary permission to stay by Selby Council, but that travellers were planning to buy more land, enough for 50 caravans. The siting of caravans on this land has been banned by Selby Council. Nevertheless residents discussed buying the field in order to preserve its green belt status. Statement from Selby Council Enforcement department In granting temporary permission, the Planning Inspector at the Towton appeal, gave considerable weight to the identified need for additional pitches both regionally and in Selby District and the fact that there were no lawful alternative sites. She also gave significant weight to the residents’ need for access to medical services, bearing in mind that the appellant’s wife is pregnant and has a child in a local school. She gave considerable weight to the fact that as there were no alternative sites, Selby Council could be making the gypsies at Towton homeless.

In this issue… Local news Hillam Lights report - Mary Little appeals for your support. Parish council minutes Snow report - from Daniel Daykin

OBITUARIES JOHN EARLESS - 15th November 1932 to 7th January 2010 John Earless was, for many years especially during the 1970s and ’80s, a pillar of Hillam and Monk Fryston Cricket Club. He also played for Elida Gibbs in the, now defunct, Barkston Ash League. He was a regular second team wicket keeper/batsman and captained the side for a number of seasons encouraging, among others, his sons, Richard and Malcolm, in their playing of the game. John loved cricket and the associated banter. He had an equable nature and was rarely fazed. He was well versed in the difficulties of 2nd Xl cricket, being involved in frequent last minute player round-ups, compensated for by enjoyment of the game itself, the after-match inquests and subsequent games of dominoes. He took up umpiring when he felt he could no longer play and was one of the first West Riding League umpires to take and pass the ACU&S exams. He and his regular colleague, the late Stuart Ibbotson, became familiar and respected visitors to the West Riding and later Wetherby League grounds. He even

Edna Stephenson 1910 to 2009 Lifelong Hillam resident Edna Stephenson has died in her hundredth year. She was a farmer’s daughter and grew up at Holly Farm, Chapel Street with her brother Leslie Robinson, who Neighbourhood watch - current scams Cricket update - review of the year Gardening - the winter garden Church news Hillam historians Local clubs and groups Eating out - this month visits the Crown Windfarm update - recent events

managed to make it a year round activity by umpiring indoor cricket during the winter. John was a lifelong Methodist, following in the footsteps of his father Clifford, who was the Monk Fryston coalman. After the closure of Monk Fryston Chapel John was a regular at Methodist services in the church hall. Later he attended Burton Salmon Chapel, and stayed mobile with the help of his electric scooter. All this time he was a member of St Wilfrid’s church choir. John, who a couple of years ago celebrated fifty years married to Phyllis, was a former treasurer of Hillam Cricket Club and of the local Methodists. He was a Yorkshire cricket supporter, travelling to Headingley until recently, when he continued to follow the England team on TV. He was the first of three generations in his family who have played cricket for Hillam and was seen regularly at home matches last summer. John was an enthusiast, a lovely man and good company. Many have cause to look back on him with great affection.

farmed there for many years. Edna lived at West View, Betteras Hill Road and then spent many years at Hazeldene, Chapel Street. She died at Hambleton Court. After a service in St Wilfrid’s she was buried in Monk Fryston Cemetery. Birding - Graham Todd’s recent trips. MF school news from Carol Middleton. Rural crime - Police take action. Competition answers. Sport review from Doug Hout. And finally...send us your readers survey and join the 100 Club.

Hillam News Feb March 2010  
Hillam News Feb March 2010