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Crazy Comical Contests 怪怪 比賽大集合




—Michelle Adams


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it comes to contests, most people think

of teams of athletes or individual artists

showing their skills. The world offers a lot of variety in competitions, 2 though. All it takes is a few 05

people and a fun idea for a whole new sport to be born. When Englishman Phil Shaw combined 3 his love of rock climbing with the boring task of ironing, he created a new sport—extreme ironing. In this

極限燙衣賽的選手挑戰在 海底燙衣服。 10

activity, people iron clothes in crazy places such as †

on top of mountains or while skydiving. In 2002, the †

first Extreme Ironing World Championships took place in a small town in Germany. Ten countries took part in an obstacle course of ironing. The 15

teams ironed in the middle of a river, in a car, at the top of a tree, and so on. They were judged on creative ironing skills and creases.u Another home item also inspired 4 a sport.

除草機賽車也可以很驚險 刺激!

Groups in the US and the UK took the common 20

lawn mower u and created lawn mower racing. Participantsu remove the blades5 from riding lawn mowers and then race them around a dirt track. It’s †

not as fast as the Grand Prix, but the events still attract excited crowds. *中文翻譯請參閱第 68–69 頁

24 圖片來源:British Lawn Mower Racing Association、Gareth Lock、Wikipedia

Crazy and Comical Contests •

關鍵解析 Language Notes

1. such as 的用法

字彙 Vocabulary * 1.

S. + V. + . . . such as + N./phr. • At restaurants, I usually choose healthy items such as salads. = like

* 2.

* 3.

* 4.

要表示除了舉出的例子之外,還有很多類似事物,可在 句末加上這些字詞:

and so on/forth et cetera [5t`s5t4r4](常縮寫為 etc.) • This store sells basketballs, baseball bats, sports clothing, and so on/forth. 這家店販售籃球、球棒、運動服飾之類的東西。

• Jeremy worked in the house all day, sweeping the floors, washing clothes, etc. 傑瑞米整天在家,做了掃地、洗衣服等等的家事。


combine [k4m`ba6n] v.


inspire [6n`spa6r] v.


My grandfather’s exciting experience in the 1930s inspired a movie. * 5.

blade [bled] n.


The blades of the scissors are very sharp, so don’t let your little sister play with them.



competition [%k3mp4`t6]4n] n.

Cameron is looking for a way to combine his job with his hobbies.

• At restaurants, I usually choose such healthy items as salads.

2. and so on


School competitions always make Jacob nervous and unable to eat.

such . . . as(像……的……)也可用來舉例,句型為:

S. + V. + such (+ Adj.) + N. + as + N.

contest [`k3nt5st] n.

compete [k4m`pit])




If you win the singing contest, you will be able to perform on TV.

such as 指「例如;像是」,用來舉例說明,常用句型 為:


u 字彙小筆記:僅供參考

† 為補充說明

comical [`k3m6ky] adj. 古怪的;滑稽的 crease [kris] n. (衣服、紙的)摺痕 u lawn mower [l7n] [`mo0] n. 除草機 * u participant [p3r`t6s4p4nt] n. 參與者(也可唸成 [p0`t6s4p4nt]) † skydiving [`ska6%da6v6;] 指「特技跳傘;花式跳傘」。 † championships [`t]1mp64n%]6ps] 指「錦標賽;大賽」。 † Grand Prix [gr3n] [pri] 為法文,指「國際汽車大獎賽」,為 F1 方程式賽車的前身。



Give It a Try


q Kevin applied for jobs at such (as / Apple and

IBM / companies / great). (重組括號內字詞) Kevin applied for jobs at such ________________ __________________________________________. w I’ve been reading some good books.

Some of those good books are The Great Gatsby and The Road. (用such as合併兩句) __________________________________________ __________________________________________ e 這把刀的刀片太鈍,沒辦法割任何東西。

The __________ of the knife was so dull that it wouldn’t cut anything. * 答案請參閱第 69 頁





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9 / 慢速 MP3 - 35

Sometimes it’s not what you have but

For people who want to go a little more

what you do with it that matters. That’s

high-tech, there’s pumpkin chucking. u

definitely the case with the World Beard



Participants use slingshots,h catapults,h and

and Moustache Championships. Every two

air cannonsh to propelu a pumpkin through

years, men gather to compare impressive1

the air. The record distance is 1,351 meters.

facial hair. Sideburns are styled, mustaches

After watching a pumpkin chucking event,


are curled, and beards come in all kinds of crazy shapes and sizes. The only thing you

you’ll never look at a pumpkin in the same 25

way again.


won’t see is a bare face. †

If you’re more into throwing than

say that you competed than actually to win.

growing, there are plenty of contests for you.

If none of them strikes your fancy, why not

How about competing in the Black Pudding Throwing Championships in England?

create one of your own? There’s always 30 room in the world for more crazy fun!

Players toss4 a six-ounceu sausage5 at a pile

* 中文翻譯請參閱第 69 頁



In these contests, it’s often more fun to

of Yorkshire pudding twenty feet in the air. The person who knocks the most puddings off in three throws wins.

26 圖片來源:flickr、Wikipedia

Crazy and Comical Contests •

關鍵解析 Language Notes

字彙 Vocabulary * 1.

1. plenty 的用法

plenty of + N.

* 2.

3. * 4.




bare [b5r] adj.


toss [t7s] v.


sausage [`s7s6d.] n.


For breakfast, Monica cooked eggs, sausage, and toast.


• The yellow shoes struck Carla’s fancy, and she bought them immediately.

curl [k-l] v. (使)捲曲

Amy gets mad at Rick when he tosses his dirty clothes on the floor.

• There was food and juice in plenty at the birthday party.

此片語需以事物為主詞。fancy [`f5ns6] 在這裡是名 詞,指「喜好;迷戀」。


Julius likes to walk in the grass with bare feet.


2. strike one’s fancy

impressive [6m`pr5s6v] adj.

Sarah curls her hair every morning before she goes to work.

• There were plenty of empty rooms at the hotel, so the group of tourists all had a place to sleep.

N. + in plenty


The size of the rat that ran across the room was impressive.

plenty [`pl5nt6] 可作名詞,指「大量;充足」。要表 示「某物數量充足」,常見用法如下:


u 字彙小筆記:僅供參考

† 為補充說明

ounce [a8ns] n. 盎司(英制重量單位,1 盎司約等於 28 公克) u chuck [t]9k] v. 扔;拋(chucking 為名詞) u propel [pr4`p5l] v. 推動 † be + into . . . 指「喜愛某人事物」。

† Yorkshire


pudding [`j7rk]0] 指「約克夏布丁」,是一種杯狀


延伸學習 要用人當主詞,表示「愛上某人事物」 ,則用 take a fancy to N.。

• Donna took a fancy to Japanese food and now eats it almost every day.

工具小辭典 slingshot [`sl6;%]3t] n. 彈弓 h catapult [`k1t4%p9lt] n. 投石機 h air cannon [`k1n4n] n. 空氣砲 h


鬍子圖解 facial hair [`fe]4l]

Give It a Try


q There is (plenty of / in plenty) time before the

movie starts, so let’s get something to eat.

beard [b6rd] 落腮鬍(含臉頰和下巴)

mustache [`m9s%t1]] 髭 ; 八字鬚

(也可寫作 moustache)

w Keith has (struck his fancy / taken a fancy)

to lemon soap and won’t use any other kind right now. e The edges of the paper (curled / tossed) as it

dried in the sun. r The child’s (impressive / bare) hands quickly

sideburns [`sa6d%b-nz]

goatee [go`ti]



became cold in the icy wind. * 答案請參閱第 69 頁


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The world is filled with fun contests, and we’ll show you a few that may be the funniest and strangest. 世界無奇不有,各種怪怪比賽保證令你大開眼界!

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