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If your place has a pool or you're planning to have one installed, one of the most important things that you should look at is the material that you are going to use on the deck that surrounds the pool. A great choice is the travertine pool deck for a lot of good reasons. The truth is most of the pool experience where there is relaxation by the water does not exactly happen in the water so, if you exert some resourcefulness and creativity in deciding which material to use for the surrounding deck, it is a very wise move. For several years, all types of materials have been viable to be used for decks of pools. As expected the cheapest material is surely going to be a bare concrete. This is, in fact, a very poor choice on several grounds. First, if there's a warm climate and you have a pool, this means the sun shines down directly on the concrete and, in effect, the concrete becomes very hot under the sun. It is very uncomfortable to walk over untreated concrete with your shoes off since it's really hot. It is also very slick when wet which can easily result in a very horrible slip and fall accident. Rewinding some years back, the rage to wood for pool surfaces had arise. The "hot foot" problem was resolved but it caused other problems after several years. The wood seemed to attract tiny insects so you ended up spraying out dangerous insecticides each year that can leak into your pool. Also, wood as the surface needs a lot of caring and attention for maintenance so the point of having a pool to relax is often times disregarded. Another popular choice is the installation of fired bricks or tiles to surround the pool's surface. These are better looking than concrete, but they have certain shortcomings which are they're slick when walked on and they're hot when touched. All these issues are resolved by travertine pool tiles. They are made of stone so they are durable and can last for a long time. They have a tumbled surface meaning these are roughed up so the tiles won't be slick for anyone walking on them. Travertine is a kind of sedimentary stone so it has natural voids and openings in its surface which absorb the heat of the sun.

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Travertine Pool Tiles Make A Great Deck

Travertine Pool Tiles Make A Great Deck