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==== ==== Transporte terrestre de mercancĂ­as: ==== ====

There are many modes of transporting goods from one country to another and exporters who opt to use a freight company to handle their shipment will be able to benefit from advice on which option will best suit their requirements. Today it is possible to ship goods internationally using road, rail, and air and sea freight services. Exporters and importers of goods usually make their choice of transportation based on three factors, namely the location of the destination, the nature of the goods to be transported and the timeline in which the goods have to be delivered. You can also opt to use a combination of two or more methods of freight transport to get your goods to its destination. If you are shipping goods from the US to Canada or from one European country to another you will be able to use road or rail transport. Road transport is used when the distance between the start off point and the destination is not that much and when the quantity of goods is such that it can be transported by truck. Shipping perishable items is best done by air freight or by using refrigerated trucks or train carriages. In this case, the duration of the journey and the value of the goods must be taken into consideration. For instance, sending a container of produce via air freight may when it can be sent by a cheaper mode of transport should not be done. Of all the modes of transport, air freight is by far the most expensive and is used when there is a tight delivery deadline, or if the goods are fragile or in case the destination is best accessible by air. If you are shipping goods from one European country to another, it is advisable to use rail freight as all the major cities and countries on the continent are well linked by rail. No matter which mode of international freight transport you use, it is important to ensure that the goods are properly packaged and transported in containers if required.

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==== ==== Transporte terrestre de mercancĂ­as: ==== ====

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