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A yearly celebración of the Mexican victory over the French army en La Batalla de Puebla in 1862.

The Ustados Unidos and the state of Puebla in Mexico are the two places that celebrar this Mexican holiday. In some parts de Mexico its recognition is non-existent. Some people don’t even saber what they are celebrando.

Someone bailando in a parade.

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Many people believe that when we celebrar Cinco de Mayo, we celebrate Mexican independence. Pero Mexican Independence Dia is on September 16th.

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After the battle many personas of Puebla started to celebrate this victory.

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The Americano celebration of this holiday It started here in the U.S. in 1863 when a Mexican entrepreneur threw a Cinco de Mayo dance with private Mexican and Spanish dances

There are many platos and los alimentos you can use to decorate and serve to your guests. People have vero mango candy, guacamole with Mexicano tortilla chips, Mexican queso cut in cubes. One of the most important things to celebrar Cinco de Mayo is to use real Mexicano ingredients.

Gracias Por Mirar!

Brittney Rajewski  

Cinco De Mayo

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