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Querini Lofoten, Norway, July 31 -Aug 3, 201 4

Stockfish Opera on the Island ofRøst!

The cormorant spreading the wings at the Røst opera scene.

QueriniOpera attheIsland ofRøst: - Astockfish fairytale!

Pietro Querini (picture left)stranded on the Island ofRøst i 1432, starti The tiny Lofoten island of Røst, with its 500 inhabitants, has written opera history. The opera production “Querini" is based on the Venetian tradesman Pietro Querini's accounts after surviving shipwreck 570 years ago.

The premiere performance took place on Røst in August 2012, and in 2014 the opera will be held from july 31th to august 3rd. The sports hall is transformed

ing the stockfish export to Italy. Now the story has become a spectacular opera.

Auniqueand spectacular operaexperience

into an opera house for the occasion. Opera visitors triple the island's population during the opera festival. This is the story behind the opera: In January 1432 the Venetian tradesman Pietro Querini stranded on Røst at the outermost end of the Lofoten islands. His ship was wrecked off the coast of Ireland but drifted miraculously northeastwards to Røst. Eleven men survived and were taken care of by the residents. Querini described the place as “the first order of

The cormorant plays a key role in the Querini Opera - here together with young local performers. Paradise." There are two accounts describing Querini’s journey and his sojourn on the island. This remarkable story has now become a spectacular opera, portraying the dramatic events of and after January 1432. The setting for the performance is the very same that saved the lives of Querini and his crew 580 years ago! Every year the Røst fishing industry exports

Opera singers Hildegunn Pettersen and Anna Einarsson (picture left) and audience gathering for one of the performances (picture right).

stockfish for NOK 400 000 per capita, mainly to the Italian market. Please read more about the opera here:

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Querini opera  
Querini opera  

Read about the amacing opera in the tiny island of Røst in Lofoten