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Timomi’s Day of Friendship

Some time ago in a remote village in Shikoku, an island of Japan, Tomomi, a small girl lived with her parents and 3 brothers.

Tomomi’s parents were very busy. Her father was a businessman who worked in the city, and her Mother, an artist, who had many of her beautiful pieces used on traditional Japanese fans.

Tomomi was fascinated by fans, and loved seeing her Mother’s art work displayed on fans everywhere. She loved the way some of them sparkled in the sunshine like diamonds in the night sky.

One day, Tomomi’s mother had to take some art work down to the factory and invited Tomomi to come. She was so excited. “How do they make the fans Mummy”? “How do they get your drawings of the fans”? “What are the fans used for”? She had so many questions, all of which she had never really thought of until now.

After a few minutes, they arrived at the factory, where a lady was waiting to meet them. Tomomi’s mother introduced her to the lady who smiled and looked very friendly and kind. “Please Tomomi, come and sit down. Is there anything you’d like to know about our fans”? “Well, yes there is…. I love seeing all of Mummy’s paintings on the fans, but what do people use the fans for”?

“Well Tomomi, the fan has a long tradition in Asian culture, and especially in Japan’s. Hundreds of years ago, the fans were used to cool very wealthy people down on hot summer days. The fans were made of feathers and other very special materials. As the years went on, the fan became a symbol of friendship, loyalty, trust and respect. Many Japanese business men shared this part of our culture with businesses throughout the world. But one of my favourite uses of our beautiful fan, is the Fan dance.”

“ A fan dance, what’s that”? “It’s a dance were people use the fan to move beautifully to traditional Japanese music to tell a story. The movements are quite slow and repetitive, but what a lovely dance it makes .Would you like me to teach you a dance?” “Yes please”

“This dance is called the dance of friendship” , and together they danced and laughed until Tomomi’s mother arrived back to collect her.

Oh Tomomi, what beautiful dancing, I see you have had one of your questions answered. Our beautiful fans are used to dance, and how special is it that your first dance learnt is one of friendship, Special because your beautiful name means, friendship too.

Timomi's Day of Friendship  
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