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Background Information

Clean your gutters! Dead leaves catch a light easily

Mow the area around your house. If a fire occurs on your property the fire will burn out before it reaches your house

Keep your supply of wood in a tin or metal shed.

One of the most important thing to remember when fire is close is to stay calm. If fire is threatening your home tune in to the radio or check if it is necessary to evacuate, if you do not understand what is being said organise to stay with friends or family in the area. If the fire is a threat to anyone dial 000 and tell the fire department where the fire is. It is a good idea to bring your pets but be aware that only service animals are allowed in Red Cross Shelters. Return only when authorities say that it is safe to return to your property.

A sleeping bag You might need to sleep outside one day.

Cheap radio To no when you can return to your property

What to Pack

Water Bottle Water is a top priority for travelling long distances but don’t bring too much or it will weigh you down

Treasured Possessions Memory's of loved ones or friends.

Canned Food This food will keep for a long time.

Emergency cash To buy things along the way!

Hat to protect face and to prevent embers falling down your back

Tea-Towel across your face so you will not inhale too much smoke

Long sleeve Tshirt to prevent burns

Gloves so you won’t burn yourself when you touch things. Wear pants such as jeans

Closed in shoes like sneakers and work boots

My survial bushfire magazine  

This is by Sarah Girdler

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