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Complete Mars Surface Research Task Complete Khan Research Questions Pick a Path – one red and two yellow tasks. (Keep a Journal) Search and Explore the Kodu Mars Game The goal of the game is to determine the best way to manoeuvre the Rover to search and to inspect the rocks to get the most science discovery points. Examine the rocks on the surface of Mars’ terrain. Use the Scan tool for Rover to scan a rock to determine its type: sedimentary or igneous. Use the beam tool to activate the laser spectrometer, and analyse the rock. Use the Inspect tool to activate a drill and gather a sample of the rock for further experimentation. Observe the different landforms and where you find different rock types. Explain that two basic rock types are found on the surface of Mars: volcanic (igneous) rocks and sedimentary rocks. (Metamorphic rocks are possible, but have not been found in places rovers have explored so far.) Why do sedimentary rocks score more points when they are inspected? Why are sedimentary rocks of greater scientific value in the search for habitats on Mars? Report on your expedition.

Mars Mission Simulation

Build Your Own Star

Design your own Universe

Design and name five authentic landforms to model on your own Mars landscape. Your landforms should be a mix of landforms where you may find volcanic or sedimentary rocks.

Use the star simulator to build your own star. You determine the fate of your star by setting initial characteristics. Watch as its life story unfolds before your eyes. Screen snip your star and explain the different stages in your journal.

Snip and explain in your journal.

Program a rover and complete your simulation of the rover’s experiences on Mars. Report on your simulation.

The Hubble Constant

Complete for your journal. ce/Laboratory/HandsOn_Lab/Air_and_Space/The_Hubble_Constant__Effect_of_Distance_On_Speed/Related_Articles/hub ble.pdf

Mars Matrix  
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