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By Samantha Lee, Phoebe BrowneCooper, Portia Kirtlan and Victoria Wright

John Curtin was the 13th Prime Minister and he was succeeded by Franke Ford John Curtin was the second Prime Minister to ever die at the parliament. Hi died at 4pm on the 5th July 1945.

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Many people classify John Curtin as the best Prime Minister of all time. He was Prime Minister during a very hard time for Australia and the rest of the world during WWII. 14th Prime Minister

John Curtin led federal Labour to its greatest win with two thirds of seats in the lower house and over 50 percent of the votes from each house. John Curtin was very highly respected and many people believed that what he did was the best for Australia. How ever there are the people out there who didn’t agree with what he did. John Curtin began his political life when he tried to get the political position in the Fremantle council.

Curtin became Prime Minister on the 7th of October 1941 aged 56 to back the labour government. Curtin made a famous speech over the radio. He said “Men and women of Australia. We are at war with Japan. This is the gravest hour of our history. We Australians have imperishable traditions. We shall vindicate them. We shall hold this country and keep it as a citadel for the British

Speaking race and as a place where civilisation will persist.� Curtin gave a spark of hope to those in Australia. A spark of hope that the country desperately needed.

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He was rewarded with the love of most Australians and the end of the struggles for Australia. After the Darwin bombings many people had no hope left. The only hope they had was from Curtin’s hopeful radio speeches. Curtin pulled Australia from the depths of despair and made it again a strong Nation.

John Curtin: A Legendary Wartime Prime Minister  
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