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Coding Our Curriculum

Core Coding

Bee Bot / Activities

K PP Year 1

Year 2 Year 3

Coding Unplugged Coding Unplugged

House Meeting Activity: Children teaching Children

Term 1 2014 Making things Move

Year 5

Cross Curriculum Project Based Learning



Daisy the Dinosaur

Dance/ Music

Cato’s Hike

Keyboard Inputs Buttons and Instructions Sequence and Animation

Introduction to Variables Repetition and Loops Speed Direction and Coordinates Random Numbers and Simulation

Year 6

Term 2/3

K-6 2014 +

Specialist/ Gifted Enrichment

Simple Inputs

Conditional Events

Year 4

Hour of Code Continuum

More complex Variables Object Properties

Light-bot ART




Cargo- Bot


Genius Hour

Khan Academy

Dynamic Art:

Mindstorms Lego We Do

Logo 3D

Maths Codea

Raspberry Pi

Lego Mindstorms

Nim: Binary Code

Graphical Programming


Tynker Kodu

Continuum - Coding Unplugged House Activities:

Continuum of Specialist activities: Music:


Dynamic Art Lite: Dynamic ART Lite is a graphical programming environment on iPad. It's easy to create amazing artwork and animations with Dynamic ART Lite. You don't need to study complex syntax of computer languages. You just drag and drop a set of blocks and connect them together. It will be a fun way to build your own programs. It can be used for beginners to learn and practice mathematical, computational ideas and creative thinking.

Hopscotch: Program your characters to move and draw.


Nim: The Ultimate Binary Game

A full featured vector graphics and image renderer.

Inventory of Devices/ Activities: Kindy: 15 x Android Tablets 4x Beebots PP: 25xiPads Year 1: 25x Windows RT: 1:2 Year 2: 25x Windows RT: 1:2 Year 3/4 : 50x WindowsRT (to be rolled over to Wireless netbboks)1:2 Year 5: 2:3 netbooks Year 6: 2:3 netbooks Library: 1x15 iPads Lab: 25 x PC’s

Coding the curriculum  

St Hilda's ASG Junior School

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