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Our Australian Heritage : Legend in Fact and History

The Legend of Moondyne Joe

This is the true story of a convict bushranger who became a Western Australian legend‌

About the author Angélique Préau was born in Western Australia and lives in Perth; she is currently a student in Year 5. Angélique is a member of her school’s History Club and she was keen to do some research about the famous bushranger Moondyne Joe and enter her work in the National History Challenge about Australia’s Heritage. Angélique has chosen to present the results of her research on Moondyne Joe by developing an Internet website with many links to various aspects of his life. She has created several recordings to give some life back to Moondyne Joe. She has also developed some games based on Moondyne Joe to add to the fun of her audience.

Australian Heritage: Is Moondyne Joe a Legend? There is a true story coming down from the past about Moondyne Joe. Moondyne Joe was the nickname of a real person, Joseph Bolitho Johns, who came to Western Australia as a convict on the boat Pyrenees in 1853. Moondyne Joe was famous for his repeated remarkable escapes from prison and evading trackers for long periods of time. He won the fame and affection of the settlers and kept an entire colony amused with his great exploits. He became the most famous bushranger in Western Australia. Moondyne Joe’s exploits captivated people’s imagination and they started adding fiction to the true facts and exaggerating his tale: he became a legend. Today people are still keeping his legend alive by writing books, poems, songs, plays, organising festivals to celebrate his life and giving his name to local places (e.g. cave, pub, touristic tours, board game,… etc.). The only way to know the true Moondyne Joe is by going back to historical primary sources and identify the accurate facts amongst the myths.

Instructions To access the results of my research on Moondyne Joe: 1 - Open my Moondyne Joe website using Internet Explorer only going to 2 - Click on the Instruction window that comes up on the screen to close it and see the whole image. 3 - Click on the little icons to access detailed information and then click on the cross to close them. You can choose to explore Moondyne Joe’s life through these different ways: • chronological events using the timeline • places in WA using the maps • newspaper articles • extra information • and even test your knowledge with some games on Moondyne Joe! Different icons show what they contain by their image (photo, video, note).

The following pages will show you what you can see on my website

Moondyne Joe Games

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Help Moondyne Joe to escape from prison and arrive safely in the Moondyne Hills.

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Answer Help Moondyne Joe to escape from prison and arrive safely in the Moondyne Hills.

More games‌.

There is an official Moondyne Joe board game – check it out at

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Acknowledgements I would like to thank all the people listed in my bibliography for sharing their work with everyone and giving me access to many useful resources for my research. In particular, I would like to make a special mention of Ian Elliot for his passion for Western Australian history and his dedication in writing his book “Moondyne Joe – The Man and the Myth” which was an outstanding resource for my work. I would also like to mention Mark Greenwood and Frané Lessac who kindly signed a copy of their book “The Legend of Moondyne Joe” for me with the help of Mrs Mailee Clarke from the Literature Centre. I am also very grateful to my History Club teacher, Mrs Robin McKean, for encouraging my love of learning and providing me with great feedback and advice throughout the development of my project. I also thank my parents for nurturing my enthusiasm and creativity and letting me experience where Moondyne Joe used to live. Angélique Préau July 2013

The Legend of Moondyne Joe by Angélique Préau  
The Legend of Moondyne Joe by Angélique Préau