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“A riot is a form of civil disorder. My riots come as self expression”


HildaAdenijiResume Education

Pace University | New York City Major | B.A. Communications Studies & Media Studies Minor | Digital Design & Marketing ---------------Institut Catholique de Paris | Paris French Language / French Cinema

TechnicalSkills Adobe Creative Suite 5 Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Dreamweaver Premiere Final Cut Pro Quark Xpress Microsoft Office Basic HTML


POP TV | Co-Founder/ President | May 2008 – Present The Pace Press Newspaper | Digital Illustrator | Sept. 2009 – Present New York Cares | Video Explorers Volunteer | Jan. – March 2011 P.A.C.E Board | Public Relations Coordinator | Jan. – December 2010 LOMOGRAPHY | PR Intern | Jan. – April 2010 OMGEE! Magazine| Advertising/ Marketing Intern | Aug. – Dec. 2009 MySpace &| Designer | Dec. 2006 – Dec. 2007

Hello. My name is Hilda Ad-

eniji and I am currently a senior at Pace University majoring in Communications and a double minor in Digital Design and Marketing .



I have a great passion for art and design. While in school I am trying to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. Currently, I am experienced and learning more about photography, video production, and digital design. In addition to my school and internship responsibilities I also do a lot of freelance work. The following is my portfolio of artwork. I hope it provides some insight not only into my work but also my experience and personality


HildaAdeniji ADDITIONAL WORK 9-11



s a Public Relations Coordinator for P.A.C.E Board, the entertainment planning organization at Pace University, I was responsible for media planning of our major events such as our Legacy events Amateur Night and Homecoming Concert. I personally produced the flyers for the events as well as managed the social media outlets. In Fall 2010, we sold out to maximum capacity for both events. Along with promoting events for P.A.C.E. Board I also had the opportunity to experience first hand: detailed event planning and execution, semesterly budget planning with allocations of about $75k, and backstage artist assistance.

homecoming concert


his set includes the main flyer for the Homecoming Concert of 2009 at Pace University; featuring artist: Keri Hilson. Yung Joc, and Eletrik Red. This set also includes the custom executive board passes, backstage passes and volunteers’ ID tags.

DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS While working for the Pace Press, I have gained experience in both digital illustrations and weekly layout design. The following pages contain screenshots of my work from the past school year.

OctOber 20, 2010

Serving The Community Since 1948

VOlume lXV Issue VI

The Pace Press “A coup le of year s ago, the Administr ation star ted aggressive ly banning and takin g down fl yers.

se tho ed ffer h ic h y o The d, w a e t d in s m ix e eens a scr you met hich h a ve nd w or a f e ons use resp c a n 't s...” a in ly vent e cert d n on e agi -sec cy R last Na n - Dr.

Flyer Policy Harming Campus Activities With many student groups and organizations protesting the non-flyering policy and opposing the Homer screens, distinguished faculty has joined with students against the Adminstration in an attempt to get back the classic bulletin boards Continued on Page 2

digital illustration by HILDA ADENIJI


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OctOber 27, 2010

Serving The Community Since 1948

VOlume lXV Issue VII

The Pace Press

photo illustration by HILDA ADENIJI

Financial Aid Dept. confronted with students’ anger about lack of progress

Director of Financial Aid, Mark Stephens assures ‘if you’re struggling, contact me’ StEpHANIE BouvIA staff writer

the University’s student Government association (sGa) met with various faculty members on Oct. 19 to discuss how the University handles student financial aid—or mishandles as many students explained during the meeting. this was the second Organizational Council Community Meeting of the year. Dean for students Marijo russell O’Grady, several heads of departments, representatives from dining services, members of the security department as well as financial aid officers met with the sGa to discuss the issue of how poorly run students find the financial aid office to be. the meeting primarily centered on a presentation aimed at the financial aid department, given by Judicial Council Chair, sophomore Breanna romaine. the presentation exposed the frustration and grief that many students have with the department. romaine explained that she was there to

represent students’ disappointment with the “poor communication and lack of knowledge” from the financial aid department. romaine backed her presentation with quotes from University students, statistics and testimonials. romaine began her presentation by explaining that last year every student at the school received extra money by accident— putting the University $20 million short of what they had anticipated.

Mistake after mistake, error after error, student after student. -Breanna Romaine, Judicial Council Chair what the school then did was cancel many students’ grants and other financial aid they had previously received.

romaine explained that she was not arguing that this had happened, but she was “fighting the fact that [financial aid] didn’t tell students.” she explained that many students did not receive their bill until september. when these students were finally able to make payments, they were charged a late fee. “students didn’t know, until they got to Pace, that they had to take out another loan because they were never notified,” romaine said. sophomore Michael Boyle can attest to this frustration. He struggled all summer, trying to get the financial aid department to certify his loan. “i was continually told, ‘the financial aid counselors will be certifying the private loans this week’ and that it should be done by the end of the week,’ Boyle said. “when i called back [at the end of the week] i was told ‘the counselors haven't completed certifying the private loans yet, but they will be doing them over the weekend.’”

after getting no information via telephone from financial aid, Boyle stopped by the department to speak with a financial counselor in person. “i was told that my ‘loan could not be certified until a lease was provided’ since i would be living in an apartment off campus. However, everyone failed to mention this detail in the two weeks that i had been calling prior,” Boyle said. Boyle was not alone in his struggles with financial aid. in her presentation, romaine explained that she had surveyed 90 students and spoke with over 200 students. from this survey, she gathered that 67 percent of students have had difficulties with financial aid. romaine also said that many students felt that financial aid representatives were not helpful, not polite and not knowledgeable. she drew attention to the fact that it was not just a few students who had these issues, but it was “mistake after mistake, error after error, student after student.”

Continued on Page 3

CMJ FEStIvAL tAKES ovER NYC on page 8 • FEWER CoLLEGE StuDENtS AppRovE oF oBAMA on page 15

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n a my Advertising and Promotions Marketing class, we were given the assignment to re-brand JC Penney to appeal to women ages 25 - 35. By conducting some research my team of 5 classmates, ROIR Ad Agency, was able to develop a unique marketing strategy around the main idea of “selling values� with the brand, JCPenney. These mock JCPenney ads, I developed for the team, show different life situations with various emotions while emphasizing how these expressions can be synonymous with JCPenney brands and products.







The portfolio of Hilda Adeniji

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