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Š Hilary Thompson

• Are you a small business owner? • Do you want to advertise your business on the Internet but don’t know where to start? • Does Internet Marketing seem overwhelming and all too hard? This ebook may be just what you need to help you get started.

We (Fran and Hilary) are two very different small business owners based in South Australia. We know from experience how difficult it is to find places to promote our businesses for free on the internet. We have spent 100s of hours researching these places, and would like to share what we have learned with other small business owners to help them get started with their Internet marketing.

Our ebook “Free Internet Marketing for Small Business� is being written specifically with small to medium enterprises, home-based operators and sole proprietors in mind. It will have lots of practical tips about social media sites, links to free advertising sites, other useful sites and templates to help you get organised. Diagrams and screenshots illustrate the text throughout the book and internal links make it easy to navigate around the chapters.

We are expecting to publish in February 2013 at a download cost of $9.95AUD Pre-publish orders can be made by going to:

where you can make your purchase through PayPal. We will then email you your copy as soon as it is published. Or you can email us your expression of interest at:

Coming Soon - Free Internet Marketing for Small Business eBook