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January 2014



ARE YOU A CURRENT STUDENT AT CITY CAMPUS OR WEST CAMPUS AND DO YOU WISH TO PROGRESS AT GLASGOW KELVIN COLLEGE NEXT SESSION? If you would like to continue your studies at Glasgow Kelvin College you will need to apply again as an Internal Applicant. You must also apply if you are progressing from the 1st year of your course into the 2nd year. As a current student YOU WILL BE PRIORITISED for consideration before we open up places to external applicants. To do so you must apply before the Deadline of the 15th OF FEBRUARY.

HOW DO I APPLY? Firstly you must apply online through the Moodle website. Please log on at If you are not familiar with Moodle please contact Learner Services. Log in using your ‘Username’ as your student number and ‘Password’ as you use to log into college computers. If you have any problems logging in please contact the ICT Department at City Campus or click here.

After you are logged in, please click the green Learner Services logo.

Finally you will be able to see the link for Internal Applications. Follow the instructions on the page.


What Happens Next? Offer Letter If your Internal application is successful, we will send you a conditional offer letter. This will clearly state the conditions of your offer. For most applicants this will normally say “successful completion of your current course and reference from your course organiser�. Your course organiser will then liaise directly with Learner Services and we will write to you at the end of term with a revised unconditional offer if both conditions are met.

Interview You may be invited for an interview for your chosen course. This often happens when the course you are studying is not directly linked to the course you are applying for or there are more internal applicants than spaces. We will contact you directly to arrange an interview.

Rejection Unfortunately some of you may not be given an offer for the course of your choice. If so, a rejection letter will be posted out to you detailing the reason for rejection. You should contact Learner Services, who may be able to advise you on alternative options.

SAAS EVENT If you are applying for an HNC or HND course or are planning to progress to a degree you should be aware that your Funding will be provided by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). They will be holding an event at City Campus on the 25th MARCH to provide you with all the information you need about Fees, Loans and Grants. This is an invaluable opportunity for you to hear directly from them and to ask any questions you may have to ensure your funding is all in place when you start your new course. Please put this in your diary and we will update you with arrangements in the next Learner Services Bulletin.

LEARNER SERVICES NEWS DISCRETIONARY FUNDS There is still a limited amount of funds for students who are enrolled on an HNC or HND course however well over half of the budget has now been committed. Apply quickly before funds run out. For students enrolled on Pathways, Access, N.C or N.Q. courses unfortunately we are no longer able to take new applications. We will let you know if this position changes. If you are struggling financially you should make an appointment with Learner Services and we will try to help.

PAYDAY LOANS The National Union of Students are currently highlighting the dangers of applying for Payday Loans. They estimate that 6% of students who are over 21 have taken out high risk debt with interest rates of up to 4,000% per annum. We are currently gathering information at Kelvin College in order that we can address problems that our students may be encountering as a result. Please assist us in doing so by completing a short survey on our MOODLE page. The link with more information can be found at



Contact Us Learner Services Ground Floor Kelvin College Email:

Learner Services E-Bulletin - January 2014  
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