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By: Hilary Nemer

Track your climb

Persona Behaviors Kevin

• Uses Strava and all its components to track the current sport activities that the ap allows • Participates in Strava meet-ups and other community meet-ups like PGVIP (climbing meet-up) • Constantly sets new goals for himself both in the gym and outdoor. • Eats healthy

Work hard, play hard. Reach for your goals.



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• Would like to track all sport activities to better understand his current abilities and what he could improve on. • Would like to expand on current climbing network • Would like to find additional ways to push him self both in the gym and outdoor climbing. • Compare climbs with friends to see where are climbing abilities realte to eachother.

28 years old San Francisco, Ca Works in growth for a tech company Loves the outdoors such as hiking, biking, climbing, and skiing. • Health conscious • Love hanging out with friends and meeting new people.

User Story • As an active person I would like to track my various workouts in one place so that I can accurately track my overall training by comparing my progress and seeing where I excel and where I need work • I would like to track my climbs so that I can note where i struggled on climbs, and share with my climbing friends on Strava so they can give advice for the next time I do a climb. This way I can also refer back to the previous time i did it to remember where I struggled. • As a new climber to San Francisco I would like an easy way to find different climbs in the area either through friend recommendations, and searching. • I am a top-rope/lead climber and I would like to get in touch with more boulder climbers so that they can share recommendations on places a beginner boulderer could climb.

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User Flow

Screen Touch Decision


Grey= Inactive Grey fill= not on this flow

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Try out interactive prototype:

Prototype Test Findings For my low fidelity protoyping I used Fluidui. I found that the ap for Strava users was pretty straight forward. For those who were not Strava users I gave them the ap to get familiar with for about a minute before using. I then promted the user to record a climb specifically Bouldering. See below for my top two changes: 1. Fix: On the drawing a route page, add promt to let you know what the drawing icon and flag icon does. Quotes: - (In referance to drawing icon) “I would probably press this button to make any comments I have about the climb.” -Alex - (In refernce to the flag icon) “ I really want to press that icon just know what it does. But I think it would drop down a map.” -Becka 2. Fix: On the camera page a promt to explain that you are first taking a picture and then drawing would make the process clearer to the user. (note: I believe this would have been more clear if there had been an actual camera pop up but still worth implementing) Quotes: - “I would try to draw a mountain...” (Thought the camera was a promt to draw a whole picture intsead of drawing on a picture) -Becka

Next Step Working on: - implementing changes on flow... - Higher fidelity prototype in the works

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Process/Sketches Persona/User Story


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Wire Frame

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Strava record climb 3  
Strava record climb 3