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BOTOX Botox: The Fountain of Eternal Youth? By Kristine Hughes It's everywhere; you can find it at the spa, the doctor's office and even at a party. Those who are middle-aged love it, teenagers make fun of it and now those in there 20's are doing it. Welcome to the Botox-craze, a world no longer confined to soccer moms. The word on Botox is no longer a funny one to those in their '20's. Probably because the experts are saying that receiving Botox treatments in your 20's may prevent wrinkles from forming -- EVER. "I think the idea of Botox is alluring, especially for younger women because getting it done early means wrinkle lines may never form, but I do worry about injecting a poison into the body and the emphasis on plastic surgery at a young age," says Alison Neumer reporter for the RedEye, a division of the Chicago Tribune. Botox is a form of botulism, which is a toxin. It paralyses facial muscles from creating the movements needed to create wrinkles. If someone in there 20's begins Botox treatments the Botox is then a preventative solution, rather then a corrective treatment. Active wrinkles are caused by facial expressions such as smiling, the repetition causes wrinkles to form but if you can stop your smile from causing creases on your face early on, you are delaying the on-set of aging. According to Joseph Cruise from Orange County Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in California, [his website states that] paralysis of the facial muscles over a long period of time can actually cause the muscles to fade away, making the results of Botox permanent. A rep for the Lasting Looks Clinic in Toronto says that more and more younger people are coming in and receiving Botox treatments for preventative aging. But some people have a different view, Dr. Michael Kreidstein a plastic surgeon in Toronto think the 20's are too young to start reaching for the syringe. "I see little interest until the 30's, except occasionally for the treatment of sweaty armpits, (also known as axillary hyperhidrosis.)"

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