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HILARY Magazine: Supposedly Hugh Hefner made a public statement claiming your book is based on lies, including the sexual sighting of John Belushi in the secret grotto you write about having witnessed when you were six, and the Playboy channel you used to watch. What's your side of the story? Jennifer: He said to me "Jennifer you got a few dates wrong," like he was correcting my math. The sighting of John Belushi in the grotto with a playmate was actually in 1977 a year and a half later than the mentioned 1975, and the Playboy channel may have been a porno, a six year-old doesn't know the difference. If Hefner thought my book was all lies he wouldn't invite me to his parties. I was just there for Halloween. He never told me any of it was lies, in fact he said it was well written and he hoped it would do well. Playboy is a publicly traded company, maybe he had to say that because he didn't want to talk about me having an affair as a minor on his property. HILARY Magazine: It was reported in the New York Post that Kendall (Carrie Leigh) and her husband are planning the biggest libel trial against you and your publisher, Harper Collins, claiming she never molested you at 15. What is the truth behind this? Is she planning to take you to court? Jennifer: This person is obviously a very desperate, bored housewife. How pathetic for some random person to come out and announce that she is Kendall. Basically what she is saying is "Hi! That's me and I molested a 15 year-old!" What an idiot. In fact, I went out of my way to romanticize the affair instead of making it read like molestation. Neither Harper Collins nor I are worried about some attention-seeking, money hungry opportunist claiming she is Kendall. I had witnesses who gave testimonies of my affair with Kendal, and love notes that she wrote that were proved to have been her hand writing. Mitch Rosen, Hefner's limo driver and butler during the 80's was a key witness at my interview with 20/20 Germany last week. He used to secretly pick me up at my father's house with Kendall inside the limo. He witnessed us making out and explained how the affair seemed very "normal" because being bisexual at the Mansion was an every day occurrence. He said everyone at the Mansion, including Mr. Hefner himself knew of the affair. In fact, Mitch delivered cocktails to Mr. Hefner's bedroom one night and recalls seeing me, Kendall and another playmate on his bed when I was only 17. HILARY Magazine: With all that has happened, have you ever had the desire to be a Playmate? Jennifer: My body is not for sale. I have enough body issues as it is. But I think it is a good opportunity for girls who don't care about the world seeing them physically naked. HILARY Magazine: Since becoming a Playmate is obviously out of the question what are your plans for the future, career wise? Jennifer: I plan to get more into producing, making a movie out of one of my books, either Playground or Medicated. I wrote a screenplay, a romantic comedy called stray (not gay, not straight, STRAY). It had Alicia Silverstone attached to star and produce, but it never got produced unfortunately.

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Anniversary Issue Lay-Out

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