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Trina Albus, founder and president of ripe, echoes the sentiment of staying cool and friendly with the doorman. Says Albus: "Giving attitude or emitting a sense of entitlement will often guarantee you to be shut down. What's worse is that the doorman may likely remember you the next time around if you threw a big enough fit. The best advice when you get turned away - say thank you and go somewhere else." What will likely ensue is one of the following two outcomes: a. Best case scenario (most likely if you arrive early in the evening and are with a small group) you and your entourage are immediately allowed in. b. Less ideal (but still not defeatist) scenario, the doorman asks how you know him. Rather than a lengthy brown-nosing response, nonchalantly respond "from here of course". Note: if you are at a new spot, slot in the venue name where the doorman worked prior (which you have already researched). 3) Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Namedropping the evening's turntable talent also helps maximize your chances of getting in. Not only do DJ's often invite their inner circle to their gigs but the likelihood of a doorman leaving his post to interrupt a busy DJ during his set to ask if you are legit is slim to none. Note that in the case of a "mega DJ" this approach is not recommended (as "everybody knows the DJ").

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