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In fact, my potential on-line date never called. He virtually vanished into thin air, leaving me to wonder, "Was it something I didn't say?" I didn't write to him again after giving him my number, figuring we could ditch the time-consuming, finger-blistering, eye-destroying pains of typing our conversations for the easier and more personal luxury of speaking into a phone. So I know I didn't screw anything up by sending out an email that may have sent out more warning signals than a forty-year old man wearing make-up and playing with monkeys named Bubbles. So why didn't he call? After speaking with other single women dating on-line with similar experiences, I've come to a simple conclusion: men are idiots. OK, well maybe it's a bit more complicated than that, but not by much. I think that many of the men who use these on-line services feel safe behind the relative anonymity of the written word. When I'm talking through a computer screen, I don't have to worry about the tone of my voice or whether there's a bit of broccoli stuck between my teeth. I can plan out every word that I say, taking my time to come back with a witty remark to something he had said in a previous email. I don't have to concern myself with awkward pauses or an errant strand of hair; I can be myself, only better. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it. It is possible that we weren't connecting as much as I thought we were, or he was just being lazy and let the time lapse to the point where he was too embarrassed to call. Perhaps I should've gotten his number. It is the 21st century after all. And to get ahead (and get the guy) in this technological day and age, you have to be quick on your feet if you want to make it around all the bases.

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Anniversary Issue Lay-Out

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