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INTERNET DATING Internet Dating: Is Anybody Virtually Home? By Amy Cohen In on-line dating speak, I was already on third base: I had given out my digits, and now I was only a phone-call away from a home run (that is, actually going out on a 'real' date). I landed on first base only two weeks prior, when my potential date had instant messaged me at work, marveling, as I was talking with a coworker about printing out our annual financial reports, at the mystery of green Ketchup. Of course, being a die-hard red Ketchup purist myself, I was instantly intrigued, and wrote back that, "Indeed, trying to sell a green condiment oozing its snotty way onto a hotdog or hamburger for human consumption must have been a marketing nightmare." And soon after, we were well on our way onto second base, emailing each other back and forth daily, both equally mesmerized at the success of Carrot Top, and dumbfounded that despite having never had a frontal lobotomy (that we know of), Jessica Simpson believes that buffalo wings come from actual buffalo. Eventually, after a couple of weeks of sharing our pop culture opinions, my electronic boy toy asked me for my phone number, which I very naively assumed meant that he must actually want to call me. In retrospect, I can plainly see that this was just an ingenious ruse by a virtual hope-dasher to make me fantasize about our future wedding together and two clever kids who would avoid green Ketchup and its evil blue twin like the plague.

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