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Speed Dating in London, England A Guy's Perspective By Matt Myerton Basically my older brother roped me into it. I initially thought "You must be mad!", "No bloody way!", "Out of your mind!" Five minutes later I reluctantly submitted. What the hell! At the very least it will be an interesting and entertaining night and, if I'm lucky, I may meet someone I really like. I used to be a Special Events Manager and, in typical fashion (being a little nervous), I scouted the venue the night before (Thai Square in Trafalgar Square, London.) I was pleasantly surprised to find it was very stylish but still relaxed with lots of little nooks and crannies to have quiet chats in. On the day of the even my heart was thumping when I left to meet my brother for a stiff drink in the pub next door--then another at the venue, while we both sat surveying the floor. I could see my brother going "No, no, no, no, no, hmmm maybe...." in his head - he's a very fussy bugger! I have to say though, that at first glance I was a little disappointed in the women. I notice a lot of body language, how people stand, walk, smile, etc. and, to be honest, the crowd looked a bit dull. Mind you, a lot of the men looked very boring too, all in dark suits straight from work... yawn yawn. We both signed up and then instantly realized that we had consecutive numbers.... what if we were sat right next to each other? Dating the same girls straight after one another!? What a nightmare! The brother's double act! Arrrrghhhhh! What if they noticed and started comparing us and asking questions? We're both pretty independent and like to be taken on our own merits so you can imagine the scene. We quickly formulated a back-up plan! We'd been chatting to a nice looking guy and decided that should we be sat together, one of us would swap paces with him.... no problemo! We actually sat on opposite walls. A little word of advice--don't sign up together! The boys had the advantage of sitting down while the girls moved around, so we could watch as they approached, see what they were wearing, how confident they were, etc. (It also meant that they were sometimes standing there waiting to talk to you while the last girl got ready to switch seats - an instant false ego boost!) I have to say that it was much easier than I anticipated. We had both sat down worried that we may instantly make up our mind "absolutely no way!" and then have to talk to the girl for an agonizing three more minutes! But in reality, the time was either just right or was way too short. It sometimes felt like all I'd said was "Hi how are you?" before "RIGHT. TIMES UP. MOVE ON TO THE NEXT TABLE." "What--already!?" All the girls were really easy to talk to, and I'm pretty chatty anyway. None were boring, although none of them particularly wow-ed me. Three minutes was often too short to decide if I fancied them too, so I ticked people if I found them interesting enough for a second drink. After all, first impressions are important, but they can be wrong. I even got along so well with two of the women that I told them instantly that I was ticking them--a bit cheeky, but that's me!

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