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Speed Dating Event #3 The Event: 25 Dates - age category 20-27 The Venue: 134 Restaurant Bar (Richmond & Peter St, Toronto) The Persona: International Fashion ModelPreparation First, I expertly applied my makeup, including black eyeliner and a small amount of golden creamy glittery eyeshadow. Next, I flattened my hair with a straightening iron and left it down. Lastly, I slipped on my Joe's Jeans super-cool jean skirt, a black top, a skinny black belt, a black bag and black boots and I'm ready to go. The Schtick "Um... I model. Like in commercials and magazines. Uh, yeah. It's okay... not really something I want to do forever though. Sure - Paris, Milan, Tokyo. I just got back from London. Yeah, it has its perks I guess. Um, maybe the Pepsi commercial I did. It's on the air right now. What do you do?" The Talent As soon as I walked in I noticed a difference. First, the venue was much nicer than any of the others. Secondly, since it is an upscale restaurant and also because it's a younger age category I think it attracted different people - guys who weren't desperate but rather came with friends to check it out, meet people and have fun. There were plenty of good-looking guys with cool jobs, including a firefighter, a cop, a university professor with a doctorate, a business journalist working for a very major newspaper, and the owner of a massage clinic (score!) Believable? A couple of the guys were like "Um, what do you mean 'Model'? What kind of model?" which, at times, made me wonder if I was actually capable of pulling off this new persona. I ran into a few snags throughout the night. The first came when two of the people were guys that I had seen at other events (which meant that I had already told them about a different persona - but I couldn't remember which one!) I managed to keep cool and talk a little more quietly with them. Thankfully, I don't think anyone overheard me talking about my trips to London as a flight attendant. The next snag came when a cute guy in a green soccer jersey sat down in front of me and immediately said, "Didn't you go on a couple of dates with my roommate?" Um, okay. I can handle this. Only problem is that he came with three friends! And I already had my 'date' with one of them. Tricky. So I told him the truth. It's easier that way... keeping track of all these personas was starting to get confusing anyway! The last snag hit when I met a business reporter who just happened to work for a newspaper that I had been profiled in. And he told me this after I told him I was a model. Yikes! Damage control! I had no choice but to let yet another unsuspecting victim in on my little secret.

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