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The Verdict Better than the last event but not a great selection in terms of looks or career. Was it worth the $20.? Let's put it this way - if it wouldn't have been unethical, I would have split at the first break. Dates: 20 YES responses (from them): 11 / 55% Interest (from me): 0 - The two guys who seemed like potential date material (the cute blonde guy and the doctor) both lived in the middle of nowhere so the transportation issue arose again. Results: 9 of the 11 people emailed within the first two days. Summary: Not bad - especially since the men were older and some may have thought I was too young for them... or maybe I'm just rationalizing about the nine who ticked 'No'. One thing I didn't like is that they made the women switch seats after every date instead of the men. In my humble opinion, the men should be the ones moving because the women have purses, skirts, etc. Not to mention that the men could order food because they stayed at one table and the women couldn't!

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