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For Janis to get to know the personalities and inner workings of her clients, she spends a significant amount time with them: lunches, dinners, parties and even vacations. "Men have to set up simulated dates with me. It's 'how did the whole scenario go?'. Did they send a car to pick me up, did they drop me off--you know, little things like that. I have to critique them. I had a client in Boston that I saw a minimum of three times a week. He needed a lot of help." Says Janis: They aren't looking for fun dates, they're looking for a wife. "I say 'jump' and [the men] say 'how high?'" Not only does she have a knack for getting couples to say "I do," she also has a knack for getting men to do what she tells them to do. For the rest of the female population, it's difficult and seemingly impossible to get a guy to shave off his coveted beard or moustache, especially if he's been sporting one for decades. For Janis however, it's as simple as saying it to their face. "I said 'You look like a geek. Shave it off. I haven't seen a goatee since college!' and he went into the bathroom and shaved it off right there." says Janis. If she tells one of her clients to lose five pounds, he'll go out and lose twenty. And when she tells a man to shave off his "trademark" moustache, he shaves it. No ifs, ands or buts about it. New York City is the land of successful, attractive and intelligent men and women. With a population soaring high in the millions and a menagerie of singletons with countless places to go, it's a puzzling notion that matchmaking has become the new, red-hot way to get yourself down that aisle. But the question remains to be asked: Why can't people get a date? Is it the notime-for-anything-but-my-career mentality? Is it laziness or just bad timing? Who knows... but I guess in some cases money can buy love. Or something like it.

Anniversary Lay-Out  

Anniversary Issue Lay-Out

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