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HILARY Magazine recently sat down with Deepa to discuss her inspirations for her films, particularly the elements trilogy, and to get her view on all the controversy that has surrounds her. HILARY Magazine: Regarding the titles of all three films in the trilogy, Fire, Earth, and Water, aptly named the elements trilogy, why did you choose elements and particularly these elements? Deepa Mehta: Elements nurture us, and can destroy us. It's their inherent power and their dichotomy that intrigued me: fire for its conflagration, earth for its solidity and water for its fluidity. Deepa Mehta, center, with the cast of WaterHILARY Magazine: What inspired these three films? Deepa Mehta: Politics. Fire deals with the politics of sexuality, Earth with the politics of the sectarian war, and Water with the politics of religion. HILARY Magazine: You have chosen to take on the most controversial topics, religion, sexuality, politics, and patriarchy, issues that some filmmakers shy away from, what made you want to tackle these issues and what kept you motivated to deal with the obstacles that ensued because you tackled these issues? Deepa Mehta: Curiosity is what motivates me generally, curiosity about the oppression of women in particular. Obstacles are inherent in every film one makes. It's the nature of the business. How to make them as least effective as possible depends, I guess, on how passionately one feels about the subject.

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