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The Kindle book reader is Amazon's modern reading device that wirelessly downloads books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and personal documents to a bright electronic screen that looks and reads like real paper. It fits comfortably in one hand for hours, has an e-ink display that is easy on the eyes even in intense sunshine. Additionally, it has two weeks of battery life, and 3G wireless with no monthly fees. Consumers are able to read and sync their ebooks on iPhones, iPod touches, PCs, BlackBerrys, Macs and iPads devices. Where to buy the Kindle in the USA? The first place to look for the Kindle ereader is unquestionably at Amazon. In addition, at Amazon's online store you can find all accessories and ebooks for this ereader. Shoppers have become familiar to shop at Amazon because it is a great way to shop from the convenience of your living room without having to go to a shopping center or store. If you get Kindle ebook reading device from Amazon it comes with free two-day shipping (for US customers only). Once you purchase Kindle ebook reading device from Amazon, you'll have the advantage of shopping directly from Amazon's online store for books, newspapers, magazines or blogs. Its features and the gigantic assortment of over 620,000 books offered in the Amazon's online store, have made this book reader the bestselling product at Amazon. Amazon launched 3 new models of Kindle ebook readers in September 2011 for USA market in addition to existing Kindle Keyboard model. Three new models of Kindle ereader are: Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch and new Kindle 4. New Kindle Touch and Kindle 4 ebook readers still have e-ink display that is easy to read even in bright sunshine, while the Kindle Fire comes will full color backlight display. Basically, there are two different models of Kindle Keyboard ereader: 1) "Kindle Keyboard" model has 6" display (comes with free 3G + Wi-Fi). Another option of this ereader comes with Wi-Fi only (without free 3G). 2) "Kindle DX" model has 9.7" screen (comes with free 3G + Wi-Fi). From June, 2010 Amazon has started offering its Kindle ebook reading device in all Target stores in USA. This ereader was firstly made available at Target's location in Minneapolis and stores across Florida. The Target stores are the first physical locations in USA to offer the this ereader. The price of this ebook reader in Target stores is exactly the same as price on Where to buy Kindle ereader in Canada?

Kindle ebook reading device can now be shipped to customers in Canada and internationally. It is not stocked by Canadian Amazon (, so you have to order from the international Amazon website ( So far there are no physical locations in Canada selling the this ereader. Customers in Canada can order the following 4 models of Kindle ereader: new Kindle 4, Kindle DX, Kindle Keyboard 3G+Wi-Fi and Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi only. Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch are not yet available for customers in Canada.

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